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Eric Hates Dragon Ball Z

Eric Hates Dragon Ball Z is a rewatch podcast where two pals (Spencer and John) undertake the impossible task of converting their friend Eric into a faithful Dragon Ball Z fan. The two cohosts go through the entire series 5 episodes at a time, then bring Eric on for a Saga in Review episode designed to lure him into Toriyama's loving embrace.


John and Spencer Are Stuck Deep Inside...THE WARBLING (DBZ Episodes 235-239) 129:39 07/01/2022
Spencer Enjoys Vegeta's Well-Earned Midlife Crisis (DBZ Episodes 230-234) 103:31 06/17/2022
Spencer and John Stay Up Way Too Late With You (DBZ Episodes 225-229) 88:50 06/03/2022
John Has a Thing for Demon King Debura, But Who Doesn't (DBZ Episodes 220-224) 87:55 05/20/2022
Bonus 14 - Eric, Spencer, and John Have Nothing Interesting To Say About (The World's Strongest) 18:13 05/06/2022
Bonus 13 - Eric, John, and Spencer Actually Watched The Live-Action DBZ Movie (Dragon Ball Evolution) 36:02 05/06/2022
Eric Hates The Sayiaman Saga But For Real This Time (Saga in Review 7) 86:49 04/22/2022
Bonus 12 - Spencer and John Have Another Go With That Ol' Mailsack 87:49 04/08/2022
Eric Hates The Sayiaman Saga (Saga in Review 6.5) 39:22 04/01/2022
John and Spencer Delight in the Appearance of Anime Duke Nukem (DBZ Episodes 215-219) 90:21 03/25/2022
Spencer Finally Nails An Outro (DBZ Episodes 210-214) 108:18 03/11/2022
John Likes to See Videl Smile (DBZ Episodes 205-209) 92:22 02/25/2022
John Can't Handle When Spencer Does The 'Last Time' Segment (DBZ Episodes 200-204) 118:46 02/11/2022
Spencer Laments The Absurd Length of Pikkon's Blink (DBZ Episodes 195-199) 94:30 01/28/2022
Eric Hates The Cell Games Saga (Saga in Review 6) 83:48 01/14/2022
Bonus 11 - John and Spencer Ring in the New Year with One More Fan Mail Episode 62:29 12/31/2021
Bonus 10 - Spencer and John Read Fan Mail and Get Cancelled 71:39 12/17/2021
Bonus 9 - John and Spencer Get Weird With It (The History of Trunks) 93:27 12/03/2021
Bonus 8 - Eric Vale Somehow Ended Up on this Podcast 115:05 11/19/2021
Spencer Admires Bulma's Ultimate Form (DBZ Episodes 191-194) 59:39 11/05/2021
John Says It Best With 'The Stay Puft Marshmallow Cell' (DBZ Episodes 186-190) 105:59 10/22/2021
Spencer and John Complain About Cell Juniors For Way Too Long (DBZ Episodes 181-185) 79:51 10/08/2021
John and Spencer Love Pretty Much Everything About The Cell Games (DBZ Episodes 176-180) 68:02 09/24/2021
John and Spencer Cellebrate the Arrival of Maybe the Best DBZ Character (DBZ Episodes 171-175) 96:20 09/10/2021
Spencer Admires Cell's Creativity And Minimal Genocide (DBZ Episodes 166-170) 84:16 08/27/2021
Eric Hates The Cell Saga (Saga in Review 5) 68:46 08/13/2021
Bonus 7 - Spencer and John Take Another Big Ol' Bite Out of Their Fanmail 34:32 07/30/2021
John is Disturbed by the Bike Pump Power Up (DBZ Episodes 160-165) 87:16 07/16/2021
Spencer Admires How Vegeta's Hair Explodes (DBZ Episodes 155-159) 60:51 07/02/2021
Spencer and John Don't Want to Talk About Creepy Cell But Here We Are (DBZ Episodes 150-154) 55:52 06/18/2021