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Increase your emotional intelligence, strengthen your self-worth and self-esteem, and learn to make decisions that are right for you. If you struggle with anxiety, depression, fears, stress, obsession, panic, or any relationship challenges like emotional abuse or family issues, this show will empower you to honor yourself and get into alignment with what's most important in your life. If positive thinking feels like denial, tune into the podcast that gives you practical, down-to-earth advice to help you create the life you want.


What's the point of the day to day just to feel depressed and anxious? 81:13 08/07/2022
Stuffing who you are way down can make you numb 67:07 07/31/2022
Giving up happiness because someone holds something over your head la 58:31 07/24/2022
Email grab bag 5 - Codependent and stuck - New on the job - Getting a raise - Vague signals while dating 74:50 07/17/2022
Some dysfunctional people don't like when you're functional 69:02 07/10/2022
Is it worth the risk to seek a romantic relationship with a good friend? 53:32 07/03/2022
The toxic relationship ended but I can't forgive myself and move on 50:08 06/26/2022
Putting an end to your own passive aggressive behavior 55:45 06/19/2022
Apologizing to the ex… good idea or bad? 57:57 06/12/2022
Do you let the breadcrumbing toxic family member back in your life? 72:33 06/06/2022
Say what you mean. Mean what you say. 52:31 05/29/2022
Will you ever be good enough? 66:22 05/22/2022
The rut of waiting for someone else to decide before you can move on 61:29 05/15/2022
Carrying around the burden of someone else's secret 31:22 05/08/2022
Getting stalked online and there's something about love you should know 62:44 05/01/2022
When you're "on" too much for others but not enough for yourself 56:18 04/24/2022
Pretending to be the person you're not 75:38 04/17/2022
Stopping the head games 54:54 04/10/2022
When is it time to wean your parents off of you? 55:04 04/03/2022
To compromise, sacrifice, or support no matter what 73:16 03/27/2022
Balancing your life with only those things and people that matter 75:42 03/20/2022
The pressure that builds when you can't let go of the negative emotions 66:40 03/13/2022
Are you judgmental toward people that bother the heck out of you? 59:21 03/06/2022
When you want the greener grass on the other side - the life you want vs the life you have 70:38 02/27/2022
Is there such thing as an instant soul mate or is that the first warning sign of a difficult relationship? 64:03 02/20/2022
Not everything is your fault 75:17 02/13/2022
Does bad behavior ever deserve a free pass? 64:10 02/06/2022
The smile of denial that keeps you feeling miserable 76:14 01/30/2022
Is honoring yourself supposed to destroy relationships? 75:04 01/23/2022
Are you being mean but don't mean to be? 69:07 01/16/2022