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Improve your mental game for sports performance with mental coach Dr. Patrick Cohn and Peak Performance Sports, LLC in Orlando Florida


When Soccer Players Want to Quit 05:19 06/19/2022
Managing Your Emotions When Adversity Hits 05:42 05/29/2022
The Importance of Team Communication 05:31 05/07/2022
How to Keep Shooting After Missing 05:07 04/17/2022
When Your Athletes Play Too Safe in Sports 05:26 02/26/2022
How Coach Val Whiting Helps Sports Parents 17:10 01/29/2022
The Right Reasons for Every Athlete to Stay in Their Game 06:18 11/15/2021
Coach: Support Your Athlete's Mental Game 05:15 11/01/2021
How to Improve Decision Making when Competing 05:31 10/18/2021
What Athletes Must Do During Post Games 06:22 10/04/2021
How to Guide Young and Intense Athletes 07:37 09/27/2021
How to Manage the Toughest Moments of Elite Competitions 17:34 09/18/2021
Parents: When Your Athletes What to Quit Sports 05:36 09/13/2021
Helping Athletes Manage High Expectations 06:19 08/30/2021
Social Approval and Social Media for Athletes 15:26 08/01/2021
Approaches to Mental Coaching with Dr. Bob Winters 22:54 04/14/2021
The Coaching Zone & Leadership with Dr. John Yeager 26:29 04/08/2021
How Mental Training Will Get You to Your Next Level of Play 24:28 01/31/2021
Why Athletes Worry too Much About What Others Think 03:23 01/24/2021
Achieve Proactive Confidence for a Healthy Life Balance 16:31 01/10/2021
Don't Let Adversity Affect Your Game 28:17 01/03/2021
Improve Your Body Language 04:12 11/01/2020
Helping Athletes Take Practice Skills to Competition Consistently 04:07 08/30/2020
Be All In With Christie Pearce Rampone and Dr. Kristine Keane 16:32 08/21/2020
Cope with Pregame Anxiety for Athletes 03:23 08/16/2020
Perfectionist Athletes Who are Highly Critical Post Competition 03:58 07/26/2020
Perfectionist Athletes Who Are Highly Judgemental 04:19 07/12/2020
How to Overcome Lack of Trust in Skills 04:31 06/28/2020
How to Play for Yourself During Competition 05:00 06/14/2020
Can Athletes Use Mindfulness to Improve Focus? 17:19 06/09/2020