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An award-winning retirement podcast dedicated to helping you: Lower Taxes • Invest smarter • Make Work Optional Do you want to avoid overpaying the IRS in retirement? Or learn how to prepare for the next stock market crash? How about when to take Social Security and how to turn your investments into reliable retirement income? Hey there! I'm CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Taylor Schulte and I was recently named the #2 Independent Financial Advisor in the U.S. by Investopedia. Each week, I'll answer BIG financial questions and help you "stay wealthy" in retirement.


10 Reasons You Should Avoid Indexed Universal Life Insurance (IUL) 36:12 06/28/2022
Listener Announcement + How to Reduce Medicare IRMAA in 2022 07:28 06/23/2022
Grandparent 529 Plans: Big Changes + How Retirement Savers Can Maximize the Tax Benefits 42:04 06/21/2022
3 Key Takeaways on Inflation from the May CPI Report 24:44 06/15/2022
Why Are TIPS (Inflation-Protected Bonds) Losing Money? 10:43 06/09/2022
3 Big Retirement Mistakes (and How to Sidestep Them) 25:28 06/07/2022
Bonds, Recessions, and Withdrawing Money in Retirement 24:56 05/25/2022
Financial Scam Alert + 3 Ways to Protect Yourself (and Your Loved Ones!) in Retirement 15:56 05/04/2022
Why You Shouldn’t “Buy the Dip” 37:10 04/19/2022
Inflation Spiked: How Should Retirement Savers Respond 06:40 04/14/2022
Roth Conversions Part 2: A Five-Step Process to Determine if a Roth Conversion Makes Sense for You 24:42 04/05/2022
Roth Conversions Part 1: What, How, and Why 14:24 03/23/2022
Why I Was Wrong About Inflation + The Probability of a Recession 14:30 03/15/2022
5 Reasons NOT to Do a Roth Conversion in 2022 25:32 03/01/2022
Inflation Part 2: How Inflation Will Affect Your Tax Bill 16:54 02/22/2022
Inflation Part 1: Five Things Retirement Savers Need to Know 13:26 02/09/2022
Why the Stock Market Is Falling (And How to Respond!) 17:18 02/01/2022
Life Insurance Part 2: Academic Use Cases, Evaluating Old Policies, Helpful Resources, and More! 27:45 01/25/2022
Life Insurance (in Retirement) Part 1: The Most Common Use Cases + A 3-Step Process for Managing Risks 21:51 01/18/2022
How to Prepare for Tech Bubble 2.0 07:00 01/11/2022
Why You Should Pay Attention to Stock Market Forecasts 14:17 01/05/2022
Stay Wealthy Giveaway + What You Need to Ask Your Insurance Company (ASAP!) 12:03 12/21/2021
Should You Include Social Security in Your Retirement Plan? 09:37 12/07/2021
Investing in Real Estate: Key Findings from a Comprehensive 22-Year Study 09:34 11/30/2021
11 Surprising Facts About Tax Planning, Investing, and Retirement 17:33 11/23/2021
I Made a Mistake + Equity Compensation Part 2 21:38 11/16/2021
Equity Compensation Part 1: RSU's, ESPP's, and Little-Known Risks 23:13 11/02/2021
Inflation: The SPOOKIEST Threat to Your Retirement...or is It? 16:44 10/26/2021
Preferred Stocks: Everything Retirement Savers Need to Know 10:14 10/19/2021
U.S. National Debt: How Will We Ever Pay Off $28 Trillion? 10:14 10/05/2021