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An interactive Podcast. Luis and Andrea interview musicians, songwriters, music producers, festival hosts and an array of others in the music industry to gain insight into their perspective of music as a HEALING entity. They "breakdown" lyrics and the meaning and emotion of certain songs. They are authentic in sharing how music transformed moments in in their lives as parents, siblings, as a married couple and even (especially) as physicians. They ask the "why" as well as the "how" as they step into a journey of music's healing powers!


Roberto S. Matthews
A mathematician and a musician.We had the pleasure of sitting in studio with Mr. Roberto Matthews. His “moment” which launched  his career as a musician was as vivid a calling as is his faith. Listen in…this Jesuit grad will both educate and inspire you! His voice and talent on multiple instruments is simply beautiful. His purpose and passion for his “why”is beyond moving…Check Roberto out at a service near you, his website and here with Luis and I on Mixtape Hope Podcast.
45:50 10/24/2022
Dave And Sandy Furano
SEASON 3!Rarely do stories come through with as much passion and charm as in this interview! What an amazing couple we share time with-Sandy and Dave Furano open up about their life in music and the business of musical healing.From the legendary Winterland venue  in San Francisco, the stories of the early days on the road with bands, the advent of the concert “merch” industry and SO much more, with every step..there was Dave Furano.They speak of LOVE, HOPE, dedication to each other and our responsibility as humans to cultivate PEACE. What better way than to unpack one the most powerful tools we have to disarm division-MUSIC! Check them out HERE as our first and amazing guests of Season 3!Also look out for them at a Rock & Brews near you!! 
52:15 08/22/2022
Big Freedia
Big Freedia!Synonymous  with charm, creativity, energy and BOUNCE.Big Freedia shared with us her journey beginning in gospel music. Like a mustard seed growing beyond limitations, she fueled her passion for growth with family, faith and community!Singer-song writer, producer, entrepreneur, activist, entertainer, creator, influencer, chef and much more, it’s difficult to imagine how she does it all. She explains that HOPE and RESILIENCE motivates her. The same hope that anyone from here can feel…as if it’s part of our soul. And anyone visiting New Orleans can only try to put into words. Sit down with us as she unfolds the beautiful tapestry that is BIG FREEDIA. 
19:56 07/18/2022
Paul Rogers
Paul Rogers has captured our hearts in this episode as he reflects on his contributions to our beloved Jazzfest! More than that, he brings us down memory lane so gracefully recalling the ART behind the music. Look around your home or place of work, you likely own one of these cherished pieces…and if you don’t, you should. Check him out but first sit back and listen to the jazzy music history he drops on us.Https://
37:05 07/06/2022
Bill Rayner
Bill Rayner, Friends call him “Billy Rock” and his students call him professor! We have the privilege of speaking to someone who has TRULY made music his life! Teaching, composing, playing and performing music embodies all that he loves.So relatable and wise, NYU students look forward to his classes! We find out why! Check him out!
33:56 06/21/2022
Warren Zeiders
We sit down with Warren Zeiders as he takes us to the open field. His explosion onto the music scene has truly been like LIGHTNING!Listen to what anchors him, what motivates him and how he overcame the unforeseen  transition from athlete to artist. As he prepares for his tour “”717 Tapes” Tour, he reflects on being REAL and RELATABLE-and enjoying the ride! 
31:46 06/06/2022
The Walters
Gratitude and Joy… sentiments that reflect the the emotions of lyrics, melodies and magic of a band coming together to create beautiful music and memories. The Walters’ revival has been a journey of looking back but being so grateful for the NOW. We speak with Luke Olson of The Walters. He takes us through where he has been personally and the unbelievable new journey of this incredible band!WE are grateful for their music. Check them out, follow and feel the magic  of their talent, energy, passion and JOY. 
31:20 05/19/2022
The Better Together Band
Life and Music.Where we start and those we find along this journey matter.  Leaning on each other as we walk this path, the lyrics, the melody and the rhythm bring us together.The Better Together Band is in studio listening to each other and sharing our journey with YOU.We open up about OUR HEALING and OUR WHY in being vulnerable putting in the time, having fun, coming together and sharing our talents for a greater purpose.Coming at you from OUR HOME, New Orleans and forged out of the Covid pandemic- WE ARE better together!Band members: Luis Espinoza (vocalist, guitar), Noelle Young (vocalist),  David Vasquez (drummer) Sedrick Hawkins (saxophone, vocals and keys), Scott Schlegel (guitar, vocals), Kevin McCormack (vocals, guitar and keys) and Andrea Espinoza (bassist).HOPE (if you listen) IS all around us. 
57:10 05/02/2022
Tyron Benoit
You can write it in lyrics but LOVE is meant to be LIVED. This week’s guest, Tyron Benoit defines himself as “Marine, actor, guitarist, keyboardist, accordion player, singer, and songwriter”. And he lives the love he wishes to share. Listen how he serves and steps into his purpose as a father, husband, son and performer daily-bringing joy to our community near and far. We are elated to share this time with such a talented and decorated human. His music is so unique-so much so that he has coined a new word for it..Psychedeaux!Look out for his record being released this year and know what HOME truly means to him. His light will inspire you and his music will move you!
33:33 04/18/2022
Javier Olondo
When life, talent and passion truly harmonize, that is where you find purpose. Javier Olondo shares all of it with so many here in New Orleans as well as around the world!His talent as a musician and performer is grounded in family and community.Listen as we speak to such an amazing human as he energizes this episode and shares what truly drives him. Asheson, his band is only one of the many many ways he creates sound and beauty.A classical guitarist, producer, entrepreneur, father, husband, professor, community  leader and voice for so many meaningful initiatives, he brings life to everything he touches!Creator and host of Que Pasa New Orleans, you can hear and find him… everywhere! Listen and be inspired! www.Javierolondo.comFollow him in Facebook, Instagram 
28:01 04/04/2022
Love. It is a powerful energy. It is ATOMIC. We had the pleasure of speaking to the band ATOMIC all the way from Germany. Their music, their mission and their energy is electric! Hear how this band took its musical influences and roots and has grown a genre and a following unique to their amazing talent! “Gimme your love”, their latest single will keep you rocking!!Check them out !!@atomicaner Listen to them at
28:40 03/22/2022
John Blancher, Founder of Rock N’ Bowl
Step into a bit of New Orleans history with the visionary, entrepreneur, teacher, father, storyteller, musician, husband and all things bowling and music! Listen to his journey through and IN his faith as he shares the how and the WHY of Rock N’ Bowl’s birth and longevity.John Blancher’s voice and stories are as smooth as the bowling lanes that so many have enjoyed here in the big easy. The memories will make you laugh and cry.His dreams of having a wide array of musical genres take stage has made memories for so many. Do YOU know what it means to love New Orleans? Have a seat and listen to someone who truly does. 
59:16 03/07/2022
Anaïs St. John
Anais St. John sits down and shares her passion for this city, it’s music and charm. A brilliant teacher, a soulful spirit and a smile that makes you feel as though you have known her for a lifetime, we all should be students of this edutainor!Special thanks to the magnificent Anais St. John for her grace and giving to our city’s youth  and to our nostalgia.She is a New Orleans legend worth seeing! Listen in and feel how energetic she is about who she is and how music heals her as well as her audience! 
34:39 02/21/2022
Martha Redbone
Season 2 kicks off with the multitalented Martha Redbone!!The conversation flows as smoothly as her music permeates our hearts.Martha shares her personal experiences growing up and finding herself in music. She embodies and exudes humanism  in a way that we all need to hear…and feel.She is a musician, composer, teacher, mother, wife, friend, entertainer, storyteller and so much more. Her roots to Louisiana are not just part of who she was but who she is.  Take some time to listen to this eloquent and beautiful soul. She will leave you knowing what it means to love who you are and  where you are right now in the soundtrack of your life. 
52:58 02/07/2022
CR Gruver- New Orleans School of Rock
CR Gruver brings an “all in” energy to what he knows and loves-MUSIC!His passion for teaching and sharing his talent with his family and community has facilitated his own School of Rock location here in New Orleans,  Louisiana. All ages, all skill levels and every walk of life can come and connect with their own groove at School of Rock.And that’s just his day job! CR Gruver brings the keys to The New Orleans Suspects around the city and beyond! His spirit seems to have a restless energy for growth and life…Check out School of Rock wherever you are on your musical journey…It certainly changed our lives!Dr. E and Dr. Dre 
29:05 01/24/2022
Chris Beary-A Man on a Mission-bringing healing to the hungry and music to our community!
Chris Beary’s life reflects the values that you hope for in any true leader! His humble service to so many in our community is a testament to his integrity, commitment and faith. Listen as we hear how HIS vision to help foster community awareness and support for local musicians  through The Funky Uncle unlocked the human spirit even when we found ourselves quarantined. An activist, entrepreneur, pioneer, father and visionary continue to move his  heart and  spirit in the right direction and always for the right reasons! 
33:21 01/10/2022
Make Music NOLA
Dr. E. and Dr. Dre talk with Laura Patterson of Make Music NOLA. This local non profit in the heart of Treme has weathered the pandemic and so many odds and is thriving!Bringing music to children in a way that connects to the community is the focus and passion of all of the talented musicians and instructors at Make Music NOLA.makemusicnola.orgThe aftermath of Katrina has revealed beautiful stories.. here is one! Take a listen!! 
31:53 12/27/2021
Ty Henderson
The Drs chat with musician, entrepreneur, musical director, software guru and gift to NOLA …Ty Henderson. He shares his journey to New Orleans, the community he now calls home here and the organization NOLAarts that he is MOST proud of. His new home has brought he and his talent to the community of St. John Lutheran Church. His passion and energy in sharing the gift of music with others… young and old will change HOW we perceive our own abilities in making music a part of our lives.
42:57 12/13/2021
Patrick Droney
Dr. E and Dr. Dre sit down to unpack the phenomenal new album “State of the Heart” by the unbelievably talented Patrick Droney! He weaves together 20 songs on this album that will take you through all of the emotions and moments you didn’t even know you needed to explore. Listen as he speaks so genuinely about the meaning behind the music, family, producing, songwriting and more. Wise beyond his years, you can feel the passion and purpose of this young artist.State of the Heart is a must listen! Step into this album and come out feeling truly healed!! We did! Look out for him on tour in 2022! 
32:56 11/29/2021
Jaune Buisson Hebert- Metropolitan Dance Theater
The Doctors speak with Jaune Buisson Hebert of Metropolitan Dance Theater of New Orleans about family and generational appreciation for the arts.  Listen as she beaks down the many counts that make her who she is-the dynamic, empowering and inspiring professional dance instructor and founder of MDTNO! She speaks about faith, family and living her dream in bringing the the SPIRIT of motion through music to the New Orleans community! 
32:33 11/22/2021
Gabrielle Grace - We'll Be Alright
Drs E. and Dre sit down with Nashville based singer songwriter artist Gabrielle Grace to discuss inspiration, blessings, growing up and her songs “221” and  "We'll Be Alright". Gabrielle dives into her passion and purpose in this world of music and reminds us all to “slow down” and just be in this moment. She has a genuine spirit that will leave you feeling lighter-especially when she reflects on her husband Jimmy and credits him with being the “push” behind her taking the chance, through faith, to live out her healing power…and share it with the world! 
39:58 11/15/2021
Peter Spirer - Feel Rich: Health Is The New Wealth
Drs E and Dre sit down with Peter Spirer, director of the film Feel Rich: Health Is The New Wealth.  In a climate of greater social consciousness in how we interact with others and our planet, the Espinozas have leaned into a greater responsibility to their patients. Using tools and cues from mainstream media, they hope to share greater knowledge and awareness regarding TRUE HEALTH and HEALING. The time and purpose we have on this earth in serving others is inherently tied to our ability-physically, spiritually and mentally. They use “Feel Rich, Health is the New Wealth” to spread the message of nutrition, movement, mindfulness and so much more captured in this documentary. Health is our responsibility to ourselves and our greatest wealth in serving  others. Produced by John GirodSpecial thanks to assistants Jillian Sandoz and Olivia Olson
50:22 10/29/2021
Speech of Arrested Development
Finally!! Dr. E and Dr Dre make their return after nearly a month due to Hurricane Ida.  Join the doctors as they talk with Speech from the Grammy Award winning music group Arrested Development.
27:39 10/05/2021
Jared Zeller of Bayou Boogaloo
Dr. Dre and Dr. E. sit down wit Jared Zeller, founder of the Bayou Boogaloo Music Festival, to talk about the importance of live music.
24:28 08/12/2021
Mother Mother
Dr. Dre sits down with Ryan Guldemond of the band Mother Mother to discuss inspiration, motivation and the song "Forgotten Souls" from the band's new album Inside.
33:13 07/20/2021
Mike Mains and The Branches
Join Dr. Dre as she has an in-depth conversation with Mike Mains of Mike Mains and The Branches on music, mental health and the hit song  "Around the Corner".Produced by John Girod
25:08 07/07/2021
Welcome to Mixtape Hope!
Dr. E. and Dr. Dre invite you to join their journey of stories, interviews and musings exploring the healing powers of music and the sounds that define the moments of our lives. 
01:01 07/06/2021