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Relationship Restaurant with Poppy and Geoff

We want to share a decades-long discovery with you: most relationships fail when there’s a breakdown in communication. It happened to us more than three decades ago. Based on research from hundreds of stories of human communication and behavior, we as "Millennial Translators" offer programs to work with you in a number of ways: corporate groups, couples, individuals, and families who desire successful strategies to break down barriers in communication.


EP086 - This #1 Thing is the Foundation of all Communication in Relationships, whether Personal or Professional 40:23 06/30/2021
EP085 - Gaslighting, 2 Divorces, and 1 Stolen Cat 46:34 04/14/2021
EP084 - The Great Awakening: Cognitive Dissonance, Yoda, and Asking “What if…? 29:34 03/11/2021
EP083 - How This One Word From Guest, Heidi Hadley Can Totally Help You Reset for 2021 55:49 01/06/2021
EP082 - TedX Speaker and Brand Strategist and Consultant, Zyana Rose, Shares her On and Offline Wisdom for How we Present Ourselves to the World, from Flash Impressions to Creating an Organic System o 49:35 10/21/2020
EP081 - Finding Grace After Loving a Narcissist 61:24 09/23/2020
EP080 - When Art is the Transformational Foundation for a Loving Relationship 34:46 09/16/2020
EP079 - Divorced and Separated: with Law of Attraction expert, Vita Lagalla. 46:41 08/26/2020
E078 - Single Mother Survival Guide - Single Mums/Moms: Get the Down Low from Down Under 39:38 08/19/2020
E077 - Psychologist and Stepmom Coach and Stepmom Herself, Dr. Ailyn Payan Shares This One Thing That Will Immediately Bring Strength and Connectivity to the Family Dynamic 22:15 08/05/2020
E076 - Parents, E-Learning or Hybrid Learning Essentials for Your Children To Successfully Prepare Them For School Success 26:57 07/29/2020
E075 - 5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Regain Your Balance in an Upside Down World 28:05 06/08/2020
E074 - Internationally Known Guest, Rani St. Pucchi, Asks: "Are You Living Too Short or Dying Too Long?" 43:12 04/22/2020
E073 - Internationally Acclaimed Attorney, Randall Kessler’s Advice to Divorced Co-Parents During the Coronavirus Pandemic 29:46 04/16/2020
E072 - Power Shift, Home Schooling, and Expectations During Coronavirus 29:58 04/15/2020
E071 - How You Respond to the Coronavirus According to Your Myers Briggs Preferences 21:34 04/09/2020
E069 - Sex, Intimacy, and Listening: The Trifecta of Trust in Relationships 34:51 01/22/2020
E068 - 5 Ways to Navigate the Transitional Space of Hospice 26:22 11/21/2019
E067 - Blended, Biased, and Belonging 27:55 10/30/2019
E066 - Why Trust and Conflict Go Hand-in-Hand 38:49 10/17/2019
E065 - Why You Definitely Need a "User Manual" For Your Relationship 29:41 10/02/2019
E064 - Should You Stay in an Unhappy Marriage? 19:07 09/25/2019
E063 - Our Stories: Getting Curious About Baggage, Biases, and Blindspots 37:46 09/04/2019
E062 - What Happens When Redlining Revs Up Your Relationship? 25:38 08/07/2019
E061 - The 4 F’s: Fight, Flight, Freeze, and “Fawn" and What You Need to Know 34:15 06/19/2019
E060 - This is Your Brain on Relationships 43:05 06/05/2019
E059 - The Four Things that Take Place in Your Disagreement, and What You Can Do About it 44:36 05/15/2019
E058 - 4 Myers Briggs Indicators That You Could Be Susceptible to a Toxic Relationship and What to Do About it 26:44 04/24/2019
E057 - Why Owning These 3 Words Will Bring You Happiness 30:47 04/17/2019