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Mountain Mantras: Wellness and Life Lessons

Kathryn Kemp Guylay, MBA, CNC (Certified Nutritional Counselor) shares inspiration and actionable advice for your happier, healthier and more successful life. The Mountain Mantras: Wellness and Life Lessons Podcast features today’s leaders in the wellness industry as well as successful entrepreneurs and business visionaries. Each show highlights a mantra or set of mantras that listeners can follow and integrate into their days in to reach greater heights in their careers and personal lives. Kathryn is an author, wellness coach and entrepreneur that has escaped the corporate office to enjoy skiing, hiking and exploring the mountains of Sun Valley, Idaho in between her working hours. She is also a parent and occasionally weaves parenting advice and insights about the changing world of education into her mantras. Let the Mountain Mantras: Wellness and Life Lessons Podcast inspire you to reach for your dreams in wellness, life and business success.


MMP122 - Be Successfully Self Aware with Dr. Carol Scott 49:18 05/18/2022
MMP121 - Raise Your Frequency with Amanda Monnier 43:24 04/20/2022
MMP120 - The Healing Properties of San Pedro (Dr. Isabel Sharkar) 40:15 03/10/2022
MMP119 - Heal on a Spiritual Level with Dr. Diva Nagula 43:12 02/23/2022
MMP118 - Love and Listen with Corin Grillo 41:27 02/03/2022
MMP117 - Hearing the Call of Plant Medicine with Odette Peek 37:54 01/06/2022
MMP116 - Connect to Mind, Body, Spirit and Heart with Sam Liebowitz 46:24 12/15/2021
MMP115 - Leverage Your Strengths with Brandon Miller 36:09 12/07/2021
MMP114 - Be an Agent of Change with Jodi Delaney 33:56 11/29/2021
MMP113 - Create Your Happiness Recipe with Becky Morrison 51:18 11/10/2021
MMP112 - Follow Intuition and Choice for Health (The “Sleep Lady” Kim West) 23:02 10/05/2021
MMP111 - Harness Your Emotions and Money with Jennifer Love 28:55 09/08/2021
MMP110 - Grow Younger Naturally with Dr. Robyn Benson 46:29 08/04/2021
MMP109 - Tap into the Energy Formula with Shawn Wells 45:19 07/28/2021
MMP108 - Escape the Human Zoo with Michelle Norris 44:19 07/14/2021
MMP107 - Find Fun and Freedom in Wellness with Dr. Ann Kulze 46:30 06/14/2021
MMP106 - Experience Everyday Awakening with Sam Liebowitz 37:40 06/09/2021
MMP105 - Make Meditation Fun with Emily Fletcher 41:46 05/19/2021
MMP104 - Train Your Brain with Dr. Jackie Kilraine 37:04 05/05/2021
MMP103 - Commit to a Life of Intentionality with Finnian Kelly 47:03 04/28/2021
MMP102 - Neurotransmitters & Human System Optimization with Andrea Lahti 43:18 04/07/2021
MMP101 - Be Intentional about Wellness (Sunlighten CEO Connie Zack) 45:29 03/17/2021
MMP100 - Live Well (to 150) With Precision Medicine (Ryan Lester) 33:33 03/10/2021
MMP099 - Hope, Love and Holistic Medicine (Dr. Mikra Hamiton and Dr. Dan Stickler) 42:03 02/10/2021
MMP098 - Cannabinoids & Human System Optimization with David Krantz 47:49 02/03/2021
MMP097 - Opt-In to Abundance with Krisstina Wise 46:04 01/21/2021
MMP096 - Play Your Way to Success with Jeff Harry 44:12 01/06/2021
MMP095 - Feedback is Fantastic (and Fun) with Dr. Rebecca Heiss 45:29 12/09/2020
MMP094 - What to Do If You / Your Family Gets COVID 30:10 11/30/2020
MMP093 - Solve It Through Walking with Dr. Audrey Boxwell 39:17 10/28/2020