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Since we are now on the Midwest, the show will be referenced as Midwest Mantras as well as Mountain Mantras. Kathryn Kemp Guylay, MBA, CNC (Certified Nutritional Counselor) shares inspiration and actionable advice for your happier, healthier and more successful life. The Mountain Mantras: Wellness and Life Lessons Podcast features today’s leaders in the wellness industry as well as successful entrepreneurs and business visionaries. Each show highlights a mantra or set of mantras that listeners can follow and integrate into their days in to reach greater heights in their careers and personal lives. Kathryn is an author, wellness coach and entrepreneur that has escaped the corporate office to enjoy skiing, hiking and exploring the mountains of Sun Valley, Idaho in between her working hours. She is also a parent and occasionally weaves parenting advice and insights about the changing world of education into her mantras. Let the Mountain Mantras: Wellness and Life Lessons Podcast inspire you to reach for your dreams in wellness, life and business success.


Midwest Mantras 134 - I have no idea
In this thought-provoking episode, Kat delves into the complex topics of identity, ancestral trauma, and what it means to live a good life. The episode begins with Kat reflecting on a common sentiment, "I'm not sure who I am," setting the stage for a deeper exploration of self-identity. Kat offers three powerful mantras designed to help listeners navigate their personal journeys and challenges. 3 Mantras from the episode include: "Most of us are more than one person "We have to change ourselves. Our actual terrain, the vehicle that walks through the world." "Life is a weighted average of the sum of all your minutes and the weight is based on the level of how amplified an emotion is." The conversation turns philosophical as Kat poses the question, "What is a good life?" She suggests that life is a weighted average of all our moments, with the weight determined by the intensity of our emotions. Kat concludes with a powerful message on resilience and positivity, encouraging listeners to raise their contributory frequency, asserting that even those who have endured severe trauma can make a positive impact. Tune in for a deep and enriching discussion that offers both practical advice and philosophical insights, helping you understand and navigate the complexities of identity and life's challenges.
07:51 5/14/24
Midwest Mantras 133 - How to Smile Through What Feels Like S*&T
They say that there is a planetary SHIFT going on.    Sometimes that SHIFT feels like S*&T.   Como? (what?)   Homo? (what?)   Did I say “Homo Lumininous” in this podcast?   Yes I did. If you want to learn more about this shift, I enjoyed this video and would love to share it with you:   Here are the mantras from today’s show:   I also mention “the Giving Tree” conundrum, and i invite you to listen to that episode, and check out the show notes here.    Thank you for listening!
20:36 3/2/23
Midwest Mantras 132 - Be Amazballs
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28:17 1/5/23
Midwest Mantras 131 - What is Love? Don’t Hurt Me (or Shakira) No More
I had no idea that I’d break into tears during this podcast, but I did. The topic is love, after all.  And my heart is broken BIG TIME.   I am reviewing these notes on the morning of surgery to fix a deviated septum from middle school when my nose was severely broken.  My mom had looked at me with my Marsha-Brady-episode-where-her-nose-blew-up-to-3x-times-the-size-and-black-and-blue-eyes (that rhymes) and said, “You’re fine.” So today, I don’t breathe as well as would be optimal. I believe this is part of my loss of health story.  I’m finally getting it fixed.   It has been a HORRIBLE road to get to this morning. I drive around the streets of Evanston, recognizing the places where I was there for my husband when he needed surgery. When I dropped my life to “serve” him.  Now that my “service” doesn’t “serve” him, where is he?    I’ve been a less-than-optimal-version-of-myself. I’m so sorry, to everyone, who has had to see any part of this journey. Per my ideas on apologies, I plan to make sure that I do better.  I’m on my way now to my dad’s house to give him a hug. I was not my best self when I saw him last.   My mom also has been offering help, and I hope to take her up on some help during my convalescence.    In today’s episode, I call on Shakira to help me, again. She has been one of my important spiritual guides in my life.  I LOVE SHAKIRA. (Me encanta!).Sometimes it can put your own problems in perspective when you hear about those of others. Shakira has been through an insane year.  My broken heart goes out to hers.   Let’s start with this song by Shakira, Monotonía OMG that is me!  I put my heart on a sleeve, and it got stepped on big time. Thrown on the street, broken. I have felt empty and lying on the floor like Shakira is shown.     Then we go to Don’t You Worry   I know it’s possible to cry all day and night until you fall asleep sitting up, but eventually, it DOES stop.  Your dogs or cats might be soaking wet with your tears and really pent up with energy because you haven’t left the house (and are really worrying the neighbors with whatever can come through the walls), but it does eventually stop.  At least for that day.    Then you might find yourself crying the next day again, and it may also come in waves when you least expect it. But I have to say to myself, “everything’s gonna be okay.” Gracias Shakira.   Then we move to Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)   “When you fall get up, eh eh.”    And I will start to meet my OWN NEEDs.   After all, what we need or want from others, we must be able to give to ourselves. Connection with others plays a role in everyone's lives in different ways for different reasons. It is difficult to sustain connections with others when we struggle to connect and meet our needs within ourselves. So…   I will see myself I will hear myself I will understand myself I will fairly judge myself.   Maybe I need to take up dance lessons so that I can move like Shakira. RRRRR. And get back to my work at Nurture to help communities in need.   Mantras from the show:#1: Get to know love; we don’t understand it in our culture#2: Move past “conditional” vs. “unconditional” love and consider compassionate love.#3: Understand the many types of love the Greeks appreciated: Eros, Philia, Ludus, Agape, Pragma, Philatia. I realize that I hardly get into the types on my podcast, so just read about it here.Your homework, if you choose to accept:  go help someone in need!   If you are a woman, tune in to what might be happening to other women (or the feminine side of a man) today.    There seems to be strong energy around conflict and the change of an old model that involved subjugating women. (Yep, I just wrote that– ask me about the times I’ve seen gross men pat waitresses’ asses and be total assholes.  I’ve been on the wrong side of that equation, ME TOO).   See the paradigm for change from episode 124.    Two questions if you’re brave enough to consider change:- Can women and men start to do LESS of being the Perpetrator and Victim?   And move into Creator and Challenger?- Can we start to truly CO-CREATE the way I believe that God/Goddess/All that is intended?   Let’s finish with, What is Love (the SNL version with A Night at the Roxbury   Thank you for watching.  I’m going to go pick up dog poop now. Hasta luego! I am learning late in life how to express “bad” emotions like sadness and anger.  I sent this to my Dad before heading to surgery.  He is upset with me and my recent displays of anger (even though, I believe I have a lot to be sad and mad about– being lied to and deceived by your husband for nearly decades is a biggie).   PS– If you have not been following the podcast, the LIES I was told and believed were that I was a priority in my husband’s life.  He opened his mouth a gazillion times and said, “You are my #1.  You are a priority.”  He wrote those words many times. His actions didn’t match those words, which created a lot of dissonance in my nervous system.  Perhaps that is why I didn’t sleep and had insomnia for nearly two decades.    And you know what?  Maybe I lied too.  Maybe when I said to him, “You’re doing a good job” I was certainly lying about his role as a husband. I didn’t do a good job listening to my inner voice telling me something was off.    Ultimately, our lies only did a good job of hurting me. We created an enormous amount of dissonance and pent-up issues in my nervous system, which then created more problems. I’m trying to dig myself out in so many ways.   While my husband skis on the slopes and enjoys the beachfront condo I set up for him in Puerto Rico. PENDEJO.     I’m off to drive myself to surgery.  I hired some help afterward.  Be well.   This is what I sent to Jeff after I expressed anger to him, which he could not handle.   In a text:   I’m sorryPlease forgive me I love youThank you   Then he sent the cops on me.  Hopefully, with you, Dad, you will be understanding and confident in knowing that I DO love you and intend only the best for both you and me in sending this prayer to you.   I am strong and will survive.   Again, I love you.
27:42 12/23/22
Midwest Mantras 130 - Do Your Best & Be the Change
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31:51 12/20/22
Midwest Mantras 129 - No, Never, Not (What I Learned from Prince, Air Supply, and Disney)
I woke up this morning “on the wrong side of the bed.”  (It’s likely the divorce I’m going through).  Sometimes I turn to music to help me process the emotions I’m feeling.  The word “emotion” comes from “emote,” which is about being in motion. I believe that feelings are meant to be felt, to be processed, which creates movement and allows them to move in and through our system. What I want to avoid is getting feelings stuck.  Or repressing what is meant to be felt. Since I’m on an inner journey to uncover repressed emotions and better understand myself, I’ll use whatever tools I find helpful.  Even if that means singing off-tune (loudly) in public.  Are your ears ready? In the spiritual growth world, we talk about the Negative words that are to be avoided. We say, “Don’t focus on what you DON’T want.” (Focus on what you DO want). However, I believe that it is important to understand and feel the entire spectrum of emotions, from “bad” to good, to be able to appreciate the difference. I mention a kids’ book about a little girl who loves pink, but after her world turns to ALL PINK ALL THE TIME, she stops appreciating pink the way she used to. It is an analogy for how we can’t expect to be happy all the time, or “happy” just doesn’t feel the same.  For today’s show, I drive the mantras based on No, Never, and Not but also songs with messages. I look forward to your comments! Midwest Mantra #1: Say “No” to a World that Makes You Sad.   Musical inspiration: Pop Life (Prince).  It sounds like Prince is asking us to say no to: -poverty -lack of generosity -not appreciating each other -jealousy -hierarchy -fake appearances -lack of access to healthcare and education -addiction -thirst -being boring  Midwest Mantra #2: Never Be Out of Love. Musical inspiration: All Out of Love (Air Supply).  I spoke in episode 123 about creating good boundaries to help you manage the amount of pain you can handle in a single day, week, month, or year (or lifetime). Sometimes, per Bob Newhart’s sketch on SNL, we need to just “Stop it!”  Midwest Mantra #3: Not so much talking. Menos palabras? Musical inspiration: Poor Unfortunate Souls (From Disney’s The Little Mermaid).  Bonus inspiration: Whip it (Devo) What I believe we need is heartfelt listening and clear communication about our needs.   Can we do that? Shall we sing more? Would you like to comment? What are YOUR needs (and do you communicate them?). Thanks for listening. Kathryn PS. I was enjoying Hint water during the recording. I highly recommend Kara Goldin’s book, Undaunted.
11:35 12/6/22
Midwest Mantras 128 - Clear Ancestral Trauma
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15:06 12/2/22
Midwest Mantras 127 - Be on the Move
I’ve been on the move a lot. I've counted up all the times that I've moved in the past six months and I moved 14 TIMES!  How crazy is that?   Anyway, I just did this incredible exercise with my coach, Jessica. And she helped me to identify my values. And I would not have guessed what they were.    My number one was purpose. I'm always the person that asks why. My second is opportunity and third is recognition.    Here are the mantras:   Nothing is as constant as change. My questions for you are:   Do you think that time is speeding up change?  Can we make change fun?    Change is growth. Change is good.  This mantra is actually a song: Everybody's Free to Wear Sunscreen. My question is:   What is your favorite lyric? Because there's so much in there about advice and things that you can take and digest, but I'm curious what resonates with you today in this moment?     Songs:  Everyone’s Free to Wear Sunscreen:   Changes: 
11:24 12/1/22
Midwest Mantras 126 - Be Brave!
Why have I been so grumpy?Why the under eye bags? What is this about imposter syndrome?I’ve been crying. And dealing with some health challenges. Health challenges always suck, but they are especially hard when you’re supposed to be some kind of “wellness expert”. In this solo cast “short”, I’m going to be brave, and I hope that by listening/watching this episode, you too can be inspired to be a little more brave.These days I’m not just crying about my health issues. I’ve got some broken plates I’m dealing with (LINK TO EP 124) as well as coming to terms with my tree stump status (LINK 125).   As I type these show notes, I’m sitting in the waiting room of a dermatologist. I’m here for a biopsy that will help us to investigate a tricky little blood marker for autoimmune that came up positive for me. Why is my body attacking itself?     I’m not going to get all BOO HOO here. In dealing with this “bad news”, I remembered a wonderful clip from SoulPancake that featured an extraordinary young man, Zach Sobiech. I hope SoulPancake won’t be mad that I took about 14 seconds of one of their clips for my podcast- hey, maybe I can help to promote it!   Zach was diagnosed with a terminal illness. When he received this information, he launched into an amazing period of creativity to share lessons about life.  One of my favorite songs by Zach is Clouds.  I think about what Zach faced, and how he remained positive.    What I’m dealing with pales in comparison.  I mean, just because I’ve got a bunch of doctors appointments and tests, does that give me the right to become Ms. Grumpy pants?No. I will talk about serious stuff on my podcast, but I will always endeavor to Make It Fun. Here are the 3 mantras from today’s “Solo Cast Short”:   #1: Put yourself in each others shoes- ask the two questions I forgot to say out loud on Episode 125 (but I put them in the show notes).  Here they are:  Question 1: Will the boy step into the tree’s shoes* (know and feel the giving of unconditional love) Question 2: Will the tree step into the boy’s shoes** (know and feel the receiving of unconditional love) #2: People change, all the time. There is nothing as constant as change.   When I work in my nonprofit Nurture, I tell kids during our “nutrition education classes” that they don’t have to try the broccoli if they don’t want to. But I remind them that their taste buds change all the time. I get a lot of success with this approach. What do you think?   #3: Every sentient being that you encounter is a potential spiritual guide. All you have to do is be ready and open!   I’m curious about your thoughts on my desire to go on a journey inward.  Did I pick the wrong season for this journey?   The song for today’s episode is The Safety Dance. I’ve put the lyrics below with two important lines highlighted. Any other lyrics you’d like to emphasize?   Sticky notes for future episodes:  - We’re gonna do an EP on Happiness.  Stay tuned! - Glennon Doyle Melton’s, “it’s not a good idea to protect our kids from pain” concept. I was intrigued when I met her and saw her speak; she’s on to some great ideas.   In this episode, I I mention my Positive on Publishing interview with #1 NYT bestselling author and transformational leader, Marci Shimoff. She has this beautiful “recipe” for manifestation, as follows:IntentionAttentionNo tensionListen to the full interview with Marci here (LINK) (so good!).    The Safety Dance Lyrics We can dance if we want toWe can leave your friends behind'Cause your friends don't danceAnd if they don't danceWell, they're no friends of mine Say, we can go where we want toA place where they will never find And we can act like we comeFrom out of this worldLeave the real one far behind And we can danceOr sing We can go when we want toNight is young and so am IAnd we can dress real neatFrom our hats to our feetAnd surprise 'em with the victory cry Say, we can act if we want toIf we don't, nobody willAnd you can act real rude and totally removedAnd I can act like an imbecile And say, we can dance, we can danceEverything's out of controlWe can dance, we can danceThey're doing it from pole to pole We can dance, we can danceEverybody look at your handsWe can dance, we can dance Everybody's taking the chance Safety dance We can dance if we want toWe've got all your life and mineAs long as we abuse it, never gonna lose it Everything'll work out right I say, we can dance if we want toWe can leave your friends behindBecause your friends don't danceAnd if they don't danceWell, they're no friends of mine Well, it's the safety dance It's the safety dance Well, it's the safety dance Well, it's the safety dance Oh, it's the safety dance Oh, it's the safety dance Everybody's taking the chance
11:10 11/29/22
Midwest Mantras 125 - Lessons from the Giving Tree
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12:13 11/24/22
Midwest Mantras 124 - Broken Plates & a New Paradigm
After being MIA for over 6 months, I’ve decided to release several episodes in succession.  Who is Kat “TK*”?  I am playing around with the concept that I’m a cat, given that I recently had an NDE (Near Death Experience).  I’ve had several NDEs before, and I’m starting to treat life like maybe this is the only one I’ve got left. A pretty basic concept, eh?  LIFE YOUR LIFE. (What would you add?) Here are some ideas: Life Your Life. Like it’s your one and only. Life Your Life. Like no one’s watching. Life Your Life. To honor the one and only beautiful You. Now that you’ve seen my examples, what would you add? It is the holiday season.  We are all under stress. What I hope you accomplish by listening to this podcast episode is to help you manage your relationships as delicately as possible.  I’m going to teach you about BESA, a poem, an acronym, and the Spanish word for “kiss.” Broken plate. Edge serrate.  Spiritual guides. And how to apologize. Get ready. You’ll wonder, are you playing in a paradigm that is optimal for you and your relationship? Or, do you need to shift?  If yes, I’ll give you a model to do so. Speaking of “play,” the song for this episode is INXS’s “Mediate,” the second mention of this song. So it must be important. Stick around for the end of the show, which is a short 12 and a half minutes.  At the start of the show, I share a model I learned from John Newton (I encourage you to check out John’s work). This model explains that we have four types of spiritual teachers: 1)  people who install your buttons,  2)  people who push your buttons,  3)  people you consider your gurus, and  4)  you! Do you notice in the above model, in the first two groups of spiritual teachers mentioned: Are these likely some of the folks you’ll likely see during the holidays?   I think so. *TK is “The Kemp.” Kemp is my middle name, and I went by the middle name “The” for a while.  “The Kemp.” I thought it was fun, and I thought I’d bring it back into play for a little while. Here are the mantras: Be aware of broken plates and know that they don't mend on their own. Saying sorry does not mend broken plates.    I offer a different template for a more effective apology. I’m sorry that I did ______ I bet that my doing that made you feel _______ You are precious to me and I don’t want you to feel __________ In the future, I plan to do ___________so that I avoid the problem (that broke the plate). I love you. Please forgive me. I’m sorry. Thank you. Greet/encounter people as if they are new to you - even if they are friends and family that are not new to you. People change.  A powerful way that people can change is through a paradigm shift. I discuss a model I learned about in The Fantastic book The Power of Ted. Thank you for listening.  Feel free to drop me a note on my contact page or on social media if you have any questions or comments.
12:40 11/21/22
Midwest Mantras 123 - You Are Not Alone (Even If It Looks And Feels Like It)
What a delight it is to be back on my podcast.  I’ve been MIA for over 6 months. This podcast gives you a little insight into what I’ve been up to.  Yikes.   “You Are Not Alone” is a wonderful song by Michael Jackson.  Have a listen!   Today, I talk about my near-death experience and how even when you feel alone, you are not.    Ultimately, when we feel alone, we want to remember to love ourselves. To do that, we must start to uncover, love, and heal, our core wounds. Feelings like “I’m not enough. I'm too much. I'm not worthy.  I'm not lovable.”    Core wounds are related to shame and abandonment and can lead to apathy, which lies at the bottom of the Map of Consciousness.I interviewed Dr. Mario Martinez about core wounds, which he calls “archetypal wounds” or “dampers of becomingness”; in his framework, they include shame, abandonment, and betrayal.   But In today’s solo cast, I share my own story.  Gulp.  Get ready for me to be vulnerable and share some deep stuff.  I offer 11 mantras, which I call “Midwest Mantras” (since I am currently recording in the Midwest).   Thank you for listening.  Feel free to drop me a note on my Contact page or on social media if you have any questions or comments.   Mantra #1:  Embrace stillness when possible– even in the chaos; rest when you can. (A helpful tool for this process is the “Lake Meditation” by Dr. Jon Kabat Zinn and Dr. Andrew Weil- a FAVORITE).   Mantra #2:  When all is lost, do a wheely!   Mantra #3: Feel your feelings; feel to heal.  Since when is it crazy to be angry?  Since when is it illegal to be angry?    I tell the story of almost getting arrested by the local cops while sitting in a bathtub of mud, trying to cool off. Yes, I had just had a crazy explosion of emotion and release during some back-to-back therapy appointments that I actually did not want to attend. See Mantra #9.  It would have been better for me to have set some boundaries and said “I need a nap more than I need therapy today, thank you.”  This leads to the next Mantra… Mantra #4: Assign yourself a time-out - especially when you are about to blow it.  I hope you don’t “blow it” the way I did with my family.  You can’t take back things you say.  Even if what you are sharing are “truths,” remember that having a FILTER is a good relationship tool.  Sharing your truths- in the form of a verbal firehose of vomit- is not helpful to those you love.      So what I suggest (for myself from now on!) is to give myself a time out in the same way that I did when my kids were little.  1, 2, 3, Magic (remember that book?). My kids thought I was counting for THEM, I was counting for ME!  (Boy, I needed those time-outs when I was a mom of young kids!). For you: Take a nap, meditate, go for a walk, but learn to self-regulate so that you don’t blow up your relationships and your life!!   Reminds me of that great song by INXS (Mediate):    “Self regulate, try not to hate, love your mate, don’t suffocate on your own hate” etc.! Mantra #5: Your basic needs are the following: food, shelter, and companionship.  We can debate if there are other needs, which I do believe include water and certain other support, and I am working on a daily planner that will incorporate these items. Reach out to me if you’d like to see an early edition.   Mantra #6: The new paradigm of win-win includes a third win.  1. Win for self Win for other Win for the higher good**This goes beyond the Steven Covey “win-win” because we can start to include what is a win for the Higher Good.  It is time we shift the paradigm.   Mantra #7: Sometimes what looks like shit is actually gold.Mantra #8: Simplify. Mantra #9: Create good boundaries to help you manage the amount of pain you can handle in a single day, week, month, or year (or lifetime).Mantra #10:  Parents - remember the importance of unconditional love.Elena and Alexander, I love you SO MUCH!!   Mantra #11:  Love yourself.   During this interview, I introduce a new book I’m working on. This self-help book will provide, among other things, advice about how we can navigate the changes we are experiencing in the paradigm shift happening today.   I also mention a few times the work of Dr. Bruce Lipton who was a faculty member at Quantum University. I highly recommend checking out his work.
32:11 11/16/22
MMP122 - Be Successfully Self Aware with Dr. Carol Scott
We’ve talked over many episodes about the topic of trauma. We’ve explored various modalities to address trauma, from Brainstpotting to EFT to coaching to plant medicine. Today we talk about the brain and how our developmental years impact our relationships and success. I invite trauma-informed developmental psychologist Dr. Carol Scott on the show to discuss her SASS (Self-Aware Success Strategies) methodology with listeners.   We summarize our discussion with 7 mantras that lead to seven essential strategies for success through relationships. Mantra #1: It’s never too late to address the past.   Mantra #2:  Face Your ACEs. It is a good idea for everyone to take the Adverse Childhood Experiences quiz. Here are some resources from Dr. Carol’s website.   Mantra #3: Our nervous systems are at the heart of disruptions in our relationships.   Mantra #4: When trying to decipher behavior that may trigger us, ask: What is the need behind the deed?   Mantra #5: Relationships matter when it comes to success.   Mantra #6: The first seven years of life (2,500 days) are crucial to determining your capacity for relationships now.   Mantra #7: Understand Dr. Carol’s seven essential strategies for success through relationships: 1. The infant strategy: trust 2. The toddler strategy: independence 3. The “first adolescence” strategY; faith 4. The pre-k strategy: negotiation 5. The Kindergarten strategy: vision 6. The first grade strategy: compromise 7. The second grade strategy: acceptance.   Dr. Carol has offered some helpful resources to listeners: -  Become Your Sassy S.E.L.F e-booklet. You can email Dr. Scott and request this booklet.  - The SASS Manifesto on the bottom right side of the page at this link.    More about Dr. Carol Scott Dr. L. Carol Scott is a trauma-informed developmental psychologist, TEDx speaker, coach, and author. Carol brings the SASS—Self-Aware Success Strategies to help you get along better on the adult playgrounds on which you play.   Carol knows that your success today is determined by your first seven years of life. And she also knows that it’s never too late for Development Do-Overs. As her coaching client, you bring your unique goals for success, and she draws out your SASS. Together, you repattern how you operate in the relationships that are at the heart of achievement.   Also a nationally respected thought leader in early care and education (ECE), Carol is former president of the board for Child Care Aware® of America, and the ECE System Integration Consultant for Steering Impact, the home of EarlyCare+, a technology innovation to revolutionize access for all parents and caregivers to the ecosystem of ECE services.   What is fun for Dr. Scott?   Pondering and discussing deep questions about life and purpose with like-minded women. Mind-challenging word games (BIG Wordle fan!). Connecting with the natural world as a manifestation of Spirit.   Links
49:18 5/18/22
MMP121 - Raise Your Frequency with Amanda Monnier
On this episode of Mountain Mantras, I interview Amanda Monnier, an Energy Healer and Mindset Coach. Amanda knows that she was put on this earth to support people in waking up and remembering who they are.    Amanda empowers her clients and helps them heal from the inside out, break ancestral patterns, and shift into the fullest embodiment of who they are at a soul level. We discuss what is going on at a planetary level and how we can together create a shift in consciousness for a more connected and sustainable existence.    We summarize topics with 7 mantras that will help you bring your own personal power back fully on line:Mantra #1:  Spiritual awakenings come in all flavors, colors, shapes and feelings. Mantra #2:  Spiritual awakenings are often not fun, but you can remember this: “Better out than in”. See Emily Fletcher and I sing this “mantra” during my interview with her in episode 105. Mantra #3: The “how” of creating an alignment between the heart and soul is to raise your frequency.    Mantra #4: We are on the cusp of the golden age when we will wake up to the essence of who we are (love, joy, ease, flow, etc.). Manta #5: Set an intention to connect with your higher self, then drop into your body. We mention Lumari, her book, and my interview with her about Streams of Consciousness. Mantra #6:  Look for the “full body yes” when making decisions. Mantra #7: Take what resonates and leave the rest. More about AmandaAmanda is an Energy Healer, Certified energetic allergy healing practitioner, Certified Magnetic Mind Coach, Certified Yoga Teacher (CYT 200 and Yin Yoga), Emotion Code Practitioner, certified Transformational Nutrition Coach, and holds a Bachelor’s in Psychology. She assists her clients in healing old wounds and up-leveling to the highest-soul aligned version of themselves. Amanda is a woman on a mission to create a movement of healed, intuitively-connected humans—people who are truly aligned with their heart & soul, creating a life on their terms, and passionately unleashing their gifts into the world. Amanda is completely committed to her soul work of changing lives. What is fun for  Amanda Monnier? Moving my body! I absolutely love it!   LINKS Website Instagram
43:24 4/20/22
MMP120 - The Healing Properties of San Pedro (Dr. Isabel Sharkar)
Today we dive into a particular plant medicine, mescaline, the active ingredient in San Pedro (Wachuma).   Dr. Isabel Sharkar is a naturopathic doctor and the co-founder of Indigo Integrative Health Clinic in Washington, D.C.  Dr. Isabel, who I call “Izzy” throughout the interview given our personal connection, has been serving the community in health restoration and body optimization for over a decade. She is known as a beauty expert and has some interesting insights for us on purging, healing, beauty, and anti-aging.   Izzy beams through to us from Portugal, where many plant medicines have been decriminalized.    We summarize our discussion with 10 powerful mantras about healing, be that through plant medicine or other techniques Izzy mentions including health food, water, hot/cold therapy, detoxification, meditation, vagal nerve stimulation, and simply being in nature.   Mantra #1: The pandemic has created polarization and separation. We need a way out… see Mantra #2.   Mantra #2:  Be present, breathe, listen, bring in love and remember the ultimate desire for connection.    Mantra #3: True healing happens on all levels:  mind, body, and soul.   We reference the books When the Body Says No (​​ and The Body Keeps the Score ( Mantra #4: When the student is ready, the teacher appears (this is true for plant medicine as a master teacher).   Mantra #5: Carrying around years and pounds of emotional baggage is NOT a good look! (Purging and healing can make you look ten years younger!).    Mantra #6: San Pedro is a master teacher (plant); It is considered “grandfather”.   Mantra #7: San Pedro can allow what so many of us need in this day and age: movement, being in nature, and the slowing down of time.   Mantra #8: Mescaline (the active ingredient in San Pedro) has many healing properties (supports immune function, anti-microbial, supportive in healing the gut lining, reduction in alcohol abuse, reduction in suicidal thoughts, activates serotonin and dopamine).   Mantra #9: Integration is key and takes time.See the previous episode with Sam Liebowitz where we talk extensively about integration:   Mantra #10: It all starts with intention. More about Dr. Isabel Sharkar Dr. Isabel Sharkar is co-founder of Indigo Integrative Health Clinic in Washington, D.C., a thriving clinic that has been serving the local community in health restoration and body optimization for over a decade. She is known as a beauty expert and has written for magazines like Harper’s Bazaar, Byrdie, Pop Sugar, Psychologies Magazine, Huffington Post, Top Sante, Aspire Skin, Net Doctor, Vogue, and many more. She has been featured in Modern Luxury, NBC News, the Exhausted Docu-series, and numerous podcasts. Dr. Isabel stands for the empowerment of female entrepreneurs and inspires them into goddesses. Through Creatress CEO Unleashed, Dr. Isabel births the new female archetype, the Creatress, who through healing herself can heal the world. As Conscious Creatresses, we have a calling to leave the world a better place for all generations to come while embodying fun, joy, and pleasure. Dr. Isabel guides female entrepreneurs into full self-expression through healing the mind-body-soul triad and supporting re-connection to their personal power and Source.   What is fun for Dr. Isabel Sharkar?   Going to Burning Man, traveling, fancy dresses & making costumes, anything artistic.    Links  @indigohealthclinic  @izzyindigo   Disclaimer: This podcast is for information only, and no part of its contents should be construed as medical advice, diagnosis, recommendation, or endorsement by the author. You should always ask your physician or healthcare provider for her recommendation before starting any new health-related activity. 
40:15 3/10/22
MMP119 - Heal on a Spiritual Level with Dr. Diva Nagula
We continue our series on the healing properties of plant medicine with this interview with my friend Dr. Diva Nagula.   Dr. Diva experienced life at full speed as a busy physician running a busy clinic until he was diagnosed with stage 4 non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2014.  He hit “rock bottom” not when he was diagnosed or going through chemotherapy, but when he went into remission and lost his identity yet again.  He had moved from doctor to patient (the title of his wonderful book that I highly recommend), and then was faced with a new identity after being cancer-free.  As a Dr. Andrew Weil integrative medicine trained physician, Dr. Diva discusses the importance of balancing the mind, body, and spirit for optimal health. Disclaimer: This podcast is for information only, and no part of its contents should be construed as medical advice, diagnosis, recommendation, or endorsement by the author. You should always ask your physician or healthcare provider for her recommendation before starting any new health-related activity.   We summarize our discussion with 10 powerful mantras about healing, including the responsible use of plant medicine: Mantra #1: A life lived in fight/flight leads to disease. Mantra #2: Algorithms used in traditional medicine don’t always fit the individual.   Mantra #3: An important aspect of healing happens on the spiritual level. Mantra #4: The ego is there to protect us. But the ego often doesn’t want to let go, because it is attached to an identity.  Plant medicine allows the ego to quiet so that healing can occur via a sense of universal oneness.   Mantra #5: We must feel to heal.  Distractions get in the way.   Mantra #6: Plant medicine creates neuroplasticity so that you can get unstuck.   Mantra #7: San Pedro moves through the chakras, starting from the root chakra, clearing blockages as it moves up to the crown chakra   Mantra #8: Do your homework so that you can feel safe and get the most from your plant medicine experience.   Mantra #9: Perhaps 20% is the plant medicine, the other 80% is about integration. Mantra #10: It’s about changing your life, not about taking plant medicine.   About Dr. Diva Dr. Diva Nagula is a board-certified osteopathic physician and has extensive knowledge and training in Integrative and Functional Medicine.  A Washington, D.C. native, he grew up in Alexandria, Virginia. His interest in medicine developed at an early age when he decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and practice medicine. MEDICAL EDUCATION Dr. Nagula graduated from Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine. He completed his residency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at EVMS and had a fellowship in Interventional Pain Medicine at Emory University. PRACTICE Upon completion of his fellowship, he opened a practice in rural South Georgia. His practice grew in both size and prestige in a short time. Dr. Nagula opened the first AAAHC certified ambulatory surgical center in Georgia, where he performed cutting-edge interventional procedures. He oversaw all aspects of his practice while still managing to see a full case load of patients. He soon expanded into North Florida with a second practice. ADDITIONAL TRAINING WITH ANDREW WEIL Recently, Dr. Nagula completed training, under the renowned Dr. Andrew Weil, in Integrative Medicine through the University of Arizona. CURRENT HEALTH He owes his successful battle and remission to the tenets of integrative and functional medicine. He is in the best shape and best health of his life and owes it all to his positive lifestyle changes. “I’m still evolving. Through sharing my personal experiences of transformation, I hope to offer a reflection that allows you to develop an awareness of the positive and negative influences in your own life.” – Dr. Diva Nagula     What is fun for Dr. Diva?   Travel, Golf, trying new restaurants/food, wine etc.     Links   Website   Facebook   LinkedIn   Instagram
43:12 2/23/22
MMP118 - Love and Listen with Corin Grillo
I’m thrilled to have yet another friend from the Evolutionary Business Council on my podcast to talk about the healing properties of plant medicine and its application in the therapeutic process. Today’s show features Corin Grillo, a psychotherapist and bestselling author. We talk about MDMA therapy to assist with self-love and relationships. Disclaimer: This podcast is for information only, and no part of its contents should be construed as medical advice, diagnosis, recommendation, or endorsement by the author. You should always ask your physician or healthcare provider for her recommendation before starting any new health-related activity. We summarize our discussion with 8 powerful mantras about healing through self-and-other-love/listening: Mantra #1: Before loving others, we must first love ourselves. MDMA therapy allows us to: Mantra #2:  Process memories without getting triggered. Mantra #3:  Gain a new perspective on love and compassion. Mantra #4: Connect to your heart space. Mantra #5: Own your S*&T. Mantra #6: Put on “big ears” and really listen. Mantra #7: Bypass the pain so you can show up. Mantra #8: Arrive at agreements that allow relationship resolution Links   The Golden Vine Podcast:   And we mentioned this in the interview: (note: this documentary is focused on psilocybin rather than MDMA).
41:27 2/3/22
MMP117 - Hearing the Call of Plant Medicine with Odette Peek
I’m thrilled to have another friend from the Evolutionary Business Council on my podcast to talk about the healing properties of plant medicine and the importance of integration. We talk about some substances that I had never heard of, including some synthetic compounds with numbers and letters as names. I want to ensure that we are not in any way advocating that any of you listen to this podcast and go and try any of these substances. This is serious stuff, and you need to work with the right people including getting proper medical advice.  So I’ll put this disclaimer up front:   Disclaimer: This podcast is for information only, and no part of its contents should be construed as medical advice, diagnosis, recommendation, or endorsement by the author. You should always ask your physician or healthcare provider for her recommendation before starting any new health-related activity.   Now that we’ve got that out of the way, I’ll introduce you to my guest, Odette Peek. Odette is a Transformational Guide, Spiritual Ally & Psychedelic Integration Coach. She was searching for a healing modality to help her get through a very difficult time when she was called to do Ayahuasca. In our conversation, you’ll hear more about her own personal journey as well as how she is helping others.   We summarize our discussion with 6 powerful mantras about healing and the importance of looking at each healee as a unique individual. Mantra #1: Plant medicine has a way of calling those that are ready. Mantra #2: Change happens from the inside out.   Mantra #3: Healing can happen through many different modalities. Everyone is different. Mantra #4: Healing is a never-ending journey.   Mantra #5:When working with plant medicines, you tend to get what you need, not necessarily what you want. Mantra #6: Integrity is about applying lessons learned to everyday life.   More about Odette I’m Odette - Transformational Guide, Spiritual Ally & Psychedelic Integration Coach. Many of us feel lost. Our lives feel like an unsolvable puzzle… an emptiness that we can't quite put our finger on. We’re stuck in jobs without meaning, relationships that aren’t fulfilling our deep desires, lives that feel boring, dull, and mediocre at best - or worse; toxic, draining, and unfulfilling to our soul. Somewhere along the way we’ve lost the magic. I know exactly what that feels like. I’d been a seeker and an achiever my entire life. So I worked hard to tick off all the boxes society says you must do. I had lived a life in the fast lane when it came to personal development - years of investing in expensive coaches, 100’s of programs, experimenting with all kinds of conventional (and not-so-conventional) healing methods to fix me. I had tried everything to help me but NOTHING had gone to the root of my discontentment. I was so desperate I would have tried ANYTHING. When I was invited to a retreat in Costa Rica that included Ayahuasca, I said yes on a whim. Aya - what?? I’d never heard of it before...   What is fun for Odette Peek?   Doing plant medicine! hanging out with my daughters Eating cake for breakfast Living in Costa Rica   CONNECT WITH ODETTE
37:54 1/6/22
MMP116 - Connect to Mind, Body, Spirit and Heart with Sam Liebowitz
Thank you everyone for your questions about plant medicine.   I enjoyed your emails, texts, and even those questions that I got while coming and going from yoga class. :) To help us explore these questions together, I’ve brought some amazing guests together for a podcast series about healing through plant medicine.  Today’s guest is my dear friend Sam Liebowitz. Sam was a guest previously on my other podcast, Positive on Publishing (LINK TO HIS EP).   Sam returns to discuss his work in energy medicine and other healing modalities. Sam reveals his many projects as a multifaceted human on a mission to help others.  Listen carefully for a discussion of Sam’s beta program around integration and healing in community.   Our discussion unveils 9 powerful mantras; enjoy the interview! Mantra #1: Learning about healing can unveil the Healer underneath. Mantra #2:  You can heal and be healed in many ways/ many modalities.   Mantra #3:  The Healer and the Healee co-create the healing (with the Healee, not the Healer, truly driving the process) Mantra #4:  Facilitation is not fixing.   Mantra #5: Facilitation is about holding space and creating safety for healing. Mantra #6: Facilitation is about seeing people as already whole without expectations Mantra #7: Preparation is key   Mantra #8: Less can be more (going slow can be the fastest way)   Mantra #9: Follow-up (integration) is crucial.  Sam mentions four key elements: rest, whole foods, hydration, and movement; a fifth would be spending time in nature. Please listen carefully to Sam discuss the need for caution and discernment when thinking about plant medicines.   The Medicine Wheel Sam described the medicine wheel as containing the four elements of heart, mind, body, and spirit.   In balance, they are: Heart (water): self-love and connection to others Mind (fire):  analytics and planning Body (earth):  feeling grounded and safe in one's body Spirit (air): feeling connected to something greater than one’s self   Heart (water): example- MDMA Mind (fire):  example- psilocybin Body (earth):  example- San Pedro Spirit (air):  example- ayahuasca   More about Sam Sam Liebowitz, known as The Conscious Consultant, is a facilitator, mentor, speaker, healer, serial entrepreneur, and author of the #1 best-selling empowerment book, Everyday Awakening. He has been in business since 1993 and has owned several successful businesses. His current ventures include Talking Alternative Broadcasting, and Double Diamond Wellness in Manhattan. Sam has lectured in several venues in New York City, including being a featured speaker at TEDxUpperWestSide in 2016.     What is fun for Sam Liebowitz? Surprising people when they least expect it!     CONNECT WITH Sam About his integration program: (See contact)
46:24 12/15/21
MMP115 - Leverage Your Strengths with Brandon Miller
I had a lot of fun talking with Brandon Miller about how to build on talents rather than focusing on weaknesses. Brandon is a Certified GALLUP Clifton Strengths Finder Coach and has coached hundreds of leaders to find and leverage their strengths for themselves and their teams. He is the CEO of 34 Strong, a coaching and consulting firm dedicated to improving employee engagement. We summarize topics with 6 mantras that will help you to leverage your strengths and create more fun in your work and home environments: Mantra #1:  When using psychometric tools to assess your team, use assessments that have high validity and reliability. Mantra #2:  The Clifton Strengths Finder is a highly validated and reliable tool for understanding how the 34 possible strengths apply to you and your team members. Mantra #3:  The Clifton Strengths fit into four domains 1) Relationship Building 2) Strategic 3) Execution, and 4) Influencing Mantra #4: Understanding your strengths is about building self-awareness. Mantra #5: Before having your team take an assessment tool, be sure to explain the why and the what (and the what NOT) of the porcess. Mantra #6: Assessments such as the  Clifton Strengths Finder are all about increasing employee engagement.   More about Brandon Brandon Miller is one of the FIRST 7 Certified GALLUP Clifton Strengths Finder Coaches in the world. Over 15 years ago, he was a very early practitioner of Clifton StrengthsFinder using it as the Executive Leader for a non-profit organization. He has since coached hundreds of leaders to find and leverage their strengths for themselves and their teams. He is the CEO of 34 Strong, a coaching and consulting firm dedicated to improving employee engagement. He has nearly 15 years of experience providing specialized leadership training, coaching, advising, and facilitating.   Brandon is also the Co-Founder of Incredible Family, a consulting agency that educates, empowers, and encourages working parents to take a strengths-based approach to parenting in order to unlock their best selves and raise strong, happy children and teens. He and his wife Analyn Miller are successful business owners, parents to seven children, and authors of "Play To Their Strengths" and "Incredible Parent". Their latest book, "Incredible Parent", released in January 2021, will leave readers with an innovative strengths-based intentional approach to child raising that will make them more confident, aware, and energized as a parent, allowing the freedom to do what one does well and bring out the best in kids. What is fun for Brandon Miller? Spending time with kids!   LINKS
36:09 12/7/21
MMP114 - Be an Agent of Change with Jodi Delaney
What a delight to share this episode with my friend and philanthropy superstar Jodi Delaney. We discuss her work in the nonprofit world and how you can leverage purpose in life to manage life transitions and come out the best version of yourself, again and again.   We summarize our discussion with 8 powerful mantras that will help you feel renewed energy and get on the path to being a powerful agent of change. Mantra #1: The nonprofit world is a place for your heart. See Jodi’s heart place, the Television Academy Foundation. (LINK) See my heart place, Nurture (LINK) Mantra #2:  We are all capable of being agents of change.   Mantra #3:  We have an opportunity to make a choice in finding our purpose. Some steps to do so include finding space, grounding, moving the body, practicing radical self-care and getting involved in a purpose-aware community. Jodi mentions her involvement with Modern Elders Academy (LINK). Mantra #4: The “pleasure” of finding purpose in life is renewed, invigorated energy, and a sense of having an important place in the world. Mantra #5: The “pain” of not finding purpose is staying “asleep”, unaware of the lessons to be learned and the possibility of not having a life legacy that makes your heart sing. Mantra #6: Learn through the “six S’s of grief”: silence, swirl, shame, survival, surrender, and shower. Mantra #7: (If you are a woman or a man with a woman), Beware of the “seven dwarfs of menopause”: itchy, bitchy, sweaty, bloaty, sleepy, forgetful, pyscho. Mantra #8: You don’t have to be in the “messy-middle” alone. Jodi loves to support others in the world of philanthropy, environmental conservation, and economic development. More about Jodi Jodi Delaney is a longtime executive in the worlds of philanthropy, entertainment, environmental conservation, and economic development. Currently the Executive Director of the Television Academy Foundation in Los Angeles, her career has spanned five states over 25 years, serving dozens of clients including the Trust for Public Land, Youth Policy Institute, the New Mexico Departments of Economic Development and Cultural Affairs, ABC News, HBO, the Discovery Channel and many others. Starting her career as a television producer and writer in New York City, she transitioned to fundraising and philanthropy across sectors, raising funds for the arts, workforce development, and environmental issues in addition to anti-poverty and diversity initiatives. She is also the Founder of Yatra Yoga International, which facilitated yoga retreats worldwide from 2006-2009, and from that experience created VetsYoga, a specialized yoga practice for military veterans with PTSD. VetsYoga served thousands of veterans via clients including the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany, the Wounded Warrior Project and the Give Back Yoga Foundation. Jodi is also a certified meditation teacher, reiki level 1, travel addict, single mom and bonus grandmother to four adorable children.   What is fun for Jodi Delaney? Dancing on the beach Hiking in the mountains Playing with children Connecting with high-frequency women at astonishing spas CONNECT WITH JODI Twitter: @jdelaney25 Linked in: Headshot photo is by Stacey Lievens.
33:56 11/29/21
MMP113 - Create Your Happiness Recipe with Becky Morrison
As a certified Happiness Ambassador through Marci Shimoff’s Happy for No Reason program, I was thrilled to spend an episode exploring the latest in the science of positive psychology and the happiness movement. My guest today is Becky Morrison. Becky is a mom, wife, and lawyer turned Happiness Coach. Her mission is to spread joy. She believes most people can live happier, easier lives if they get clear on what matters most to them and then develop a plan to do more of that and less of the rest.   We talk about authenticity and her special happiness as we uncover ten mantras for a life filled with joy: Mantra #1: Happiness is not a destination; it is something that you can enjoy along the way. Mantra #2: The definition of the “payoff” for your efforts helps to define your own happiness journey and when you celebrate (hopefully often!). Mantra #3: Shed the “shoulds”. (Mindfulness and slowing down helps this process; also identify who owns the “shoulds” and recognize that you can shed them in the same way that you can take off a jacket, or lighten an unnecessary burden). Mantra #4: We determine our own priorities. (Don't judge the decisions of others about their own priorities). Mantra #5: Be honest and claim (speak publicly about) your priorities. Mantra #6: Align your priorities and your happiness recipe with your current season of life. Mantra #7: Approach your happiness recipe like a fun puzzle. (Not with the energy of running up against a wall). Mantra #8: Honor the wisdom of the body. Mantra #9: Encourage kids to reconnect with who they are. (When they encounter a difficult issue, ask two questions: 1) What can they control? And, 2) What do they want?) Mantra #10: Know your strengths, and apply them to your happiness recipe. About Rebecca Morrison Becky Morrison is a mom, wife, and lawyer turned Happiness Coach. Her mission is to spread joy. She believes most people can live happier, easier lives if they get clear on what matters most to them and then develop a plan to do more of that and less of the rest. If she can help enable people to find clarity and happiness then everyone wins.   People and processes are at the heart of the work that she has done for the last 20+ years in corporations, law firms – as both a lawyer and administrator – and small businesses. Now she’s using that experience coupled with her own journey to help people supercharge their success and happiness by: finding clarity; taking the next steps in their career; overcoming overwhelm; going from idea to action; and, stepping into their authentic leadership presence.   Becky brings together all her learnings in her recently published book ‘The Happiness Recipe: A Powerful Guide to Living What Matters’.     What’s fun for Rebecca: Becky also comes from a basketball family – her husband is a basketball coach and both her kids play as well.   Links
51:18 11/10/21
MMP112 - Follow Intuition and Choice for Health (The “Sleep Lady” Kim West)
Have you ever been in a situation where you are the expert on something,  yet you are struggling with that very thing? Imagine the terror of being crowned “The Sleep Lady”, but then not being able to sleep! This is the amazing authentic story of my friend Kim West, who comes on the podcast to reveal seven mantras about how we must follow our own intuition and choice for optimal health. Kim West is a mother of two daughters and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Known as The Sleep Lady® by her clients, over the past twenty-five years she has personally helped over 20,000 tired parents all over the world get a good night’s sleep without letting their children cry it out alone. Gentle Sleep Coach® Training and Certification program in 2010--the first and most comprehensive training program in the world. This program was the start of what is now a global industry- Baby and Child Sleep Consultants.  To date, the Gentle Sleep Coach Training and Certification program is available in 4 languages. Kim has appeared on Dr. Phil, Today Show, NBC Nightly News, Good Morning America, TLC’s Bringing Home Baby, and CNN, and has been written about in a number of publications including The Wall Street Journal, Associated Press, Baby Talk,  Parenting, and many others. Mantras: Mantra #1: Everyone needs a different amount of sleep. Mantra #2:   Major medical episodes, such as surgeries, can turn sleep on its head and cause a ripple effect. Mantra #3:  Wellness (sleep included) is not an applied formula. Mantra #4:  Intuition is the key to decoding your own wellness formula. Mantra #5: “Taking a pill” can be done physically, energetically, or metaphorically. Mantra #6: Don't  let anyone stop you from digging deeper when it comes to learning more about your own health. Mantra #7: Share your struggles with the intention of  creating community and helping others More about Kim West Kim West is a mother of two daughters and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker or child and family therapist for 27 years. Known as The Sleep Lady® by her clients, over the past twenty-five years she has personally helped over 20,000 tired parents all over the world get a good night’s sleep without letting their children cry it out alone. Kim has appeared on Dr. Phil, Today Show, NBC Nightly News, Good Morning America, TLC’s Bringing Home Baby, and CNN, and has been written about in a number of publications including The Wall Street Journal, Associated Press, Baby Talk,  Parenting, The Baltimore Sun, USA Today, The Telegraph, The Irish Independent and the Washington Post. Kim is the author of three books: “The Sleep Lady’s Good Night, Sleep Tight: Gentle Proven Solutions to Help Your Child Sleep Well and Wake Up Happy”, “ The Good Night, Sleep Tight Workbook” and “The Good Night, Sleep Tight Workbook for Children with Special Needs”. Her first book “The Sleep Lady’s Good Night, Sleep Tight” is in its 3 edition and has sold over 140,000 paperback copies. Dedicated to providing tired parents with excellent sleep advice and coaching while knowing Kim could not help everyone herself, she started the Gentle Sleep Coach® Training and Certification program in 2010--the first and most comprehensive training program in the world. This program was the start of what is now a global industry- Baby and Child Sleep Consultants.  To date, the Gentle Sleep Coach Training and Certification program is available in 4 languages. What’s fun for Kim Dancing!!! LINKS Follow her on: Instagram: @thesleeplady
23:02 10/5/21
MMP111 - Harness Your Emotions and Money with Jennifer Love
Welcome to Episode 111 of the Mountain Mantras: Wellness and Life Lessons Podcast. I’m your host, Dr. Kathryn Guylay. Learn more about my work at  Get ready to hear a story that just might change your life.   Today's guest, Jennifer Love, a dear friend and bright light on this planet, tells the story of being knocked off the workhorse just a mere 4 months ago.  She went from not being able to walk and needing emergency surgery to sending me a video of her dancing just as we started the interview.  This interview yields 8 mantras that will allow you to leverage what Jennifer learned during her healing journey so that you can create more magic and healing in your own life. Since Jennifer is a money therapist, she also weaves into the story how emotions have to do with money and how we can harness our emotions and money for a better life.  Jennifer also provides an amazing recipe for Alchemy - “a recipe to turn a pile of crap into a pot of gold”. See below for the recipe. Mantras: Mantra #1:  Show up for others- it matters Mantra #2:  Trust your intuition Mantra #3:  Manage your mindset to create your own reality Mantra #4:  Meet your pain -rather than trying to escape it Mantra #5: Give your own light to your body for healing.  (Jennifer describes the energy work she did on herself during her recovery process) Mantra #6: Don't necessarily accept a diagnosis you don't align with Mantra #7: Create micro intentions on your journey Mantra #8: Find joy in everyday life Jennifer’s “Alchemy recipe” to turn a pile of crap into a pot of gold: - allow yourself to be held and soften - go inside - welcome the pain and here any messages it might have for you - open your arms to the community around you - choose your reality - breathe - vision a brighter better future - manifest your vision into reality Jennifer’s work as a money therapist shows us that when it comes to money, your decisions are 90% based on emotion and 10% based on logic.  Thus the importance of harnessing your emotions. Jennifer's the nature of money show/ podcast: The living wealthy quiz on Jennifer's website:   More about Jennifer Love  Award winning, 5x career entrepreneur with 20+ years under her comfy Keds (she retired her high heels years ago), Jennifer Love is a thought leader with a heart that matches her name. Her degrees, training, and research in human and organizational behavioral psychology are the foundation for her clinical work. She’s currently the visionary CEO of the Living Wealthy Institute, helping world leaders develop a healthy relationship with wealth free from overwhelm and anxiety by following a regenerative money equation for a holistic and nourishing experience. Leaders who know how to raise, manage, grow and contribute money can live soulful, wealthy lives to become allies for future generations to come. She believes ANYTHING is possible while remaining grounded in science and real business practices and hard financial analytics. On a given day, Jennifer can be found diving deep with a leader in a private money therapy session, taking long contemplative walks and hikes through nature, guiding groups of leaders through workshops and retreats, serving as a guest judge for entrepreneurial events like Startup Weekend, speaking on stage as a Wealth Philosopher, in her art studio shaping her artistic magic onto canvas, preparing entrepreneurs how to land a deal on Shark Tank, working behind the scenes on shows like: Biz Fix with Marcus Lemonis, in her writing studio developing a book or paper, meeting with community leaders and government officials, negotiating with investors (she’s helped raise $100M+), advising leaders of Fortune 200 companies and celebrities through her Living Wealthy Model, OR simply being at home enjoying time with her sweetheart John, her fur-baby Maggie, and her adored garden of plants. She is beloved by those around her because she gets results. As a former client once said, “With Jennifer, the only possible outcome is success.” What’s fun for Jennifer Being in nature, conversation with friends, arts
28:55 9/8/21
MMP110 - Grow Younger Naturally with Dr. Robyn Benson
What a delight to share this episode with my friend and longevity superstar Dr. Robyn Benson. We discuss her work in longevity and how you can incorporate regenerative medicine techniques into your wellness routine. We summarize topics with 6 mantras that will help you to create more energy and look and feel 10 years younger. Mantra #1:  Regenerative medicine is all about getting a fresh start. Mantra #2:  Regenerative medicine is about getting more energy from your mitochondria. Mantra #3:  Regenerative medicine includes oxidative medicine which involves employing nutrition, hydration, exercise, mindfulness, and supplements to reduce oxidative stress in the body. Mantra #4: Regenerative medicine involves the detoxification of the body.   Some of Dr. Robyn’s favorite tools include HBOT, sauna, cranial stimulation, and PEMF. She first measures levels of detoxification, looking at hormones, blood work, and stool analysis. See/hear my interview with Dr. Jason Sonners: See/hear my interview with Sunlighten CEO Connie Zack: Mantra #5: Create a self-care kit. Dr. Robyn suggests emulsified oregano oil, vitamin D, and vitamin C for starters. Dr. Robyn recommends ADP by nutribiotics research: Mantra #6: Amp up your self-care and longevity routines by including cutting-edge therapies such as PRP, exosomes, ozone therapy, IV therapy, and Prolozone therapy. More about Robyn Benson Dr. Robyn Benson is a Regenerative medicine specialist, author, speaker, and founder of Santa Fe Soul Center for Regenerative Medicine and Destination Regenerate. For 28 years, she has applied her knowledge of PRP, acupuncture, herbs, IV therapies, Ozone, and leading-edge energy medicine to help patients get out of pain, restore sexual function and look and feel 10 years younger naturally. Dr. Benson is the podcast host of Younger, the Art, and Science of Youthful Aging. What is fun for Dr. Robyn? ● Never evers.  Novelty, things I have never done before.    ● Hanging out with change-makers in the world ● Deep connecting with loved ones ● Dancing to 50, 60s and 70's music ● Traveling to countries exploring new cultures (food, arts....) LINKS     Robyn all Social Media!/RobynBensonDOM Self Care Revolution Social Media Youtube –  Facebook –  Twitter –  LinkedIn –
46:29 8/4/21
MMP109 - Tap into the Energy Formula with Shawn Wells
What fun to talk to Shawn Wells just following his appearance at the 2021 Sun Valley Wellness Festival in my hometown of Sun Valley, Idaho. Shawn was part of a panel discussion exploring the healing benefits of plant medicines. Our interview covers some philosophical insights that undoubtedly connect his time in Sun Valley with his fantastic recent book, The Energy Formula. You’ll hear that the structure for The Energy Formula came about through an almost magical process. ENERGY is an acronym that stands for Experiment, Nutrition, Exercise, Routine, Growth, and Your Tribe. The book is Shawn’s magnum opus and incorporates hundreds of scientific citations. The book includes chapter summaries, shares a resources guide, and provides a “formulators corner” for each chapter. Shawn wrote- and rewrote- this book during the 2020 covid-19 pandemic. HIs creative endeavors allowed him to turn what was a very fearful and paralyzing situation (for many) into a process to help others. The interview yields 10 “mantras” that will allow you to navigate your life post-pandemic with more grace, health, and fun. Mantra #1: You can be your own best -and worst -critic. Shawn talks about how he balanced these inner voices to create the best version of his book. Mantra #2: You can only give to others from an overflowing cup. Make sure not to deplete your cup and practice self-care and self-acceptance. Mantra #3: Engage your inner child in your creative endeavors. Mantra #4: Consider taking “hustle,” grind,” even “work” out of your vocabulary; can you replace them with “ease,” “flow,” “fun.: and even “play”? Mantra #5: Using the above mantra, shift from “inner work” into “inner play”. Mantra #6: Chase your own “hell yeses”. Mantra #7: Communicating your own needs is essential to the healing process. Mantra #8: Grant yourself grace. Mantra #9: Get past the polarization in today's dialogue; release attachment to something being either “right” or “wrong”. Mantra #10: Release judgment and ask open-ended questions when presented with ideas that differ from your own. More about Shawn Wells Shawn Wells MPH, LDN, RD, CISSN, FISSN is the world’s leading nutritional biochemist and expert on health optimization. He has formulated over 500 supplements, food, beverages, and cosmeceuticals and patented 10 novel ingredients including Teacrine, Dynamine, and Dihydroberberine and is now known as the Ingredientologist - the scientist of ingredients. Formerly a Chief Clinical Dietitian with over a decade of clinical experience, he has counseled thousands of people on innovative health solutions such as keto, paleo, fasting, and supplements. He has also personally overcome various health issues including Epstein-Barr Virus, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, depression, insomnia, obesity, and a pituitary tumor. As a world-renowned thought-leader on mitochondrial health, he has been paid to speak on five different continents. His insights have been prominently featured in documentaries and podcasts like Ben Greenfield and regularly on morning television. His expertise can help any health-conscious individual to better manage stress and experience greater resilience and more energy through utilizing his practical research-backed solutions. His book, "The ENERGY Formula" has been recognized by both USA Today and Forbes as well as an Amazon best-seller in multiple categories. What is fun for Shawn? Doubles volleyball, basketball, music, singing, action/sci-fi, Kenny's Burgers, my dog Maya, and connecting with all the amazing people in this health & wellness space! LINKS Instagram: YouTube: Facebook: LinkedIn: Twitter: Pinterest: THE ENERGY FORMULA BOOK: Book Home Page: Book Bonuses: WEBSITE: Downloadable Guides, Blogs: Newsletter - Biohacking, Supplements, Keto & more: HIRE SHAWN: Formulations and Novel ingredient Design:
45:19 7/28/21
MMP108 - Escape the Human Zoo with Michelle Norris
I am thrilled to share this interview with Paleofx founder Michelle Norris which yields a whopping 14 mantras to support your wellness and life. We walk through the important lessons of Michelle’s role as a Mama Bear for her own family as well as her company and event, Paelofx. Michelle is a former corporate warrior, trained chef, and multi-potentialite whose personal health issues and struggles with traditional medicine inspired her to upend the way the world tackles health, wellness, and prosperity. Enjoy the show and these amazing mantras: Mantra #1:  Embrace your authentic feminine Goddess aspects (nurturing, vulnerability, receptivity, etc.) to achieve greater success in business and life. Mantra #2: Responding is different than reacting. Reacting is when you are unable to hear/listen to the story and the other person’s point of view.  We talked about a model that suggests that “action” is about recognizing when you are in reaction. You can then move to interaction and proaction in order to co-create for the better good of all. Mantra #3: We can only control our response- everything else is uncertain. Mantra #4: Influence is different than control (and influence is superior to control as there is really no such thing as control). Mantra #5: Triggered moments are the best times to keep one’s mouth shut. Mantra #6: When you are triggered by someone else, try the mirroring exercise from Primal Uprising. Mantra #7: Escaping the zoo is all about keeping an open mind, asking questions, and avoiding fear and polarization. The Primal Uprising Litmus Test questions and the end of each chapter provide provocative questions to help you explore a path to escape the constructs of the Human Zoo. Mantra #8: Each person is sovereign. Mantra #9: Programming starts in childhood and is maintained by fear and polarization. We talked about a conversation between Harry Massey of NES and Dr. Bruce Lipton and the influence of theta brain states (suggestibility of childhood and how we are programmed. This interview also talks about how we can interrupt the program to pursue our desires and dreams. Mantra #10: Find a tribe that will challenge you with an open mind and will hold you accountable for progress. We talked about the difference between the url (online connection) vs. the “irl” (In Real Person). Find out about the next here: Mantra #11: Divergent ideas create evolution. Mantra #12: Paleo is about (holistically) removing toxins from your life.  Mantra #13: The Paleofx model includes 7 Pillars of Health, as follows:                      1. Physical health 2. Mental health 3. Emotional health 4. Spiritual health 5. Financial health 6. Relational health 7. Tribal health Mantra #14: COVID was a wake-up call that health has to be a priority. More about Michelle Norris Michelle is a former corporate warrior, trained chef, and multi-potentialite whose personal health issues and struggles with traditional medical orthodoxy inspired her to upend the way the world tackles health, wellness, and prosperity. She soon became one of Paleo’s most outspoken evangelists, then co-founded and is now CEO of Paleo f(x)TM, the largest Paleo event in the world. She’s a passionate speaker, motivator, and guiding light to those seeking deliverance from a broken healthcare system and disabled economic system.  Having left the corporate grind far behind, she is now a serial entrepreneur in the health and wellness space, and a tireless firebrand for advancing the Paleo movement; a cultural reawakening of self-empowerment for the 21st century. Having survived the death of her 22-year-old daughter, Michelle knows what it’s like to fight back from an overwhelming loss. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, she used the tragedy as a catalyst for her to “put up or shut up”, and follow through with her vision of leaving the economic status quo behind, and becoming a self-made entrepreneur. All this, at the pit of the housing market crash of 2008. Her belief, you can always find beauty among the ashes. What’s fun for Michelle: Helping someone find the keys to their cell door and get free of their imprisonment in the Human Zoo.  Empowering people to take back their personal sovereignty. LINKS
44:19 7/14/21
MMP107 - Find Fun and Freedom in Wellness with Dr. Ann Kulze
This episode releases at a time when news reports share that many of the US population has gained an average of 10-15 pounds during the time of the COVID19 lockdown. We discuss how putting wellness at the top of your list of priorities is more important than ever. Our guest, celebrity wellness professional, physician, and author Dr. Ann Kulze shares with us some inspiring tips to get us all back on the path to wellness, freedom, and fun. We summarize topics with 5 mantras that will help you to create more energy and vibrancy in your life. Enjoy the show! Mantra #1: COVID is yet another reminder from the universe that we must prioritize wellness. Mantra #2: To create positive change, we can work either top-down (advocacy, policy, etc.) or bottom-up (education, community, etc.). Both Dr. Ann and I work more from the bottom-up approach. See Dr. Ann’s school for wellness: Kathryn’s nonprofit for nutrition education: Mantra #3: Digital delivery/technology has allowed everyday access to world-class teachers. Ann’s school has a wealth of classes from basic education to specialized classes on sleep, brain health, gut health, and more. Mantra #4: Brain health sets the bar; Dr. Ann refers to the brain as the COO of our wellness team. It weighs only about 2% of total body weight yet uses about 25% of our energy needs/calories. Mantra #5: The gut is the CEO of our wellness team; it regulates appetite, immune function, and inflammation. Dr. Ann refers to a wonderful book by Dr. Will Bulsiewicz, Fiber Fueled: Don’t miss Dr. Ann’s discussion of how she not only “walks her talk” when it comes to wellness, she runs! Here about a typical day in the life of Dr. Ann. More about Dr. Ann Kulze Dr. Ann is a best-selling author, physician, and highly sought motivational speaker in the areas of nutrition and healthy living. She received her undergraduate degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition from Clemson University and her medical degree from the Medical University of South Carolina, where she received numerous academic honors and graduated as the valedictorian of her class. With her formal training in both nutrition and medicine, along with extensive “hands on” experience as a wife, mother of 4, and expert in the kitchen, Dr. Ann has distinguished herself as a one-of-a-kind “real world” nutrition and wellness authority. Dr. Ann is the author of six books including her best-selling, award-winning Eat Right for Life series. She has been featured in many national media outlets including the Dr. Oz show, Oprah and Friends Radio, Time Magazine, USA Weekend, NPR, and Prevention Magazine, amongst many others. Hundreds of businesses, including some of the country’s most prestigious medical centers, have used her books to guide their employees to better health. With her online Healthy Living School and her e-courses, she is taking her unmatched ability to inspire and educate to even greater heights. What’s fun for Dr. Ann: Adventures in Nature - hiking, fly-fishing, kayaking. LINKS
46:30 6/14/21
MMP106 - Experience Everyday Awakening with Sam Liebowitz
Episode Title: Experience Everyday Awakening with Sam Liebowitz In this episode, you’ll learn ten powerful mantras about how you can bring more joy and presence into your everyday life. We are joined by Sam Liebowitz, known as The Conscious Consultant. Sam is also a facilitator, mentor, speaker, healer, and serial entrepreneur. Sam weaves in powerful tips for raising your awareness and consciousness as we talk through lessons from his recent #1 best-selling empowerment book, Everyday Awakening. Here are the ten mantras from the show: Mantra #1: Life happens for us, not to ss. Mantra #2: Pain comes from loss and because of our attachments. We discuss a process that Sam facilitates with Laurie Seymour on “letting go of attachments”. Please see my recent interview with Laurie on the Positive on Publishing Podcsat about Cultivating Your Creative Intelligence: Mantra #3: Letting go of attachments can open up the door to freedom. Mantra #4: Loss is transformation. Mantra #5: Don’t judge your experiences as either “good” or “bad”. Mantra #6: Presence is the key to connection. Mantra #7: Failure is how we learn. Mantra #8: We are not broken, and we don't need to be fixed. Mantra #9: We are all perfectly imperfect Mantra #10: Enjoy the journey. More about Sam Liebowitz Sam Liebowitz, known as The Conscious Consultant, is a facilitator, mentor, speaker, healer, serial entrepreneur and author of the #1 best-selling empowerment book, Everyday Awakening. He has been in business since 1993 and has owned several successful businesses. His current ventures include Talking Alternative Broadcasting, and Double Diamond Wellness in Manhattan. Sam has lectured in several venues in New York City, including being a featured speaker at TEDxUpperWestSide in 2016. What’s fun for Sam: Fun: Surprising people when they least expect it! Links
37:40 6/9/21
MMP105 - Make Meditation Fun with Emily Fletcher
Sit tight on your meditation mat and put a smile on your face. I believe you’ll enjoy this interview with the founder of Ziva Meditation, Emily Fletcher. We move through 8 mantras that will help you to “Stress Less, Accomplish More” (the title of Emily’s bestselling book) in your daily life. Emily’s definition of “mantra” is different from how I use mantras to create take-aways from the show, so listen for her special description of how she uses mantras in her Ziva meditation practice (as a “mind vehicle”). I might have butchered this Chinese Proverb during the interview, but Emily and I don’t shoot for perfection in our fun and lighthearted conversation. Here is the proverb as described just slightly more accurately: “When there is light in the soul, there is beauty in the person. When there is beauty in the person, there is harmony in the house. When there is harmony in the house, there is order in the nation. When there is order in the nation, there is peace in the world." ~ Chinese Proverb Here are the eight mantras from our discussion: Mantra #1: Happiness is an inside job. Mantra #2: Don't get stuck in the “I'll be happy when” syndrome. I discuss this also in episode 96 with “play expert” Jeff Harry: Mantra #3: Be selfish. (Emily discusses the happy wife=happy life, and happy mom-happy home sayings. Also, there is nothing very sexy about being a martyr.) Mantra #4: Don't suffer in silence. (You’ll love Emily’s description of her very special “Suffy Awards”. Mantra #5: Stress makes you stupid, sick, and slow. Meditation is a wonderful solution. Mantra #6: Feel to heal. This includes kiddos too, and there is a wonderful connection between Emily’s work with Ziva Kids and what recent guest Finnian Kelly talked about when he said “if there is one thing we should teach kids in school, it is how to feel). See Finnian’s interview here: Mantra #7: Overcome the “I can’t do it” obstacle, otherwise know as the “I’m a meditation failure”. Mantra #8: Let meditation bring you abundance. Manifestation is the yummy dessert of the Ziva Meditation technique. The “appetizer” is mindfulness, while the “main course” is meditation. More about Emily Fletcher Emily Fletcher is the founder of Ziva Meditation and the leading expert in meditation for performance. She has taught over 40,000 people the skill of meditation. She is an international speaker and author. Her best-selling book, Stress Less, Accomplish More, debuted at #7 out of all books on Amazon and has been translated into 12 languages. The New York Times, Good Morning America, The Today Show, Vogue, and ABC have all featured Emily’s work. She’s been named one of the top 100 women in wellness to watch and has spoken at Apple, Google, and Harvard Business School. Ziva graduates include Oscar, Grammy, & Emmy award winners, Navy SEALS & NBA players. The Ziva Technique is a powerful combination of mindfulness, meditation, and manifesting designed to help you get better at life, not meditation. What’s fun for Emily: One-song dance parties; seeing my students’ successes; getting better at life! LINKS Website:; IG @zivameditation; FB: join us in the Ziva Community group; Book:
41:46 5/19/21