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Co-pilot AI lands at NAB
Media services provider Prime Focus Technologies and OpenAI partner Microsoft have been working together to make Co-pilot AI a reality for media and entertainment. As part of the DPP's 'Demand vs Supply' analysis of NAB, we look at how the two companies are using the latest AI tools to respond to customer needs. How do you road test such new tech? What do we mean by 'creative AI'? And what is GenAI really for: saving money, or making it?Show NotesDPP Founder Mark Harrison speaks with:Ramki Sankaranarayanan, Prime Focus Technologies — Founder, President & CEOAndy Beach, Microsoft — CTO, Media & EntertainmentNeed an AI cheat code for NAB? Take a look at our AI in Media report - it tells you all you need to know.
27:54 4/5/24
What does 'good' AI look like? Part 2: Using customer data responsibly and AI in the wild at the BBC
How has the BBC been using automation technologies for 30 years, and in what ways has the corporation implemented artificial intelligence capabilities in its wildlife shows and working with its orchestras? How is media industry technology provider Ateliere developing solutions and working with customers on AI partnerships? In this episode of the DPP podcast, Rowan de Pomerai speaks with Ateliere CTO Ryan Kido and BBC Solution Lead Morag McIntosh to find out more about 'good' uses of AI in media.Show NotesRyan Kido, Ateliere — CTOMorag McIntosh, BBC — Solution LeadPart 1 of the DPP podcast "What does 'good' AI look like?" is here, featuring Avid CTO Kevin Riley and Google Product Manager Melika Golkaram. DPP members can go here to download AI in Media: What does good look like?
31:38 3/27/24
What does 'good' AI look like? Part 1: "I can absolutely tell you the CTO should not be solely responsible!"
Who should ultimately be responsible for the oversight, governance and implementation of artificial intelligence capabilities in media organisations? And in which parts of media workflows are AI tools most mature, and where is there the biggest room for opportunity? These are some of the questions tackled in the DPP report AI in Media: What does good look like? And to discuss some of the findings, media industry experts from Avid and Google came on the DPP podcast to talk about the latest innovations and trends. Show NotesJoining the DPP's Rowan de Pomerai and Edward Qualtrough to discuss artificial intelligence in the media industry are:Kevin Riley, Avid — CTOMelika Golkaram, Google — Product ManagerPart 2 of the DPP podcast "What does 'good' AI look like?" is here, featuring Ateliere CTO Ryan Kido and BBC Solution Lead Morag McIntosh.DPP members can go here to download AI in Media: What does good look like?
41:55 3/18/24
'Transformation is dead; long live adaptability!' But is it realistic to achieve complete technology and business agility?
The DPP 2024 Predictions report published in February 2024 reveals an industry striving to achieve a position of complete technical, commercial and business flexibility — able to respond to whatever challenges might come next for media, entertainment, technology and broadcasting organisations. And that viewpoint isn’t dreamt up by the DPP themselves, but developed by 30 expert practitioners who debate, vote on and co-create statements about the state of the industry.But is it actually delusional to aspire to reach such a position of infinite flexibility? Zixi CEO Gordon Brooks and Warner Bros. Discover Sports Technology Lead, Darren Long, came on the DPP podcast to explore industry trends, investigate why there are fewer predictions about specific technologies taking off in media, discuss the impact artificial intelligence will have on our work, and share what there is to be most excited by in the sector.Show NotesDPP Editorial Director Edward Qualtrough speaks with:Gordon Brooks — Zixi, CEO [2min 12sec]Darren Long — Warner Bros. Discovery, Sports Technology Integration Project Lead [21min 00sec]The DPP 2024 Predictions report is available here.
38:18 2/27/24
GenAI Spy — In search of tech innovations at CES 2024, and what it means for media
What are the major consumer technology innovation trends, and what does it all mean for the media industry? For 15 years, DPP CEO Mark Harrison has attended the CES show in Las Vegas and reported back on the technologies shaping our personal and professional lives. In this episode of the DPP podcast, we present Mark's audio diary from CES, where he also met media and entertainment experts from the BBC, Vubiquity and Hollywood Professional Association to reflect on what actually matters to the industry.Show NotesDPP CEO Mark Harrison shares his audio diary, musings and highlights from the Consumer Electronics Show 2024 in Las Vegas. On his travels he is joined by:Laura Ellis, BBC — Head of Technology Forecasting, BBC R&D [9min 55sec]Seth Hallen, Light Iron — Managing Director & HPA President [14min 10sec]Craig German, HPA — Member of the board [14min 10sec]Justin Beaudin, Vubiquity — Chief Operating Officer [27min 40sec]DPP members can access Mark Harrison's report here — CES 2024: What consumer trends mean for the media industry.
37:53 1/24/24
'Antipredictions' and what to avoid in 2024? Media CEO and CTO foresight and warnings
What are the less-discussed media industry trends to focus on in 2024? And what are the technologies, themes and hype that's best avoided? Digesting the major media, entertainment and broadcast technology and business developments of 2023, DPP CEO Mark Harrison and CTO Rowan de Pomerai talk about the non-mainstream trends that will shape the sector, share some industry highlights and lowlights, pitch their 'Antipredictions' of what's best avoided, and look forward to being part of an industry in change in 2024.Show NotesSharing their media industry foresight, this episode features: Mark Harrison, DPP CEORowan de Pomerai, DPP CTO"There are only two ways to make money in media: bundling and unbundling"— Rowan de Pomerai, DPP CTO"Show me a CEO who knows anything about ethics, let alone one that understands artificial intelligence!"— Edward Qualtrough, DPP Editorial Director"It's hard to believe that only 12 months ago people were seriously arguing that the future was all about the Metaverse" — Mark Harrison, DPP CEO
32:19 12/19/23
DPP Leaders' Briefing 2023: Reflections and takeaways from speakers, exhibitors and attendees
The DPP Leaders' Briefing is the pre-eminent business intelligence event for the media industry. The DPP Leaders’ Briefing 2023 showcased technology and business experts from more than 30 media companies, each sharing their top three priorities for the coming year. And in this episode of the DPP podcast, Editorial Director Edward Qualtrough catches up with speakers, exhibitors and attendees from TikTok, Warner Bros. Discovery, RTÉ, ITV Studios, NPAW, nxtedition, Caretta Research and Wolftech to digest some of the major themes from the event. To what extent did artificial intelligence really dominate discussions, and what was the experience of speakers and attendees?Show notesIn this episode, DPP Editorial Director Edward Qualtrough speaks with:Deirdre Temple, Head of Solutions, Technology | RTÉ [2min 00sec]Brian Wynne, Head of Technology, Infrastructure | RTÉ [2min 00sec]Abigail Hughes, Director of Sales Operations for Global Partnership | ITV Studios [5min 32sec]Natalina Manni, Head of Content Strategy & Operations, Europe, Russia & Israel | TikTok [8min 34sec]Rebecca Jackson, Marketing and Business Development | Caretta Research [10min 38sec]Renata Andriusyte, Northern and Central Europe Director | NPAW [14min 46sec]Till Sudworth, CMO and Head of BU Video | NPAW [14min 46sec]JJ Eynon, Director of Engineering, CNN | Warner Bros. Discovery [18min 40sec]Adam Leah, Creative Director | nxtedition [21min 34sec]Arne Berven, CEO | Wolftech [24min 16sec]With special thanks to filmmaker, director and editor Mark Levermore for recording the video and audio from the DPP Leaders' Briefing 2023.
27:15 11/29/23
Artificial Intelligence in Media Part 2: Calm reflections with Sanjeevan Bala, ITV Chief Data & AI Officer
Sanjeevan Bala is ITV Chief Data & AI Officer. In Part 2 of the DPP's calm reflections about artificial intelligence in the media industry, Sanjeevan speaks with DPP Editorial Director Edward Qualtrough to offer the content provider perspective about AI in media. He discusses:The genus of his Chief Data & AI Officer role [1min 47sec]Identifying opportunities and developing guardrails [5min 01sec]Running immersive AI workshops with ITV leadership [8min 54sec]Commodisation and consumerisation of AI capabilities [12min 50sec]Balancing cost and value; and comparing 10x vs marginal opportunities [16min 10 sec]When to partner, build and buy with AI solutions? [20min 36sec]'Taking the model to the data' and the roadmap to AI at the Edge [23min 55sec]Why you don’t need an AI strategy [27min 29sec]Macro trends and conjecture about the future impact of AI in media [29min 55sec]In Part 1 we spoke with Johanna Björklund, Co-founder and CTO at media technology startups Adlede and Codemill, as well as Associate Professor in Theoretical Computer Science with a focus on semantic analysis of multimodal data at Umeå University. You can listen to that episode here.
33:52 11/17/23
Artificial Intelligence in Media Part 1: Calm reflections with Johanna Björklund, Associate Professor in Theoretical Computer Science and media tech startup CTO
Johanna Björklund is Co-founder and CTO at media technology startups Adlede and Codemill; she is also Associate Professor in Theoretical Computer Science with a focus on semantic analysis of multimodal data at Umeå University. In Part 1 of a look at Artificial Intelligence in the media industry, Johanna speaks with DPP CTO Rowan de Pomerai to discuss initiatives she is involved with, future opportunities, and share some calm reflections about AI from the perspective of an experienced academic and startup CTO after a year of hype.In Part 2 in this focus on AI in media we are joined by Chief Data & AI Officer at ITV, Sanjeevan Bala, to hear about his role and how the broadcasters are looking to implement and utilise emerging technology innovations in AI.[Listen to the DPP podcast with ITV Chief Data & AI Officer Sanjeevan Bala here]
25:58 10/27/23
Best and worst trade show experiences — On the ground at IBC 2023 exhibition in Amsterdam
What’s the point of trade shows? Are these exhibition events actually worth going to? DPP staff were among the 40-odd thousand people at the recent IBC 2023 conference in Amsterdam — where we also hosted our own gatherings. And to hear more about peoples’ best and worst trade show experiences, and the most exciting and dullest years for heading to media technology exhibition events, DPP CEO Mark Harrison caught up with industry professionals to find out.Show NotesIn this episode of the DPP podcast, CEO Mark Harrison speaks with:Eric Carson — Vubiquity, Executive VP, Sales & Strategic Growth [4min 07sec]Larissa Görner — Proximus Media House, CTO [07min 58sec]Pauline Depière — Proximus Media House, Head of editorial and digital content, and Proximus PO Editorial management [07min 58sec]Andy Beale — Technology leaders, former BT Sport Chief Engineer & Head of Innovation [11min 05sec]Tom Griffiths — ITV, Director Of Technology - Content Supply & Distribution [17min 20sec]Lucy O’Brien — RIEDEL, Customer Success Director, EMEA [19min 59sec]Craig Wilson — Avid, Product Evangelist - Video and Media [25min 56sec]Anne Dargusch — TransPerfect, Director, Strategic Accounts [30min 42sec]Jeny Nicholson —, Vice President of Sales [30min 42sec]Chris Crichlow — Deliveroo, Global AV & Events Manager [36min 43sec]Anton Dvorkovich — Dubformer, CEO [42min 14sec]Olga Suvorova — Dubformer, Head of Crowd Localisation [42min 14sec]Irina Divnogortseva — Dubformer, Head of Business Development, Media & Entertainment [42min 14sec]Photos and highlights from the DPP's Amsterdam events are found here. To find out more about being part of the DPP's initiatives at IBC and NAB conferences in Amsterdam and Las Vegas, contact Rowan de Pomerai.
46:31 9/28/23
RÚV CTO Bragi Reynisson on emergency response volunteering and the journey to hybrid cloud
RÚV CTO Bragi Reynisson speaks with DPP Editorial Director Edward Qualtrough about his Chief Technology Officer role at the national broadcaster of Iceland in the August 2023 episode of the DPP podcast, as well as being deployed to emergency situations and disaster areas as part of his responsibilities for the Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue.Show NotesIn this episode, DPP Editorial Director Edward Qualtrough speaks with RÚV CTO Bragi Reynisson who discusses his CTO role, responding to national and international emergencies with ICE-SAR and Nethope, hybrid production, hybrid cloud, hybrid working, and upcoming technology transformation initiatives at the Icelandic national broadcaster.[* An original version of this podcast appeared to have Bragi saying "search and rescue is not deep in my soul", which sounded contrary to the tone of the statement. This was a recording error and the 'not' has since been edited out, although some cached versions on players like Spotify may not have updated.]
22:00 8/29/23
Ross Video CEO David Ross interview — Ethics, culture, acquisition, leadership lessons and succession planning
Ross Video CEO David Ross speaks with Mark Harrison in the July 2023 episode of the DPP podcast. David shares his leadership lessons, stories of succession planning (and TV show Succession), technology and business expertise, and insight from 50 years of growth and innovation at the company his father, John Ross, founded in Iroquois, Canada, in the 1970s.Show NotesIn this episode, DPP CEO Mark Harrison interviews Ross Video CEO David Ross. David discusses:The formation of Ross Video in 1973 [3min 22sec]Getting interested in technology [6min 02sec]Joining Ross Video [8min 05sec]Lessons from his father and the Ross Code of Ethics [11min 37sec]Maintaining and managing culture through growth and acquisition [22min 24sec]How to make your company a great place to work [29min 40sec]Facilitating innovation and ideas from inside Ross [39min 54sec]How good workforce engagement makes happy customers [47min 27sec]Succession planning and an upcoming IPO [50min 56sec]His biggest mistakes [59min 54sec]To find out more about being part of the DPP Podcast, contact Edward.
63:05 7/20/23
'Vendors, don't try to be end-to-end; that game is over!' Experts reflect on Media Supply Festival 2023 in New York
The DPP was in New York at the beginning of June 2023 for its annual Media Supply Festival. And on Madison Avenue, DPP CEO Mark Harrison caught up with technology and business executives from the media, broadcasting and tech sector to digest and debrief some of the major themes and trends in industry. How are media organisations and their partners working to common goals, and what do organisations like Disney, BBC, Sinclair Broadcast Group, SDVI, Signiant, Overcast and TMT Insights think about the innovations that are powering the content supply chain?Show NotesIn this episode, DPP CEO Mark Harrison speaks with:Mike Palmer — Sinclair Broadcast Group, AVP Media Management [3min 35sec]Nicola Greaves — BBC Studios, EVP Global Operations [8min 01sec]Melayne Cohen — Disney, VP Content Systems & Business Operations [13min 32sec]Philippe Brodeur — Overcast, CEO [16min 25sec]George Kilpatrick — Overcast COO [16min 25sec]Andy Shenkler — TMT Insights Group, CEO [22min 41sec]Hannah Barnhardt — TMT Insights Group, COO [22min 41sec]Margaret Craig — Signiant, CEO [27 min 13sec]Larry Kaplan — SDVI, CEO [29min 15sec]Janet Gardner — Perspective Media, President [31min 13sec]DPP members can explore Mark's Media Supply Festival: The Key Insights summary report here.
41:18 6/23/23
Optimising supply chains in retail and media
How mature is the media supply chain, and the content supply chain - and what can our industry learn about optimisation and excellence in other sectors? DPP CEO Mark Harrison dived into this topic with Mike Yorwerth, a technology and business executive who has been Chief Technology Officer at Marks & Spencer and Chief Architect and Technology Director at Tesco, two of the biggest retailers in Europe, to find out.Show NotesDPP Editorial Director Edward Qualtrough introduces DPP CEO Mark Harrison and Mike Yorwerth, an experienced retail CTO, as Mark and Mike discuss the challenges of retail supply chains, sustainability, managing multidisciplinary teams and what retail can teach other sectors.
47:52 5/25/23
The Future of Localisation: Are we on the brink of a fully-automated localisation revolution?
Are we on the brink of an automated localisation revolution? The demand for localised and versioned content has never been greater, as consumers seek more content - in more languages - that reflects their locale. Yet specialist localisation companies, which are going through a boom, are struggling to keep up.In The Future of Localisation, the DPP explored emerging technologies including machine learning, image analysis, speech to text, and synthetic media to see how tech innovations are helping bridge the gap.Show NotesTo discuss innovations and trends in localisation in this episode enabled by SDVI, DPP Editorial Director Edward Qualtrough is joined by:Geoff Stedman, CMO | SDVIScott McCarthy, Vice President Head of Dubbing | Dreamworks AnimationElodie Powers, Service Line Director, Global Audio Development, Streaming & Broadcast | Keyword StudiosIra Dworkin, Managing Director - Communications, Media & Entertainment | FPT SoftwareRowan de Pomerai, CTO | DPPMore information about the DPP's The Future of Localisation report can be found here.
36:49 4/26/23
Making SVOD and FAST work at Paramount+ and Pluto TV
How do you make SVOD work? And how do you make FAST channels work? Paramount+ and Pluto TV EVP and International General Managers, Marco Nobili and Olivier Jollet, join the DPP podcast to talking about their roles leading Paramount's subscription and ad-funded services outside of the US.Show NotesDPP Editorial Director, Edward Qualtrough, is joined by: Marco Nobili, Executive Vice President and International General Manager of Paramount+Olivier Jollet, Executive Vice President and International General Manager Pluto TVMarco and Olivier discuss technology innovations, leading international media operations, maintaining your startup culture in a large corporate, developments in AdTech, using artificial intelligence in media and entertainment, lessons from 111 years creating and delivering video to customers, and why ultimately content will always be king.
50:30 3/23/23
Backstage at the Royal Opera House with CTO James Whitebread
What are the challenges of leading the technology function at a 290-year-old arts institution, which is also in the broadcast and streaming business as well as the retail, hospitality and cultural heritage sector? In the February 2023 episode of the DPP podcast, Editorial Director Edward Qualtrough sits down with Royal Opera House CTO James Whitebread at its Covent Garden base in London to discuss digital transformation initiatives supporting its work on and off stage.Show NotesDPP Editorial Director, Edward Qualtrough, is joined by Chief Technology Officer at the Royal Opera House, James Whitebread, to discuss technology leadership and transformation initiatives at the organisation - including video projects in rehearsal studios are helping some of the world's leading classical dance and music artists hone their work.
31:51 2/23/23
Hype-vetting consumer tech trends: Why a calmer CES is good for business
DPP Editorial Director, Edward Qualtrough, is joined by DPP CEO Mark Harrison to learn about why the Consumer Electronics Show is now a business tech event, with industry driving the major disruptions and innovations.And at the DPP's CES Breakfast Briefing to discuss the big trends we hear from:Peter Elvidge, Director, Media & Entertainment | CognizantLaura Jenner, Director of Product, CS&D | ITVPeggy Rieckmann, Account Representative | VubiquityRead the report here - CES 2023: What consumer trends mean for the media industry.
45:14 1/25/23
Leaders’ Digest - Real-time reflections at the DPP Leaders’ Briefing 2022
In this episode, DPP Editorial Director Edward Qualtrough speaks with:Chris Crichlow - Head of LIVE Broadcast & Production Operations, Europe, TikTok [2min 17sec]Julia Hatfield - Head, News Platform Capability Management, Thomson Reuters [5min 55sec]Andy Bell - Chief Engineer, Channel 4 [9min 50sec]Alpa Junemann - Head of Marketing and Viewer Experience, Technology, Channel 4 [9min 50sec] Robert Amlung - Head of Digital Strategy, ZDF [14min 47sec]Juliet Bramwell - Director, Telco, Media & Entertainment, UKI, Google Cloud [17min 12sec]Rick Capstraw - Chief Growth Officer, Signiant [22min 30sec]Sandra Smith - Director of Production, Banijay UK [25min 31sec]Abdul Hakim - Business Development Manager, DPP [27min 48sec]Members can download CEO Mark Harrison’s DPP Leaders’ Briefing 2022 report here.
31:44 12/14/22
Tomorrow's News and making 'story-centric' more than just a buzzword
In this episode, enabled by Qvest, DPP Editorial Director Edward Qualtrough is joined by:Lucy O’Brien - Chief Technology Officer, EMGPaul Charleston - Principal, QvestLucy discusses the true vision of the story-centric newsroom, and how innovations in the news gathering have moved faster than in production and delivery of news. And Paul says the days of a ‘one product to rule them all’ newsroom strategy are no more as organisations will look to integrate best-of-breed products to suit their needs.More information about the DPP's Tomorrow’s News series can be found here.
49:51 10/14/22
Integration and production transformation at Vice Media
In this episode, enabled by Mulesoft, DPP CTO Rowan de Pomerai is joined by:Daniel Elias - Global Director of Production & Media Workflows, Vice MediaMichele Gauthier - Global Director, Production Transformation, Vice MediaOliver Wynn - Distinguished Solution Engineer, MulesoftMichele and Dani share the production transformation journey at Vice, and Oliver discusses the integration opportunity - as well as how other sectors outside of media and broadcasting are delivering business value with integration.More information about the DPP's Making Integration Work series can be found here.
41:42 7/1/22
Are modern media organisations now tech companies?
In this episode, enabled by Signiant, DPP CEO Mark Harrison and CTO Rowan de Pomerai speak with Signiant CEO Margaret Craig and ITV Director of Business Transformation for Content, Supply and Distribution, Zoe Carter. Margaret shares her views on whether streaming players are really a differentiator for media companies, and Zoe discusses where broadcasters need to look to their media supply chain for technology innovation - with the ultimate goal of providing great content and experiences for the consumer.You can read Mark Harrison’s summary report of the European Broadcaster Summit here. The two closing plenary panel sessions, discussing getting the best out of innovation and evolving market relationships, are available to view on demand here.
43:37 5/12/22
Tracking trends and betting on innovation projects
In this episode, enabled by Dell Technologies and Dalet, DPP CEO Mark Harrison and CTO Rowan de Pomerai speak to Elena Corchero, Director of Events, Emerging Tech & Innovation at Dow Jones.Corchero discusses her experience as a researcher and media professional, and explains how organisations balance market research on the latest trends with their own in house expertise to know which bets to make.Watch the CES 2022 webcast on demand here, and read the summary report here. We’ll next report back to you after the European Broadcaster Summit.
34:20 3/10/22
Technology Transformation Meets Workforce Transformation
With 31 media companies presenting their top strategic priorities, The Leaders' Briefing had a lot to digest. So now the dust has settled, Rowan sat down with a trio of guests to reflect on what they learned, and talk about what they're excited for in the year ahead.In this episode, enabled by Dalet, DPP CTO Rowan de Pomerai speaks to:Zoe Carter, Director of Business Transformation, Content Supply and Distribution, ITVEwan Johnston, Director of Strategic Alliances and Partners, DaletEdward Qualtrough, the DPP's new Editorial DirectorWatch The Leaders' Briefing on demand here, and read the summary report here. We'll see you in the new year!
30:46 12/17/21
Creating new opportunities with cloud technology
As the leader of a company at the forefront of the media industry's transition to cloud and SaaS, Signiant CEO Margaret Craig wrote 'The Signiant SaaS Manifesto' to explain how cloud technology has created massive efficiencies and new opportunities across the media supply chain.In the manifesto, Margaret shares her thoughts from conversations with countless customers and partners, highlighting many of the common challenges that industry leaders have faced on their cloud journeys.For a limited time only, the manifesto is open for everyone to download, coinciding with the DPP's 2021 Leaders' Briefing. In this podcast episode, Mark asks Margaret why she wrote the paper, what it says, and why she called it a manifesto.Download the manifesto here.And find more on The Cloud for Media from the DPP here.
40:11 11/15/21
Cloud adoption and disrupted relationships
In 2020, exclusive DPP research explored the use of cloud in media companies. Why were organisations moving workflows to the cloud? How could they form a strategy to deliver that migration?In 2021, the DPP's new series 'The Cloud for Media' investigated the rate of cloud adoption across four specific media worfklows in four reports:Automating MediaCloud Post ProductionCloud PlayoutStreaming at ScaleIn this podcast episode, Mark and Rowan discuss some of the most surprising findings from the series, including the fact that cloud adoption has been shaking up established relationships between media and technology companies. 
34:09 10/29/21
Is live content the next big disrupter?
Almost every aspect of life can now be found as a form of live streamed content. This democratisation of live content has created a boom with huge implications for the professional media industry and its suppliers.This year, the DPP produced 'Going Live and Remote', a trilogy of three reports to analyse this remarkable development:Live Remote Production looked at how and where live content is now being produced.The Business of Live delved into the market for live content and the emergence of 'live direct to consumer'.Working Live explored what these changes mean for the workforces that bring live content into existence.In this podcast episode, Mark and Rowan reflect on the series. Is this content type the next big disrupter? Did the pandemic change the way live content is made forever? Featuring guests Helen Killeen, Director of Production Non Scripted UK at ITV Studios, and Marcos Gonzalez-Flower, Head of Media Practice at Atos. 
36:35 9/14/21
Did we learn a darned thing from Covid?
Will Covid-19 Change The Way We Work? charted the experiences of a media industry navigating through a pandemic, back in July 2020.It made some significant discoveries about the changes in working practices and business realities brought on by the coronavirus. Yet it seems as though the year since has seen very little progression of the discussion about the future of our work practices.Senior industry figures comment that two or three days a week in the office will be the norm, despite the fact that few organisations have reconciled that with their property strategy. And such sweeping generalisations ignore the diversity of roles and requirements across our industry. As just one example, our recent report, Working Live explored the wide reaching impacts of remote production on the schedules and lives of those working in live production. They certainly don't equate to two days a week.So what are we to do about it? Join Mark and Rowan as they embrace the detail, and challenge us all to tackle the next layer of questions.
35:50 8/6/21
Innovation: what it costs to make it pay
What question did Mark ask the BBC's Director General that brought a flat 'no'; and what was Rowan's most depressing innovation experience? Stand by for some frank confessions as Mark and Rowan reflect on the DPP's recent work on innovation, and how it makes them reconsider their own experience.Hungry for more innovation? Take a look at our recent reports and webcasts below.Making Innovation Pay - reports: Innovation Pay - webcast: Innovation Week - video on demand:
37:48 6/2/21
The future of remote production
Following the DPP's popular recent report, Live Remote Production, Mark and Rowan take a candid look at the future of remote production. To what extent has the growth of remote been driven by the pandemic? Will production teams rush back to the OB trucks as soon as they can? And which of the 5 production models defined in the report will really matter for the future?DPP members can download the Live Remote Production report.Plus, replay the Live Remote Production webcast, featuring Atos, BBC News, Jackshoot, Promod Esports, Ross Video & Sky Sports.The DPP Committed to Sustainability programme is open to anyone.
31:14 5/4/21

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