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Being human is hard work. Let Psych With Mike be your users manual to make it a little easier. Psych With Mike started as a radio show in 2017 and has now evolved into a podcast. The show explores topical events from a psychological perspective and gives insightful, practical and expert information. Psych With Mike is presented by two individuals with more than 60 years of clinical experience between them.


Good versus Bad Stress
We usually think that all stress is bad, but that is actually not true!
22:59 7/7/23
The Most Listened to Psych with Mike
This is the most listened-to Psych with Mike that Brett and I did. The episode is all about Transactional Analysis. When reviewing the numbers it was not even close. Enjoy!
36:14 6/30/23
The First Ever Psych with Mike
This was the first Psych with Mike that Brett and I ever did. The audio is horrible and there was no video but the conversation was great!
33:47 6/16/23
Finding Closure
With Brett no longer on the show, I am looking for the path forward for the show!    
13:32 6/9/23
The Psychology of Saying Goodbye
It is often very difficult to say goodbye. Whether the result of life passing, ending a relationship, or, moving far away, there is a period of our lives that are ending. On the other hand, there is a new period of life that is beginning. As for my friend, Brett Newcomb, I will forever be grateful for the contributions he made to the show and for being my friend! 
33:35 6/2/23
How To Get The Most Out Of Therapy
You make the decision to go to therapy. Good on you! Now make sure you are ready to make it a useful and rewarding experience!  
35:15 5/26/23
Emotional Regulation in Adulthood
This is a revisit of one of the most downloaded episodes of Psych with Mike. This is a topic close to my heart since I believe that emotional regulation is the central issue is all psychotherapy. 
32:37 5/19/23
How to Feel Less Lonely
The Surgeon General of the US recently released a report on loneliness. In it, the physiological effects of loneliness were found to be equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes a day. These kinds of physiological findings just affirm what all of us already know, loneliness hurts! It hurts us both psychologically and physically.  Surgeon General's Report,levels%20comparable%20to%20smoking%20daily. Articles of Loneliness  Link to Epidemic of Loneliness from Psych with Mike  
34:26 5/12/23
The Power of Self-Forgiveness
Many people find it harder to forgive themselves than they do to forgive others. We may feel like we do not deserve forgiveness or that if we forgive ourselves then we were never truly sorry for the behavior. Whatever the reason, when we do not forgive ourselves we remain in perpetual psychological bondage.  
33:21 5/5/23
Nihilism and Psychology
What is nihilism and what does it have to do with psychology? Most of us have heard of the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche and some know that he is credited with promoting the ideas of nihilism. But how many actually know what nihilism is and how it plays a role in psychology?
32:21 4/28/23
Does Personality Chamge
Does our personality change and evolve over the lifespan? Or does personality remain consistent and static from adolescence?  
29:58 4/21/23
What is Brain Fog?
The term "Brain Fog" has been around for a long time but has gained increased significance during the pandemic. What IS brain fog and can we do anything about it?  
32:25 4/14/23
Good Communication Skills
Communication is the most basic way that humans connect. Good knowledgeable skills are the foundation of good interactions!  
32:19 4/7/23
How Trauma Changes Connections in the Brain
Research is building an indisputable record of evidence supporting the belief that the experience of trauma changes the way the brain is wired. Trauma that is low-level over a long period of time (chronic) can be just as transformative as trauma that is intense and sudden (acute)  
33:45 3/31/23
What is Positive Psychology?
The introduction of concepts like "mindfulness" and "positive psychology" is only helpful if they can be defined. In science, this is called operational definition. Is Positive Psychology an actual theoretical orientation or just a new-wave fad?  
32:29 3/24/23
Are There Learning Styles and Why Does it Matter?
As long-time educators, Brett and I have always accepted the concept that different people learn in different ways. A recent article in Aeon magazine challenges this long-held belief. 
32:57 3/17/23
Heinz Kohut and Self Psychology
Heinz Kohut and Self Psychology establish the foundational understanding of the development of emotional regulation. But perhaps his most impressive contribution to the field was his introduction of empathy into the therapy relationship. 
33:16 3/10/23
How Much Should You Know About Your Therapist?
Clients are often very curious about the private lives of their therapists. But therapists are educated to present themselves as a blank slate. The amount of self-disclosure that a therapist engages in therefore is a balance between what is most therapeutic for the client and the therapist's presentation as genuine and sincere.    
33:13 3/3/23
Just Breathe
Breathwork is a core technique in counseling and psychotherapy. It has also been a central tenet of practices as old as Zen meditation. But what are the therapeutic and/or health benefits of breathwork?  
32:16 2/24/23
Otto Kernberg is Still Alive! Who Knew?
Otto Kernberg is one of the most influential theorists responsible for our understanding of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)!  
34:35 2/17/23
What Does it Mean to be a Dry Drunk?
There is a whole vocabulary associated with recovery from alcohol and drugs. For those who are not in the program or do not work professionally with those in recovery, this can be very confusing. Brett recently was talking to a friend about what it means to be a dry drunk and found that even he had many questions.  
35:14 2/10/23
Ketamine and Depression
Ketamine is the only psychedelic substance that has been approved by the FDA for the treatment of depression, so far. How does this drug help depression and will other psychedelics get approval in the future?  
38:49 2/3/23
What is the Enneagram
The Enneagram is a personality classification system based on the work and theories of Carl Gustav Jung. 
32:22 1/27/23
The Best Advice from 2022
In early 2023, Brett and I discuss 10 lessons from 2022.  
32:03 1/20/23
Understanding Insecure Attachment
Attachment styles play a huge part in successful and enjoyable relationships. But most of us do not even know what our attachment style is.
31:36 1/13/23
Are There Narcissistic Kids?
A current buzzword in psychology and also society at large is, entitled child. But before that psychology had a word for those who saw themselves as wonderful and that was narcissism. Are these separate concepts or just opposite sides of the same coin?  
34:40 1/6/23
How to Create Resolutions You Can Actually Stick With
Happy New Year to you and your loved ones from us at Psych with Mike. This is a revisit of a conversation that Brett and I had on making resolutions that work. Enjoy and the best of luck in the new year!
35:40 12/30/22
Habits of Unhealthy People
It's been a long two years. Over this holiday season, many of us may be re-evaluating our behavior in the hopes of making better choices and improving our physical and mental health in the new year. But to do this effectively we need to know what behaviors we may have fallen into that are not the healthiest for us.
34:03 12/23/22
The Power of Letting Go
All of us have past trauma that affects us in the present. It is cliche to hear someone say "you have to let it go". But how do you do this?  
32:07 12/16/22
Avoidant Attachment Style
Relationships are at the core of being a healthy human being.  We develop attachment styles as a result of our experiences early in our lives. One of these attachment styles is avoidant attachment. Today we discuss the characteristics of this attachment style and how it impacts our relationships.  
28:29 12/9/22