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Prostate Cancer: Surviving Together

Yes, prostate cancer sucks, so we need to talk about it. This show is all about conversations...we talk with prostate cancer survivors, caregivers, medical professionals, lawmakers, patient educators, oncologists, imaging specialists, pharmaceutical representatives, partners, lovers, and friends. Pull up a chair and join the discussion! Presented by the Prostate Network, a Kansas City-based support group helping those engaged in the fight.


Physical therapy for prostate cancer survivors
Laura McKaig, PT, MSPT and Trisha McCulloch, DPT,CSCS both pelvic health physical therapists have prepared an incredibly helpful and informative presentation specifically for you prostate guys.
67:33 5/2/24
Q&A episode 6
Q&A episode 6 includes: * Diet tips for diabetic PCa guys * Lupron or alternatives * What is PSMA averse * If radiation worked how can it come back * Prostate App updates * Prostate night at the Royals   Watch more episodes and submit your questions at
16:30 4/11/24
Common treatment methods | BPH | side effects | physical therapy | Q&A | Prostate Network
In this episode on the Prostate Network you will learn about: What are the most common treatment methods for different grades of prostate cancer?  Do they vary materially across various cancer centers? If a guy has BPH and the size of his prostate reduces during prostate cancer treatment, should he worry it will increase in size again? If a guy is having a hard time focusing after radiation in midst hormone treatment what should he do? Who would benefit from physical therapy concerning prostate cancer treatment side effects and best should they seek such? Can physical therapy help with the problem of urinary urgency/frequency that patients get after radiation?
15:25 12/14/23
Immunotherapy for prostate cancer
This episode: Immunotherapy for prostate cancer Welcome to a heartfelt and honest discussion about the use of immunotherapy from Dr. Sorce and Tom MacKenzie a survivor who tells about his experience with it.  Tom’s book is titled “Superman’s Adventure With Prostate Cancer” and can be found on Amazon.  Dr. Sorce has practiced urology in Denver since 2008. He practices general urology with a focus on prostate cancer, heads the Advanced Prostate Cancer Clinic for Colorado Urology, and specializes in minimally invasive surgery for a variety of urologic cancers. This includes HIFU for localized prostate cancer both as a primary treatment and as salvage therapy after radiation or surgery. He is the Director of the HIFU Center of Colorado Urology and is one of the only physicians to offer this procedure in Colorado and the surrounding area. 🤔 What You'll Discover: 🤯 Real Stories, Real Inspiration: Hear inspiring stories of resilience and hope from individuals who have faced cancer. Support Systems: Learn about the importance of building a strong support system, and discover resources available to help you or your loved ones through this tough journey. 🔗 Why This Matters: 🌍 By listening to this, you will learn how to boost your immune system to help fight cancer 📌 Don't Forget to Subscribe: ✨ Stay tuned for more insightful conversations on important topics. Don't forget to subscribe, like, and share to help spread awareness and provide hope to those who need it most. #immunotherapy #prostate #cancer #support #hope #provenge
88:37 11/2/23
A candid conversation about mental health (and cancer)
Stephanie Bennett, MSW & Steve Hentzen breaking it down Best ways to handle your mental health when 1st being diagnosed? How do you adjust to not being able to just go back to life like it was before cancer after your treatment has completed? How do you go about getting a plan your comfortable that (football analogy) let's you know your going to score when sitting on the 20 yard line?
17:41 10/9/23
A urologist take on prostate cancer research on gay men
Meet Dr. Konety What have you studied What have you found Are gay men at greater risk What do men need to know What do professionals need to know
21:09 6/22/23
Q&A episode 4
Prostate Cancer Awareness Night at theK June 14th 2023 get your tickets Which treatments allow for continued sexual function and what types of treatment prevent it?  What maintenance drugs allow for it vs prevent it?   Are radiologist and/or urologist educated on penile rehab? Has research been done to see if guys could benefit from an Angelina Jolene type of highest of risk preemptive more to skip the actual prostate cancer? What makes a patient a candidate for brachytherapy? What is the difference between iodine and palladium radioactive seeds? Is weight training a solution to muscle lose from hormone therapy?
20:11 4/13/23
Connection, sexuality, and intimacy for prostate cancer survivors
While prostate cancer surgery, radiation and hormone treatments may lead to a cure, those treatments can also leave wounds that extend to the bedroom and the therapist's office. In this interview, Dr. Rob Rutledge and his wife Gabriela Ilie talk about the needs men have to overcome anxiety and depression and better relate sexually to their partners despite having the odds stacked against them.
25:22 10/5/20
A nurse's perspective: Carol Bush, RN
@TheSocialNurse, Carol Bush, walks you through the process of working with your nurse to become powerful partners together in your prostate cancer journey. Learn how to connect with other patients through online sources, and gain the connections you need from your biggest ally, your nurse. 
19:21 10/5/20
The Empowerment Network: supporting men through faith and personal stories
A conversation with Mellve A. Shahid who heads up The Empowerment Network in St. Louis. What do men need when they get a prostate cancer diagnosis? More than anything, they need a friend who can identify with their story. @empowermentstl provides support through a unique program in the St. Louis community.  Hear how they do it.
21:40 10/5/20
Count Me In: Dr. Eli Van Allen and the MPC Project
A @broadinstitute / @DanaFarber research initiative partners directly with patients to accelerate and share discoveries in Metastatic Prostate Cancer. We talk to Dr. Eli Van Allen (@VanAllenLab) about driving precision cancer medicine through clinical computational oncology — so when you say "Count Me In," you're helping future generations. Find out how it works (it's free to you). Dr. Eli Van Allen - Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
22:03 3/11/20
Pleasure is the end result: Dr. Rachel Rubin on Intimacy
Intimacy is almost always the giant unspoken about elephant in the room when we get a room full of prostate cancer patients together.  Thanks to Dr. Rachel S. Rubin, MD, from Washington, DC, we’re going to safely expose our listeners to more details than they probably even know existed. We talk about ED, injections, depression, and more. Not all prostate cancer patients have sex with women, and we recognize that, too. It's an honest discussion about how our heart and penis are closely related, and how to take better care of both. Follow Dr. Rubin on Twitter at @rachelsrubin1 or visit her web site at Join the conversation!
21:02 9/1/19
Sequence Me: Understanding our DNA with Bryce Olson
After he was diagnosed with life-threatening prostate cancer, Intel’s Bryce Olson sequenced his genome which offered clues to new treatments for his disease. We talk about why it's important, and how to set it up with your doctor using the "battle card." Check out Bryce's web site at or follow him on Twitter @sequence_me.
25:51 9/1/19
John Leifer: After You Hear It's Cancer
John Leifer discusses a variety of topics including PTSD and PSA anxiety in prostate cancer patients, trends and complications within the healthcare world, and his advice that Steve takes to heart and passes on to his newly-diagnosed friends. John is a consultant whose clients range from national health systems to pharmaceutical firms to state government and runs the gamut of major constituents comprising the care delivery and financing system.
24:36 6/23/19
Being Your Own Advocate for Clinical Trials
Charles and Clare Sweeney talk about how clinical trials can be a valuable resource for prostate cancer patients, but they can be laden with twists and turns. What happens when a trial suddenly ends without warning, or an insurance company decides they won't support a patient's participation?
21:09 6/23/19
ZERO - the End of Prostate Cancer
Our interview with Drew Saelens, Vice President of Government Affairs and Patient Advocacy at ZERO - The End of Prostate Cancer. We hear a lot about organizations who advocate for research funding from the government, but sometimes we wonder how the process works. Drew Saelens takes us inside the process and gives us hope for the future.
20:05 6/23/19
RESPOND: the African-American Prostate Cancer Initiative
Our interview with Chris Haiman, ScD, about the RESPOND study.  Over the past year, the study has brought together a team of prostate cancer researchers and experts from across the country to launch a national study focusing on prostate cancer in African American men. This is the RESPOND study (Research on Prostate Cancer in Men of African Ancestry: Defining the Roles of Genetics, Tumor Markers and Social Stress).
18:01 6/23/19
Jimmy Charles Isn't Superman
Country music artist and spokesman for ZERO Prostate Cancer Run/Walk, Jimmy Charles, joins the show for a discussion of his involvement in the ZERO Prostate Cancer organization and some musical samples of his work. Visit his web site at
21:53 6/23/19
Clinical Trials: What's the Story?
It's time to get "guinea pig" out of your vocabulary. Find out what's new in the world of clinical trials for prostate cancer patients, and demystify the process. Dr. Christine Mackay from the University of Kansas discusses clinical trials with us so we can make informed decisions.
19:08 3/20/19
A Public Servant's Perspective
The Patient and Investigator Voices Organizing Together, known as PIVOT, is one of the few cancer center patient advocacy networks that offers cancer survivors the opportunity to meet regularly with cancer center scientists to share suggestions and ideas that can help research better meet patient needs and improve quality of life.
19:44 2/1/19
Our Story
Steve and Caesar recount the early days of their diagnoses, the struggles to find someone else to relate to, the impact of letting family know, and the formation of Prostate Network. Along the way, we'll learn about Caesar's pitching skills and how Congressmen end up on airplanes at just the right times. Visit our site at and let us hear from you!
28:10 1/28/19