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Vintage, Antiques, Collecting, Hobbies. Etsy, Decorating, Decor. Home, Living, Design, Recycling, and Education on vintage collectibles! Day to day conversations, sometimes with guests about what's hot and trendy to collect in the vintage antiques world. Living a Vintage Life gives ideas on what to collect, where to find it, and how to live a greener life by recycling antiques.


Collecting Silver Coins Housewares and Jewelry
Today I have my great friend Ed and he's here to tell us all about collecting silver!  Whether you collect coins or rings, this episode is for you!Connect with me RetroChalet.etsy.comFind me on TikTokSponsored by:  VikingsinMaine
33:03 1/16/23
Vintage Trailer Boutique for Antiques and Collectibles
Look what I found, Corn Crib Clothing Boutique, in form of a vintage trailer. What a great side hustle idea.  Listen to this great idea to take your antiques or collectibles to the next level. Special Guest: Alicia Marie   See my video of the trailer here: 10% on any purchase from RetroChalet or RetroChalet Studio with the coupon code dropped in this episode. Connect with me at @RetroChalet on all social media platforms.  Living vintage is what I do!
18:09 10/4/22
Steri-Lite Sterilite Plastic Picnic Sets Collecting
A quick podcast about my love for Sterilite, and a rare plastic picnic set.  I have written a huge article with collecting tips and have pictures of this set here on my Melmac Central blog: Melmac Central Vintage Melmac Dinnerware and Plastics Fantastic Collecting Site : Steri-Lite Plastic STERILITE COMPANY Connections to Tupperware ( of this set can also be found in my Etsy shop. This post sponsored by Maine Romance
18:30 8/23/22
Dungeons and Dragons with DM Blair of Relief Buddies
I had such a great time visiting DM Blair (Dungeon Master Blair) who taught me a little bit about the very collectible and vintage world of Dungeons and Dragons.  Blair not only has been gaming in D&D since it's inception, but makes his own cast houses and characters.  See Blair making his work on my tik tok links below.  Find all the links to the show below. BLAIR making his stuff: Visit Blair at Relief Buddies LLC 3397 N. George Street Unit 2 Emigsville PA Visit Blair online at use promo code DMBLAIR to save more!Blair's YouTube Channel:  (375) DMBLAIR - YouTubeGaming Conventions Blair Enjoys:  THE NOVA OPENand SAVE AGAINST FEAR Gaming Convention:  Save Against Fear event Oct 6 - Oct 10, 2022 | StartPlayingConnect with me:   TIkTok EtsyI also talk about my paranormal adventures at Paranormal Chalet!
28:06 6/19/22
Apothecary Medical Collectibles , Dandelion Face Oil Recipe
Episode 25 is here!  I love collecting old medical and apothecary collectibles, so find out my top five picks that maintain their value that you should nab up on when you find them!   Also, as part of this episode, you can get my top secret recipe to make your own Dandelion Face Oil.  This is a great inexpensive way to treat your skin to something natural and good for you.  See it in action: with meEtsy TikTokI don't really use the rest so much...........TwitterFacebook
34:39 6/12/22
Matchbox Cars Moko Lesney Vintage Collecting Mashup
Today we have a mashup edition on collecting Moko Lesney and Lesney Products famous Matchbox Cars!  Listen to the podcast to find out more about this great collectible we know and love Special guest Ed shares his stories!More reading:   About Moko Toy Company: Moko Lesney Toys History ( reading : About Lesney Products History and great old pics: Lesney factories ( with me: On TikTokAt RetroChalet Etsy ShopOn TwitterFacebookInstagram
25:59 5/16/22
Why Are My Etsy Shop Sales Down (The Answers)
I have been getting a lot of messages about Etsy sales being low, and in response to my previous podcasts I'm explaining the factors as to why.  In the meantime, stay vintage and stay wonderful. For great vintage, Visit my Friend:  MettlesomeMeans | EtsyConnect with me: TikTokTwitterEtsyI also have a Paranormal Podcast!  Check it out. and these I don't use that much: FacebookInstagram
10:47 5/10/22
European and Cottage Collectibles Mettlesome Means on Etsy
Inspired by podcast sponsor Mettlesome Means Etsy Shop, I talk clean lines and functional European Collectibles - what to collect and what's hot.  What can be used in a cottage as well as a mansion, how to find the look!Visit my friend at MettlesomeMeans on Etsy!  For great art and home decor!Connect with me on TikTok,   Twitter or My Etsy shop!I rarely use my Instagram or FacebookI have another podcast ParanormalChalet!
26:54 5/10/22
Gettysburg Pennsylvania Antiques Collectibles Civil War History
I took a tour of Gettysburg and share a little history with you; explaining why Gettysburg collectibles are sought after. Anyone who has not visited there, should in my opinion, to get a better understanding of this amazing yet truly shocking part of our country's history (when you think from the point of how many casualties in such a small town) which is quite overwhelming to see.   I am also dropping a 2 part podcast on my paranormal channel, because at night we took the ghost tour and have more to share.  Here are some video links from my travel: A witness tree to the Battle of Gettysburg is here on my tiktok. tribute from Maryland on loss of her soldies is here: A tribute to New York is here: view of the Battlefield is here:Part One of the Ghosts we met in Gettysburg here: A video of the Orb from our ghost tour Gettysburg here: My Etsy shop supports my hosting fees:  https://RetroChalet.etsy.comContract Cedric for a tour in Gettysburg by using this Louisiana contact information as he has moved and is now a resident of Gettysburg at the time of this podcast.   New Orleans Paranormal – Sometimes the right answer is…NOPE! (   Connect with me TikTokFacebookTwitterInstagramCheck out Nature Chalet podcastCheck out Paranormal Chalet Podcast
26:57 3/26/22
Etsy Fee Increase Survival Ideas for Etsy Sellers PART TWO Lightbringer Designs
As promised, I am giving you new direction to succeed in your Etsy shop in regards to the most recent hike in Etsy seller fees which takes place April 11, 2022.   In my opinion Etsy is still the best place to sell, unless you have an already established shop with lots of supportive niche customers and decide to take your store elsewhere :  Example   Three Bird Nest  Exclusive: ‘Etsy’s Richest Seller’ Explains Why She’s Suddenly Leaving — ‘We Can’t Trust’ Them ( is part two  that gives some solutions about staying on Etsy and cutting costs.  In this episode I discuss with Harry at Lightbringer Designs some of the topics here.  I also use GI3D prints as a business model and encourage everyone to shop this adorable shop full of plastic PLA planters. Part one of this series  is here, Support Harry at LightbringerDesigns.Etsy.comThis episode sponsored by GI3DPRINTSConnect with me on @RetroChalet TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Etsy or Twitter.Look at my plastic fantastic website Melmac Central Listen to my lIfe at Paranormal Chalet  Find my Journal of my paranormal life hereout how I'm living greener at NatureChalet podcast. 
24:49 3/18/22
Etsy Fee Increase Leads to Angry Etsy Sellers, Etsy Strike, Lightbringer Designs Wax Seals PART ONE
Part one of two, special Episode on Etsy's latest fee hike which takes place April 11, 2022 from a 5% sales fee to 6.5% sales fee, and how some sellers are organizing an #EtsyStrike, which is now all over Twitter, Discord, and has it's own website  Seller's anger is making news such as MSN Market News, The Street and The Verge, and more.  I discuss the fees associated with selling on Etsy with special guest Harry Burger from Lightbringer Designs who sells wax seals and stamps. Harry is not a paid sponsor, he is a special guest who ran for Congress in New York in 2020.   SUPPORT HIS SHOP :  LightbringerDesigns | EtsySellers may find these links helpful: 1) FILL OUT THE SURVEY AT THE BOTTOM OF THE OFFICIAL FORUM POST ANNOUNCEMENT ON HIKE IN FEES:  A Message from Etsy’s CEO Josh Silverman on our Co... - Welcome to the Etsy Community2)   Find out more about the Etsy StrikeSources: MSN:   Sellers on This Site Are Livid After Another Rate Hike THE STREET: Etsy Sellers Are Livid After Another Rate Hike - TheStreetVERGE:  Etsy hits sellers with 30 percent transaction fee increase - The VergeLISTEN TO PART TWO FOR SOLUTIONS HOW TO OFFSET THE FEESPlease SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESS, the struggle is real. Connect with me on all social media @retrochalet^TIkTok^Instagram^Facebook^Twitter-->Listen to my ghostly life at ParanormalChalet-->I have a melmac dinnerware site for the vintage lover check it out.  RetroChalet's Melmac Central-->I have begun hosting naturechalet for the green healthy junkie in you
44:03 3/15/22
Five and Dime Stores Woolworths 1950s
CoHost Pat takes us into a walk back in time in a vintage 1950s five and dime. You may be suprised what they sold in the dime store!  Oh what fun it must have been to be able to spend your allowance in the five and dime!  This episode sponsored by Pat's both PP in Serendipity Antiques, Find them:  Serendipity Antiques, Shrewsbury click here-->  2 N Main St, Shrewsbury, PA 17361 ·   Call for hours (717) 235-5422Also check out my new podcasts, Nature Chalet and Paranormal Chalet.Connect with me at @RetroChalet on all major platformsOn EtsyOn TikTokOn InstagramOn FacebookI am editor of Melmac Central, join the other million visitors and learn about vintage plastics fantastic.
28:52 3/9/22
Vintage Books: Save them from Extinction
For the love of old books, I love them and am giving you some ideas on what books to look for, which to covet and how to use them. Connect with On my other podcasts:  Paranormal Chalet and Nature ChaletShop RetroChalet for the coolest vintage finds.  I also run the Melmac Central website where you can learn about cool vintage plastics.  Follow me on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter
17:14 3/9/22
Collecting Peter Max Designs, Art, & Antiques
Ed & I absolutely adore all things Peter Max, we have an informal discussion on Peter Max's timeless designs through the years.   Peter, we love you
19:33 2/17/22
PaperFloDesign Etsy Seller Story SVG & Vintage French Post Cards
In this episode I have a chance to interview Naa Ardua , SVG artisan who has a wonderful inspiring Etsy story that all online sellers should listen to.  Her success story is exactly what I've been preaching to Etsians all along, --- so tune in!   Her designs are vintage style and whimsical and she teaches us a bit about the SVG world which is open with opportunities!   Naa Ardua  used to live in the USA, and now lives in Antibes, France.   She also tells us, a bit about French vintage..............SPECIAL GUEST :  Naa Ardua - Find this SVG Diva at the following links:  Paper Flo Design on Etsy Paper Flo Designs Course to teach you how to use and sell SVG art in a very quick course which you can watch videos at your own pace...SHe is also on Instagram!  NaaArdua Darfoor Illustrator (@paperflodesigns) • Instagram photos and videosYou can find out my top picks by going to my public Etsy Favorites board for Paper Flo Design! As always connect with me at TikTokEtsyInstagramUntil next time..........enjoy and share!
26:41 2/14/22
Boontonware Melmac Belle Kogan Vintage Melamine
Finally I get to talking about what I love, and that's plastic, In this episode, we talk about Boontonware, made by Boonton Molding Company that was then located on Myrtle Avenue in Boonton, New Jersey.  Belle Kogan's  gorgeous design with her widely popular Boonton Belle and Scandia in the Patrician line are some of my favorite things.  Enjoy a little history with a walk back in time. This podcast was sponsored by Etsy shop: who offers great graphic designs in their Etsy shop in the form of hats, comfy clothing and more!  Click on the link to check it out or go to my shop favorites!Boontonware Factory Tour Link: Melmac Central Vintage Melmac Dinnerware and Plastics Fantastic Collecting Site : Boonton Melmac Factory Tour Stop One : This Was The Melamine Factory (, make sure to share, like and give my podcast a great rating to keep me talking :) Connect with #RetroChalet on all major social media platforms for great vintage pictures and on for vintage style videos. 
25:33 2/10/22
Vintage Valentine's Day Collecting
VIntage Valentines and VIntage   Valentines Day  PostCards, how romantic!  LIsten as Ed and I discuss the top vintage collectibles for Valentine's Day!  You can see my curated public list at RetroChalet on Etsy simply go to my favorites and click on my Valentines Day Podcast Picks!Retro Chalet on Etsy Connect on TikTok  @RetroChaletWelcome to our 14th episode just in time for Valentine's Day 
29:54 2/1/22
Victorian Homes and Haunted Houses
For the love of all things Victorian!  This episode discusses vintage Victorian era homes and all things spooky about them. I grew up in a late 1800s farmhouse and later bought my first home that was built in 1927 and haunted.  Now I share proof in the pudding that other Victorian homes have been haunted too, and why the romance and love for them exists.   For the Ghostbusters article in question in the podcast, go here: Old House Calling.   Maybe you will look at the old house on the hill in a different sorta way. Connect with me at RetroChalet on Etsy. Kind of funny the spooky episode is our 13th episode. 
33:39 1/29/22
Etsy Algorithm SEO Shop Tips and Happy 2022
Living a Vintage Life today and always!  Season Two is here, I'll recap what we've done in Season One looking back at the first season's 11 episodes.  I'll tell you my New Years Vintage Resolutions and then talk about Etsy Shop SEO and Algorithm.  CALLING ETSY SELLERS!  Do you know an Etsy shop who would like to be considered for an on air interview? Connect with me on all major platforms under RETROCHALET Instagram TikTok EtsyThanks for living and Happy 2022
23:39 1/10/22
VIntage Christmas Gifts, KangaRoos Shoes, PIxies and Elves, Kindness Matters
In this episode I discuss with special guest Ed the thrifter,  the top five vintage Christmas gifts you can get for the vintage lover! Which is your favorite pick?   You will have to listen to the episode to find out mine!  I also discuss vintage shoes, and my secret crush on my vintage KangaRoos shoes.  I also give a special shout out to Aussies who are tuning in to the podcast :) Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and safe and happy Holiday season!
36:58 12/18/21
Maine Country Cabin Primitives Top Ten Decorating Ideas
For this episode I went off grid to the backwoods of Maine. What’s more of a Northern Exposure than exploring the top ten vintage decorating items for collecting or use in your cabin or country home? I obtained these ideas from my own cabin in eas from my time in Danforth, Maine, and have posted a lot of great photos on my TikTok and Instagram. I hope you will enjoy them. Top Ten Primitives / Cabin Décor, and I’ve added them to a special list on Etsy so now you can go and look!  Click on my name in my Etsy Shop, and go to my Favorites List which I’ve compiled under “Podcast Maine Woods Décor”  and you’ll see what I’m talking about! Or cut and paste this: 1.        Repurposed and Upcycled Wood Signs and Furniture  - Listen to my ideas and why. 2.       Old Tool Caddies, Totes or Tool Boxes3.       Galvanized Metal Minnow Buckets4.       Wicker Fishing Baskets, Creel Baskets5.       Wooden Stepstools, Kid’s StoolsShout out to Shafollo, on Etsy and Amazon, who sponsored this podcast. They empower Bangladeshi women who have chosen to do handicrafts to rise above their economic conditions.  6.       Vintage License Plates Ideas for Crafting and Décor.7.       Vintage Fishing Maps8.       Buoys9.       Old Stoneware Crocks10.   Nature Shed / Repurposed Natural ComponentsHope you enjoy my top ten countrify-up your life ideas. Thanks for listening.  Make sure to check out my Instagram and tiktok for my wonderful photos of Maine.
41:03 12/15/21
Avant Garde Decorating, Collecting Old Records
Avant Garde DecoratingSo just what is Avant Garde Decorating and how do you do it? We'll discuss that in this simple easy to understand terms, and point you to a place to look for some items for your home.    Shout out to our sponsor of this episode SilverMagnoliasShop on Etsy.  Nothing wrong with a little bling and color in your life! Check out their fun cellphone cases, wall clocks, home decor, pot holders, Christmas ornaments and even water bottles.  A coffee cup for me would do just fine right about now. Collecting Vinyl Records with our guest EdWe will also get into collecting old records, just where to start and how to do it.  To be honest I learned a thing or two as I am always unsure what to buy or how.  There seems to be a plethora of old records and vinyl still floating around out there but you have to know where to find them.    Check out my melmac dinnerware website which has all things plastic https://RetroChalet.blogspot.comConnect with me and tell me what you love collecting and why! Etsy Twitter Facebook Chalet on @Etsy's (@retrochalet) Instagram profile • 300 photos and videosI also host NatureChalet podcast living greener in your daily lifeI also host Paranormal Chalet podcast
30:07 10/13/21
Turner Art Prints, Trending Farm House Decor Weddings, Old Wood Blocks
In this episode I discuss Turner Art Prints and the Turner Mfg Company,  what to look for, their value and how to find them, not to be confused with modern Turner prints, these particular ones I talk about were made from the 1940s, although the company spans thirty years into the 1970s. See one here :  Click here to Go to EtsySee video of them here: Cindy Fahnestock-Schafer (@retrochalet) TikTok | Watch Cindy Fahnestock-Schafer's Newest TikTok VideosSee Instagram of them here: I also call to Don, a friend who is a Manager in a national arts and crafts store, to  tell us what's trending.  Seems farmhouse decor is in, for decorating and for weddings. We also go over uses for old wood blocks, how to repurpose and to use to keep these items out of the landfill.  See example here.  Cindy Fahnestock-Schafer (@retrochalet) TikTok | Watch Cindy Fahnestock-Schafer's Newest TikTok Videos Have a wonderful time decorating with old things, and living a vintage life.  THANK YOU!  As always this episode is brought to you by RetroChalet on Etsy.  Use code RETRO20 at checkout for special savings if you choose to purchase anything. Also you may like: Melmac Central - nearing a million visitors for melamine and plastic fantasticI also host Paranormal Chalet and Nature Chalet podcasts.
27:24 9/17/21
Halloween Collectibles Special Spooky Episode
Just as we ramp up for Halloween, join Ed & I talking about Halloween collectibles.   From paper mache to post cards, learn how to spot old vs new and some items to look for.  If you like halloween and spook, make sure to subscribe to Paranormal Chalet podcast!  ED FOUND A RARE HALLOWEEN COLLECTIBLE!  Listen in to find out what!Spooky/Creepy Music courtesy of Daniel Simon via  here:  Creepy Background Sounds | Effects | Sound Bites | Sound Clips from SoundBible.comThis show is sponsored byRetroChalet.etsy.comSPONSOR THIS SHOW! KEEP US TALKING! Buy A Featured Sponsorship  (if you aren't an Etsy shop)Buy A Podcast Interview (If you are an Etsy shop who sells vintage, upcycled, recycled, etc.)  Contact me if you are unsure if this applies to you!You can connect with @Retrochalet on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Etsy.  I also have Paranormal Chalet and NatureChalet podcast!Learn how to Sponsor this podcast!Sponsor InformationHave a vintage Etsy shop? Become a sponsor and get interviewed:Melmac Dinnerware Vintage Plastics Melamine : Podcast Interview Premium Sponsor (
34:22 8/28/21
Collecting Fire King and Pyrex and Plastic Bag Rugs
TOP PODCAST EPISODE!  In this episode we get into the wonders of old borosilicate glassware , bakeware and fired on ware such as Pyrex, Fire King .  Why has this stood the test of time in the collectibles market?   We also talk about plastic rag rugs, which are actually made from plastic bags, hence the name Plastic Bag Rugs.    These are a great way to repurpose plastic bread bags and make a great focal point in the vintage home. I found a vintage one at an antique mall, and also bought one on Etsy from BLWworld Please listen to my NatureChalet or ParanomalChalet podcasts! TikTok Video of Plastic bag Rugsor see them on Instagram here.As always I thank you for listening, please leave me a good review  & subscribe !  This episode sponsored by: RetroChalet, Vintage use code Retro20 to get 20% off any item. Big Fat Daddy's, mention this podcast and get 2 free sides on any catering job.You can connect with @Retrochalet on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Etsy.Learn how to Sponsor this podcast!Sponsor InformationHave a vintage Etsy shop? Become a sponsor and get interviewed:Melmac Dinnerware Vintage Plastics Melamine : Podcast Interview Premium Sponsor (
31:14 8/28/21
How to Make Money with Art for Artists, On Etsy, Special Episode
So many artists, so little time, what to do to get your art sold and noticed?  You can now hear what worked for me in this special episode. If you are an artist, photographer, painter, jewelry maker, assemblage or mixed media artist, I'll share my story.   I found a home for my art on Etsy, at little start up cost and it paid off.  I will tell you my story, and give you some advice. Sponsored by RetroChalet and RetroChaletStudio on Etsy! As discussed in this podcast, I have great published FREE articles to help you open up shop, find them here by clicking on any of these  articles. 10 Tips for Selling on EtsyPhotography Tips for Selling on Etsy Free Help for the Etsy SellerIf you need my book on how to use Etsy on Instagram, you can purchase / download it here, and use code RETRO20 for a 20% discount  from this podcast Always feel free to connect with me on RetroChalet InstagramRetroChalet on Tiktokor on Etsy. at the shop RetroChaletYou can connect with @Retrochalet on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Etsy. I even talk a little on Paranormal Chalet if you like spooky talk!Learn how to Sponsor this podcast!Sponsor InformationHave a vintage Etsy shop? Become a sponsor and get interviewed:Melmac Dinnerware Vintage Plastics Melamine : Podcast Interview Premium Sponsor ( Sponsors:
27:36 8/24/21
Repurposing Glass Jars, Collecting Antiques & Why We Collect, Flea Market Tips, DeCluttering Special Episode
UPCYCLING GLASS JARSToday's episode is a special one, as I talk about repurposing into daily life, and how important it is to live a greener life.   Upset that my local community stopped recycling glass jars, bottles, and the like , I discuss how to reuse glass jars.   Hear my tips for reuse of these common household items.  COLLECTING I then move on to a special collecting episode. Miss Pat and Ed and myself delve into the world of collections. I've always wondered why people collect and what they collect what they do.    Here our discussion and see how this relates to you?  FLEA MARKET TIPS AND TRICKS We also hear from Miss Pat, the flea market diva on how to declutter unwanted items, and tips for flea marketing to rid yourself of unwanted itemsHi (as you should to make room for new!) Pictures of this episode are posted on my Instagram account and my TikTok   If you are looking for a specific topic or want to share your collection ideas with me, Connect with RetroChalet on any major social media outlet, or in my etsy shop.You can connect with @Retrochalet on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Etsy.I also run Paranormal Chalet and Nature Chalet podcasts. Have a listen!Learn how to Sponsor this podcast!Sponsor InformationHave a vintage Etsy shop? Become a sponsor and get interviewed:Melmac Dinnerware Vintage Plastics Melamine : Podcast Interview Premium Sponsor (
38:50 8/14/21
Texasware Texas Ware Melamine, Taylor Smith Taylor, Mystery Architectural Window Cluster Decorating
 I'm so glad you're here. Find all photos of this episode on the RetroChalet Instagram!  I also host two other podcasts, NatureChalet and ParanormalChalet!  LIsten in!In this episode:    Find out some inside scoop about the Melmac Melamine Giant Texasware, as told to me by former employees and a plastics factory manager in Canada.   More information and factory ariel tours on my RetroChalet Melmac Central site. Learn about a very easy to find inexpensive 1960's ceramic line by Taylor Smith Taylor called  Boutonniere that would look great in any retro kitchen! I found some sets on Etsy but you can also assemble this for pennies on the dollar in thrift shops! See Ed's collection here.   See some I found at Etsy here to give you an idea of the pattern.  The set pictured is for sale at StoneRidgeAttic on Etsy. Use this link to get there.See Miss Pat's old mystery window!  Learn how to use cluster decorating and see how she uses old architectural antiques outside the home.  Any ideas where came from? If anyone has ever seen a window like this, share your story with us.   Please visit my Etsy shop and send me a convo or find me via all social media channels at @RetroChalet on Tik Tok   or Instagram.You can connect with @Retrochalet on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Etsy.Learn how to Sponsor this podcast!Sponsor InformationHave a vintage Etsy shop? Become a sponsor and get interviewed:Melmac Dinnerware Vintage Plastics Melamine : Podcast Interview Premium Sponsor ( THE SUBSCRIBE BUTTON PLEASE :) and keep me talking. Thanks as always to Pat & Ed 💓
31:36 8/10/21
Stamp Collecting, Floral Platters Unique Decorating Ideas
Finally, a real Episode One with guests!  Come with me as I talk to Ed, our thrifting expert about Vintage Stamp Collecting. Once a hobby I may thought of as boring, can prove to be a rewarding learning experience for kids and parents alike!   Then we go to Miss Pat, our design guru who tells us what to do with vintage ceramic floral platters - and you won't believe what she says. Sponsors:  Melmac Central : The Free Site on Melamine Dinnerware                         Retro Chalet Etsy Shop : Get your vintage fix...                         Big Fat Daddy's   :  Best BBQ and Pit Beef on EarthListen to my sister podcasts!Paranormal Chalet - the crazy stuff that really happens to meNature Chalet - Living Greener with Healthy Natural ThingsSee pics here:  Ed's stamp binder &   stamp collection:  On My InstagramSee Miss Pat's decor ideas and see another shot here:  On My InstagramSpecial thanks to  JonWhite , and Ed & Miss Pat. This episode Co Produced by Ed. You can connect with @Retrochalet on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Etsy.Learn how to Sponsor this podcast!Sponsor InformationHave a vintage Etsy shop? Become a sponsor and get interviewed:Melmac Dinnerware Vintage Plastics Melamine : Podcast Interview Premium Sponsor ( Vintage on EtsyRetro Chalet Vintage Etsy shop is the coolest channel on Etsy!Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.
28:19 7/21/21
Melmac Dinnerware, Old Jewelry Boxes and Antique Knobs Repurposed into Home Decor
Melmac Attack!   Retro Chalet's Living a Vintage Life episode 1 is a raw uncut podcast  which encompasses vintage and living retro in your daily life!  This episode talks about the history and world of retro Melmac dinnerware dating back to the Melmac trade name by America Cyanamid.  Brought to you by Editor of Melmac Central .   It also talks about the value of melmac dinnerware, allure of vintage wooden jewelry boxes and ideas for repurposing old hardware valves and knobs into your home! I also realized I can't pronounce the word nostalgia and was a little nervous but oh well I did it!Living a Vintage Life encompasses: Living Vintage through antiques and used goods creating a greener environment one item at a time! Recycling, repurposing old items into your home and how to use them in decor. Vintage Finds, collecting trends and history of antique items. You can connect with @Retrochalet on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Etsy.I have two other podcasts I've launched in 2022!ParanormalChalet - The Crazy supernatural things that happen in my lifeNature Chalet - Ways to live natural and greenerLearn how to Sponsor this podcast!Sponsor Information Have a vintage Etsy shop? Become a sponsor and get interviewed: Melmac Dinnerware Vintage Plastics Melamine : Podcast Interview Premium Sponsor ( Vintage on EtsyRetro Chalet Vintage Etsy shop is the coolest channel on Etsy!Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.
39:38 7/10/21