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Countyfairgrounds, USA - covering State Fairs and their Fairground Events. Celebrate your State Fair and all the events that go on at their fairgrounds throughout the year.


Alabama State Spring Fair 2024
CoolKay and Countyfairgrounds interviews the Alabama State Spring Fair taking place this year at the Birmingham Race Course. I talk to Jan Hamilton, Program Director about what is going at the fair this year. 
08:13 3/20/24
State Fair of Louisiana 2023
Countyfairgrounds and CoolKay interview Russell Adams . Marketing Director of the Louisiana State Fair about this yes 2023 fair. We talk about entrance fees and parking and senior day. We also talk entertainment and fair food. Russell likes corn dogs. The fair starts on
20:44 10/13/23
Arizona State Fair 2023
CoolKay and Countyfairgrounds interviews the Arizona State Fair 2023 with Brianda Martinez, Marketing Director. We talk about where to park, handicap parking, ... lots of stuff - what to do with kids under 12 when you enter the gate. We talk fair food... carnival and exhibit buildings. What is old and what is new and not to be missed. Fair is Life.
19:50 9/14/23
Kansas State Fair - pre-fair podcast 2023
Countyfairgrounds and CoolKay pre-fair interview of the Kansas State Fair and Bryan Schulz - General Manager..... we talk about what is old and new and not to be missed at this years fair..... take a listen and find out what Bryan's favorite fair food is.....
20:16 9/3/23
Washington State Fair 2023
Countyfairgrounds and CoolKay interview Stacey Van Horne of Public Relations about the 2023 Washington State Fair in Puyallup which starts on Sept. 1st and runs thru the 24th. This is a long fair. We also talk about what comes up after the fair at this fairgrounds.
15:07 8/29/23
Ohio State Fair 2023
Countyfairgrounds and CoolKay interview Jessica West , Public Relations Officier of the Ohio State Fair about the upcoming fair for 2023. We discuss parking, senior stuff, stuff for kids to do, fair food, and exhibit buildings. Also we talk about the fair food and whats new there this year. Then we discuss evening entertainment and the carnival. Not to be left out we talk about what is coming up after the fair at the fairgrounds this year. Check out the Ohio State Fair 2023
15:08 7/20/23
CoolKay interviews Bill Ogg Director Emeritus Nebraska State Fair
Countyfairgrounds and CoolKay interview Bill ogg , Director Emeritus of the Nebraska State Fair and other fairs. Bill has been director of many fairs. - including the Kansas State Fair and Montana State Fair. and Wyoming State Fair. He still has an interest in the fair industry... Bill has never really ever done anything else.
24:09 4/16/23
Pre-fair interview State Fair of Louisiana by Countyfairgrounds
Countyfairgrounds and CoolKay interviews the State Fair of Louisiana and Russell Adams, Marketing Director about what is old and new at the 2022 state fair in Shreveport, Louisiana
13:37 10/24/22
WA Evergreen State Fair interview by Countyfairgrounds
Countyfairgrounds and CoolKay interview Rose and Amy about this years 2022 Evergreen State Fair. We talk a little of the history and what's old and new at this years fair. What is to do for kids and seniors and fair food and entertainment and what comes up here after the fair is over
14:18 8/23/22
Countyfairgrounds interviews the Alabama State Fair 2022
Countyfairgrounds interviews Mark Lovell of the Alabama State Fair which is coming up April 1st... we talk a little history, COVID policies, food and kid stuff
16:29 3/19/22
All American Pet Expo, Columbus, OH by Coutyfairgrounds
Countyfairgrounds interviews Steve Cantin and the All American Pet Expo taking place in Columbus, Ohio starting March 11th - This is the biggest and most wonderful Pet Expo EVER!
18:20 3/2/22
Kansas State Fair 2021 preented by Countyfairgrounds
pre-fair interview. Kansas State Fair 2021 - with the new general manager Bryan Schutz. We talk parking, COVID policies, about vendors a fair food and what is new and old and exciting and not to be missed. Then we talk about what comes after the fair at this fairgrounds.
12:50 8/29/21
Wyoming State Fair 2021, pre-fair interview by Countyfairgrounds
pre-fair interview with Coutny Conkle, Fair Manager Wyoming State Fair 2021 by Countyfairgrounds. We discuss what is new and exciting this year at the fair
10:49 8/15/21
Indiana State Fair 2021 by Countyfairgrounds
pre-fair interview by Countyfairgrounds of the upcoming Indiana State Fair 2021 with Sharon smith Director of Commuications - we discuss parking, children's activities, Legos, and their entertainment and food and their carnival.
18:52 7/26/21
Big Sky Country State Fair, MT - presented by Countyfairgrounds
Countyfairgrounds presents Big Sky Country state Fair in Bozeman, Montana. This is an interview with Amanda Hartman, PR - about what is old this year and what is new at the fair and how they handled the COVID situation - We talk parking, entertainment and fair food and kids and seniors activities
12:13 7/14/21
Countyfairgrounds interviews the Western KY State fair
Countyfairgrounds interviews the Western KY State Fair in Hopkinsville. The interview is with Tony Meacham, long time Board member about the 70th fair running. We talk about what goes on at the fair and how happy they are to be back.
08:59 6/20/21
Countyfairgrounds presents the WV Interstate Fair 2021
Countyfairgrounds presents Russ and I talked about the 48th WV Interstate Fair which starts on June 22nd. They have one price admission allows for family entertainment at an affordable price. There are a lot of contests and things for kids. There is a new carnival this year. There is a Kid's Day and a senior Citizen Day.
14:09 6/17/21
Mississippi State Fair 2020 presented by Countyfairgrounds
The Mississippi State Fair runs Oct. 7th-18th, 2020. This is a pre-fair podcast interview with Mississippi Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce - Andy Gipson, about how they are handling COVID and what is old and new at this years fair. Presented by Countyfairgrounds
15:42 10/7/20
AgrAbility with Paul Jones presented by Countyfairgrounds
AgrAbility State Fair - with CoolKay and Paul Jones - a Virtual State fair - providing resources and information for farmers, ranchers, and other agricultural workers who are working in production agriculture with a disability, functional limitation, or health condition.
13:12 10/1/20
Countyfairgrounds Interviews the TAFE 2020
Countyfairgrounds interviews the TAFE and Chris Shivers, Executive Director about what the TAFE is and what it does and what is going to happen at this years convention in Galveston
13:09 1/4/20
NC State Fair 2019
North Carolina State Fair is coming up starting on the 17th of Oct. This is a pre fair interview -, that talks about parking, gate access the carnival and of course fair food. ANAND what is new and exciting at this years fair. Interview with Heather Overton
19:29 10/12/19
Pensacola Interstate Fair Florida
The Pensacola Interstate Fair starts soon. They have an attendance of over 250,000 and have been around for 84 years. This is an interview with Public information officer Dondi Frenkcl about what is new and exciting this year. We also talk about parking, fair food, entertainrment and their Scavenger Hunt!
16:26 10/8/19
Tulsa State Fair Oklahoma 2019
pre-fair interview with Amanda Blair - CEO - 11 days of Awesome . The Fair opens on Sept. 26th - and runs for 11 days. They have over a million in attendance. This fair also has a map - for you when you buy your tickets at the gate. Disney On Ice and a 5K Corn Dog run too. LOTS to do and see and plenty of new washroom facilities.
18:02 9/19/19
Kansas State Fair 2019
Pre-Fair interview with Amy Bickel m Director of Marketing and Public Relations - Everything you need to know about this years fair - we discuss what there is for kids under 12 to do and seniors . We discuss parking and their themed event days and their concerts. We also talk about 4-H buildings and fair food.
16:35 8/25/19
Missouri State Fair 2019
Interview with Mark Wolfe, Executive Director about the 2019 Missouri State Fair which opens on August 8th. We talk about parking and what is good for seniors, their fair map and what there is for children under 12 to do. And, We talk about Mark's favorite a foot long corndog!
16:28 8/3/19
Ohio State Fair 2019
Pre-Fair Interview with Alicia Shoults, Marketing and Public Relations Director, we discuss the fair entrance, stuff for seniors and kids under 12, their website and fair entertainment . The fair has a website that is very map oriented and you can find things easily on your phone . Looks like ten days of pure fun!
15:05 7/19/19
Puyallup Spring Fair, WA 2019
The Puyallup Spring Fair starts on April 11th and runs thru the 14th. This is a pre-fair interview with Stacy Van Horne, Public Relations Manager. We talk a bit about the history of the fair, fair foods and what there is for kids and seniors to do. There is a lot of work that goes [...]The post Puyallup Spring Fair, WA 2019 appeared first on
13:36 4/9/19
Florida State Fair 2019
Discover the Fun at the Florida State Fair Pre Fair interview with the Assistant Manager of the Florida State Fair - Mick Rogalsky    The post Florida State Fair 2019 appeared first on
13:17 2/7/19
Arkansas State Fair 2018
Arkansas State Fair October 11-21st in Little Rock Concerts October 11th & 12th - Charlie Daniels October 13th - POD October 14th - GINUWINE October 15th - The Big Talent Show October 17th - RATT October 18th - Stokley October 19th - POP EVIL October 20th - Mark Chesnutt & Red Head Express October 21st [...]The post Arkansas State Fair 2018 appeared first on
14:35 10/8/18
South Carolina State Fair 2018
The South Carolina State Fair runs from October 10th through the 21st, 2018. The theme this year is "Homegrown Fun!" South Carolina State Fair - Pre-Fair Interview with Nancy Smith, Fair Manager The post South Carolina State Fair 2018 appeared first on
17:07 10/5/18