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The Be Your Own Boss (BYOB) Podcast

Blake and Jacob Morgan met at a conference ten years ago and it was love at first sight. One month later Blake packed a suitcase and moved to SF to be with Jacob. They've been inseparable ever since but it wasn't always easy. They have weathered many disappointments and wins together whether that was short-term jobs, layoffs, failed businesses, rejections and everything in-between. They've taken their critical lessons learned and turned them into a new co-hosted podcast teaching you to Be Your Own Boss, because that's exactly what they've each done in their own way. Jacob has had his own business for 13 years, and Blake for almost 5. They both laughingly deem themselves unemployable, and have figured out how to work for themselves. They want to give you the short-cuts so you don't have to struggle. Jacob has written five published books and Blake has published two books. They have presented at hundreds of conferences, built and sold online products, have their content viewed by millions each year, and even enjoy sitting side by side every single day as they navigate the sometimes unpredictable and rough waters of self-employment. They've learned how to manage entrepreneurship, marriage, parenthood and much more. This podcast brings you the insights and stories on how they did it - Blake and Jacob want to make life easier for you as you navigate your own road to self-employment and entrepreneurship, whether it's a distant dream or something you've already started on now.


Why You Need to Understand Different Aspects of Your Business 04:03 06/13/2022
How To Publish Unlimited Content and Expand Your Reach 06:07 05/30/2022
5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Be An Entrepreneur 14:39 05/23/2022
If You're Bossy You Should Be An Entrepreneur 03:53 05/09/2022
Why It's Ok To Quit 05:22 04/25/2022
7 Mantras To Help You Accomplish The Hard Tasks Everyday 11:00 04/11/2022
How A Starbucks Coffee Made Me An Entrepreneur 07:48 03/28/2022
The Number One Way To Avoid Self Sabotage 03:43 03/14/2022
There Is No Substitute For Hard Work 04:38 02/28/2022
3 Tips To Help You Set Boundaries 05:37 02/21/2022
What To Do When You're Being Asked To Work For Free? 05:49 02/14/2022
3 Tips to Upsell Your Customers & Make More Money 06:40 02/07/2022
How To Get 1 Million Followers on Social Media 34:16 02/02/2022
How Entrepreneurship Changed My Life 07:56 01/31/2022
How to Deal with Failure & Challenges as an Entrepreneur 39:13 01/26/2022
Why You Should Have An Immigrant Mentality 06:01 01/24/2022
Hard Truths About Raising Capital For Your StartUp Business 38:27 01/19/2022
7 Ways To Take Control Over Your Technology 06:26 01/17/2022
Why Every Entrepreneur Needs To Be a Storyteller and How To Become One 37:10 01/12/2022
What New Things Are You Going To Do in 2022 To Grow? 17:34 01/05/2022
How My Biggest Weakness Built A 7 Figure Business 04:28 01/03/2022
5 Things I Learned As A Business Owner & Entrepreneur In 2021 21:44 12/29/2021
3 Strategies For Getting Repeat Customers 03:12 12/27/2021
How To Turn Your Content Into A Profitable Business 36:03 12/22/2021
8 Ways To Conquer Depression 08:39 12/20/2021
Alli Webb’s Advice to Entrepreneurs on Giving Up Control 50:47 12/15/2021
There's No Such Thing As Mistake 04:04 12/13/2021
How Sarah Smith Created A Camping Community With A New Sign-Up Every 2 Minutes! 37:52 12/08/2021
11 Tips For Moms To Avoid Burnout 09:32 12/06/2021
How Kelley Higney Went All In On Bug Bite Thing--And Scored A Deal On Shark Tank 39:02 12/01/2021