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This podcast is dedicated to providing the key ingredients to transform your employees into a dream team that creates consistent results in every aspect of the business including; team empowerment, leadership, business development, communication hiring, and firing. As some of the country’s leading staffing & management consultants, we help business owners (Entrepreneurs) and the team that support them (Intrapreneurs) to powerfully connect and work together to grow the business, together.


176: Marketing Execution Mistakes
Everybody loves to talk about marketing. Companies will pay thousands of dollars for the chance to have their product catch your eye, but when they are looking at the results they aren’t seeing the money come back. Today’s guest is Amber Gray, the CEO of Trusty Oaks. Amber joins the host Molly McGrath to discuss how companies can better spend those marketing dollars.   Takeaways:  When looking at hiring new people, you want to hire people who are passionate about what they do and want to be a part of the company, not just people who are looking for a paycheck. A virtual assistant is a great person who can manage some of the essential steps in a project that you don’t want to give to a marketing person. Collaboration always wins. It’s essential that the team members at your company work together to make sure a project is going smoothly. Having fractional experts can help to have employees work better in certain aspects that they are stronger in. Meanwhile, the fractional expert can focus on their zone of genius and bring more value to your company.  There are 5 levels of delegation that range from asking someone to do a task exactly as it is documented and don’t deviate from it all the way to level 5 which telling someone to do something and fully trusts they will get it done the best way possible. When working with a virtual assistant, it’s important to talk about the tasks that you will need them for and then they can help you find someone who would be the best fit.   Quote of the Show: "Building a Million Dollar Business for less than $1K a month. Not a bad ROI."   Links: Twitter: ambergrayATX LinkedIn: Website: Bootcamp Link: Testimonials:   Ways to Tune In: Amazon Music - Apple Podcast - Spotify - Google Podcast - Stitcher - YouTube -   Hire & Empower is produced by Ringmaster, on a mission to create connections through B2B podcasts. Learn more at
31:10 10/04/2022
175: Being held Accountable and Being Attacked are NOT the same thing.
When someone gives you their word, that should mean something. Once you say that you will do something, you are held accountable for it and are expected to get it done. Today, the host of the show and the Founder of Hiring and Empowering Solutions, Molly McGrath talks about what it means to be accountable to someone and how it is different from being attacked.    Takeaways: At the end of the day, you are responsible for your tasks getting done. You don’t need to let people walk all over you. You have to fight like hell to get whatever you need to get your job done.  Holding people accountable can be uncomfortable but it’s important of work. Accountability is not done to you, it’s done for you and to make sure the client is happy at the end of the day. There are 11 “rules of engagement” to follow when you are working on holding someone accountable and these will help keep everyone on track and know what they are responsible for. Members of a team need to embrace each other and understand that if there is a deliverable that needs to be met or you say you will do something by a certain date, then it will be done. Accountability helps to keep a team together and focused on the task at hand. If they are being held responsible then it’s more likely that it will get done knowing that they are going to need to answer for it. As a leader, it’s your job to create a culture of accountability and to make sure everyone falls in line with it.    Quote of the Show: "Holding people accountable is uncomfortable. What's worse is having people fail because you won't coach, confront or correct them."   Links: LinkedIn: Website: Bootcamp Link:   Ways to Tune In: Amazon Music - Apple Podcast - Spotify - Google Podcast - Stitcher - YouTube - Hire & Empower is produced by Ringmaster, on a mission to create connections through B2B podcasts. Learn more at
19:15 09/27/2022
174: The Truth About Stress & Strategy
Have you ever wondered what your employees really think? It’s important to hear what others that work with you think and what people are saying and thinking about employers in this day and age. Join the host of the show and the Founder of Hiring And Empowering Solutions, Molly McGrath, as she explains how to handle stress and have a good strategy with your employees.    Takeaways:  Everybody says they are busy and stressed, but that is not the case. If you are busy and stressed, you need to look at why you are stressed and see how you can ease your burdens. Turnover is a part of any business. You don’t want a high turnover rate but it doesn’t hurt to be honest with someone during the onboarding process about turnover.  The ultimate goal is that you don’t want to burn out. It’s easier to burn yourself out but you don’t want to be going home at night complaining about work and saying how stressed you are. If that’s the case, you need to leave that job. There is a big difference between stress and strategy. Stress is like an alert system to your body, while if you are thinking of ways to make a process better at work that is more strategic.  When you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed, that means that is time for a strategy to step in. You can ask your co-workers to help you with your workload to take some stress off of your plate.  “Future Pulling” is when you can’t stop thinking of work outside of work, which doesn’t allow you to take time to relax and mentally recover.  Don’t be afraid to talk to somebody because they are busy. A good manager can take the time to talk to others at the office.    Quote of the Show: "Eradicate the words Busy & Stressed from your language and watch your entire business transform. Overnight. Guaranteed."   Links: LinkedIn: Website: Bootcamp Link:   Ways to Tune In: Amazon Music - Apple Podcast - Spotify - Google Podcast - Stitcher - YouTube - Hire & Empower is produced by Ringmaster, on a mission to create connections through B2B podcasts. Learn more at
22:47 09/19/2022
173: Traditional Law Firms are about to get their Asses Kicked
Today’s guest is passionate about helping entrepreneurs grow and protect their businesses. Andrew Legrand is the Business Attorney at Spera Law Group LLC. Andrew was inspired to help others from a young age and he knew that he wanted to leverage current technology and try to be paperless. Andrew joins the host Molly McGrath to talk about the core values of his company and how to retain employees.   Takeaways:  Being a lawyer can be stressful and often time people tend to bring work home with them, so it’s important to live your best life. Take time off if you need it and focus on taking care of yourself mentally.  Communication is key when working at any company. It’s better to over-communicate and make sure that everything is crystal clear rather than leave something unsaid or open to interpretation. Pay attention to the small details. When creating documents for clients, make sure that all the details are correct and that you are using the proper pronouns in the document as well. Employees like to have the freedom and flexibility that smaller businesses have to offer, and it’s important to make sure that their needs are being met. They no longer are looking at just the pay but also the company culture. If you are dealing with high turnover or having retention issues, that means that it is a management problem. That requires a deeper level of self-reflection to figure out what the issue is. A business coach can be helpful to see where the flaws might be in your business and help to figure out how to solve the problems. It’s a good idea to reward and recognize people in your company who are showing examples of actually embracing the core values. Quote of the Show: "Extraordinary Entrepreneurs, Leaders and Employees walk the talk of REAL Core Values that Excite you to go to work each and every day." Links: LinkedIn: Website: Ways to Tune In: Amazon Music - Apple Podcast - Spotify - Google Podcast - Stitcher - YouTube -   Hire & Empower is produced by Ringmaster, on a mission to create connections through B2B podcasts. Learn more at
46:34 09/13/2022
172: Cryptocurrency Law Issues
In this week’s episode, we take a look at a topic that is very popular right now, cryptocurrency and blockchain! Anthony Garcia is the Cryptocurrency Legal Consultant at The Anthony A Garcia Law Firm. Anthony joins the host Molly McGrath to talk about some of the biggest issues and questions about cryptocurrency.    Takeaways: Crypto is very similar to a bearer asset, where whoever is holding it currently is considered to be the owner.   An issue with Cryptocurrency is that since it is pretty anonymous, anyone who has access to the private keys for it can take it from you and claim it as their own. Since the network for blockchain is decentralized, it creates an issue of trusting where in the blockchain you might be getting the crypto from, which makes devalues the trust in the currency.  When dealing with crypto, you never want to share any information about your private keys. Those are essential the keys that protect your crypto from being stolen by someone else.  Private keys are stored in a set of 12 or 24 varying numbers of code that are generated at the time you create your crypto wallet.  If you don’t include crypto as part of your estate plan and then something bad happens to you, you could lose the crypto assets that you had.  At the end of the day, crypto is just another form of asset and it’s important to treat them as you would treat any other asset.   Quote of the Show: "Cryptocurrency is disrupting and revolutionizing the practice of law!"   Links: LinkedIn: Website: Ways to Tune In: Amazon Music - Apple Podcast - Spotify - Google Podcast - Stitcher - YouTube -   Hire & Empower is produced by Ringmaster, on a mission to create connections through B2B podcasts. Learn more at
32:57 09/06/2022
171: The Attorney Abuse Must Stop
Today’s guest is focused on providing groundbreaking, value-driven solutions to continue growing the practice of law. She is driven by her beliefs in technological innovation and working with Lawfecta has put me at the forefront of issues affecting Legal Professionals in the technology realm. Stacey Lake is the Founder and CEO of LawWurk. Stacey joins the host Molly McGrath to talk about how you can better treat your attorneys.   Takeaways: Sometimes people forget that attorneys are also human beings and they need to be treated with respect.  When working with a team, you want to give your employees the option to have anonymous feedback to see how you can improve. Self-reflection is an important part of being a boss. The energy that you bring into the room with it will affect how the conversation is going to end up. You have to give your team the respect of time, effort, attention, collaboration, and communication. That will show them that you value them as a member of the team. As a leader, it’s important to keep yourself knowledgeable in leadership and look for thought leaders within your team. If you have a high turnover rate at your company, your customers and others will notice that as well and take note of how you treat people. The energy at a law firm starts with the owner. The attitude of the owner has a trickle-down effect and it can reach all the employees, so have a positive attitude.   Quote of the Show: “Your words Impact people and your work!”   Links: LinkedIn: Website:   Ways to Tune In: Amazon Music - Apple Podcast - Spotify - Google Podcast - Stitcher - YouTube - Hire & Empower is produced by Ringmaster, on a mission to create connections through B2B podcasts. Learn more at
56:05 08/30/2022
170: The Answer is at your Front Desk
In any law firm, there is one person who is an unsung hero and contributes more than you could ever imagine to the team. That would be the person who sits at your front desk. It’s the most important position in not just law firms but in any business really. Join the host Molly McGrath as she shines a light on the receptionist position and how important hiring the right person for that position can be.   Takeaways: The answer to every problem you have in your business is in the room. Just look at the person at the front desk and they will be able to help you. Every time you look at the filling cabinet and you get stressed out and not sure how to deal with it, the front desk person can help you clean it up and make it nice and clean. A good front desk employee can help to organize you and get you motivated to get back on track for a project. The receptionist is the one who talks with the clients and knows what they want, so they can help you figure out a better way to reach out to them. Make time to sit down and talk with the receptionist and be as honest and authentic as you can be and make them feel included in the company.  Don’t be afraid to ask the front desk person about what they see in their role and how you can better serve them. It’s important to know if the person at the front desk is capable of giving you ideas or bantering and being a part of the company.   Quote of the Show: "Share what's waking you up at 2 a.m. and a rockstar CSC will go to battle for you."   Links: LinkedIn: Website:   Ways to Tune In: Amazon Music - Apple Podcast - Spotify - Google Podcast - Stitcher - YouTube - Hire & Empower is produced by Ringmaster, on a mission to create connections through B2B podcasts. Learn more at
24:32 08/23/2022
169: Strategic Planning: How to Build a Results Cycle Law Firm
Today’s guest spent several years at a consulting firm coaching over 350 doctors, lawyers, and other professionals until she decided she had enough. Melissa Shanahan is the Founder of Velocity Work and the host of The Law Firm Owner Podcast. Melissa joins host Molly McGrath to talk about how to build high cycle results for your law firm.   Takeaways:  There are many law firm owners out there that are ready to take on clients and work but they need guidance on how to run their business. It’s important to have accountability when it comes to running your law firm. You have to take ownership of your business. Most law firm owners are looking for a way to feel organized and feel more in control of the things that are happening around them. You don’t need to be hyper-focused on a certain issue. Hold yourself accountable and bring in others to help you solve the issue. Fun team-building activities shouldn’t replace serious planning for the next quarter. You can still have fun but the serious work needs to be done. Your business is either in a low result cycle or a high result cycle. You can’t be in the middle.  There are three parts to success; know what you are aiming for, make a well-thought-out deliberate plan, and you have to honor your plan. Quote of the Show: “There are Low Results Cycle and High Results Cycle in Business. Where is your Firm today?" Links: LinkedIn: Website: Podcast: Ways to Tune In: Amazon Music - Apple Podcast - Spotify - Google Podcast - Stitcher - YouTube - Hire & Empower is produced by Ringmaster, on a mission to create connections through B2B podcasts. Learn more at
39:26 08/16/2022
168: The Secret of Today’s Leaders
Today’s guest is an expert in the field of leadership. She is the host of the podcast Mind Your Leadership and the Author of Mindfully Wise Leadership. Dr. Keren Tsuk is the CEO & Founder of Wisdom to Lead. Dr. Keren joins host Molly McGrath to talk about insightful leadership tools and how to better ourselves as leaders.   Takeaways: As a leader, it’s ok to pause for a minute. Even if it is doing yoga for 3 minutes between meetings it helps to clear your mind. It’s ok to be vulnerable. Sometimes the answer isn’t always clear but showing that you are human too can help motivate your team. Go through the company and find time to speak with your employees and greet them. It will help to create a positive atmosphere at your workplace. At the end of the day, we have to manage ourselves better. It’s important to increase your self-awareness and avoid being upset by certain things.  It’s important to be present in your company. You need to show up and make it known that you care about your company and culture and then others will too. Quote of the Show: "You can hold tensions and create a culture that enables a flow experience at the same time.” Links: LinkedIn: Website: Book Link: Podcast: Ways to Tune In: Amazon Music - Apple Podcast - Spotify - Google Podcast - Stitcher - YouTube - Hire & Empower is produced by Ringmaster, on a mission to create connections through B2B podcasts. Learn more at
21:36 08/09/2022
167: Treating 1099 Contractors as W-2 Employees
Today’s guest is here to talk about the change in how to treat 1099 contractors just like your regular employees. Russell Farbiarz is the Partner at Antanavage Farbiarz PLLC. He sees the importance of building a good culture in your firm and has found a unique way to do so. Russell joins host Molly McGrath to talk about how people can treat their contracted employees just like the other employees that come in everyday.    Takeaways:  With 1099 employees, you don’t impose a schedule on them so you want to find times that work for them for a 1-1. You want to have weekly one on one meetings with your employees to evaluate where they are at and get everyone on the same page.  When it comes to building a culture in your firm, you want to bring those 1099 employees into that as well. If you give your employees undivided attention and pour positive feedback into them, they will rise to any occasion and go above and beyond. In this labor market, it’s easier to work with people than to try to replace people. Invest into the employees and contractors you already have. With virtual contractors, there needs to be a lot of communication and make sure that they are aware of the work that needs to be done. You don’t have to hire a full time virtual assistant, you can change their hours depending on how much work there is for them to do.  Quote of the Show: 6:48 “In terms of building a team and building a team culture, I have found it to be incredibly important to bring those 10 99 into that culture and integrate them into the company or the firm that we're creating.” Links: LinkedIn: Website: Ways to Tune In: Amazon Music - Apple Podcast - Spotify - Google Podcast - Stitcher - YouTube - Hire & Empower is produced by Ringmaster, on a mission to create connections through B2B podcasts. Learn more at
33:29 08/02/2022
166: Success Blocks Holding Entrepreneurs Back
Today’s guest has spent 17 years as a therapist and over 16 years of practicing in E-F-T. She releases subconscious blocks holding entrepreneurs and business leaders back from leveling up their business. Nancy Linnerooth is the Owner and EFT/Tapping Expert at Unblock Results. Nancy joins host Molly McGrath to talk about how to unblock your subconscious blocks.   Takeaways:  There are three main frameworks for entrepreneurs: MVP - Mindsets,Visibility, and Profitability.   So many people have subconscious blocks that prevent them from asking about getting more money or getting more clients.  Once you uncover your blocks, if you tap on your acupressure points then it will take it away from you subconscious. Anything that is happening in your personal life or business life can affect how your company is doing.  It only takes a few minutes to take the time to practice tapping and using that to lower your stress level. People feel like they can’t hire until they are making more money, but if you hire someone before then that opens you up to make more money in the future. People tend to internalize how hard you have to work, especially by feeling like they have to stay later hours and be more stressed. Quote of the Show: 8:27 “I've broken it into this framework of MVP. So M is for mindsets, V is visibility, and then P is profitability.” Links: Twitter: LinkedIn: Website: Ways to Tune In: Amazon Music - Apple Podcast - Spotify - Google Podcast - Stitcher - Hire & Empower is produced by Ringmaster, on a mission to create connections through B2B podcasts. Learn more at
46:18 07/26/2022
165: Why Clients want the Convenience Factor
Susan Guthrie is the Co-Founder of Mosten Guthrie Academy. She is nationally recognized as one of the Top Family Law and Mediation Attorneys in the U.S. Susan has been helping individuals and families navigate divorce and separation for 30 years. Susan joins host Molly McGrath to talk about the advantage of virtual work and an online presence.    Takeaways:  Clients love the convenience of being online. If you make your services more readily available online you will see more clients come your way. Covid helped law firms realize the importance of having your online presence be highly visible. Clients will find you outdated if you make sure that all meetings are in person. It’s ok to work with their schedule and have virtual meetings. You are more likely to stand out from the rest of the market if you are more willing to use virtual meetings and technology to your benefit. Learning to mediate is important but it’s also important to know how to set up a practice with proper plans in place.  Online training is a great way to develop your skills further. There are plenty of online groups with other attorneys that will help you. Most attorneys have a very busy schedule, which doesn’t allow them the time to sit down and think creatively about how they are reaching out to people. Quote of the Show:   7:44 “Clients are going to find you a little bit outdated and backwards if you're insisting that everything must take place in person.”   Links: Twitter: LinkedIn: Website: Podcast: Ways to Tune In: Amazon Music - Apple Podcast - Spotify - Google Podcast - Stitcher - YouTube -   Hire & Empower is produced by Ringmaster, on a mission to create connections through B2B podcasts. Learn more at
47:45 07/19/2022
163: Why Employers are Frustrated with Employees
In today’s day and age, it is difficult to see that the employee and employer are on the same page. But it is important for everyone to work together no matter what level they are on. Molly McGrath, the Founder of Hiring and Empowering Solutions, sits down to talk about why there is frustration between employees and employers and how to fix the issues.    Takeaways: The employer and employee both want the same thing, but it may not seem so when they work across from each other. Employees might come across as though they aren’t engaged, but if you give them the resources they need they will step up to the plate.  As an employee, don’t be afraid to go up to your employer and ask for clarification and to communicate that you are on the same page. Your team isn’t broken or they don’t care, they just need to feel that they are a part of a community.  You can’t expect employees to show up and be engaged when they aren’t given the same goals and resources for success. If you want more from your team, give your team the access they need to be successful. Join a community and build relationships with people who have achieved or exceeded what you are doing. Quote of the Show:   8:11 “Being in a community with people ahead of us in knowledge, skill and performance will exponentially improve the game.”   Links: LinkedIn: Website: Ways to Tune In: Amazon Music - Apple Podcast - Spotify - Google Podcast - Stitcher -
16:56 07/05/2022
162: "Built to Sell: What it takes to BUY & SELL REMARKABLE COMPANIES"
Setting a goal for your business is incredibly important. You want to see the growth in your company scale it to bigger than when it started. Today’s guest can help you with exactly that. Susan Frew is the Business Growth Director and Professional Speaker at Raincatcher. Susan is also the author of Compete on Awesome Not on Price. Susan joins host Molly McGrath to talk about what it takes to buy and sell remarkable companies.   Takeaways:    Regardless of how long you are planning to exit your business, it’s never too soon to begin planning for it. There’s only two ways to exit a business; planned or unplanned, and you want to go with the first option. When working on your business plan, you should keep in mind in the future that you plan to sell the company so how can you get there. It’s important to walk through the steps of how you will get your business ready to be sold.  A monthly recurring revenue is going to help any company exponentially in your sale because it proves your company works. You want to look at the growth potential of your company, the financial performance and you want to make sure you aren’t too reliant on one customer or employee.  Quote of the Show:   7:51 “Most people don't realize that whatever you can do for a monthly recurring revenue is going to help you exponentially in your sales because now people are like “I can walk in Monday and keep making money right away.””   Links:   LinkedIn: Website: Book Link: Ways to Tune In:   Amazon Music - Apple Podcast - Spotify - Google Podcast - Stitcher - YouTube -
29:06 06/28/2022
161: Becoming a Subject Matter Expert
Cali Franks is the Programs Attorney at Lawline. She is also a published author. She is a legal problem solver and well versed in counseling clients and making legal jargon easier to understand. Cali joins host Molly McGrath to talk about Lawline’s unique business model.   Takeaways: You want to empower your attorneys and lawyers and other members of your legal team. That will help you to retain employees. Lawline can provide education for attorneys and it can bring a new insight to lawyers and provide more context to an issue. In this tight market, most people will need to be trained and you can’t expect people to show and be experts in what you want right off the bat.  Having a debriefing session can allow people to really sit down and figure out what more information they might need to know to be an expert. Lawline finds the balance between learning from others at your firm and also giving advice to people while hearing their real world cases and how it can be practically solved. You want to be able to link to a video that shows you explaining a subject as that shows that you do understand and anyone can access the link. SEO keywords are a big way to get new clients as a lot of people will go onto google and look at the first few links, so if you do it properly your content should be first.  Quote of the Show:   12:44  “It's particularly exciting when you see other attorneys that are in your firm, staring back at you with the other screen, to tell you kind of what you need to learn, while also getting great exposure from the 160,000 plus other views subscribers that we have. I think it's a really great, happy medium to find that.” Links: LinkedIn: Website: Ways to Tune In: Amazon Music - Apple Podcast - Spotify - Google Podcast - Stitcher -
32:10 06/21/2022
160: Be That Lawyer
Steve Fretzin is the President of Fretzin Inc as well as the host of the “Be That Lawyer” podcast. Steve actually isn’t a lawyer by trade but after finding out that lawyers made up the vast majority of his business he decided to work with the legal industry and help them get the results they want. He is also the survivor of a horrible plane crash, which motivated to live everyday. Steve joins host Molly McGrath to talk about how to not sound as sales-y to potential clients.   Takeaways:  When building up your client list, you need to have the soft skills to talk to them such as relationship building, question, qualifying, and listening. Most Attorneys are afraid of coming off too much like a salesperson and that will prevent them from landing more clients. You need to be motivated, committed and coachable when it comes to learning how to get more clients. It takes time to learn. If you want to become a great lawyer, you need to put the time in and practice over and over again. When it comes to learning, paying attention is a key aspect of it. You won’t retain the information if you don’t pay attention. If you are not motivated in your business then you won’t be focused, and if you aren’t focused your business will suffer. It’s ok to fail at something, as long as you make it a learning experience and figure out why it didn’t work. Quote of the Show:   12:06: “Learning comes at a cost and part of the cost is paying attention.” Links: LinkedIn: Website: Book Link: Ways to Tune In: Amazon Music - Apple Podcast - Spotify - Google Podcast - Stitcher -
45:16 06/16/2022
159: How Entrepreneurial Law Firms Accept and Manage Money With Dan Lear of Gravity Legal.
Dan heads up marketing and partnerships at Gravity Legal. He is also the host of the “Financially Legal Podcast”. Dan sees the problem that entrepreneurial law firms have and decided that he would launch his own podcast to help them understand how to accept and manage money. Dan joins host Molly McGrath to share his tips on how to run an entrepreneurial law firm.   Takeaways:  You shouldn’t have to go to your practice management system to manage your clients and practice and then have a separate one for payment. You want to get paid in as few systems as possible. There’s technology out there that allows you to transfer money from your operating account to another account without having to write a papercheck. Writing out a papercheck and going to the bank to make a deposit is a waste of energy and time for you. There is a pushback on the cost of payment processing because it takes up to 3% of revenue, but attorneys often fail to collect on 20 - 40% of what they bill out. Consumers are increasingly used to using apps and not using cards or checks to pay, so you need to be able to take all forms of payment. It’s harder to scale your company if you are having a person send out invoices rather than having a link to the invoice so someone can pay online. To reduce barriers and make it easier for clients, try to have their payment information mesmerized in a system so they don’t have to type out the card information all the time. Quote of the Show:   10:27 “At a high level firm, one of the pieces of pushback that I often get is the cost of payment processing. I get that 3% of revenue feels like a lot, but what's crazy is lawyers often fail to collect anywhere from 20 to 40 to 50% of what they bill out. So they're super worried about that 3%, but more than happy to let half of their revenue walk out the door.” Links: LinkedIn: Website: Ways to Tune In: Amazon Music - Apple Podcast - Spotify - Google Podcast - Stitcher -
37:51 06/14/2022
158: Raising the Bar for Wellness in the Legal Industry
Gayle Damiano is the Founder of Legal Ease Wellness. After struggling with addiction herself, Gayle has seen the damage it can cause to a persona and their job. She joins host Molly McGrath to talk about the pressures of the legal industry and how to handle it and avoid falling into dangerous habits.    Takeaways:  The legal industry can be a high stress environment which can lead to people to find a solution for the stress in dangerous ways. It’s best to address these head on rather than avoiding it. Attorneys face a crushing amount of work that can lead to a high rate of burnout or addiction as well. The legal space is a male dominated industry and that can be difficult on women, which in turn can lead to them getting a bad reputation. There are more men now who are willing to admit that they are struggling with depression or addiction because of the stress at work.  Don’t be afraid to let people see your emotions. It’s ok to be yourself and sharing your pain can be very helpful. Sit down with your team and tell them how you are feeling. This will help to build a strong team that can help each other.  There are so many people doing great things, and it’s important to amplify the those good things and support them. Quote of the Show: 17:52 “To show vulnerability is a super strength. And to be able to use it in a way that's going to connect you with other human beings and move the ball forward, I say it's a super power.”  Links: Twitter: LinkedIn: Website: Ways to Tune In: Amazon Music - Apple Podcast - Spotify - Google Podcast - Stitcher -
47:21 06/09/2022
157: How to Negotiate Like a CEO
Jotham Stein is the Principal of the Law Offices at Jotham Stein. He has more than 25 years of experience representing everyone from CEO to lower level employees at a company. He’s also the author of “Negotiate like a CEO”. Jotham encourages every employee to protect yourself in employment wherever you can. Jotham joins host Molly McGrath to talk about how employees can think and negotiate similar to a CEO.      Takeaways:  The most important thing is to negotiate and think like a CEO. Most CEOs have protective agreements to negotiate with the board to get severance if they get fired. You want to think ahead and plan for the worst but hope for the best. Protect yourself if possible.  There are many companies that are older that have plans for what to give an employee once they are fired, but younger companies don’t have that.  Go into every situation with your eyes wide open. Find out everything they can about a company so you know what the company is really like. If you have leverage, use that to negotiate something to protect yourself in case you don’t stay at the company.  It costs time, energy and money to hire and train someone. Sometimes managers don’t want someone at a company so they don’t train them properly but if the subordinate is well coached and respected they will go and get a job somewhere else.  When it comes to the interview process, you want to make sure that you keep your emotions in check as that can be a negative or positive reflection on the person. Quote of the Show: 5:14 “The most important thing that you can do as the new employee, whether they're at the newbie level where they've just gotten out of college, all the way up to the C-suite level and to the CEO, is to negotiate and think like the CEO.”   Links: LinkedIn: Book Link:,t%20get%20taken%20advantage%20of. Ways to Tune In: Amazon Music - Apple Podcast - Spotify - Google Podcast - Stitcher -
31:59 06/07/2022
156: The 5 Mistakes Employers are making that can Land you In Legal Trouble
Karly Wannos is the Managing Partner of The Wannos Law Firm, PA. She is also the host of “The Employment Experience” podcast, where Karly talks about workplace solutions for HR and businesses. Karly joins host Molly McGrath to talk about properly terminating employees and handling work at will employees.   Takeaways:  A lot of states are “at will” employment states, which means you can fire an employee at any time for any reason or no reason at all but it can’t be in violation of the law. A decrease in pay or failure to promote an employee properly can be used in a retaliation claim by a fired employee. In terms of employment cases, it often comes down to a “he said, she said” situation and you can avoid that by having documented evidence.  When it comes to calling in sick, make sure you actually pick up the phone and call or send an email, do not send a text. It is on the employer to provide reasonable accommodations to the employee to do their job if they have a disability.  You don’t necessarly have to send a rejection letter for legal purposes, but if you do you want to make sure you aren’t during someone away because of discriminatory reasons. When hiring people, make sure they understand the potential hire understands what is expected of them in terms of the job hours and what they will do. Quote of the Show:   8:12 “Documentation is so important and that's because in employment cases, it's a lot of he said, she said.” Links: LinkedIn: Website: Podcast: Ways to Tune In: Amazon Music - Apple Podcast - Spotify - Google Podcast - Stitcher -
41:18 06/02/2022
155: The Subscription Attorney: The Secret Sauce to the Legal Subscription Model
Mathew Kerbis is the Founding Attorney of Subscription He is also the host of the “Law Subscribed” podcast. Most law firms don’t work on a subscription based model but after working with a few firms, Mathew saw the light and realized that you can make a law practice work based on tiers and subscriptions. Mathew joins host Molly McGrath to talk about how to make a subscription model work in your law firm.   Takeaways:  Lawyers are considered too expensive for the general public. This comes from the debt from going to law school and when they get out, they charge a large rate to make the most money to pay off the loans. A subscription model allows you to scale your business in a better and more efficient way rather than any other model. It allows you to take on more clients with less hires. Fostering relationships is a great way to build your business and clients as well. You want to get involved in the community and it’s easier than ever with all the apps now. Be nice to everybody and be somebody that people can rely on. Then when people are going to need your services they will be more likely to pay for them. You have to be thinking about what your clients are getting out of paying a monthly amount for legal services. Anytime you talk with a client, you want to get what they have to say in writing so that you can always go back to it during calls and make it unique to them. To make subscription model work perfectly you have to accept payment through debit and credit cards. Quote of the Show: 6:00 “Lawyers are just too expensive for the general public. And so what could we do about it? The subscription model is a business model that you can scale your clients and your business, unlike any other model.” Links: Twitter: LinkedIn: Website: Podcast: Ways to Tune In: Amazon Music - Apple Podcast - Spotify - Google Podcast - Stitcher -
36:05 05/31/2022
154: You are a Lawyer, What are you doing with your creativity spark?
Kyla Denanyoh is the Founder and host of the “You Are a Lawyer” podcast. Kyla has a passion for writing and fortune cookies, and used both of those passions to create a podcast where she talks with other lawyers about their jobs and careers. Kyla joins host Molly McGrath to talk about podcasts and how to make your personality shine through in each talk.   Takeaways:  You have to be consistent and persistent when it comes to podcasting. There is a lot of work going into making a podcast successful and you want to make sure you are prepared to handle it. It’s important for people to connect with the “why” they do their job. If you aren’t sure why you are doing what you do, then you aren’t passionate and that affects your work. Your education and experience is not devalued if you don’t pass the bar. It is a very complicated exam and you should still hold your head up for taking it. Storytelling is a powerful tool and there are so many people out there with great stories that they can share, so it’s important to bring those powerful stories to life Most podcasters stop their podcast after 7 episodes as they lose the passion and the drive for it, so plan to power through 7 and go above and beyond. You want to make sure that you are learning something new everyday, and you can do that by talking with people on a podcast. Reading unleashes a creative side of the brain that allows us to really explore unique options.   Quote of the Show: 13:20  “There's a number of thingsI've since realized that my law school education is not devalued. My brain is certainly not devalued because I haven't passed [the bar exam]. I have a daughter, she's one and a half and I would love to tell her I've never quit, look, mommy did it.” Links: Twitter: LinkedIn: Podcast: Book: Ways to Tune In: Amazon Music - Apple Podcast - Spotify - Google Podcast - Stitcher -
42:21 05/26/2022
153 Market to Humans Instead of Robots
John Hinson is the Editorial Director at Spotlight Branding. Companies spend too much of their time and resources focusing on SEO when there are better ways to build up your brand, and John is here to help with that. He joins host Molly McGrath to talk about how to level up your business through marketing and target the right audience.   Takeaways:  You don’t need to focus on search engine optimization. Spend time on your content and elevating your expertise.  Tap into your existing network. Smaller companies don’t have the big budgets like bigger companies to spend on ad money and you can quickly fall behind in that space.  An email list that you create of clients and customers is the most underutilized marketing asset you can have. If you do a social media post a day, a blog every month and an email every month that will create a content loop. It makes sure you aren’t forgotten.  On average, it costs 5 times more to generate business from cold leads than it does to get it from your own list. You don’t need to make your emails super complicated. You don’t need to go out and search for articles that aren’t related just to fill it up. It is so easy to be forgotten these days. It doesn’t matter how much you change someone’s life, if they haven’t heard from you in 6 months they won’t remember you. Quote of the Show:   8:26 “Your email list specifically, whether it's you as the lawyer or just what you have collected in your CRM or whatever the case is, is one of your biggest marketing assets and it's probably one of the least used and most underutilized marketing assets that a law firm has.”   Links:   LinkedIn: Website: Book: Podcast: Playbook: Ways to Tune In:   Amazon Music - Apple Podcast - Spotify - Google Podcast - Stitcher -
32:46 05/24/2022
152: Create the Longterm Employee you Want
Christian Hansen is the Founder of and the author of “The Influence Mindset”. He sees a unique way to get your employee to feel connected to the employer and how to get them to stay for a long period of time. Christian joins host Molly McGrath to talk about how to inspire and mentor people and your employees.   Takeaways:    A problem is not a problem until someone feels something. You need to make sure that employees feel comfortable being open and honest with you.  You want to envision what your future will be like, and harness that vision and use it to motivate you to keep you going.  Building a positive relationship with a prospective hire will actually make them want to stay at your company longer.  Most people don’t know what their purpose or passion is. This doesn’t mean they are flighty but rather that they need help figuring out what they want to do. People want to have purpose in their life. If you show yourself a purpose driven employer, people are more likely to join your company.  Leaders are outfront and upfront with their employees. This will give employees more clarity and they will respect you more. Culture at a company is incredibly important. You want to make sure it is a positive work culture and feel happy to go into the office everyday.  Quote of the Show:   8:18 “I think especially in the hiring process there are huge opportunities for [employers] to build and strengthen an impression and build a relationship with a prospective hire that is going to shape the time that they're working for you.” Links:   LinkedIn: Website: Book Link: Ways to Tune In:   Amazon Music - Apple Podcast - Spotify - Google Podcast - Stitcher -
44:19 05/17/2022
151: Be Happy in Both Worlds: You can have a successful career and a happy family
Sarah Ruffi is the Owner at Ruffi Law Offices, S.C. She worked at a law firm where she was miserable and didn’t realize the impact it had on her family until she was given an ultimatum. Now she is happier and spending more time with her family while also balancing a successful career. Sarah joins host Molly McGrath to talk about the importance of balancing these two worlds.    Takeaways:    It’s important to make sure that you take time for your family as well as your career. You don’t need to sacrifice one for the other.  Many female attorneys leave the practice of law because they feel as though they are forced to choose between having a career or a family and a life.  Where focus goes, energy flows. If you only focus on the negative, then negative things will only happen in your life.  You need to take care of yourself and your family before your career. It’s easy to make yourself the victim but you need to realize how important your happiness is.  Clients will get a better product when employees are happier and committed to the work that they provide.  Don’t feel like you have to work with every client. You need to think about the kind of people that fit into your company and avoid clients that are a headache.  You want to design the layout of your office so that everyone feels comfortable walking into the office.  Quote of the Show:   18:31 “[female attorneys] are leaving for that very reason that I don't want to have to pick between having a family and having a career. And I am going to give up my career practicing law so that I can have a family and a life.” Links: LinkedIn: Website: Book Link: Ways to Tune In:   Amazon Music - Apple Podcast - Spotify - Google Podcast - Stitcher -
45:13 05/10/2022
150: The Case for virtual coworking: build a connected remote culture
Alexander Embiricos is the CEO of Remotion. In this day and age, the vast majority of companies have employees that work remotely whether it is hybrid or fully remote. It can be tricky to figure out how to work alongside these employees but today’s guest aims to change that. Alexander joins host Molly McGrath to talk about how to communicate with remote workers and embrace the remote work culture.     Takeaways:    Your employees and even your contracts can do even more if you just empower them and believe in them. The biggest thing you lose when you let go of the office is people talking to each other outside of work related needs. The human interaction of getting to know someone personally disappears.  The hardest part about remote working is that it makes creating relationships with your co-workers more difficult than normal. You want to continue to support remote workability for your employees. This allows them to work in an environment they are comfortable with and work more productively. You can create a call with your co-workers where you mute yourselves the entire time, and just casually do your work and you can unmute to talk about life. Employee retention is something that many companies struggle with but it can be solved by having a work environment that people enjoy heading into. As a leader, it is your job to structure the environment around your company. You can do little things like showing appreciation for your co-workers.   Quote of the Show:   3:44 “Your employees and even your contractors can do a lot more than they might be doing for you right now, if only you can empower them, which is to create a context where they can do what they wanna do for you and then basically get out of their way.”  Links:   Twitter: LinkedIn: Website: Ways to Tune In:   Amazon Music - Apple Podcast - Spotify - Google Podcast - Stitcher -
43:32 05/03/2022
149: Nice Girls Don't Speak Up or Stand Out: How to Make Your Voice Heard, Your Point Known, and Your Presence Felt
Dr. Lois Frankel is the President of Corporate Coaching International, the author of the best-selling book “Nice Girls Don’t Speak Up or Stand Out”, among other books. She’s also an internationally-recognized expert in the field of leadership development for women. Lois sits down with host Molly McGrath to talk about ways women can communicate in the office with their boss and other co-workers..   Takeaways:    Have people tell you about their upbringing. From that you can tell someone what they need to develop in order to best compliment their behaviors.  Nice girls are women who act according to how they were raised from their childhood.  Being nice is necessary for success, but it's not the only thing that can bring you success. Hard work comes with that as well. There are different rules for how different are supposed to communicate and those rules keep women from speaking up, which is unfair and unjust.  You can’t tell women not to get emotional. Before you get emotional or find yourself in tears, you need to deliver a message. It’s been socially acceptable to be teary but not to be angry. Chance favors the prepared mind. You want to make sure that you are ready for whatever meeting you are going into and odds are that the meeting will go well.  If no one is responding to you, don’t keep talking as people tend to tune out. Instead, use a tagline like “did I answer your question?” Quote of the Show:   7:35 “Nice is necessary for success, it’s simply not sufficient.” Links:   Twitter: LinkedIn: Website: Book Link: Ways to Tune In:   Amazon Music - Apple Podcast - Spotify - Google Podcast - Stitcher -
42:17 04/26/2022
148: 7 Steps to Master Anger and Stress!
Joseph Warren provides Elite VIP Coaching for Christian Husbands at, the host of the “Broken Catholic Podcast” and the “Your First 100K Podcast”. Clearly a man of many talents! He used to work over 100 hours a week in his early 20’s, which led to great success for him. Joseph joins host Molly McGrath to talk about how to manage your anger and stress.   Takeaways:    Society teaches men to not be voneral and push all their feelings down. This can lead to explosive outcomes and negatively affect relationships. You have to understand the problem to get to the solution. You can’t make headway on an issue if you don’t understand the source of it.  7 rocks that can kill us: mental rocks, shame rocks, business rocks, marriage rocks, parenting rocks, fitness rocks, spiritual rocks. A common issue when we realize there is a problem that needs to be dealt with, we tend to ignore it. This only makes the issue worse, you need to resolve the issue. Everyone is meant for greatness. It’s easy to believe that isn’t true but everyone has a greatness inside of them waiting to be unlocked. Anger is caused by a loss of control in a situation. This leads us to hurt others and then eventually lose everything we worked so hard for. Stop making resolutions. Instead, you should be making commitments. Resolutions aren’t as strong as a commitment and it is easily broken and not kept up with. Quote of the Show:   4:00 “Anger is good when it's applied in the right direction, but destructive when it’s not.”    Links:   LinkedIn: Website: Podcast: Book: Ways to Tune In:   Amazon Music - Apple Podcast - Spotify - Google Podcast - Stitcher -
61:15 04/20/2022
147: Nervous your legal contracts don’t cover your Outsourced bases?
Paige Hulse is the Owner and Lead Attorney at Paige Hulse Law. She is passionate about trademark law and intellectual property. Paige joins host Molly McGrath to talk about how to make yourself stand out in a tough industry and make sure your reputation is in great standing.    Takeaways:    Stand out in the legal space. Find a way to make yourself different from everyone else who is working in the same field.  Know your cliente. You want to understand what makes them tick and what they respond well to, and then you can cater your business to them. Your reputation is very important. Nothing will make or break your business like having a positive or negative reputation. Don’t be afraid to put your neck out there. You need to have your face in meetings for people to recognize you and your business. Be careful of the emotional capital that comes with litigating contracts. You need to make sure that every client is emotionally ready for that.   Ethics should be at the forefront of your mind. Don’t let your ethics flip or change, and you want to make sure you are working in the best interest of your clients.  Running your own business can be challenging. But you have to push yourself to be better and grow yourself and your company.  Quote of the Show:   9:13 “I knew from the outset and to this day, it's extremely important to me. I think it's reflected in both of my websites. I studied the people that I was catering to. I studied what made them comfortable, the language they spoke per se, like just the industry vernacular, the look, the aesthetic that they were going through. And I created a space that my clients feel extremely comfortable in and an approachable environment.” Links:   LinkedIn: Website: Ways to Tune In:   Amazon Music - Apple Podcast - Spotify - Google Podcast - Stitcher - YouTube -
52:07 04/12/2022
146: A Solution to The Paralegal Associate Attorney Crisis: The Value of Legal Nurse Consultants
Pat Iyer is an author of many books, and she is also the President and Legal Nurse Consultant of the Pat Iyer Group PLLC. She used to supply attorneys with experts and legal nurse consultants in court cases. Pat joins Molly McGrath to talk about her knowledge in the area of legal nursing consulting.     Takeaways: In the 1980’s, there was a concept that physicians could talk about nursing care and then the court systems noted that those are two different professions. All records used to be hand written so there was a considerable focus on what a piece of paper might say. Legal nurse consultants help with that.  A legal nurse consultant is more focused on the nuances and finding a way to clear up the information while a paralegal records what they see on the screen. Attorneys see the pieces of information that are missing. They want to make sure that they are not caught off guard by any secret information. You want to make sure you are able to distinguish the difference between an expert or a consultant in a case.  Quote of the Show:   11:47 “The difference is that the legal nurse consultant might look at what's missing or what are the nuances, how to interpret that information while the paralegal might be looking at what's on the screen, faithfully recording it, but not understanding the implications, always behind what's in the medical record” Links:   Twitter: LinkedIn: Website: Book Link: American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants: Ways to Tune In:   Amazon Music - Apple Podcast - Spotify - Google Podcast - Stitcher - YouTube -
23:05 04/05/2022