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Stop Doing What You Hate

Don’t be a slave to a job you hate. Easily avoid the financial planning pitfalls that have trapped so many people just like you. Harold Green, creator of the Rapid Retire Financial Planning Process reveals the insider secrets of retiring early. Beat the system and find out how you can set up a retirement plan that allows you to live life now and still invest for your future.


Turning Weakness Into Money!
In today’s episode, Harold shares his personal journey and discusses his early professional challenges and how overcoming a savior complex influenced his financial strategy.  Discover how he climbed into the top 3% of financial achievers through strategic changes and personal growth. This episode offers practical insights for anyone looking to better manage their financial future.  Join Harold as he provides tips on achieving and maintaining financial freedom. Show Highlights: How can you join the top 3%? [01:00] Are you ready to turn your weaknesses into making money? [02:41] Learn about a young entrepreneur's journey from biscuits to business. [04:10] How does your upbringing impact your mental growth? [06:00] Discover how self-study and online church transformed a life. [08:53] Discover the true purpose of serving others. [11:37] Here is what you can do when everything is going wrong. [15:18] Are you truly staying focused on your goals? [16:50]
19:56 5/23/24
The Greatest Investment Strategy Ever!
In today’s episode, Harold shares insights from his recent travels and reflects on the unpredictability of the market influenced by recent global events.  He explains the common challenges investors face with the basic yet powerful strategy of buying low and selling high, including a personal narrative on his investment decisions. Harold also discusses the significant role taxes play in investment planning.  Tune in to gain practical advice that aims to improve your investment strategy and financial well-being. Show Highlights: Discover the greatest investment strategy ever invented. [01:00] Here is a quick look at the current market situation. [02:11] Is the Fed really going to raise rates? [04:10] Why is it hard to follow the strategy of buying low and selling high? [06:02] How to profit from beaten-down stocks? [08:15] How does greed impact your investment strategies? [09:40] Discover the connection between taxes and investments. [10:28] This is how you can come out of the dilemma of paying high taxes. [13:21]
17:42 5/9/24
The 1% Myth
In this episode, Harold shares insights that could be a game changer for your investment strategy. He debunks the myth of the 1% investment management fee and highlights the importance of comprehensive financial planning services.  Through real-life examples, Harold illustrates the impact of strategic investment management and the potential returns it can generate. If you're looking to take control of your financial future and understand the true value of professional financial guidance, this episode is a must-listen.  Stay tuned for valuable insights and thought-provoking perspectives from Harold Green. Show Highlights: Debunking the 1% investment management fee myth. [02:29] This is why people end up in the 97%. [04:50] What should be the payment of investment advisors? [06:40] Here is how you can work with a financial planner. [08:48] Are you taking advantage of a hot stock market? [10:23] How can you prioritize value over quantity? [11:26] Is past performance the right indication of future results? [14:18] Can you earn money when the market is bad? [15:48]
18:13 4/11/24
97/3 - Intro
Welcome to the latest episode of "Stop Doing What You Hate" with your host, Harold Green! Today, we explore the concept of the 97/3  and what it means for your financial future. Harold walks us through how being in the 3% of Americans who retire with enough money to last a lifetime can transform your life.  From outrunning inflation to economic and mental freedom, he explains how being a part of the 3% can change everything. Join us as Harold shares insights on creating generational wealth, living life to the fullest, and rising above societal limitations.  Stay tuned for valuable tips and inspiring stories that will empower you to take control of your financial destiny. Show Highlights: Know more about the life-changing strategy of 97/3. [00:56] Can you outrun inflation to get to the 3 percent? [03:39] Discover the key to economic and mental freedom. [04:00] Here is the ultimate method to avoid economic trauma. [05:16] The impact of changing your vocabulary and mindset about money. [06:25] How can you create generational wealth for your children? [08:12] Say goodbye to cost-counting forever. [09:12] Is it possible to fly above systemic issues? [10:03]
12:53 3/28/24
No Matter What, You Must Invest!
Welcome to "Stop Doing What You Hate" where your host, Harold Green, is ready to shake up your financial world with a fresh perspective on investment strategies.  In today’s episode, Harold shares the secret sauce behind achieving eye-opening returns and why sticking to your guns can pay off big time in the realm of retirement planning. Get ready to uncover the unexpected traits of financial success and learn why even the wealthiest opt for humility and hard work.  Join us as we explore the merits of passive versus active investing and the insider tactic of 'scoop and score'. Tune in for a wealth of insights that could set your path to prosperity on fire. Let's get started! Show Highlights: How do our investment choices shape our financial future? [02:22] Learn about two main types of investment. [08:22] What are the benefits of passive investments? [16:35] Learn to navigate the complications of passive investment. [17:43] What is the mistake that 97% of people make? [18:40] Do you know about theme investing? [20:19] How can you invest to gain maximum returns? [22:30] Uncover this secret about active money management. [25:58]
30:53 3/14/24
You Get What You Focus On
Get ready to challenge your mindset and transform your life with the latest episode of "Stop Doing What You Hate" hosted by Harold Green. In this episode, Harold shares the profound impact of our daily affirmations and statements on our financial future and overall well-being. Drawing from personal experiences and timeless wisdom, Harold reveals how the words we say shape our reality and influence our success.  Gain practical advice on harnessing the power of positive affirmations in faith, relationships, work, and finances. Tune in to discover insights that can revolutionize your approach to life and set you on the path to achieving your goals. Show Highlights: Discover the secret to financial abundance. [03:05] Is knowledge without wisdom enough? [05:46] Learn about the power of positive self-talk. [06:42] How does willful contrariness impact our lives? [07:53] Explore the challenges of changing yourself and building character. [13:55] What's the first thing on your mind every morning? [15:11] Learn about the things that control your money. [16:12] Your actions will determine the outcome. [21:08]
26:41 2/29/24
Giving Up Already? Financial Surrender
Get ready for an eye-opening episode of Stop Doing What You Hate with Harold Green. In this installment, Harold candidly shares his personal reflections on the obstacles that prevent most people from achieving financial freedom.  Drawing from his own experiences and using relatable sports analogies, he offers insights into the emotional and practical challenges that can hold individuals back from financial success. Tune in as Harold encourages listeners to build mental toughness, make informed decisions, and persevere through financial setbacks.  If you're looking for practical advice and inspiration to pursue your financial goals, this is an episode you won't want to miss. Show Highlights: Do you know how many people enjoy financial stability post retirement? [01:39] Find out the key mindset shifts and strategies for success. [05:36] Why do we choose the path of least resistance? [07:30] What if having money made politics irrelevant? [12:28] Discover how to go from conflict to conviction. [14:25] Find out how conflict impacts your decisions. [18:11] Here is your guide on dealing with losses and lows. [20:06] How do you prevent making bad financial decisions? [21:27]
26:21 2/15/24
January 2024 Stock Market Update
In today’s episode, Harold dives headfirst into the world of the stock market in January 2024. With expert insights, Harold breaks down the market's roller-coaster ride, discussing everything from bond yields to market narratives and the impact of algorithm trading.  Be prepared for a journey through the twists and turns of the financial landscape, as Harold provides eye-opening perspectives and valuable advice for making the most of the year ahead.  Tune in now. Show Highlights: Want to know what's in store for the financial world this year? [00:32] Discover why interest rates hit every sector a little differently. [02:04] How did we start off last year? [02:14] Do computers exhaust the market? [04:52] Is the market being held hostage? [07:24] See if you are ready to capitalize on market cycles. [13:30] Find out if inflation is going up again or not. [17:44] What's the game plan for 2024? [19:45]
22:42 2/1/24
Strategies for Social Security
Are you ready to unlock the secrets of a worry-free retirement? Join Harold as he cracks the code to escape the 97% who retire unprepared.  Harold will reveal groundbreaking tactics for leveraging Social Security, turning your golden years into a time of prosperity and pleasure. From smart investment plays during the Fed's rate cuts to transforming your nest egg into a legacy, you won't want to miss a minute.  Tune in and transform your approach to retirement with strategies that promise more than just survival - they promise a life well-lived. This is your ticket to the top 3%; grab it! Show Highlights: Find out the key to a perfect retirement plan. [01:34] Property taxes and their impact on living expenses. [04:01] Discover how you can escape a financial disaster. [06:04] Is paying off your house a mistake? [06:19] Learn how to make a holistic financial plan. [09:16] The importance of cash flow management. [13:22] Discover how to avoid Social Security penalties! [17:07] The process of setting up a brokerage account. [18:46] Understand the stock market for making the right investments. [22:15] You gotta learn how to treat yourself. [24:00] Are you ready to jump into the 3% mindset? [27:53]
30:33 1/18/24
Retirement Myths and Misinformation
Get ready to uncover the truth behind retirement planning in this eye-opening episode of "Stop Doing What You Hate." Harold discusses the retirement myths and misinformation that are holding back 97% of Americans from living their best lives.  From the impact of bad choices in education and career to the pitfalls of financial illiteracy, Harold exposes the factors contributing to this staggering statistic.  Buckle up as he offers game-changing insights and practical advice to help you navigate the road to retirement success. Whether you're just starting your career or approaching retirement age, this episode is a must-listen for anyone seeking financial freedom and a worry-free retirement. Show Highlights: Discover the shocking number of people not financially prepared for retirement  [02:37] Find out the impact of wrong life choices on your retirement plan  [04:30] The importance of a great financial planner and clear vision for the future  [08:41] Why does it matter to be financially literate? [10:18] Know the difference between winning teams and losing teams  [12:56] Here is your guide to understand all about debt vs leverage  [14:00] How much do you need to retire? [14:28] A moment to reflect upon when and where you should retire  [15:08] Are you trading your skills for dollars? [16:10] A checklist for your retirement preparation  [18:40] Learn the basics of cash flow management  [23:54]
27:10 1/4/24
The Philosophy of Debt vs. Leverage
Are you tired of being shackled by debt and financial uncertainty?  Ready to break free and live life on your own terms?  Join the host Harold Green as he looks into the philosophy of debt versus leverage. Uncover the secrets to financial freedom as Harold shares historical data and personal experiences that will leave you on the edge of your seat.  It's time to stop doing what you hate and start living a life of abundance. Get ready to be inspired, motivated, and empowered.  Tune in now. Show Highlights: Making sense of the disconnections in the financial market. [00:02:54] Discover the philosophy of debt versus leverage. [00:05:00] Uncover the shocking truth about bond yields, inflation, and the federal reserve  [00:06:52] Find out who is the biggest beneficiary of inflation  [00:13:29] It’s time to upgrade financial literacy! [00:16:58] Learn the simple steps to protect yourself from the upcoming financial train wreck  [00:18:12] Explore options for post retirement  [00:22:10] Unlock the secret to leveraging your assets  [00:23:30] Are you prepared for the unavoidable market wrecks? [00:25:08] Know the importance of balance sheets and save yourself  [00:26:02]
28:22 12/21/23
October's Stock Market Update - What Happened?...
In today’s episode, Harold digs into the October stock market update. This is not your ordinary stock market analysis. In fact, he'll be uncovering hidden gems, revealing the psychological warfare of the media, and sharing insights that will keep you ahead of the game.  Get ready to discover how to make the right moves and position yourself for success in the ever-changing world of finance.  So, sit back, relax, and let's unravel the mysteries of October's stock market roller coaster. Tune in now! Show Highlights: What happens when the market crashes? [02:12] Is your retirement at risk without stock market resilience? [03:08] What happens when you seek out bad information? [06:00] Discover the key to capitalize on market fear [06:23] How to handle psychological warfare from the media? [08:56] Hire a professional but manage your emotions first. [09:44] Analyzing short selling positions and their impact on the market [12:03] The reality of the Fed Effect  [14:30] Hang on to your core strategy! [16:24]
18:06 12/7/23
Recalibrating Your Financial Compass
In today's episode, Harold Green explains the importance of recalibrating your financial compass. He poses thought-provoking questions that challenge your current mindset about money and unveils the hidden secrets of financial success.  Get ready to discover a whole new way of thinking about your financial future and embark on a journey towards true financial freedom. Join us as Harold shares powerful insights and strategies that will transform your financial perspective. It's time to recalibrate and take control of your life.  Tune in now! Show Highlights: Are you stuck in a financial time continuum when it seems like nothing is ever going to change for you?  [00:02:17] What did the rich ruler miss out on?  [00:02:45] How to take control your of own destiny  [00:04:18] Do you want no debt or a great life?  [00:07:42]  Discover the best investments for your future and it’s not your 401K  [00:11:15] Is sitting in line for Costco gas worth it?  [00:12:38] Get elevated and start outsmarting the 97%  [00:17:04]
18:14 11/23/23
Avoiding Economic Trauma
Have you ever wondered if you're on track for retirement or if your financial future is secure? In this episode, Harold discusses the reality of economic trauma and its potential to wreak havoc on your retirement plans.  Join us as Harold shares his personal experiences and expert insights to help you avoid the devastating consequences of financial decisions.  Don't let economic trauma ruin your retirement dreams - Tune in now to discover the key strategies for a brighter financial future. Show Highlights: Christmas gifts gone wrong  [00:02:25] Good money habits you should teach your kids  [00:09:00] How to foster creativity in your kids and fund their college education  [00:09:53] How extreme fear can shape your investment decisions  [00:15:34] The importance of defining your marriage at the beginning  [00:17:55] Why stress testing your finances is crucial  [00:21:57]
23:26 11/9/23
Safe Money Traps
In today's episode, Harold dives deep into the world of safe money and why we feel the need to cling onto it.  He'll challenge the concept of safe money, explore the confusion surrounding it, and introduce a fascinating idea called dual purpose dollars.  Harold will also share his personal philosophy on money and reveal his strategies for navigating market turmoil.  So, grab your headphones, sit back, and get ready to uncover the secrets behind safe money in this eye-opening episode. Show Highlights: Safe money addiction: Are you at risk?  [00:02:10] Don't chase the fear - opportunity awaits  [00:04:33] The Dark Side of Money  [00:07:24] Uncertainty drives markets - beware of misleading information  [00:11:13] Master the Fear-Greed Index for Market Success  [00:14:56] Telling the truth hurts  [00:17:59]  Why safe money mode doesn’t work and FOMO sets in  [00:20:06] Why it’s important to have a plan in place for managing investments  [00:21:10] Why most people can't retire comfortably  [00:24:06] How to Master Fear and Greed in Investing  [00:29:32]
31:11 10/26/23
Do You Need A Professional?
Do I need a professional to manage and multiply my money?  This is one of the most frequently asked questions in the investing space because everybody wants to protect their hard-earned savings.  But the truth is, there's no direct "yes" or "no" answer to this. Instead, you have options, and specific factors can guide your decision.  What are these factors that could save you from financial setbacks and unexpected losses? In this episode, I uncover everything you need to know about professionals: who should hire them, whether you need a financial planner, a money manager, or if you could do it yourself.  Plus, in scenarios where you require these professionals, how can you ensure you're not overpaying and getting shortchanged on service? This episode is for you if you're uncertain about investing and wondering whether it's right to collaborate with a professional or not. Tune in! Show Highlights Include: The #1 specific action you MUST take before hiring any professional to safeguard your retirement plan from potential disaster. (4:32)  These 4 questions will help you make the right retirement choices and avoid future regrets. (9:53). How to check if your retirement plan will work in 3 underrated steps so you don't run out of money early and can enjoy a worry-free retirement." (11:49)  The only 6 tools you would need to become your own money pro, maximize your returns and make the least possible loss.(15:58)  Don't want to hire an expensive money manager? Here's a unique, cost-effective alternative to hit your financial targets without one(18:28)  How to leverage expert financial consultations to shield your hard-earned money from FOMO, market rumors, and opinions.(21:29)  The 'Don't Get Hosed' Method  to determine the right fee for professionals and ensure you're getting top-notch service without overpaying.(25:42) 
28:12 10/12/23
Timing The Stock Market
Everyone says you can't pick the right time to buy or sell stocks.  But what if they're wrong?  You can actually make a lot more money with the right timing, if you know what mistakes to avoid. Yes, some people mess up and lose money. But guess what?  They're often breaking simple rules they didn't even know about. Others do really well.  What's their secret? They know the basics of timing the market, and the good news is, you can learn them too. In this episode, I uncover the must-know tips for timing the market and also share real stories to help you see what to avoid and how to succeed. Want to keep your money safe and enjoy a fun, worry-free retirement? This episode's for you. Tune in! Show Highlights Include: The primary reason you find it challenging to successfully retire (and the game-changing steps to flip the script). (1:36)  6 non-negotiables you MUST do before investing your money if you don't want to lose it all in the blink of an eye. (3:14) How to invest confidently in stocks and minimize losses with the “One Stop Theory”. (7:11)  3 reasons why people miserably fail at timing the market, and the proven method for beating the odds. (10:19) 5 simple market timing tips that protect—and grow—your hard-earned income and [enter visual retirement benefit here]  (12:31) Struggling with trading anxiety or PTSD? Here’s how the “Coiled Spring Theory” will help you overcome it to become a profitable trader.(14:40)  The EXACT time to buy a stock to get the most profit and supercharge your financial growth. (23:54) How to outperform the conventional HOLD trading method with the RCRC approach without missing out on high returns..(25:49) 
28:13 9/28/23
Saving For Retirement Early Without Going Broke
If you want to make sure you're not left with nothing when you retire, you've got to stop spending your savings recklessly. What do I mean by that? It's simple... If you keep buying things on a whim and slowly drain the money you've saved for your retirement, you're heading towards trouble. In this episode, I explain how to defeat the habit of impulse buying. And the traps you need to avoid, as they can cost you a fortune in the long run. Tune in! Show Highlights Include: The worst financial mistake you can make that’ll leave you penniless after retirement (2:16) Are you living paycheck to paycheck? Here’s how you can break out of your poverty mindset (so that you start living a life of abundance) (5:42) 2 secret tips that help you grow financially even if suffer from impulse buying (9:50) How to make 30 to 40% more money by simply pulling your kids out of school (14:47) Shocking reason why putting your money into savings is costing you a fortune (and the right way to save) (16:27) Don’t know what to do with your money? Here’s how you can get advice from a financial advisor for FREE (19:34) Watch out for these 2 sneaky ways your mind convinces you to spend money on useless stuff (22:39)
29:36 9/14/23
Keep The Money (Stewardship & The Proper Heart Condition)
Making money is a skill, and so is keeping it safe. No matter how much you earn, if you don't know how to protect it from hidden leaks, you could end up starting over. That's why it's crucial to learn how to manage your money. In this episode, I’ll reveal how to keep your money from being drained away by hidden leakages. Tune in now! Show Highlights Include: How having a ‘weak’ belief is creating a domino effect of constant failure in your life (and how you install stronger beliefs in yourself) (8:13) Fix these 3 leaks that drain your wealth away (even if you’ve made millions in your career)  (10:45) How to save thousands of dollars on taxes incurred on your capital gains (12:00) 2 interest hacks to grow your wealth passively without any major risk (Try this if you’re tired of horrible returns from mutual funds) (14:28) Why not balancing a checkbook is slowly leaking your entire portfolio (15:31) How you can save 2-3 hours in your day-to-day chores by paying $40 (16:13)
19:56 8/31/23
July's Stock Market Update
In the investing world, whispers of a raging debate echo through the corridors of Wall Street.  Are we basking in the golden era of a bull market or standing on the cliff of a bear market?  Such uncertainty paralyzes even the wisest investors, torn between the appeal of raining profits and the haunting fear of losing it all. The solution?  There's a way to maximize your upside potential while minimizing your losses...  Your risk tolerance.  While countless traders get trapped chasing greater profits even when the market disguises its true intent…You can strategically cash out with the minimum possible loss. On today's episode, I discuss July’s market updates, decoding the ongoing debate on bull and bear markets. Plus, you’ll discover the overlooked methods to survive the market waves and the critical importance of due diligence before investing. Listen now! Unmask the “Market Mirage” and effortlessly maximize your trade profits, whether you're sailing in a bull market or if this is just a bear market bounce. (02:05) Use this “Golden Tool” to shield your hard-earned profits and prevent a devastating 60% drop. (4:15) 5 titans in the AI space that will help you retire faster (without running out of cash once the AI revolution begins). (6:44) Ethically steal this “Profit-Safeguard Exit-Strategy” to secure your investments even when the market tides turn against you. (10:52)
15:24 8/17/23
Get the Money, Keep the Money (Provide For Yourself!)
Most people unknowingly set themselves up for failure… They hope that they’ll become successful without having concrete plans in place to build their wealth. You have to realize that hope is not a strategy. It alone won’t get you the financial success you truly deserve. Join me in this episode as I share the pillars & the pitfalls of financial success. And how most folks   are setting themselves up for failure by trying to get money without a solid foundation. Listen now! Show Highlights Include: The truth behind why most people suck at making any real change happen in their life (and what you can do instead) (4:29) How to use the power of affirmations to get the financial success you deserve (6:27) Reason why making mistakes is a healthy aspect of being human (and what you can do when it happens) (9:40) Why so many smart people fail miserably despite working hard (and how you can avoid being one) (12:27)
19:36 8/3/23
June's Stock Market Update
Did you know what the big institutions did during the recession? They didn't panic and sell like everyone else. Instead, they bought more stock. While others were freaking out because of what they heard in the media, the institutions kept investing more and more in the market. That's why you need to be careful about trusting the media or blindly following others. In today's episode, I'll show you how you can outsmart the big players in the market, even if you have a smaller portfolio. I'll also share tips on identifying if your financial advisor is squatting on your investments. Listen now! Show Highlights Include: How the big giants use the “fake news” strategy to outperform the market consistently (and how you can ride their wave) (8:15) The “hidden” cause of 94% of bad trades made in the market (and how you can avoid that) (10:46) How to consistently beat the market every quarter by refreshing your financial strategy (11:40) Is your financial advisor squatting on your money? Here’s how you can figure out if you’re getting scammed for your fees (13:21) Reason why investing in mutual funds is actually letting inflation eat your profits (and what to do instead) (13:49) How to divide your portfolio so that have access to funds in case of an emergency (without sacrificing/sabotaging your profits every month) (16:02) The “SH exit strategy” to time the market & escape with more profit than others (18:12)
29:52 7/20/23
Overcome or Underwhelm
Moving ahead in life takes courage. Why? Because it's not as smooth or as easy as we imagine. Most people crumble when faced with obstacles—but turning them into opportunities is just as simple as crumbling. It won't be simple, but with the right mindset, you can do it. Join us in this episode as I reveal how you can prepare to overcome challenges and tough times without feeling overwhelmed by the difficulties. Listen now! Show Highlights Include: How shady life insurance companies scam you into a policy that’s nearly useless (and how you can save yourself from it) (1:56) The counterintuitive reason why dealing with harsh rejections actually prepares you to become more successful later in life (2:42) The “Path Forward” mindset shift to make the best of any situation (This will help you turn your life around when you’re going through hard times) (4:52) Reason why overcoming challenging obstacles pays off 1000x more than not having the barrier in the first place (9:11) Suffering from Shiny Object Syndrome? Here’s why every time you quit and do something different, you’re setting yourself up for failure (and how you can overcome this) (10:47)
12:56 7/6/23
Dialed In Or Checked Out?
Change is a fact of life. It's always occurring, all around us. Now, here's a question for you: Are you adapting to these changes or jeopardizing your job security? In today's fast-paced world, you're either actively participating in the race to maintain your job or facing the risk of unemployment. In this episode, I reveal a surprising reason why embracing change and staying ahead of trends is crucial for job stability and saving for a secure retirement. Plus, I'll share a valuable tip on safeguarding your retirement funds from the clutches of the IRS. Listen now! Show Highlights Include: The counterintuitive reason why listening to stock market/financial experts costs you gold mine investment opportunities (3:59) How to protect your job from the new technologies like ChatGPT & MidJourney (Note: by doing this you’ll have job stability & be able to safely save up for retirement) (6:59) How to "sucker punch" the IRS by using life insurance to avoid tax legally (11:52)  Planning to pass down money? Look out for these 2 dirty loopholes that the government & colleges use to take advantage of your beneficiaries (14:15)
17:35 6/22/23
What Do You Have To Lose?
There's just one thing that sets apart the top 1% of people from the majority when it comes to money... It's not about talent, IQ, or where you were born... It's all about making the right choices. Join me in this episode as I share invaluable tips on how you can improve your decision-making skills to land a better financial position asap. Along the way, we'll also explore the common obstacles that prevent people from reaching their maximum potential. Listen now! Show Highlights Include: Ask yourself these 2 quick questions before you make big decisions in your life (Note: This can save you from massive regret & frustration in the long run) (3:48) The “Confirmation Decision” trap that creates unnecessary friction & ruins healthy relationships (and how you can avoid it) (5:13) Why asking your friends & family about your decisions is a dire mistake (6:44) Avoid this overlooked financial mistake that makes great opportunities slip through your fingers (8:42) How to figure out the right time to invest in any stock to realize the maximum gains (9:33) Why buying gold is the worst possible form of investment for 99.8% of people (12:49) How losing 30 pounds of fat can significantly improve the number of times you make the right decision (14:43) Stuck in the same financial situation for a long time? Here’s how your broken belief system might be holding you back (16:24)
21:21 6/8/23
The Philosophy of Wealth
Your financial success hinges on one crucial factor: your philosophy of wealth. I'm talking about your thoughts and beliefs about money itself. Consider how you approach saving, spending, making purchases, and committing to long-term financial plans. Here's the thing: if your philosophy of wealth is flawed, if you think like someone with limited means, your decisions will reflect that. Consequently, you'll find yourself in a constant struggle to cover expenses, burdened by insurmountable debt, and living paycheck to paycheck. But don’t worry, I have good news… In this episode, I'll unveil the winning philosophy of wealth shared by the top 1%. You'll discover how to break free from the chains of poverty, and embrace a life of financial freedom you've always dreamt of. Listen now! Show Highlights Include: How I stop myself from overspending my budget while shopping (and how you can too) (5:15) Why most people end up secretly blocking themselves from financial success (and how you can save yourself from it) (7:14) Why private schools don’t matter as much as you think (and how your child can get into college regardless of what school they go to) (11:13) How people end up becoming a slave to life-long debt that they can’t pay off (Warning: watch out for this if you want to retire with ‘enough’ cash) (14:32) The “Monopoly Money” mistake that hinders you from achieving financial freedom (16:44) Struggling to pay bills & make more money? Here’s what you might be doing wrong (21:32) How wealthy people think about money (hint: adopting this mindset unlocks hidden financial opportunities you never thought possible.) (22:50) 
30:08 5/25/23
Take No Offense
The stock market loves it when people get offended. Why? Volatility spikes in the marketplace. When there is volatility, there is opportunity. Unfortunately, the opportunity only exists for those that have an even keel. If you let your emotions get to you, the emotionally stable investors can rob you.  In this episode, I share strategies to build resilience, so current events don’t  interfere with your financial decisions.  Want to win the game of money by becoming a master of your emotions?   Listen now! Show Highlights Include: The one emotional component that can decimate  your money-making ability in the marketplace (1:18) A blueprint for separating your emotions from current events when making challenging decisions in the stock market (1:38)  How to use your gifts and talents to generate money in the marketplace (without losing your shirt) (10:48) The “pity party” formula that amateurs fall into that stumps their growth and their wealth (11:02) How being offended can cost you to lose up to 1500% in the stock market (17:03) The “confusion” method for making money in the stock market that professionals use on you all the time (20:13)
24:20 5/11/23
Is The Stock Market Rigged?
The stock market is a jungle full of vicious predators… Some, whose sole objective is to relieve you of all your money. This is terrible news if you’re new or don’t know how to play the game… Tune in to this episode as I share the shocking reality of the stock market, why a small percentage of people consistently make money, and why most people lose and quit the game. And most important, I reveal you can be a player and not get played! Listen now! Show Highlights Include: The weird reason why most people who invest in stocks end up becoming a inside trader (and how you can protect yourself from “accidentally” committing a crime) (3:16) How to figure out if a stock price is being manipulated by false information (This will save you from panic selling your stocks when it dips…) (5:43) Don't let the 'Pump & Dump' scheme ruin your investments - here's how to avoid it (11:58) Why most 95% of people don't excel financially even if they've all the necessary knowledge required to succeed (19:16) Steal my "Stock Validation" system that I use to figure out if a stock is going to increase in price (24:05) How the news tries to fool you into fear of selling your stocks by creating a "fake recession" (24:46)
31:30 4/27/23
You can't live a rich man's life with a poor man's thinking
People with a “poverty” mindset always feel their problem is someone else’s fault. What do I mean by that? If you catch yourself coming up with excuses: why something can’t happen… why you won’t be able to do it…why someone else is to blame… …Chances are, you have a “poverty” mindset that keeps you miserable, struggling and stops you from providing your family with the life they deserve. The good news? You can easily change your mindset to unlock the wealth that belongs to you… In this episode, you’ll discover how to change your poverty mindset to a wealthy one. Plus, how you use purpose to breeze through life’s challenges without any extra stress. Listen now! Show Highlights Include: The “Rich” Mindset that unlocks generational wealth and happiness (This works even if you can barely make ends meet…) (10:22) What people get wrong about work life balance that affects their ability to become financially stable (11:34) Why having purpose can amplify your business & personal growth (and make your life easier even as you get more obstacles as you grow…) (18:28) Always find yourself living from paycheck to paycheck? Start doing this to get financial freedom ASAP (22:43) How to figure out if a poverty mindset is poisoning you and ransacking your retirement (27:31) Want to stop doing what you hate? Book a call with Harold Green here:
30:30 4/13/23
Do you have a plan?
There are over 300,000 financial advisors available in just the US alone. Yet, according to recent statistics, over 94% of them fail to create a solid financial plan for their client’s investment portfolios. Which is bad news for middle-class people that let them manage their hard-earned money. How do you know that your advisor won’t end up burning your entire portfolio if they don’t have a proper plan in the first place? Join me in this episode to discover how you can vet your financial advisor to ensure they’re on the right track with your money, how to avoid losing your money to the bear market and have more than enough left for retirement. Listen now! Show Highlights Include: #1 reason why most financial plans fail (hint: it’s not external factors) (5:03) Why 95% of financial advisory firms fail with their clients' hard-earned money (and how you can avoid that) (6:01) The overlooked “Financial Gossip” trap that could cost you your entire portfolio during a bear market (10:18) Why using your retirement funds to pay for your child’s college tuition is a wrong decision (14:22) The routine money mistake most middle-class people make  (and retire with not enough to live on) (19:30)
32:44 3/30/23