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How To Kill A Sacred Cow seeks to create a space where any topic is up for debate in a manner that is informed and promotes critical thought. Jay Henehan's intention isn’t to answer all the questions; but rather, to kill the mystique surrounding mainstream media and to help promote a healthy questioning of authority. How do you kill a sacred cow? You talk about it!


89- Matthew Ehret- The Empire Never Died
Matthew Ehret is a journalist, lecturer and founder of the Canadian Patriot Review. His works have been published in Executive Intelligence Review, Global Times, Asia Times, 21st Century Science and Technology, Los Angeles Review of Books, The Duran, Zero Hedge, Fort-Russ and Sott. He has published "The Time has Come for Canada to Join the New Silk Road" and is the author of three volumes of the Untold History of Canada.  Matt joins us to talk about his four volume series entitled, The Clash of the Two Americas.   ++HTKASC LINKS++ WEBSITE | ROKFIN |  YOUTUBE | APPLE PODCASTS | INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK | TWITTER | BITCHUTE | SPOTIFY | ODYSEE        
77:03 7/28/23
88- Maryam Henein- The Real Timeline of George Floyd
SHOW NOTES Maryam Henein is a veteran investigative journalist of 25 years and a functional medicine consultant and coach. Henein started her career in the mainstream media, producing the news for MSNBC in Burbank.  She hosted a documentary film on the Ark of the Covenant for TLC. She directed the award-winning documentary Vanishing of the Bees, narrated by Oscar-nominated actress Ellen Page. The Huffington Post named the film “one of twelve most mind-blowing movies you can stream on Netflix.” Baffled by the misinformation and factual omissions being reported by the mainstream media, not to mention the mishandling of the Derek Chauvin trial, Maryam Henein’s investigative reporting took her behind the headlines to the real story of what happened to George Perry Floyd on May 25, 2020. Interviews include Floyd’s former employer Jiovanni Thunstrom of the Conga Latin Bistro, the owners of Cup Foods, the medical examiner’s office, the Hennepin hospital, NMS Labs who conducted the toxicology report, False Flag Weekly News co-host Cat McGuire, filmmaker Joel Gilbert (Michelle Obama 2024, Trayvon Martin Hoax), Chris Martin, Black Political Activist Larry Pinkney, Cup Food owners, former attorneys of George Floyd, Morries Lester Hall, Thomas Lane’s Attorney Earl Gray, Google Whistleblower Zach Vorhies, and attorney Timothy Japhet. For her truth-telling investigative journalism, she has suffered two strikes on her second YouTube channel, lost thousands of followers on Twitter where she is shadowbanned and has gotten canned by Square. Google’s Medic Update buried HoneyColony her health magazine and eCommerce marketplace, causing her to lose 67% of her organic traffic. Paypal, Amazon, GoFundMe have also banned her. However, VOTB is available on DVD on her website. Through the adversity, she seeks to uncover the true story of George Floyd.  Support her movie, and help fund the documentary and pre-order the book! ++HTKASC LINKS++ WEBSITE | ROKFIN |  YOUTUBE | APPLE PODCASTS | INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK | TWITTER | BITCHUTE | SPOTIFY | ODYSEE
72:21 1/14/23
87- Jason Rink- Q Sent Me
Jason Rink, creator of Q Sent Me, is an award-winning producer and director of documentary films, and has over a decade of commercial filmmaking experience. He has worked with A-list talent and celebrities, like Academy Award winning actor Richard Dreyfuss, U.S. Senators, and Presidential Candidates. Q Sent Me covers the story of the infamous Q Shaman and offers a first person account of what went down on January 6th, 2021   SHOW NOTES   ++HTKASC LINKS++  WEBSITE | ROKFIN |  YOUTUBE | APPLE PODCASTS | INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK | TWITTER | BITCHUTE | SPOTIFY | ODYSEE
69:39 12/29/22
86- Micah Dank- What Is God?
Author Micah Dank joins us once again to ask a single question. What is God? Simple question, hard to answer. Drawing upon a lifetime of study into religion, astrotheology, myth, philosophy and science, he hopes to answer the question that has been at the back of every humans mind since the dawn of consciousness. SHOW NOTES ++Micah's Links++  AMAZON | INSTAGRAM  | YOUTUBE| UNIVERSAL TRUTH SCHOOL ++HTKASC LINKS++  WEBSITE | ROKFIN |  YOUTUBE | APPLE PODCASTS | INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK | TWITTER | BITCHUTE | SPOTIFY | ODYSEE  
58:06 11/18/22
85- Benjamin Wuamett- Romance And Debauchery- Cavorting With the Muses
Ben Wuamett is the lead singer of Ezra Bell, the greatest band you've never heard of. I made sure not to ask the trite, mundane questions usually posed to musicians by green journalists who've only heard the top five spotify tracks of their subject. Sent by faceless editors who wouldn't know a greatness if they heard it. Ezra Bell is the total package: complex melodies over common chords, catchy choruses sandwiched between poetic verses, souls bared for the world to experience.  Sprinkled expertly throughout these beautiful songs are grains of truth, bitter as salt: which burns the wound of even the most seasoned veteran of war. Herein lies my conversation with the composer of this wonderful music, Ben Wuamett. Show Notes   ++HTKASC LINKS++ ++WEBSITE:  ++ROKFIN:  ++YOUTUBE:  ++APPLE PODCASTS:  ++INSTAGRAM:  ++FACEBOOK:  ++TWITTER:  ++BITCHUTE:  ++SPOTIFY:  ++ODYSEE:     
65:26 9/22/22
84- Horns Up Ep.4- Metallica
Metallica, the greatest and most influential metal band of the 20th century, owns the most stacked discography in the genre. Each member of Horns Up is a lifelong fan of Metallica, and each of us have grown up listening the thrashers from LA. Formed in 1981 by guitarist and front man James Hetfield and Drummer Lars Ulrich, the young alcoholics set off to reform the metal genre. The aged rockers are fresh off Boston Calling 2022 and featured in the new season of Stranger Things. They've proven relevant over four decades after four decades and over a dozen full length albums. Although, many thought they were finished in the early 2000's with the release of Some Kind Of Monster. They emerged years later with Death Magnetic, proving they still had what it takes. Little did their fanbase know, they were far from finished. The boys in Horns Up discuss and listen to their favorite Metallica tracks of all time. The songs that influenced their listening tastes and their musicianship. Jay from How To Kill A Sacred Cow went on to form George Orwell The Musical. Jeff Frenandez writes bangers to this day. And Shane of course writes all of the original music heard on this very show. It was very difficult coming up with a top ten list of Metallica songs. There was a ranking system agreed upon that quickly fell apart. And they bickered over solos and beats. Also, the best bassist, and best covers. However, they all agreed upon one thing. Lars is Fake! SHOW NOTES WEBSITE | ROKFIN |  YOUTUBE | APPLE PODCASTS | INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK | TWITTER | BITCHUTE | SPOTIFY | ODYSEE  
113:45 7/26/22
83- Brandon Thomas- Invoking Alternate Realities
Since moving halfway across the state of Massachusetts, I have had a few conversations with a some close podcasting friends to test out new techniques, reconnect with friends, and ground myself before embarking on all my projects. The point of each conversation in July of 2022 is to relax and enjoy the process of content creation before embarking on the next year of grueling work I have before me. Tonight I am joined by the one and only Brandon Thomas of Expanding Reality. And I couldn't think of a better person to bounce ideas off, however half baked they may be. Reconnecting with Brandon was a no brainer.  P.S. He received a beautiful gift from my GF just hours before the show, and not on purpose. Serendipity is not just for the movies. When it happens in life, you have to acknowledge that you are on the right path. Check out his Instagram to see the gift... SHOW NOTES ++HTKASC LINKS++ ++ROKFIN:  ++YOUTUBE:  ++APPLE PODCASTS:  ++WEBSITE:  ++INSTAGRAM:  ++FACEBOOK:  ++TWITTER:  ++BITCHUTE:  ++SPOTIFY:  ++ODYSEE:   
89:21 7/7/22
82- Andy Rouse- Fractals
Andy Rouse from The Deep Share Podcast Joins us in person to hang out and talk share his thoughts on the current political climate, AI, the Conspiracy community and, what else...Fractals. We live so close together, we are going to make this a regular thing!!! Show Notes  ++HTKASC LINKS++ ++ROKFIN:  ++YOUTUBE:  ++APPLE PODCASTS:  ++WEBSITE:  ++INSTAGRAM:  ++FACEBOOK:  ++TWITTER:  ++BITCHUTE:  ++SPOTIFY:  ++ODYSEE: 
82:53 7/1/22
81- Interview on Ascension of the Chessmen with Andre Mytty
Andre Mytty, Host of the Ascension of the Chessmen Podcast seeks to rise with love above duality & division. He invited me on his show to talk about sci-fi predictive programing. Of course, we didn't get to the subject until probably 45 mins into the coversation. Andre and I met on Brandon Thomas' Expanding Reality Round Table, and connected to get to know each other better. We discovered that we share a love of sci-fi and William Cooper. He is the first person I have met who has, like me, combed through the Hour of The Time radio archives. We spoke about Carol Quigley and his theories on history and historical analysis.  ++HTKASC LINKS++ ++ROKFIN:  ++YOUTUBE:  ++APPLE PODCASTS:  ++WEBSITE:  ++INSTAGRAM:  ++FACEBOOK:  ++TWITTER:  ++BITCHUTE:  ++SPOTIFY:  ++ODYSEE: 
80:23 6/20/22
80- Tommy Chong- Up In Smoke
Stand up comedian, actor, musician, director, entrepreneur, spiritual guide, husband, and father Tommy Chong joins us to talk about his storied career. He has accomplished more in one lifetime than many can ever hope to achieve in 3. Furthermore, he has done so with style and grace. I had no idea he jammed with Jimi Hendrix. I didn't know he toured with the Jackson 5. I was unaware that he had been signed to Motown. I grew up watching his films in basements all over my hometown, avoiding parents and the authorities from certain punishment and prosecution.  At age 83, he has shown that not only is he not even close to finished creating at a high level, but he has also proved still relevant and entertaining. This was one for the bucket list for sure. ++HTKASC LINKS++ WEBSITE | ROKFIN |  YOUTUBE | APPLE PODCASTS | INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK | TWITTER | BITCHUTE | SPOTIFY | ODYSEE
67:54 5/18/22
79- Horns Up Ep.2
The boys are at it again! Composer Shane Newsome. Ax Man Jeff Fernandez,  Band backbone Danunaki Dan, Key Smasher Andy Rouse, Guitar God Jeff Fernandez, and The Glass Shattering Vocalist Jay Henehan hit the stage and melt faces while hundreds of gladiators face off in the pit. These five lifelong metal heads share some of their favorite tracks while critically critiquing, and reminscing about their life and the the music that shaped it. ++TRACKS++ Within The Ruins- Deliverance Malevolent Creation- Instinct Evolved Botch- Japam         *Supplemental- Japamimation- Botch (misheard lyrics video funny) Between The Buried And Me- Fossil Genera (A Feed From Cloud Mountain)  The Contortionist- Geocentric Confusion ++HORNS UP LINKS++ Danunaki Dan -Rising From The Ashes Shane Newsome -I Newsome But Didn't Know It All  Andy Rouse -The Deep Share Jay Henehan -How To Kill A Sacred Cow Jeff Fernandez- Shadow Banned ++HTKASC LINKS++ WEBSITE ROKFIN YOUTUBE APPLE PODCASTS INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK TWITTER BITCHUTE SPOTIFY ODYSEE  
82:32 5/11/22
78- Jake Locorotondo- A Reader Lives A Thousand Lives Before He Dies
Jake Locorotondo is the host of Loco Listens. Jake explores the depths of mystical conspirituality with wonderful and knowledgeable souls. It is a show that invites you to speak your truth and Loco Listens. We spoke about liturature both ancient and contemperary. Authors such as George Orwell, Dante Aligieri, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, and Philip K. Dick and their contribution to our understanding of the world. ++SHOW NOTES++ Jakes ++HTKASC LINKS++ WEBSITE ROKFIN YOUTUBE APPLE PODCASTS INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK TWITTER BITCHUTE SPOTIFY ODYSEE
69:19 4/30/22
77- Ryan Christian- Believe Only Half Of What You See And Nothing That You Hear Pt.3
Ryan Christian from The Last American Vagabond joins us to talk about the illusory nature of the mainstream narratives surrounding just about everything these days. We talked about the CIA and Defence Department connections to Maxar Technologies, the aquisition of Getty Images by The Carlyle Group and how they craft narratives with the likes of AP and Reuters. They have all contributed to the conflict in Ukraine and the misery of the civilians living there. SHOW NOTES ++RYANS LINKS: WEBSITE ROKFIN ++HTKASC LINKS++ WEBSITE ROKFIN YOUTUBE APPLE PODCASTS INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK TWITTER BITCHUTE SPOTIFY ODYSEE
55:51 4/20/22
76- Konspiracy Kyle- Intergalactic Totalitarianism In A Galaxy Not So Far Away
Konspiracy Kyle joins us to talk about his new book Intergalactic Totalitarianism. In this book, he chronicles the authoritarian tactics and traits used by Palpatine in the prequels as he rose from Senator to Chancellor to Emperor - these machinations are compared to the methods used by totalitarian leaders and authoritarian psychopaths in our world (spoiler alert: they are very similar). This book walks through the Hegelian dialectic (problem, reaction, solution) as well as a new framework dubbed the StarWarsian dialectic (crisis, consent, and control) to show how galactic citizens and Earthbound citizens alike can be persuaded to trust the government through lies, deceit and manipulated events. ++SHOW NOTES++ ++KYLE"S LINKS: Intergalactic Totalitarianism Book Conspiracy In The Force ROKFIN Conspiracy In The Force Podcast ++HTKASC LINKS++ WEBSITE ROKFIN YOUTUBE APPLE PODCASTS INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK TWITTER BITCHUTE SPOTIFY ODYSEE
60:06 4/15/22
75- Believe Only Half Of What You See And Nothing That You Hear Pt.2- Brooklyn Subway Shooting
On April 12th, 2022, a man impersonating a city subway worker and wearing a gas mask set off smoke bombs and opened fire on a train car full of passengers, injuring 16. Or did he? There are several issues with the story. First, the fact that everyone he wounded was shot only in the leg or foot. Despite the fact neither he nor the crowd had anywhere to run. Second, the people did not seem as afraid as they should, given the fact they were just fired upon by a crazed, masked man. Third, the peple wounded were not crying out in pain, but, by all accounts, acting very stoicly. The narrtive of this event is driven by images coming from only two corporations and one bystander, despite the fact there are several people with their phones out, and more than two companies capable of publishng images. In this second part of the series, we examine the companies that craft the visual media central to the narrative crafted for each agenda.  ++SHOW NOTES++ Be sure to watch this episode on Rokfin This type of episode will soon be premium content on Rokfin. Subscribe Rokfin HERE ++HTKASC LINKS++ WEBSITE ROKFIN YOUTUBE APPLE PODCASTS INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK TWITTER BITCHUTE SPOTIFY ODYSEE
38:37 4/13/22
74- Believe Only Half Of What You See And Nothing That You Hear
Today we discus the dangers of the consolidation of media by looking at the relationship between the satellite imaging company Maxar and the Defence Department.  ++SHOW NOTES++ Be sure to watch this episode on Rokfin This type of episode will soon be premium content on Rokfin. Subscribe to my Rokfin Channel HERE ++HTKASC LINKS++ WEBSITE ROKFIN YOUTUBE APPLE PODCASTS INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK TWITTER BITCHUTE SPOTIFY ODYSEE
38:08 4/6/22
73- James Corbett- We Stand With Ukraine©
James Corbett of The Corbett Report joins us to talk about the bait and switch narratives used by authoritarians to enact ever harsher controls on the proles. If the history of the media has taught us anything, it's that it is a tool used to frame events that conform to agendas hashed out in smoke filled rooms to benefit the few, while the rest of us do the killing and sacrificing. Not a bad deal for them; a raw deal for us. By looking at the unfolding Ukrainian conflict and the fake news and decontextualized stories that make them up, we can see the game for what it is. A bunch of slogans and false narratives cobbled together to form an authoritarian prison.  ++SHOW NOTES++ ++The Corbett Report++ ++HTKASC LINKS++ WEBSITE ROKFIN YOUTUBE APPLE PODCASTS INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK TWITTER BITCHUTE SPOTIFY ODYSEE  
44:21 4/4/22
72- Ryan Musgrave Evans- We Are Not Alone
We are not alone. We cohabitate the universe with other life forms. Ryan Musgrave-Evans has seen them, spoken with them, and has been in their presence. He has been instructed to act as a conduit for their message. They would like us to know of their existence. They also hold out hope that we will get our act together and begin acting like the civilized people we claim to be. Ryan has written about his experiences in the book Children of Orion: Finding the Cryptoterrestrials. He states that they are from a parallel timeline, but share close enough genetic makeup to interbreed with us. This breeding is a necessity for them since they corrupted their DNA long ago and rely on us to help them repair it. His story is one that should be heard and heeded. If not, it could mean our destruction. ++GET RYAN'S BOOK HERE: Children Of Orion ++SHOW NOTES++ ++HTKASC LINKS++ WEBSITE ROKFIN YOUTUBE APPLE PODCASTS INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK TWITTER BITCHUTE SPOTIFY ODYSEE
88:13 3/28/22
71- Expanding Reality Roundtable 4
++SHOW NOTES++ -Brandon Thomas  - Bo Shaftnowski   - Shane Newsome   - Charlie Robinson   - Andre Mytty   - Mark Steeves   - Joe & Jen    - Andy Rouse   -John Paul Rice 
101:00 3/21/22
70- Tony Arterburn- War, False Flags, And Fake News
Tony Arterburn is a native of Rockwall, Texas. Early in life Tony became fascinated with the sport of Powerlifting, and eventually would win State, National and World Titles before the age of 21. After high school Tony became a U.S. Army paratrooper and Military Policeman . He went on to serve in three foreign wars, including being a part of the first U.S. Army company on the ground in Kandahar Afghanistan following 9/11/01. Today he is the host of the Arterburn Radio Transmission- a weekly broadcast covering the issues facing our Country, Civilization and Planet. Tony is the founder and CEO of Wise Wolf Gold and Silver Exchange. We spoke about the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia. The historical background, the geopolitical landscape, and where it’s headed. We also touched on some of the fake news and propaganda coming from the powers involved, and the false flags they’ve admitted exist. ++TONY'S LINKS++    ++ROKFIN:  ++YOUTUBE:  ++APPLE PODCASTS:  ++WEBSITE:  ++INSTAGRAM:  ++FACEBOOK:  ++TWITTER:  ++BITCHUTE:  ++SPOTIFY:  ++ODYSEE: 
64:54 3/16/22
69- Horns Up- Episode 1
In this brand new series, five fellow conspiracy podcasters share their love of metal music. The chugs, the blast beats, the growls, the squeals, and the slaps. these are the fundamental elements of this widely misunderstood genre. Be warned; this series is not for the faint of heart. We share our favorite songs from bands such as Periphery,  The Fall of Troy, Body Count, and Guillotine. If these meetups were in person, and we were all ten years younger(except Shane of course) , we would part the crowd and start the pit. Even if you don't love metal, you will love these four (and sometimes five) guys getting together and taking a break from the world and all it's crazy shit to talk about our favorite subject. MUSIC!!!   Hosts Danunaki Dan- Shane Newsome- Andy Rouse- Jay Henehan- 
112:21 3/10/22
68- Expanding Reality UFO Roundtable
I appeared again on the Expanding Reality Rokfin Livestream. This time i joined 13 other podcasters and UFO experiencers to talk about the myriad alien theories that float about the ether. Be sure to check out Brandon's Rokfin channel and subscribe! - Expanding Reality UFO Livestream Video  - Brandon Thomas  - Bo Shaftnowski   - Brown Martinez   - Chris Matheu   - Ryan Musgrave-Evens   - Dave   - Mark Steeves   - Joe & Jen    - Josh & Artemis
113:50 3/6/22
67- Troy McLachlan- The Saturn Death Cult pt. 5
Troy McLachlan, author of The Saturn Death Cult, joins us again to continue our discussion of the destructive influence of central banks usury on civilization. In this episode we talked about the parallels between the financial situation of Rome during the fall and the West today. We also spoke about the rollout of programable digital currencies from the World Economic Forum and China. SHOW NOTES | FULL SERIES Troy's Book | Troy's Website ++HTKASC LINKS++ WEBSITE | ROKFIN |  YOUTUBE | APPLE PODCASTS | INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK | TWITTER | BITCHUTE | SPOTIFY | ODYSEE
86:22 2/26/22
66- Monday Night Master Debaters- Truck Yeah!
  Welcome to another episode of the Monday Night MasterDebaters, tonight we had Ryan from Dangerous World, Mat from The Great Deception, Tyson our brother from Canada, and Jaymes from the band Nephrectomy.  We had to talk about the Ottawa Freedom Convoy, the tyranny of Turd-eau, UN Troops on the ground, and Crushing of rights & civil liberties. True fascism, indoctrination in the Upside Down World and the dedication of the corporate media and counterparts to their narrative. We then switched gears to Ukraine, China Olympics, China potential Ebola spreader?, Fear of Death, Terrorism->Virus the use of invisible enemies, Transhumanism, Music and Music World in 2022, parenthood, and so much more.   Jaymes from Nephrectomy IG: @elchapogonzo @nephrectomyofficial Tyson our Canadian Brother IG: @that_crazy_canuk Ryan from Dangerous World Podcast Patreon: IG: @dangerousworldpod Merch: Mat from The Great Deception Podcast IG: @thegreatdeceptionpodcast YouTube:   ++HTKASC LINKS++ ++YOUTUBE:  ++APPLE PODCASTS:  ++WEBSITE:  ++INSTAGRAM:  ++FACEBOOK:  ++TWITTER:  ++BITCHUTE:  ++SPOTIFY:  ++ODYSEE:   
100:39 2/25/22
65- Richard Grove- Only The Vanquished Remember History
Richard Grove is the host of the Grand Theft World Podcast, a weekly show that reviews the news within the greater context of history. In this episode we spoke about creating documentaries, the new DHS policy of declaring concerned parents as domestic terrorists and the crumbling Covid narrative. ++RICH'S LINKS++ ++WEBSITE:   +HTKASC LINKS++  ++YOUTUBE:  ++APPLE PODCASTS:  ++WEBSITE:  ++INSTAGRAM:  ++FACEBOOK:  ++TWITTER:  ++BITCHUTE:  ++SPOTIFY:  ++ODYSEE: 
66:20 2/18/22
64- Expanding Reality Roundtable
Brandon Thomas of Expanding Reality hosted a roundtable as a Rokfin Exclusive on 2/12/22. We talked Transhumanism, spirituality, robots takeovers, and being a part of an incredible and supportive community. ++EXPANDING REALITY ROKFIN++   ++HTKASC LINKS++  ++YOUTUBE:  ++APPLE PODCASTS:  ++WEBSITE:  ++INSTAGRAM:  ++FACEBOOK:  ++TWITTER:  ++BITCHUTE:  ++SPOTIFY:  ++ODYSEE:   
102:13 2/13/22
63- Ricky Varandas- When The Ripple Becomes a Wave
Ricky Varandas is the host of The Ripple Effect Podcast. He joins us tonight to talk about a few of the guests he has had on the show over the past two years and their appearances on The Joe Rogan Experience. Rogan has faced intense opposition with regard to medical misinformation because of these guests and, when that didn't entirely work, his calls for cancelation for the crime of repeated use of the N- Word.    ++RICKY'S LINKS++ ++WEBSITE:  ++APPLE:  ++ROKFIN:    ++HTKASC LINKS++  ++YOUTUBE:  ++APPLE PODCASTS:  ++WEBSITE:  ++INSTAGRAM:  ++FACEBOOK:  ++TWITTER:  ++BITCHUTE:  ++SPOTIFY:  ++ODYSEE: 
81:16 2/10/22
62- Shane Newsome- I Newsome Sacred Cow Swapcast
Shane Newsome runs the I Newsome But I Didn't Know It All Podcast. He is a fellow Alt- Media United content creator and musician. We talked, of course, metal music, Roman history, psychedelics, spirituality, and dreams. We are currently working on a conspiracy theorist metal band and look to take the world by storm!!!   ++SHANE'S LINKS++ ++Podcast: ++Song Credit:    ++HTKASC LINKS++ ++YOUTUBE:  ++APPLE PODCASTS:  ++WEBSITE:  ++INSTAGRAM:  ++FACEBOOK:  ++TWITTER:  ++BITCHUTE:  ++SPOTIFY:  ++ODYSEE:     
97:53 2/4/22
61- Vikter Bang- Victory Over Noise
Vikter Bang returns to the show to discuss his book The 100 Degree Challenge, a short ebook which challenges the reader to question themselves and the possibility that there is more to them than they see. The goal is to expand consciousness and to realize you are a spiritual being living a human existence.   ++VIKTER'S LINKS++ ++Website:  ++Book:    ++HTKASC LINKS++ ++YOUTUBE:  ++APPLE PODCASTS: ++WEBSITE: ++INSTAGRAM: ++FACEBOOK: ++TWITTER: ++BITCHUTE: ++SPOTIFY: ++ODYSEE: 
55:38 1/25/22
60- Santos Bonacci- Sharecast with Expanding Reality
Welcome to Part 1 of the Sharecast with Santos Bonacci Part 2 found HERE (Audio): Part 2 Found HERE: (Video): Santos Bonacci joins myself and Brandon Thomas of Expanding Reality in our first-ever Sharecast! Split into two parts, the first featured here, the second can be found at the link above on the Expanding Reality podcast feed and YouTube Channel.    ++SANTOS BONACCI BIO AND LINKS++ For over 30 years, Santos has been studying the ancient works, researching, compiling and translating the texts to produce an easier to understand compendium of AstroTheology. This information has been brought together in a network of media platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and The Universal Truth School Website, where Santos' Syncretic music and products are also available. Syncretism shows how all the Ancient Legendary Stories, Myths, Bibles, Fairy Tales etc, all have one simple common origin. In all of these wonderful ancient classics, the Personae are always the same, under different names. ++WEBSITE:    ++BRANDONS BIO AND LINKS++ Brandon Thomas is the host of the podcast Expanding Reality. His tagline: Gaining new insight and perspective on the nature of reality in an ever expanding universe one conversation at a time, only scratches the surface of what this powerhouse, major hunk of a man brings to the podcasting world. He covers almost every subject that extends beyond the 3rd dimension, and gives enough breathing room in his interviews to explore the seen, unseen, sensed, and the hidden. ++WEBSITE:  ++YOUTUBE:  ++APPLE PODCASTS:    ++HTKASC LINKS++ ++YOUTUBE:  ++APPLE PODCASTS: ++WEBSITE: ++INSTAGRAM: ++FACEBOOK: ++TWITTER: ++BITCHUTE: ++SPOTIFY: ++ODYSEE:   
56:37 1/22/22