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We're back!Lots to catch up on over the last year and lots to talk about currently with the revival at Asbury College.Support the show
28:16 2/22/23
Ep 35 l Worry... Getting to the AMEN.
I hope you enjoyed hearing from some of our ministry friends and partners - last week.  It was truly so wonderful, for us, to hear from others that have been such a pivotal part of this ministry over the years.  We are so grateful for them... their support, guidance, leadership and participation with this ministry.  Today,  we are changing gears a bit and talking about WORRY and ANXIETY.   Do you worry?  Would you consider yourself a worrier?  I had not ever considered myself a worrier, however; I have realized recently - that I have been struggling with worry.Research has shown... of EVERYTHING we worry about in our lives - only 8% of those things MAY come to life.     Here are some (HARD) questions I would love for YOU to REFLECT on and ASK YOURSELF:1.  What do you do when you are worrying...?  I have realized, I turn to food.        Some others escape - run. 2.  Do YOU TRUST God to carry you thru the things you worry about?3.  Are there worries in YOUR LIFE that you 'give to God', but never fully relinquish hold of?      We tend to run from God or turn from Him and turn towards something that       doesn't bring  JOY or COMFORT.   I want to leave you with these final words of wisdom... "Any time you feel pressure - it is ONLY measuring the resistance to what God has allowed into your life."I pray today,  you can yield to the pressure and that YOU are able to get the AMEN... let it be said, let it be done.  RESOURCES:Matthew 6:25 - 34Psalm 37:4 Support the show
32:24 5/17/22
Ep 34 l ADTH Special Guests' Episode
This podcast actually took place during our annual TopGolf fundraiser.  I can't wait for YOU to hear from some of our closest friends and ministry partners.  Here we go...Our first guest is Cathy Bell.   Cathy is one of the longest running board members on our Brent Gambrell Ministries / ADTH Board of Directors; she serves as our Secretary and my life long bff.   Cathy Bell knows everything about me and I about her... so, needless to say - we will be in each other's lives FOREVER!  Fun fact about Cathy... if it wasn't for her - my first book, Living For Another, would not have been written. (True story)Welcome Rick and Judy Barnette.  These two have been some of the greatest advocates for ADTH... they may hold the record for most trips to Haiti.  Rick, truly loves HAITI and this ministry.  He has a heart of gold, and helps in ways that just BLOW US AWAY!   Rick always gives great insight - and is usually the first to ask me the hard questions.  I love that he loves me and this ministry enough to ask those hard questions.  Welcome Kris Kelso,  the chairman of our Board of Directors.  Kris is the husband to Mary Jo Kelso - who has been on our podcast and one of the O.G. members of this ministry.  Kris has been involved with this ministry since the beginning - and he was one of the FIRST MEMBERS of our Board of Directors.  He is 19 years in and counting!  We love Kris and can't wait for you to hear his heart and insight.  Kris brings an energy and wisdom to this ministry that is much needed and respected.  Welcome William Horton.  William is our Treasurer.  He is the money man... and we value his insight and love for this ministry.  We met William thru his beautiful daughters, Katie and Corbie.  He had NO idea that after meeting him on his 1st trip to Haiti, with his daughter Katie, that he would forever be connected and a pivotal part of this ministry.   I am very excited for you to hear from some dear friends of this ministry.   Mike Slinker and his family - Tennessee Memories.  We love the Slinker family... they are new friends to the ministry, but have already become family and are HUGE IMPACT partners for ADTH. Hunter Briley and his wife, Wendy,  - Regal Reality Group. Hunter is one of the few that I call "my boy".  He was in my youth group at Two Rivers, and Hunter holds a very special place in my heart... he will forever be 'my boy'!We saved the best for last!  I want you to meet Moises Sifren.  Moises is the Director of Maranatha Ministry and the Director of the La Romana Hospital.  Moises is our ministry partner in the Dominican Republic.  We had the wonderful fortune of meeting Moises 4 years ago.  In praying thru and asking the Lord where He might lead us to expand this ministry... He lead us to La Romana, Dominican Republic.    After seeing the work this man and his organization have been doing with the Haitian communities in the D.R. - the Lord made it VERY CLEAR this is exactly  WHERE and WHO we were supposed to partner with.   Please LISTEN as Moises shares his INCREDIBLE STORY and what we will be building together in the D.R.I hope you have enjoyed meeting our ADTH family!  If you have ANY questions about our ministry or our ministry partners - please reach out!  We would LOVE  to SHARE all the information we can!  If YOU would like to join us on a trip to the Dominican Republic - click HERE for all the information! Support the show
57:36 5/11/22
Ep 31 l Blessed are the Peacemakers... during a time of War (In Studio)
How do we - as Christians - respond to this war?  Today, we have the conversation... I didn't think I would ever talk about publicly.  BUT, we did... and today we talk about the War in Ukraine and what OUR RESPONSIBILITY is as a BELIEVER.This is what we CAN DO and what OUR RESPONSIBILITY is: 1. We are to PRAY for the people of Ukraine.2.  We need to TRUST God is in CONTROL.3. We need to SUPPORT Ukraine in whatever small way can.  4. We need to PRAY for the Christian Church in Ukraine / protection of the people and the      children.5. We need to PRAY for Russian Leadership / Ukrainian Leadership / American Leadership /      NATO Leadership - pray for God's wisdom to intervene.6. We need to see the ENEMY for who the ENEMY is and what he is doing.Our challenge to YOU: start to LOVE and SERVE your friends and neighbors well! RESOURCES:Matthew 5,  Ephesians 6:18,  I Timothy 2,  Ephesians 6 Samaritan's Purse, World Central Kitchen,  LIST from Fox NewsSupport the show
31:12 3/23/22
Ep 32 l No Footprints on Water with Mary Jo Kelso (In Studio)
Today we are joined by, the one and only, Mary Jo Kelso.  Mary Jo and I go back many, many, many years; Mary Jo is one of the founding members of Images.  Images was our comedy/drama trio that traveled coast to coast sharing the Gospel thru drama skits, worship, Biblical teaching and comedy.  Mary Jo, is married to Kris Kelso (the chairman of our Board of Directors) and is the mother to 3 of the tallest, coolest boys... Owen, Ivan and Aron. I admitted to Mary Jo, during this podcast, that I learned so much about the Bible from her.  One of the biggest things I learned from Mary Jo was... she would say, 'I am gonna GO GET CLOSE'.  That was how SHE described - what must of us call  - our 'quiet time'.  I just LOVED THAT; so, I totally stole it from her and now say... 'I am gonna go get close!'.  Have you ever tried to walk on water?  Well, Mary Jo did - 😂 - today she tells us about that event and the moment (years later) God used it to reveal a beautiful truth to her.   I promise this will be an episode you will NOT want to miss.  Join me as we hear Mary Jo's heart and learn what it means to ask the question, "Who God is?". RESOURCES:Mary Jo Kelso... No Footprints on Water 4 **Mary Jo also has a book coming out called: Grace MommaIf you would like more information about her book - you can contact her at or if you have questions for Mary Jo...  feel free to contact her at: Support the show
36:00 3/21/22
Ep 33 l Mary Jo Kelso - Grace Momma - Pt 2
It has been a minute, but here is the 2nd part to our time with Mary Jo Kelso.  Today was so fun as we talk about how Mary Jo started with Images, and we hear what prompted her to start writing her new book - GRACE MOMMA.We love what she shares about the moment she realized that parenting methods aren't the answers... listening to the HOLY SPIRIT is.  We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we enjoyed recording it.RESOURCES:*Mary Jo Kelso... No Footprints on Water**If you would like more information about her book - Grace Momma - you can contact her at or if you have questions for Mary Jo...  feel free to contact her at: Support the show
31:52 3/17/22
Ep 30 l Love & Relationships Part 2 (In Studio)
Join us as we continue our discussion on love, intimacy and becoming REAL.  Do you recognize the story we shared during 'story time'?  Who knew there was such wisdom to glean from The Velveteen Rabbit?We ask the question today... "what is the COST of intimacy?".  What is your answer to this question?  Do you feel it has to cost you something... or that is worth the risk?  It can cost you laying your pride aside...  and begin thinking 'we' NOT 'me'.   We had fun and honest discussion about this topic - please join us we have moments of laughter and tears.  We are excited to be joined in the studio again by Amanda Arthur, the President of Nashville Angels.   If you would like to know more about Nashville Angels and how YOU can help or get involved... you can click HERE or the Nashville Angels link below. References:The Velveteen Rabbit,  Nashville Angels,  John 15:13Quote from John Joseph Powell: “It is an absolute human certainty that no one can know his own beauty or perceive a sense of his own worth until it has been reflected back to him in the mirror of another loving, caring human being.” - The Secret of Staying in LoveSupport the show
36:08 2/14/22
Ep 29 l Love & Relationships pt. 1 (In Studio)
Today we talk Love and Relationships.   I decided February's podcasts would be themed "The Month of LOVE".   We had a special guest join us for this podcast... Amanda Arthur (President of the non-profit, Nashville Angels).  We thought it best for 2 single guys to not be the ONLY ones speaking into Love and Relationships; so, we have 2 married ladies joining us today to help evoke some wisdom on this topic.We have some questions for you to answer... ponder.  What do you think the definition of intimacy is?  What is intimacy NOT?  Intimacy is NOT the magic RING or sex!  Intimacy is being vulnerable and intentional.  Intimacy is hard to define, but you KNOW when you experience it.   "Intimacy is not a park bench... it is a bicycle built for two... it's moving and growing." BGJoin us as we get REAL and share some of our most intimate stories and dive into REAL talk about relationships.We have a random question for YOU: (comment or email us your answer... What item in your refrigerator describes you right now?Resources from podcast:Click here to learn more about Nashville Angels Support the show
28:48 2/14/22
Ep 28 l Focus of a 'Not'
This is the second in the series of, "Becoming a NOT".   Join me as we explore on how to 'FOCUS ON BEING A 'NOT'.This message became something so different for me... it went from being a message to the masses - to becoming a new perspective on the Christian walk for me personally.  What came out of this message - is what authentically was being done IN me and came OUT of me.  My Prayer is that the Lord would authentically do a work in you.  Are you ready to explore and learn how to FOCUS on BEING A NOT? Resources:Hebrews 11,  Jude 1:14-15,  Matthew 4, Matthew 17,  I Chronicles 29:22Support the show
45:52 1/3/22
Ep 27 l Becoming a "Not"
Have you ever wanted to know the purpose of life? "Enoch walked with God and was 'NOT'... and God took him."  The purpose of life is NOT ABOUT YOU... it's about getting over you.  Becoming a 'NOT' is about absolutely emptying yourself.  Join me as we revisit an oldie but a goodie, and study the life of Enoch - and what it means to empty yourself and become a 'NOT'.  "I see Christianity defined in 3 verses..." . Brent GambrellAnd He said to them all, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me.  Luke 9:23“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.  Matt. 5:3 'and Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him.' Gen. 5:24Enoch walked with God, he became a NOT (nothing) and God accepted him.   There is NOTHING that nearness to God in life won't fix.  When we walk long enough with God - we become a NOT... nothing.  Nothing but an empty vessel to be used by God.  I pray this week you walk with God daily, and that you walk so close you hear and feel His whispers.  I look forward to being with you next week as we continue to explore the nearness of the Lord and becoming a NOT.ll Kings 4, ll Kings 6, Support the show
45:36 12/22/21
Ep 26 | Mary's Christmas
Merry Christmas everyone.  As we are ONE week from Christmas - we thought it was only appropriate for us to discuss Mary!Join us as we dive into Luke 1:26 - 38.  The angel, Gabriel,  appears to Mary and tells her that she will conceive a child and He will be called Emmanuel.  Mary's first response was, "why me?".  She was young, poor and from a bad part of Nazareth,  but the angels response was - 'You are highly favored".  She wasn't chosen because of her credentials - God chose her because she loved the Lord, she believed, and she was highly favored. Something interesting you might not have known... after this encounter with Mary - the word  'bless-ed'  (bless-ed)  took on a different meaning.  Blessed  became known to mean -  you don't deserve this - you have been given a gift. What can we learn from Mary?  1.  Doubts are ok.2.  Nothing is impossible with God.3.  If we humble ourselves - He will lift us up.4.  We can trust that God is going to prepare the way for us. Mary was unworthy, but so are we!  It is ONLY by God's grace that we receive His favor... His blessing.  Our prayer is that you have a 'Mary's Christmas' this year.  Ask God what your mission is and for Him to prepare you and prepare the way for you. Merry Christmas from all of us Brent Gambrell Ministries and A Door to Hope.ref:  Luke 1:26-38, John 17Support the show
32:00 11/18/21
Ep 25 l Frosty, the Grinch and HO HO Hell (In Studio)
We had some fun today talking all things Christmas.   Have you ever thought that Frosty the Snowman, The Grinch and Here Comes Santa Clause preach Jesus?  Join us as we discover the parallels between these Christmas classics and the Gospel."Frosty is such a picture of the Gospel",  the kids are all sad and hopeless - until a miracle comes to bring JOY!  But, following the JOY is an evil that tries to destroy it. The evil thinks he has won when he destroys Frosty, but... we know that is NOT the end of story.  It is NOT the end of either story! "Christmas is not a 'what' question - it's a 'who' question". The Grinch is about a changed heart and a person who relentlessly pursues him.  Cindy Lou Who saw the good in him, when he didn't see the good in himself.  This is such a picture of how the Lord sees us, and relentlessly pursues us - even when we are at our worst.We pray that you see JESUS in every moment of this season, and maybe as you watch your favorite Christmas movies - you see them thru different lenses.   Merry Christmas from all of us at Brent Gambrell Ministries and A Door to Hope!Stayed tuned till the very end for some fun 'EXTRA's' as we discuss our favorite Christmas movies and why!Want Brent to speak at your next church event? the show
31:44 11/12/21
Ep 24 l A Candid Conversation with Brent Gambrell (In Studio)
Today... we talk candidly with THE Brent Gambrell and how Christianity is an adventure!  We made Brent come into the studio today with NO AGENDA... NO OUTLINES... JUST AUTHENTIC CONVERSATION and some candid questions! We hope you enjoy this moment as much as we did.  Our ONLY wish was that you could have been in the room with us to see the look of utter fear and apprehension on Brent's face - because of him NOT knowing what was coming!  We thought it would be fun for YOU to join us in what a typical Wednesday afternoon with the 3 of us looks like.  Enjoy!If you are interested in booking Brent to speak at your event or church... please click here . Support the show
29:04 11/1/21
Ep 23 l Your Shadow (In Studio)
Today we talk about the affect and influence YOUR shadow can cast.  Listen as we explore the scripture in Acts 5:15-16." that they even carried out the sick into the streets and laid them on cots and mats, that as Peter came by at least his shadow might fall on some of them.   The people also gathered from the towns around Jerusalem, bringing the sick and those afflicted with unclean spirits, and they were all healed.  Acts 5:15-16Peter cast a shadow that was healing.   Our shadow is our influence... is your shadow healing or not? That is the question we explore during this episode.A shadow is a figure or image cast on the ground by a body intercepting light.  (Webster's) Everyone has a shadow... below are the 3 points that stood out to us from Acts 5:15 -16:1 . We were put here for a purpose to cast a shadow /  to cast an influence2.  God was thinking of you long before you existed3. The purpose of YOUR life fits into a larger scheme for the planetSomeone is always looking at your life...  our shadow doesn't talk, but our lives should speak!  What is your life / your influence / your shadow say? Ralph Waldo Emerson says... "Your life speaks so loud... I can hardly hear what you are saying."  Let your shadow grow.  Make YOUR relationships intentional.  We were so challenged  by this message today... that we challenged ourselves to do a couple of things.  So, we thought you might enjoy being INCLUDED.  You ready?  Here you go!Challenge: 1. We challenge you to CALL… Not email or even write a letter to but physically talk to a person in your past who’s influence and shadow changed your life for the better.  Tell them what it has meant to you specifically and how their life has changed yours.2. Purposefully identify a person you know YOU influence and speak encouraging words into their life today.EPH. 1:11-12,  2 COR. 3:2,  MATT. 5:16, EPH. 5:15-16,  PROV. 4:18Support the show
36:06 10/29/21
Ep 22 | Sealed in Christ (In Studio)
As usual, we have deep and distracted conversations with a lot of humor.   We share about  Brent's lack of sleep due to his new C-PAP machine... any wisdom YOU can give Brent - PLEASE pass that along. Listen as  we discuss the topic of  what it means to be "Sealed in Christ".  Paul tells us in the book of Ephesians we are 'Sealed in Christ'; this means - we are INSULATED in Christ,  PROTECTED in Christ, have WISDOM in Christ, we have APPROVAL in Christ,  we are IDENTIFIED  thru Christ and He FILLS ALL the CRACKS and HOLES  of our character - so that we are COMPLETELY SEALED IN HIM.   "You will not only stand in the fact that you are sealed in Christ. Stand in the fact you are approved and worthy to serve Him - but, ask Him to begin to fill and seal all the cracks, holes and small places that you are allowing satan or sin to come in."  Brent GambrellReferences:Ephesians 1:13-14,  Ephesians 4:29 -32, Click here to find out how to be more involved with Brent Gambrell Ministries and A Door To Hope.Support the show
39:52 10/14/21
Ep 21 | Mindset (In Studio)
We're back in the studio after a long few weeks. We keep it silly, deep, and spiritual all at the same time this week, when Brent talks about the mind. More importantly. being Christ minded, and setting our mind on things above. What does that look like in our day-to-day life? Tune in to find out! Click here to find out how to be more involved with Brent Gambrell Ministries and A Door To Hope.Support the show
47:28 10/4/21
Ep 20 | Communion (Sermon)
Back to the archives! We uncover a sermon from the early 2000s where Brent gives a message about communion with God. During this episode, Communion does take place while Brent leads it.  As usual, there's scripture, deep analogies, and humor.Click here to find out how to be more involved with Brent Gambrell Ministries and A Door To Hope.Support the show
40:44 9/23/21
Ep 19 | Freed From Sin (Sermon)
Today's episode is another message from the archives. Brent talks about being freed from sin and how it looks to live it out in your everyday life. As always, there's stories, humor, and applicable scripture. Click here to find out how to be more involved with Brent Gambrell Ministries and A Door To Hope.Support the show
45:58 9/16/21
Ep 18 | Follow. Ok, but how? (Sermon)
Last week, Brent talked about following Jesus and being a disciple. This week, his messages talks about how to practice this. We hope you enjoy.Click here to find out how to be more involved with Brent Gambrell Ministries and A Door To Hope.Support the show
46:29 9/10/21
Ep 17 | Follow Me (Sermon)
It's archive time! What does it mean to follow Jesus and be a disciple? Brent dives into that today. It might be a message from the early 2000s, but still applies  today. Click here find out how to be more involved with Brent Gambrell Ministries and A Door To Hope.Support the show
46:15 9/2/21
Ep 16 | Worthy (Sermon)
Back to the archives!Today we rediscover an early message entitled, "Worthy."What does it mean to worship? What does it look like to worship? More importantly, why do we worship? It's because of Jesus and He is worthy of our worship.We hope you enjoy this message.Click here find out how to be more involved with Brent Gambrell Ministries and A Door To Hope.Support the show
44:00 8/25/21
Ep 15 | Salty & Lit (In Studio)
Back in the studio!It's good to be back with Brent, Kelly, and Lee. On this episode, Brent brings to the table a discussion about being salt and light, and what that looks like when there's too much of each, or not enough. Click here  find out how to be more involved with Brent Gambrell Ministries and A Door to Hope.Support the show
46:48 8/7/21
Ep 14 | Job (Sermon)
Back in the archives!We've got another great episode of the podcast, with one of Brent's sermons where he talks about Job. Brent does a great job at presenting the side of Christianity that doesn't get talked about a lot, which is when bad things happen.Click here  find out how to be more involved with Brent Gambrell Ministries and A Door to Hope.Support the show
39:50 7/29/21
Ep 13 | God Loves You (Sermon)
We're pulling from the archives again! What would be a better counterpoint to "Satan Hates You" than "God Loves You"? As usual, we get to listen to one of Brent's messages that is insightful, applicable, and often humorous. Click here  find out how to be more involved with Brent Gambrell Ministries and A Door to Hope.Support the show ( the show
44:15 7/22/21
Ep 12 | Satan Hates You (Sermon)
We're pulling from the archives again! Listen to one of Brent's sermons from the early 2000s.  It is called "Satan Hates You, and Has a Plan for Your Life." It's a topic you don't hear a lot about, but Brent takes us through it and it's a great listen. Click here find out how to be more involved with Brent Gambrell Ministries and A Door to Hope.Support the show
48:19 7/8/21
Ep 11 | The Message (Sermon)
On this episode, we pull back from the archives of one of Brent's sermons from the early 2000s, called "The Message", which still applies even to today. Click here  find out how to be more involved with Brent Gambrell Ministries and A Door to Hope.Support the show
48:36 6/30/21
Ep 10 | How Haiti? (In Studio)
On this 10th episode of The Brent Gambrell Podcast, we talk about Haiti. Brent and Kelly have been heavily involved in loving and serving the country of Haiti for a long time now, and we get to hear each of their stories and why they still have a heart for that country, even today. Click here  find out how to be more involved with Brent Gambrell Ministries and A Door to Hope.Support the show
47:28 6/19/21
Ep 9 | Prayer Problems (In Studio)
Hey! we're in the studio today hanging out. We're talking about prayer. Specifically, prayer problems. Why we pray, or why we don't pray. What we learn when we pray or go for a long time without praying. This discussion is thought provoking, honest, and definitely not short on its moments of humor. Click here  find out how to be more involved with Brent Gambrell Ministries and A Door to Hope.Support the show
52:16 6/10/21
Ep 8 | God's Name in Vain (Sermon)
On this episode, we learn that saying God's name in vain is more than just a cuss word. Join us on this message where we find out that in every breath we take, we say God's name.Click here  find out how to be more involved with Brent Gambrell Ministries and A Door To Hope.Support the show
47:49 6/3/21
Ep 7 | From Sensitivity to Sensuality (Sermon)
In this episode, Brent speaks on going from one lifestyle to another.  How we become  sensitive to less sensitive.Click here  find out how to be more involved with Brent Gambrell Ministries and A Door To Hope.Support the show
56:49 5/27/21