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Join Emerson Leigh, founder of the Ovvia™ Wellness, as she reveals and explores what you need to know to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight. Emerson helps people transform their struggle with weight-loss into wellness. In this podcast, she helps you better understand “how weight loss works” so you can change what you know, change what you do and change your body too! Find out more at:


E23 - Maintaining Motivation
Find out why the motivation that gets you moving, isn’t enough to get you to your goal and truly change your habits. Emerson reveals the three types of motivation that influence behavior change. She also gives you tips on how to build and accumulate reliable motivation to help you transform and realize permanent behavior change. For more information:© 2022 Ovvia™ LLC
24:06 02/21/2022
E22 - Sensible Substitutes
Cauliflower pizza crust isn't a sensible substitute, it's really just a healthy imposter. Find out how ingredients are transformed into substances, like flour, when they're "processed". Learn how healthy imposters hide with clever marketing, promotions and take advantage of diet trends. Get tips and understand how to look past the list of ingredients and take a closer look at the process used to make the food, so that when you can make healthy substitutes that makes sense.For more information:© 2022 Ovvia™ LLC
32:04 02/07/2022
E21 - Weekend Destroyer
The weekend is a great time to unwind and relax but it’s not a great time to unwind all of the healthy habits and routines you’ve maintained during the week. Emerson helps you rethink your weekend, with a new approach and strategy, so you can still thoroughly enjoy your weekends without destroying the momentum & progress you’ve made during the week!  For more information:© 2022 Ovvia™ LLC
28:51 01/24/2022
E20 - Start Your Day Off Right
The best way to control your metabolism is to create daily habits & routines around each one of the seven metabolic mechanisms. Learn why your body depends on routines to maintain your health. And learn how your metabolism reacts with unexpected disruption and the downstream negative impact when routines are interrupted, or worse, when the body doesn’t have a reliable routine it can depend on. Emerson gives you tips to help you establish healthy routines to motivate your metabolism and start your day off right! For more information:© 2022 Ovvia™ LLC
27:08 01/10/2022
E19 - New Year's Resolutions that WORK!
Get the latest update and learn how to make healthy, sustainable changes that last well beyond the New Year! Emerson exposes the not-so-obvious pit-falls of traditional resolutions and contrasts those with a new, modern approach. Resolutions are what we set when we are determined to make a change, but it takes more than resolve and determination. Which is why Emerson also provides seven tips to help guarantee success!  For more information:© 2021 Ovvia™ LLC
31:10 12/27/2021
E18 - Carbohydrates: Eliminate Confusion
Carbohydrates are essential to the body, yet some limit or eliminate carb consumption. Emerson clears up the confusion, by explaining the function of carbohydrates & how the different types of cabs function in our body. You’ll learn more about why “starch is sugar” & the value of resistant starch. She’ll also provide tips to quickly identify healthy vs. unhealthy carbs so you’ll know what to “buy” & what to “pass by” to maintain good health.  For more information:© 2021 Ovvia™ LLC
30:38 11/22/2021
E17 - Temptations & Holiday Overwhelm: Take Back Control!
Overwhelmed by the holiday season and all the temptations with food that come along with it? Emerson explains the mechanics around temptations and the ineffective tactics commonly constructed to avoid and resist them. She’ll provide tips and solutions so you can minimize the influence and frustration of temptations that are especially intense during the holiday season and take back control! For more information:© 2021 Ovvia™ LLC
35:21 11/08/2021
E16 - Sugar & Sweeteners: The Scary Truth
Find it hard to avoid sugar? Get the truth and learn how sweet substances are really toxic and harmful to the body. You’ll be surprised that it’s responsible for more serious diseases! Emerson also reveals the four ways sugar is sneaking up on all of us. She’ll give tips on how to more easily avoid excess sugar, so you can enjoy yourself and not destroy yourself.  For more information:© 2021 Ovvia™ LLC
23:27 10/25/2021
E15 - Interference & Influence from Other People
Why is the influence of others so strong? Why is it so hard to ignore other people’s opinions? Emerson answers those questions and more, as she explains why other people’s opinions can cause interference with your healthy choices and behaviors. And you’ll learn why change and transformation aren’t typically supported by others: even friends and family. Most importantly, you’ll learn about the skills needed to bypass the interference and disruption, so you can stay focused on prioritizing your new healthy choices! For more information:© 2021 Ovvia™ LLC
28:41 10/11/2021
E14 - Push Past Procrastination: Get Results!
Need more motivation and help to push past procrastination? There are multiple factors that influence our motivation to take action. Emerson explains the source of procrastination and what perpetuates it. You’ll learn how procrastination disguises itself and all the ways it presents so you can identify it and understand more about the skills you need to build to overcome it, get motivated to take action, and move forward!  For more information:© 2021 Ovvia™ LLC
31:40 09/27/2021
E13 - Healthy Habits & Routines: LET'S GO!
Find it hard to start a new healthy routine or after time- off for a vacation or holiday, think it’s really difficult to get back on-track? Emerson explains the reason why, it’s so hard to get motivated and establish NEW healthy habits and routines. And why so many of us struggle to get back in the swing of those routines we had going strong prior to time-off. Most importantly, she’ll give you tips to help get you up and moving, repeating healthy patterns and routines! For more information:© 2021 Ovvia™ LLC
27:36 09/13/2021
E12 - Why You Can’t Stop Eating
Wonder why you can’t stop eating certain processed foods? Emerson reveals how overconsumption is commonly triggered by substances and ingredients in food and why it’s not a matter of self-control. You’ll learn how ingredients and stimulating substances like caffeine, sugar and monosodium glutamate drive cravings, hunger and appetite. She’ll tell you where to look and how to find these stimulating substances. And you’ll get practical tips on how you can still eat these types of foods, enjoy yourself, avoid the over-stimulation and not destroy yourself. For more information:© 2021 Ovvia™ LLC
28:26 06/14/2021
E11 - Emerson's Weight Loss Journey
Emerson Leigh helps people transform their struggle with weight-loss into wellness. In this podcast, she details her own journey to losing weight and keeping it off. She reveals how stress, emotions, and age all played a role in her battle with weight. You’ll learn why she finally quit dieting and instead focused on learning to change what she knew to be true about weight-loss and healthy eating. The right information finally transformed her mind, body and behavior. Watch the video of this episode, visit Ovvia’s website,  “ABOUT EMERSON”, link below.For more information:© 2021 Ovvia™ LLC
23:57 06/07/2021
E10 - Scale Betrayal: Remove Emotion & Volatility
If you’ve ever felt betrayed by the scale this episode is for you. Emerson explains why so many of us hate the scale and have an emotional reaction to it. You’ll learn why your favorite pair of jeans is the worst notification for any weight fluctuation. And you’ll also learn how to remove the volatility and emotion so you can restore your relationship with the scale and start to benefit from using it as the functional weight management tool it's intended to be. BONUS: Watch the video of this episode! Visit Ovvia’s website (link below) and ENROLL to get access to the FREE COURSE “How Weight-Loss Works”. “The Scale” video is included in the bonus content, along with a “written-guide'' that provides the specific name & brand of scale Emerson uses too! For more information:© 2021 Ovvia™ LLC
21:56 05/31/2021
E9 - Healthy Imposters: Why Substitutes Don't Satisfy
You’ll learn how to identify processed foods that impersonate healthy food and why these substitutes fail to provide added value and nutrition. Emerson explains how your body reacts to processed food vs. natural food and why processed food is more likely to cause weight-gain. You’ll learn why both the ingredients and substances in the food matter. And she’ll leave you with some quick-tips to help you navigate the modern world of processed food. For more information:© 2021 Ovvia™ LLC
27:23 05/24/2021
E8 - Self-Confidence: Get a Boost!
You’ll learn how self-confidence works as a powerful tool to help overcome obstacles and interference from feelings like worry, fear, doubt, and negative thinking. Emerson dives into several of the concepts that construct confidence: trust, belief, and control. She also exposes additional challenges like type-cast and imposter syndrome. You’ll learn why your actions and reactions are more directly in your control vs. outcomes. And she’ll leave you with some quick-tips to help you boost your self-confidence too! For more information:© 2021 Ovvia™ LLCAdditional Video Content Available for Ovvia Members: Self-Confidence Negative Beliefs: Fear, Worry & Doubt Encouragement & Trust Type-Cast & Imposter Syndrome Type-Cast & Imposter Syndrome Workshop Self-LoveSelf-Worth Self-Worth Workshop 
30:34 05/17/2021
E7 - Hunger vs. Cravings: Curb Appetite
You’ll learn the unique signatures of both hunger and cravings, so you can identify the difference and determine how you want to respond. Emerson also dives into emotional eating and why it’s common to respond to mood-with-food. She also reveals the THREE reasons why we eat: relief, reward, routine. Learn how these factors influence both hunger and cravings too!  For more information:© 2021 Ovvia™ LLC 
27:17 05/10/2021
E6 - Exercise: How to Kick-Start Your Metabolism
You’ll learn how exercise improves your metabolism, why exercise alone won’t get you to your weight loss goal, the different metabolic effects of strength training vs. cardio and which exercise works best for maximizing fat burning. Emerson provides tips for when to exercise, how much you need (duration) and when is the best time to exercise to maximize fat burning and weight loss. For more information:© 2021 Ovvia™ LLC 
27:00 05/03/2021
E5 - Drinking & Sugar: The Fastest Way to Weight-Gain
Sugar smuggles its way into most everything you drink: fruit juice, sports drinks, supplements and alcohol! You’ll learn how liquid sugar quickly hijacks your metabolism and sabotages your weight loss, causing increased appetite, lethargy, and weight-gain. Emerson reveals the effects and impact of sugar; specifically fructose. She also reveals how to avoid liquid sugar and provides tips for healthy alternatives, so you can enjoy yourself and not destroy yourself!For more information:© 2021 Ovvia™ LLC 
27:32 04/26/2021
E4 - Accountability & Support: Motivation to Change
Learn how to trust yourself around food by better understanding the mechanics of accountability and support. Emerson removes myths and misconceptions around accountability to reveal the THREE key aspects of support: responsibility, inspiration, and interaction. She also discusses the role self-confidence plays in accountability and self-trust. Learn how and where to find the right kind of support you need to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight too! For more information:© 2021 Ovvia™ LLC 
19:49 04/19/2021
E3 - The Natural Fat Blocker: Fiber
Learn how fiber helps to block fat storage and why you’ll want this uniquely protective carbohydrate to be the first priority on your plate to help regulate your metabolism; to not only lose weight, but to maintain a healthy weight too! Emerson explains the metabolic impact of this nutrient and how it helps to drive satiety and fullness! She reveals how fiber also helps to alleviate appetite, hunger, and cravings.For more information:© 2021 Ovvia™ LLC 
16:51 04/12/2021
E2 - Vacations & Holidays: "Enjoy Yourself, Don't Destroy Yourself"
Learn how to enjoy yourself and not destroy yourself on vacations and holidays! Emerson outlines the factors that contribute to vacation weight-gain and outlines a strategic approach to help maintain your body weight and healthy habits while also enjoying yourself! Learn how to build your own strategic plan and get lots of tips on how to indulge in exceptional food and drinks!For more information:© 2021 Ovvia™ LLC 
25:21 04/05/2021
E1 - Which Diet Works Best?
Emerson Leigh evaluates and compares the functional mechanisms of the most popular diet programs: Calorie Counting, The WW “Weight-Watchers", Macros, Keto & Low-Carb. Topics Include: 2 of the 7 mechanisms that impact the metabolism, how the metabolism works in response to food and drinks, 3 things your body reacts to in food, the essential nutrients and value of foods, 5 essential macros, the glucose and insulin response, and how fiber influences body weight and helps weight-loss.For more information:© 2021 Ovvia™ LLC 
27:32 03/28/2021
When you change what you know, it’s easier to change what you do! Get the latest information on how to manage and maintain a healthy body and weight so you can feel good and live your best life too! Emerson Leigh, founder of OVVIA, provides education, coaching and support for wellness and weight-loss. Be sure to FOLLOW or subscribe so you don’t miss new episodes. Join Emerson LIVE on FB & Instagram weekly, new podcast episodes every-other-week too! For more information:© 2021 Ovvia™ LLC 
01:53 03/27/2021