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The Atheist in the Trailer Park

Ramblings from an atheist living in a trailer park in TN.


The Return
We're back, baby!
34:06 09/26/2022
Raw and Uncensored
A little bit of everything.
31:52 08/19/2022
375 I Think
Beth Hambridge's GoFundMe:
46:34 08/05/2022
How things are going.
37:53 07/19/2022
Episode 374: Abort the Court!
Show notes are here:
50:42 07/01/2022
Episode 373: The Oneirologist
Skullbeard and I practice some oneirology, but nobody eats the biscuit.
70:31 06/23/2022
Episode 372: Nightmare in Ohio
I'm tired, and there's a content warning for the first political story.
32:49 06/17/2022
Episode 371: Skullbeard's Here to Hexenhammer Your Head!
Show notes are here:
67:15 06/08/2022
Episode 370: Some Things We Can Do
Show notes are here:
69:52 06/01/2022
Update and Thanks
This isn't dealing with the problem that I'm having, but its a short video that shows the inside of the hub motor and mentions that if you don't grease the planetary gear, you're going to have problems:
25:51 05/23/2022
The Bike's Dead
Go here if you want to help:
06:56 05/22/2022
Episode 369: It's Hexenhammer Time!
Hertzey's back, and we're gettin' Hexenhammered!
47:27 05/19/2022
Episode 368: I'm Sadly Not a Felon
Might be some show notes here tomorrow:
36:53 05/11/2022
Episode 367: Git Yourself a Gun
Show notes:
46:00 05/04/2022
Episode 366: Survival
My thoughts on ensuring that humanity has a future. The Dawn of Everything: The Writing of the Gods:
83:47 04/24/2022
Episode 365: OG Incel
Hertzey and I tackle more of Hexen Hammer.
57:33 04/22/2022
Episode 364: The Wish Version of David AR White
Show notes are here:
164:07 04/09/2022
Episode 363: Carnal Copulation
Hertzey's back and you're gonna be in trouble!
93:58 03/30/2022
Let's Talk Cats and RPGs
The book Hertzey and I were talking about:
72:27 03/24/2022
I Think We're Back
An update on things around here and how soon we can expect things to go back to normal.
50:47 03/14/2022
I've got to put a pause on the podcast for reasons that I hope you'll understand.
24:36 02/09/2022
Episode 362: White Fragility Edition
Show notes:
133:31 02/02/2022
Episode 361: A Conversation With Beth Hambridge
Beth and I talking about life and other things.
150:56 01/26/2022
Episode 360: DeathBeak
Show notes are here:
94:40 01/21/2022
Episode 359: Peelin' the Hexen Hammer
The Top Gear Peel P50 video:
75:40 01/20/2022
Episode 358: Hertzey Tries to Keep It Down
Show notes are here:
101:57 01/14/2022
Episode 357: Hexen Hammer Hurlin' Hertzey
More of the Hexen Hammer with Hertzey
80:54 12/30/2021
Episode 356: Content Warning
Show notes are here:
114:06 12/20/2021
Episode 355: Buggery and Blasphemy
Its more Hexenhammer!
53:02 12/09/2021
Episode 354: Zombie JFK, Jr!
Show notes are here:
96:15 11/30/2021