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Ramblings from an atheist living in a trailer park in TN.


Episode 439: Two Souls One Cup
Lightly toasted.
66:49 5/22/24
Episode 438: His History Can Still Beat Up Your Politics
Link to Bruce Carlson's website:
89:04 5/13/24
Episode 437: Detatchable Penis
It's EXACTLY what you think. A whole nest of them, in fact.
61:53 5/7/24
Episode 436: Civil War Part Two
Show notes are here:
67:40 4/29/24
Episode 435: Nacho Baby
The Nacho Bell Grande of Christ, shed for you.
102:07 4/22/24
Episode 434: Drain Bramage  
32:30 4/18/24
Episode 433: Stuffed in the Butt With Satan's Gerbils
It's sort of explained near the end of the episode.
84:36 4/8/24
Episode 432: Tuck's Done Gone Crazy!
News story I mentioned on the show:
40:22 4/1/24
Episode 431: Cockblocking Curses
Trust me, it's true.
63:18 3/28/24
Episode 430: A Thousand Cuts
Basically a recap of what's been happening here. Sorry it's so bleak.
46:27 3/21/24
Death in the Family
No show this week due a death in the family.
01:27 3/12/24
Breaking: SCOTUS? More Like SCROTUS!
Lions Led By Donkeys podcast episode I mentioned:
22:44 3/5/24
Episode 429: Kehr mir die Zung im Arss umb
Apologies for it being short, but I've got the 'rona, I'm gonna make you listen to figure out the show title.
37:16 3/4/24
Good News/Bad News
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
01:25 2/26/24
9-1-1 is a Joke
I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Fuck the police.
06:09 2/20/24
Episode 428: Only YOU Can Prevent Another Civil War
Yes, I am serious about this.
68:28 2/12/24
Episode 427: It's the Moon That Makes You Poop
It's true! The book says so!
57:29 2/6/24
Episode 426: Verging on Civil War
Show notes are here:
82:04 1/29/24
Episode 425: Spectacles, Testicles, Watch, Wallet
Hey, a new bumper!
68:30 1/16/24
Episode 424: Loser J Chump
Show notes are here:
66:33 1/9/24
I'm Sick
Sorry folks, you'll get an episode as soon as I'm able.
01:27 1/3/24
Episode 423: So That Was Xmas
No Hexenhammer, just some of my thoughts about Xmas.
23:40 12/29/23
Episode 422: Rudy Goes Broke
Show notes are here:
107:39 12/21/23
Episode 421: Five Guys Demon Fries
It's a hot one!
109:49 12/14/23
Episode 420: Not High Enough
Show notes are here:
53:18 12/7/23
Episode 419: Something About Needing an Old Priest and a Young Priest
More Hexenhammer fer ya!
75:02 11/29/23
Rebroadcast Episode 0164: Bruce Carlson Slays Your Politics
My 2017 interview with Bruce Carlson of My History Can Beat Up Your Politics that is still relevant today.
56:36 11/20/23
Episode 418: Mostly About Me
The book I mention during the episode:
40:18 11/20/23
Episode 417: Narcan Beats Jebus
It's true!
63:09 11/14/23
Surprise Cognitive Dissonance!
Here's the website of the podcast that I mention in the episode:
79:07 11/9/23

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