Show cover of Jon Michail's Personal Branding Masterclass

Jon Michail's Personal Branding Masterclass

Award-winning image consultant, author and personal branding pioneer Jon Michail spent over 32 years helping executives, entrepreneurs and changemakers to build, grow and monetise their personal brands. As he helped them, now it's time to help YOU with this podcast. This platform will introduce leading-edge concepts and tools to maximize your career, business and personal life. The show has two types of episodes: one based on conversations with personalities that will share their stories and experiences; and one episode only with Jon, where he will share tips, reflections and insights about the Personal Branding universe. Building your personal brand can be rewarding in countless ways when you have the right tools and mindset! Shall we start?


How Daring Are You? 12:24 08/18/2022
Why Change and Adaptability are Essentials Life Skills for the New World 13:22 08/11/2022
The Visibility Reach Pyramid 13:48 08/04/2022
The 7-Type Brand Power Model 16:59 07/27/2022
The Enemies of an Abundant Lifestyle 21:09 07/21/2022
Self-awareness is the key to personal power & freedom 24:42 07/14/2022
Crisis and Reinvention, with Amanda “Kazzy” Cryer 41:40 07/07/2022
Corporate Brand Identity vs Personal Brand Identity 14:12 06/30/2022
How to use Social Media to TRULY grow Thought Leadership 15:00 06/23/2022
How to Improve Your Reputation as a Leader 15:38 06/16/2022
Managing your Workplace Reputation 14:58 06/09/2022
Protecting your Reputation Online 14:22 06/02/2022
Powerful Tips to Improve Your Business Image 11:30 05/26/2022
What you can learn from Political Image 13:22 05/19/2022
Reinvention and Evolution of your career image 12:55 05/12/2022
Is your Personal Image working for or against you? 18:39 05/05/2022
How Does Thought Leadership Benefit your Business 16:58 04/28/2022
Purpose is the key to Profit & Performance in uncertain times 17:56 04/21/2022
Authenticity in an image-obsessed world 18:56 04/14/2022
How to Achieve the Life You Desire 20:53 04/07/2022
Innovate or Die: what leaders can learn from brand Netflix 20:10 03/31/2022
Is your Reputation Congruent with Your Personal Brand? 19:48 03/24/2022
Dress for Success 20:27 03/19/2022
The power of your wardrobe 19:59 03/10/2022
Why We Need More Entrepreneurs And How You Can Become One 12:55 03/03/2022
Humble Bragging Can Help You Grow Your Personal and Business Brand 14:56 02/24/2022
Valuable lessons from an Olympic Champion, with Kathy Watt 27:53 02/17/2022
How to know if you need a new career plan 15:16 02/10/2022
The Most Common Personal Branding errors People Make 12:23 02/03/2022
Identity Crisis: How to stop losing yourself 15:32 12/09/2021