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Inspiring conversations with real people who took the leap into business ownership, franchising, and freedom. Hosted by franchise guru, consultant and trusted small business advisor, Meg Schmitz.If you're looking to make the next phase of your life the best phase, this podcast is for you.From corporate refugees and executives tired of the desk job life, to entrepreneurs and investors looking for more support in their business journey, you'll hear from real people who stepped into the unknown, took control of their destiny and became their own boss.


Ep. 4.26: Navigating Franchise Challenges and Achieving Success
In a moment of unexpected revelation, Karen Abrams found herself embarking on a journey into the world of franchising. Little did she know, this decision would lead to a rollercoaster of emotions, from exhilarating highs to unforeseen challenges. As she shares her captivating story, aspiring entrepreneurs are given a glimpse into the unpredictable nature of franchise ownership. But what unforeseen obstacles did Karen face, and how did she navigate them to achieve success? My special guest is Karen Abrams Karen Abrams, a seasoned real estate attorney with nearly 30 years of experience, stumbled into the world of franchising over a decade ago. It all began when she attended a franchise trade show out of curiosity and ended up representing franchisees on real estate matters. What started as a side interest quickly grew into owning and operating multiple franchise locations, giving her a unique firsthand perspective on the challenges and successes of the franchising world. Karen's journey from buying, building, and selling businesses, to experiencing both failure and triumph, has shaped her into a knowledgeable and insightful figure in the franchise industry. Her diverse background in the cosmetology and food industries adds a layer of depth to her understanding of the franchising landscape, making her a valuable source of practical wisdom for aspiring entrepreneurs.   In this episode, you will be able to: Gain valuable franchise industry insights from real experiences. Understand the importance of personal and financial considerations in franchising. Overcome challenges and discover effective strategies in franchise ownership. Explore diversification and find the path to success in the franchising world.  
41:27 12/14/23
Ep. 4.25 Overcoming Entrepreneurial Anxiety: Kendall's Journey into Franchise Ownership
Does this sound familiar? You want to gain control of your financial future but need the courage to live with the uncertainty being an entrepreneur brings. Are you seeking a way to attain the insights necessary to take the leap into business ownership? Look no further because our guest, Kendall, will share her process of stepping into the unknown. Get ready to unlock your potential and fearlessly navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship with Kendall's invaluable insights. My special guest is Kendall Kendal Kineard joins us on Free Agent Season 4 as a brand new franchisee in the process of training and launching her business.  In this episode, Meg and Kendall discuss: Discovering the secrets to leaning on family and faith. Building trust and relationships for exponential business growth. Being scared and doing it anyway. Explore the importance of listening and paying attention for business breakthroughs.
35:36 12/7/23
Ep 4.24 Franchisee Conversations: Learn directly from those who have walked the franchise path
Does this sound familiar? You're considering investing in a franchise, but you're overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information out there. You've been told to research online, read articles, and attend seminars, but despite all your efforts, you still feel uncertain and confused. The pain of not having clear and valuable insights is keeping you from making an informed decision and taking that leap towards franchise ownership. But what if there's a better way? My special guest is Kristine We are thrilled to have Kristine Givens join us on this episode of Free Agent. With a background in accounting and a successful stint as a business owner, Kristine's journey into franchise ownership is both captivating and enlightening. She shares her experiences, including the challenges she faced and the lessons she learned along the way. Kristine's story serves as a reminder that even the most informed and educated individuals can find themselves in unexpected situations. Her candidness and willingness to share the bumps and warts of her franchise journey make her a relatable and trustworthy source of insights for anyone considering franchise ownership. Join us as we delve into Kristine's story and discover the valuable lessons she has to offer. In this episode, you will be able to: Discover the key factors to consider before investing in a franchise, ensuring a solid foundation for success. Learn why trust and intuition play a crucial role in making informed decisions about franchise ownership. Uncover effective strategies for researching a franchise's financial performance, helping you evaluate its long-term viability. Gain insights into the importance of evaluating the leadership team behind a franchise, ensuring their expertise aligns with your goals. Hear firsthand experiences from successful franchisees, providing valuable insights and tips for navigating franchise ownership.  
40:36 11/30/23
Ep 4.23: Overcoming Challenges and Achieving Greatness
Does this sound familiar? You've been told that in order to achieve success in business, you need to work harder and sacrifice your personal life. But despite putting in the long hours and making sacrifices, you're still not seeing the results you desire. The pain of feeling burnt out and unfulfilled is all too real. It's time to explore a different approach, one that allows you to achieve a balanced work-life while finding success in the business world. My special guest is Lori Meet Lori Karpman, a dynamic entrepreneur with a deep-rooted passion for franchising. With a background in law and a successful career as a tax lawyer, Lori made the leap into the franchise industry and never looked back. Throughout her journey, she has worn many hats, from being a master franchiseor to founding her own chain of restaurants, which she later sold. Today, as the founder of a full-service franchise consulting firm, Lori brings her wealth of experience and expertise to help businesses navigate the world of franchising. Her boutique approach ensures that every client receives personalized attention and top-notch support in areas such as legal, operations, marketing, sales, and administration. With a reputation for excellence and a commitment to delivering exceptional customer service, Lori is a trusted advisor for entrepreneurs seeking to take their businesses to new heights through the power of franchising. In this episode, you will be able to: Discover the benefits and challenges of franchising - gain valuable insights into this popular business model that can help you make informed decisions about your entrepreneurial journey. Explore the education process for selling franchise agreements - learn the step-by-step strategies to effectively educate potential franchisees and attract the right partners for your franchise brand. Uncover the qualities of a successful franchise brand - understand the key characteristics that make a franchise brand stand out and resonate with customers, setting you up for long-term success. Recognize the importance of profitability in franchising - learn how to prioritize profitability in order to build a sustainable and lucrative business within the franchising industry. Navigate the challenges and seize the opportunities for women in business - gain practical advice and inspiration to overcome obstacles, harness your strengths, and thrive as a female entrepreneur or executive in the business world.
41:03 11/27/23
Ep 4.22 From Dreams to Reality: How Franchising Transform Lives
Do you want to unlock the key to thriving in the franchising industry? Are you searching for the ultimate way to achieve financial success and personal fulfillment through owning a franchise? Look no further, because we have the solution you've been seeking. Our guest, Monica, will be sharing invaluable insights that will empower you to attain your desired outcome of becoming a successful franchise owner. Get ready to discover the secrets that will pave your path to prosperity in the franchising world. My special guest is Monica Franchise expert Monica reveals the surprising truth about who succeeds in franchising, defying stereotypes and showcasing the determination and resilience of women, veterans, immigrants, and individuals with limited resources who turn their dreams into profitable businesses.   In this episode, you will be able to: Gain valuable industry insights and stay ahead of the competition in the franchising industry. Discover the key success factors that can make or break your franchising venture. Learn about the growing diversity in franchise ownership and how it can lead to new opportunities. Understand the significant economic impact that franchising has on local communities and the wider economy. Explore the personal and financial benefits of owning a franchise and how it can transform your life.    
42:22 11/16/23
Ep 4.21: From Family Business To Entrepreneurship
Unconventional and determined, free agent Jaime White defies societal expectations as she forges her own path, embracing challenges, seeking validation, and inspiring others to break free from traditional systems in pursuit of their dreams. My special guest is Jaime Jaime White is a force to be reckoned with in the world of free agency. With her vast experience as a real estate investor, entrepreneur, coach, and mentor, Jaime has carved her own path to success and is now helping others do the same. From stepping into the unknown as a young adult, running a furniture store and navigating the complexities of a toxic family business, Jaime knows firsthand the challenges and rewards of being a free agent. As a mother of six, she understands the importance of finding balance and creating a life that aligns with your values. Jaime's journey is a testament to the power of taking control over your destiny and embracing the possibilities that come with being your own boss. Her insights and wisdom will inspire and empower individuals seeking to make their mark on the world as free agents.   In this episode, you will be able to: Discover the inspiring journey of Jaime White, a free agent who defied expectations and carved out her own path in the business world. Uncover the unique challenges faced by individuals who leave the comfort and familiarity of a family business to pursue their own dreams. Explore the healing process and self-discovery that comes with embarking on a new journey as a free agent, and how it can lead to personal growth and fulfillment. Learn the importance of seeking outside help and guidance as you navigate the challenges and uncertainties of being an independent entrepreneur. Be inspired by the uplifting stories of individuals who bravely pursued their dreams, and discover how you can find the motivation and courage to follow your own passion.  
51:41 11/9/23
Ep 4.20 Entrepreneurial Spirit Meets Compassion
In a world where corporate monotony seemed the only path, Jimmy's journey took an unexpected turn. From a triumphant offseason with the NBA to a newfound passion for startups, he catapulted himself into the entrepreneurial realm. But as Grubhub flourished into a behemoth, Jimmy yearned for something more. Little did he know that a project on the future of aging would ignite a fire within him, leading him to embark on a remarkable venture. Get ready to discover how Jimmy's quest for purpose took an unforeseen twist, and what it means for the future of personalized home care services.   My special guest is Jimmy Zollo. Jimmy Zolo is an accomplished entrepreneur and the co-founder and CEO of Joe and Bella, a personalized home care business. With a strong background in marketing research and a proven track record working with notable brands like Reebok and the NBA, Jimmy brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. His experience in launching new markets and product lines has been instrumental in the success of his ventures. Recognizing the growing need for quality care for older adults in the face of the impending "silver tsunami," Jimmy embarked on a mission to create a business that provides personalized and compassionate home care services. With Joe and Bella, he aims to make a positive impact in the lives of seniors and their families by offering tailored care solutions. Jimmy's entrepreneurial journey and his dedication to improving the future of aging make him a valuable guest on the Free Agent podcast. Prepare to gain valuable insights into personalized home care and entrepreneurship with Jimmy as your guide. Someone ought to make really beautiful, comfortable clothes that make dressing safer, faster, easier, and more dignified. - Jimmy In this episode, you will be able to: Discover the freedom and fulfillment of self-employment and business ownership. Learn about the future of aging and how personalized home care services are revolutionizing the industry. Gain insights into the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship and learn how to navigate them successfully. Explore the importance of adaptive clothing for older adults and how it can improve their quality of life. Discover the power of mentors and support systems in entrepreneurship, and how they can accelerate your success.
38:22 11/1/23
Ep 4.19: Breaking Away to a Path of Freedom and Flexibility
In a world where resumes and grades often dictate our future, one man dared to challenge the norm. Meet Chad, a visionary who discovered the untapped potential of the millennial generation. As he embarked on a journey to revolutionize the way we hire, Chad stumbled upon an unexpected twist that forever changed his life. This is a story of unconventional methods, genuine connections, and the power of understanding. But what exactly did Chad discover? Stay tuned to find out how his bold step into entrepreneurship transformed everything he thought he knew. In this episode, you will be able to: Discover valuable insights and lessons learned from my career journey that can help you navigate your own path to entrepreneurship. Gain a deeper understanding of the importance of mentors and guidance during the transition to entrepreneurship, and how they can accelerate your success. Learn practical strategies and tips for transitioning from a traditional job to entrepreneurship, including overcoming challenges and leveraging opportunities. Explore the benefits of flexibility and control that come with entrepreneurship, and how they can enhance your work-life balance and overall satisfaction. Uncover the mindset shifts and focus on attitude, concentration, and effort that are key to achieving success as an entrepreneur. Tap into a wellspring of motivation and inspiration as you hear powerful personal stories of individuals who have successfully made the leap from a traditional job to entrepreneurship. Discover resources and tools to help you successfully navigate the transition process, including networking opportunities, training programs, and online communities. My special guest is Chad Chad Kopitzki is an expert in talent acquisition and a solopreneur based in Appleton, Wisconsin. With a diverse background that includes twelve years in a not-for-profit organization and experience working with millennials, Chad understands the importance of putting people first. His unique approach to recruitment, where he focuses on the person behind the resume, sets him apart from traditional methods. Chad's passion for creating honest and transparent conversations between job seekers and hiring managers led him to start his own business, providing executive search services and speaking engagements. As a guest on Free Agent, Chad shares his insights and experiences, offering valuable advice for individuals considering transitioning from a traditional job to entrepreneurship. Listeners will gain inspiration and practical tips for navigating the transition process successfully. The key moments in this episode are: 00:00:00 - Introduction 00:01:15 - People First Strategy 00:06:33 - Job Search Challenges 00:09:34 - Becoming a Solopreneur 00:14:19 - The People First Principle 00:15:04 - The Importance of Mentors 00:18:02 - Finding Your Tribe 00:20:57 - The Risk of Not Taking a Chance 00:22:30 - The Freedom of Being Your Own Boss 00:26:05 - The AHA Moment 00:29:56 - Chad's Journey from Football to Baseball 00:31:39 - The ACE Presentation 00:35:23 - Overcoming Mental Barriers 00:37:51 - The Power of Taking Risks 00:39:47 - Working with Chad
43:42 10/26/23
Ep 4.18: The Power of Passive Real Estate Investing with Jeremy Dryer
Have you ever found yourself unexpectedly drawn towards a new path in life? Jeremy Dryer, a successful sales professional, certainly did. After watching HGTV, he and his wife took a leap of faith into the world of real estate, with dreams of flipping homes. Little did they know, this venture would lead them to a surprising twist that would change their lives forever. Curious about the unexpected turn of events? Stay tuned to discover the incredible journey that transformed Jeremy's life and allowed him to achieve financial and time freedom. In this episode, you will be able to: Discover the power of passive investing in real estate syndications and unlock the potential for generating consistent cash flow without the hassle of being a landlord. Learn the importance of education in passive investing and how it can help you make informed financial decisions that can lead to long-term wealth creation. Gain valuable insights from past investment mistakes and avoid common pitfalls, ensuring a more successful and profitable investment journey. Experience the life-changing benefits of financial and time freedom, allowing you to live life on your own terms and pursue your passions without being tied down by a traditional 9-to-5 job. Explore the concept of diversification and discover how investing in different franchises can minimize risk and maximize potential returns, creating a well-rounded investment portfolio. My special guest is Jeremy Dryer Jeremy Dryer is an experienced investor and entrepreneur with a strong track record in passive real estate investing. With over 25 years of experience in sales and a proven ability to generate top results, Jeremy has successfully transitioned from a corporate job to owning his own real estate syndication fund company. He initially started his real estate journey with fix-and-flip investments, leveraging his wife's interior design skills and a trusted general contractor. However, as his family grew and priorities shifted, Jeremy made the strategic decision to focus on passive investing in real estate syndications. This move allowed him to achieve financial independence and time freedom, enabling him to prioritize his family and personal pursuits. Jeremy's expertise and success have led him to share his knowledge and educate others on the benefits of passive investing. Through his podcast appearances and real estate syndication fund, Jeremy is dedicated to helping individuals make informed investment decisions and achieve their own financial and time freedom. The key moments in this episode are: 00:00:00 - Introduction 00:01:34 - Starting in Real Estate 00:04:58 - Educating Potential Investors 00:07:28 - Challenging Mindsets 00:09:59 - Lessons from Mistakes 00:16:03 - Diversification and Passive Investing 00:18:00 - Building a Business and Investing 00:19:33 - Hot Trends in Real Estate Investing 00:21:08 - Getting Started with Passive Real Estate Investing 00:30:43 - The Benefits of Reinvesting in Franchise Opportunities 00:32:09 - The Importance of Getting Started 00:33:11 - Take the Leap 00:33:39 - Closing Remarks
37:13 10/19/23
Ep 4.17: Strategies to Separate Personal and Business Credit w/ Andrew Cervenka
Discover how small business owners can break free from personal guarantees and unlock the power of financial independence by strategically separating personal and business credit in this eye-opening episode featuring the insightful and determined Andrew Cervenka from J Galt. In this episode, you will be able to: Discover the importance of building business credit to fuel sustainable growth and increase your financial independence. Learn effective strategies for separating your personal and business credit, allowing you to protect your personal assets and establish a solid financial foundation for your business. Uncover the benefits of business credit for financing large purchases, opening up new growth opportunities and ensuring you have the capital you need when you need it. Gain insights into maximizing your business credit in trade industries, enabling you to take advantage of favorable trade terms, discounts, and increased purchasing power. Get valuable tips for building a strong business credit profile, equipping you with the knowledge and tools to position your business for success and access better financing options. My special guest is andrew Andrew Cervenka, a credit expert from J Gault, is the featured guest on this episode of The Free Agent. With his extensive knowledge and experience in helping small business owners separate their personal and business credit, Andrew offers valuable insights and strategies to listeners. From understanding the different tiers of business credit to navigating the intricacies of building a solid foundation, Andrew shares practical tips and advice to help entrepreneurs achieve financial independence. His expertise in maximizing the benefits of separating personal and business credit makes him a trusted resource for small business owners and entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses and secure their financial future. Tune in to this episode to gain valuable insights and take your business credit to the next level. The key moments in this episode are: 00:00:00 - Introduction, 00:01:19 - Maximizing Business Credit, 00:04:19 - Building Business Credit from the Start, 00:07:42 - Non-Recourse Lending and Financing, 00:10:44 - Growth in the Trades Industry, 00:15:49 - Researching Unknown Phone Calls, 00:16:26 - Benefits of Building Business Credit, 00:17:43 - Qualifying for Corporate Accounts and Credit Cards, 00:19:38 - Building Business Credit Methodically,
31:14 10/12/23
Ep 4.16: Mastering the Art of Business w/ Leighann Lovely
In the exhilarating world of entrepreneurship, Leighann Lovely's journey took an unexpected turn. From the initial rush of independence to the sobering reality of solopreneurship, she discovered that running a business is not all glitz and glamour. In this captivating podcast, Leighann shares her triumphs and tribulations, shedding light on the challenges that await every aspiring business owner. Brace yourself for a twist that will leave you wondering: How did Leighann navigate the maze of responsibilities and emerge victorious? In this episode, you will be able to: Discover practical strategies for achieving financial freedom through self-employment. Gain insights into the challenges and realities of running a business and learn how to navigate them successfully. Understand the importance of implementing systems and tools to drive growth and streamline operations in your business. Learn effective pricing strategies and how to determine the value of your services to maximize profitability. Discover the power of building a strong support network and prioritizing mental health to increase resilience as a business owner. My special guest is Leighann Lovely Leighann Lovely is a dynamic self-employed business owner hailing from the bustling market of Milwaukee. With an adventurous spirit and a drive for success, Leighann made the bold decision to venture into the world of entrepreneurship a few years ago. Since then, she has experienced the ups and downs of running her own business, gaining invaluable knowledge and resilience along the way. Leighann is renowned for her exceptional networking skills and has established strong connections within the local business community. As a fractional sales professional, she assists clients of varying sizes, from ambitious startups to established corporations, in achieving their sales objectives. Leighann's journey exemplifies the determination and tenacity required to thrive as a business owner, making her a sought-after guest on the Free Agent Podcast. Tune in to discover her practical strategies and insights for conquering the challenges of entrepreneurship. The key moments in this episode are: 00:00:02 - Introduction, 00:01:53 - Taking the Leap into Self-Employment, 00:03:33 - The Reality of Running Your Own Business, 00:04:36 - Figuring Out the Ins and Outs of Business, 00:09:01 - Becoming Profitable, 00:16:25 - Overcoming Addictions and Setting Boundaries, 00:17:58 - Valuing Your Product and Conducting Market Research, 00:19:42 - Building a Supportive Network, 00:23:12 - Balancing Work and Personal Life, 00:26:28 - Maintaining Mental Health as an Entrepreneur, 00:33:00 - The Desire for Authenticity and Freedom, 00:34:40 - Embracing Mistakes as a Business Owner, 00:35:44 - Overcoming Resistance and Taking Action, 00:36:48 - Finding Motivation and Enjoyment in the Work, 00:37:44 - Reflection and Satisfaction in Making a Difference,
41:04 10/5/23
Ep: 4.15 Strengthening Franchisor-Franchisee Relationships w/ Carey Gille
Discover how Carey Gille's journey took an unexpected turn, propelling her from the fast-paced world of startups to the structured realm of corporate America. Witness her transformation as she embraces new concepts and strategies, leading to unparalleled success for her company. But what happens when Carey returns home and stumbles upon a franchise opportunity that ignites a passion within her? Join us as we delve into her thrilling story and uncover the surprising twist that sets the stage for a whole new adventure. My special guest is Carey Gille Meet Carey Gille, a committed entrepreneur who flawlessly blends her affinity for business development with a personal mission for creating impactful franchise opportunities. She's a co-founder of Franchise Fastlane, a company she's been steering towards success since its inception in 2017. Carey's keen eye for spotting potential in brands and her ability to build robust infrastructures for franchisees and franchisors sets her apart. She's known for her strategic insight, hands-on approach to operations, and her distinctive ability to handle rapid growth effectively. The key moments in this episode are: 00:00:04 - Introduction, 00:02:43 - The Genesis of Franchise Fastlane, 00:06:12 - Finding the Right Brand Fit, 00:10:47 - Case Study: Everline, 00:11:51 - Franchise Consultants as Franchisees, 00:12:56 - The Importance of Investing in the Right Leads, 00:16:08 - Development Techniques and Franchisee Selection, 00:19:09 - Programs to Enhance Brand Performance, 00:22:30 - Handling Terminated Brand Partnerships, 00:24:17 - The Role of a Franchise Sales Organization, 00:26:07 - Brands and Growth, 00:26:53 - Introducing Carpool, 00:29:21 - On-Ramp and Off-Ramp, 00:31:27 - Avoiding Heartbreak, 00:35:13 - The Value of Relationships, 00:39:47 - The Importance of Succession Planning, 00:40:09 - Waves and Flags, 00:40:40 - Future Plans, 00:41:16 - Compassion for Founders, 00:41:35 - Conclusion and Gratitude,
45:19 9/28/23
Ep 4.14: From Criminology to Owning a Beauty Business w/ Melanie Richards
From criminology to the beauty industry, join us as we follow Melanie's incredible journey of determination and passion. But just as her business reaches new heights, a shocking revelation threatens to unravel everything she's worked for. Will Melanie overcome this unexpected obstacle, or will her dreams be shattered? Tune in to find out. In this episode, you will be able to: Explore a fascinating career switch from criminology to owning a beauty business and the lessons learned. Get a clue on setting up a thriving spray tanning enterprise anchored on education and top-notch service. Realize the importance of spotting opportunities and taking calculated risks in the entrepreneurial landscape. Take a peek into constructing a franchise that prioritizes customers’ preferences and adheres to clean skincare principles. Understand the path to starting, managing, and growing a profitable business in the beauty industry. My special guest is Melanie Get to know Melanie, a former criminology professional turned beauty industry entrepreneur. With a decade of experience in handling challenging profiles in her law enforcement role, Melanie demonstrated her strength and determination. When a passion for beauty and an unexplored market in tanning presented themselves, she seized the opportunity and founded Go Glow. Today, Melanie is credited with introducing a novel approach to spray tanning, revolutionizing the industry, and making beauty more accessible. The key moments in this episode are: 00:00:00 - Introduction, 00:02:56 - Melanie's Background, 00:07:33 - Starting Go Glow, 00:10:47 - Growth and Challenges, 00:12:23 - Educating and Improving the Industry, 00:14:02 - Expanding the Business, 00:15:41 - Building for Franchising, 00:18:27 - Unique Opportunity in the Beauty Industry, 00:21:38 - Positive Customer Experience, 00:27:23 - Empowerment and Entrepreneurship, 00:28:57 - Introduction to LMS (Learning Management System), 00:29:36 - Excitement about the Franchising Industry, 00:30:26 - Comprehensive Support for Franchisees, 00:32:12 - Confidence in Franchise Partnership, 00:33:23 - Passion for the Go Glow Brand,
35:58 9/21/23
Ep 4.13: Breaking Barriers in Commerical Real Estate w/ Jackson Hill
Step into the extraordinary journey of Jackson Hill, a maverick in the world of commercial real estate. His story will captivate your entrepreneurial spirit and ignite your passion for revitalizing traditional businesses. But beware, the unexpected twist in his tale will leave you craving for more, eagerly awaiting the revelation that will reshape your perception of success. Brace yourself for a riveting adventure filled with innovation, courage, and the power of fresh perspectives. In this episode, you will be able to: Uncover the unspoken benefits of laying foundations for a thriving business by taking purposeful action. Discover the transformative power of mentorship and how it shapes personal growth and business success. Understand how fostering a nurturing community can add value to your professional path and fuel your entrepreneurial journey. Delve into the heart of the ever-evolving retail sector and the indispensability of innovation in this landscape. Learn to breathe new life into conventional businesses with a mild dash of fresh perspectives and a radical change in approach. List 2: My special guest is Jackson Hill Say hello to Jackson Hill, a revolutionary figure in the world of commercial real estate. His company, Reimagine, aptly captures his impactful approach towards traditional business models. Spanning over a ten-year career, Jackson has a knack for spotting potential in franchise brands and believes in partnering with them for long-term growth. His knowledge extends beyond business strategies, dipping into cultivating passionate teams and navigating through crises with solid leadership. His ethos of choosing authenticity over quick wins offers a refreshing take on entrepreneurship. Jackson's insights are incredibly valuable for anyone looking to redefine conventional business boundaries. The key moments in this episode are: 00:00:05 - Introduction, 00:01:28 - About Reimagined Group, 00:04:36 - Choosing Brands to Align With, 00:07:08 - Focus on Health, Fitness, and Wellness, 00:10:22 - Freedom to Say No, 00:14:33 - Getting to Know Your Partners, 00:15:48 - Dividing Labor and Avoiding Resentment, 00:16:59 - Two Partners vs. Three Partners, 00:18:12 - Living in Different Markets, 00:19:15 - Surprises and Trends in the Retail Industry, 00:28:27 - The concept of giving a new approach to necessary but boring things, 00:29:24 - Just start and don't wait for the perfect time, 00:30:43 - Seek wisdom from those who have been through it before, 00:31:29 - Surround yourself with like-minded and positive people, 00:32:34 - Take the plunge and just do it,
34:40 9/14/23
Ep 4.12: Blingle! The Franchise with High Profit Margins
Do you want to maximize your income by purchasing a franchise that offers high-profit margins? Are you searching for an investment that not only allows you to earn substantial income but also offers semi-absentee hours? Look no further, because in this discussion, our guest Turp Ricketts will reveal the key to achieving this desired outcome. Discover how Blingle's unique value proposition can empower professionals like you to unlock the full potential of business ownership and generate exceptional profits through a combination of high-margin sales and repeat business. In this episode, you will be able to: Explore the road untraveled; learning the true benefits of owning a franchise. Undercover Blingle's unique residual revenue strategy and the high profit margins it brings. See how going beyond seasonal trends with year-round lighting services has rewarded Blingle. Experience the magnetic vibrancy and swift growth culture within the Horsepower brands. Understand the massive impact of leveraging technology and data-driven decisions by analyzing Blingle's business model. My special guest is Turp Ricketts Meet Turp Ricketts, a dynamic and personable franchise expert with a passion for empowering emerging businesses. Boasting a rich background in franchising from working with a janitorial company to heading up a franchise finance vertical, Turp's extensive experience offers valuable insights to any business owner. His current role at Horsepower Brands has allowed him to develop the compelling franchise model of Blingle, a unique lighting company that combines high-margin sales with residual income. The key moments in this episode are: 00:00:00 - Introduction, 00:03:17 - Becoming the First Employee, 00:07:00 - Blingle and the Importance of Access to Lighting Products, 00:09:18 - Blingle's Business Model, 00:10:32 - Employee Range and Employment Model, 00:13:00 - Lighting up the Holidays with Firefighters, 00:14:36 - Overcoming the Seasonal Perception, 00:16:10 - Artificial Intelligence in the Business Model, 00:21:29 - The Appeal of Blingle, 00:23:06 - Attributes of a Blingle Owner, 00:25:53 - Success and Challenges of Growing Blingle, 00:28:26 - Continuous Improvement and Team Growth, 00:29:08 - The Story behind "Turp", 00:30:49 - Appreciation for Support and Collaboration, 00:31:41 - Conclusion and Call to Action,
32:12 9/7/23
Ep 4.11: How Communication Drives Success w/ Whit Shepherd
Do you want to make well-informed decisions and discover the perfect franchising partner? Are you searching for a reputable franchise organization that values communication and values your input? Join us as Whit Shepherd shares critical solutions to help you achieve your goal of finding the ideal franchise partner. The answer lies in understanding the immense value that effective communication and franchisee input brings to franchise organizations, allowing you to make informed decisions and ultimately find success. My special guest is Whit Shepherd Say hello to Whit Shepherd, a seasoned expert in the realm of franchising. He started his professional life by achieving his ambitious career goals in corporate America only to realize that his true calling lay in business ownership. Enroute to realizing his true potential, he has aided iconic brands from inception to success and now aligns with Horsepower, a forward-thinking franchise model. Given the breadth of his experience and the diversity of his professional journey, Whit brings an unmatched perspective to the table. He is instrumental in illuminating the importance of communication and franchisee input in franchise organizations.   The key moments in this episode are: 00:00:00 - Introduction, 00:01:37 - The Power of Horsepower Brands, 00:06:09 - Witt's Journey in Franchising, 00:07:59 - Joining Horsepower Brands, 00:10:54 - Avoiding Heartache, 00:14:09 - How Franchisees Are Heard, 00:15:31 - Representing iPhone and Lingo, 00:17:57 - The Appeal of Blingle, 00:20:32 - Diversification and Empire Building, 00:24:38 - Ideal Franchisee Profile, 00:28:17 - The Excitement of Alignment, 00:28:44 - Insights into the Guest, 00:29:18 - Pre-Qualifying Brands, 00:29:36 - Changing Lives, 00:30:00 - Conclusion,      
30:12 8/31/23
Ep 4.10: How Heroes Lawn Care Franchise Achieves Rapid Growth - Jon Denton
Do you want to achieve significant growth and diversify your income through owning a franchise? Are you looking for a lucrative opportunity that can cater to entrepreneurs and investors like yourself? Join me as I reveal how Heroes Lawn Care can help you attain the success and expansion you desire. Get ready to discover the key to achieving substantial growth and increasing your earnings with this exceptional franchise opportunity. In this episode, you will be able to: Uncover the growth formula employed by Heroes Lawn Care to become an appealing franchise prospect. Gauge the effectiveness of semi-absentee business models supplemented with full-service support. Fathom the opportunity to diversify income by capitalizing on market demand across various territories. Discern the need for continuous monitoring and focus on key performance indicators. Delve into the ways technology can be utilized to set apart and succeed in the lawn care industry. My special guest is Jon Denton Let me introduce you to Jon Denton, a director of development with a knack for sales and a history of success. His story starts in software and technology sales, where he spent a decade as a senior VP pitching products from CRM to cybersecurity. The transition to franchising came when a friend at Horsepower Brands nudged him just the right way - making Jon realize his passion aligned perfectly with Heroes Lawn Care. Using skills honed in the software industry, he now focuses on making Heroes grow, leveraging technology to innovate and stay ahead of competitors. The key moments in this episode are: 00:00:02 - Introduction, 00:01:00 - Background and Entry into Franchising, 00:03:00 - Technology in Heroes, 00:04:30 - Competitive Landscape and Revenue Streams, 00:05:20 - Ideal Franchisee Profile, 00:15:51 - "Impressive Growth and Sales Success", 00:16:26 - "Investment Strategy and Income Potential", 00:17:18 - "Semi Absentee Model and Full Support", 00:18:23 - "Data Monitoring and Business Control", 00:19:10 - "Investor Opportunity and Brand Maximization",
20:19 8/24/23
Ep 4.9: Apex Support & Training for Franchises w/ Anthony Spagnola
Experience the extraordinary journey of Anthony Spagnola as he navigates the franchise world, from the bustling streets of New York City to the heartland of Nebraska. But hold on tight, because this is no ordinary tale. Amidst the twists and turns, Anthony stumbles upon Horsepower Brands, a franchise that astounds him with its unparalleled support system for franchisees. Intrigued? Stay tuned to discover how this unexpected encounter leads to a life-changing decision, and explore the extraordinary strengths and support that Horsepower provides for individuals seeking a semi-absentee franchise opportunity. In this episode, you will be able to: Dive into the unique support system horse-powered Brands provide for its franchisees, critical for business success. Uncover the salient attributes of Mighty Dog Roofing Franchisees - a profile essential for all franchise aspirants. Get inspired by the success narratives voiced by Horsepower Brands' franchisees. Explore the prospects of expansion into other Horsepower Brands and the benefits of leveraging pre-existing infrastructure. Learn about the semi-absentee model, a flexible approach that allows franchisees to retain their current job while growing their business. List 2: My special guest is Anthony Spagnola Joining us is Anthony Spagnola, an industry expert with over ten years of experience across various layers of the franchising industry. As a vibrant professional, Anthony began his journey in New York, working for an innovative tech startup keen on penetrating the franchisee market. Anthony's strategic initiatives guided his impressive career path that included a role as the Vice President of Metric Collective. Yet, the entrepreneurial bug bit, leading him to build and run, his own small-scale restaurant franchises in New Jersey. This kaleidoscope of experiences has armed Anthony with a wealth of practical knowledge that he is now using to help others at Horsepower Brands. The key moments in this episode are: 00:00:03 - Introduction,  00:00:57 - Anthony's Experience in Franchising, 00:04:33 - What Impressed Anthony about Horsepower, 00:07:26 - Success Stories with Mighty Dog Roofing, 00:10:11 - Ideal Candidate Profile for Mighty Dog Roofing, 00:15:14 - Strengths of the Horsepower system, 00:17:23 - Flexibility of owner-operator or semi-absentee model, 00:19:10 - Advantages of home service franchising, 00:20:13 - Savings and advantages for franchisees,
23:00 8/17/23
Ep 4.8: Building Franchises That Last w/ Zack Beutler
Discover the extraordinary journey of Zach, a young entrepreneur who defied expectations and found himself at the helm of a nutrition concept at just 18. His unexpected rise to leadership paved the way for a deep understanding of franchising that would shape his future. But as fate would have it, his path took an unexpected turn, leading to a challenging bankruptcy at 24. How did Zach bounce back from this setback and build a successful franchising empire? Find out as we explore the inspiring twists and turns of his remarkable story. In this episode, you will be able to: Uncover the path Zach took in creating franchises and building numerous locations. Discover the solutions Zach found when faced with larger competition and the threat of bankruptcy. Realize the success that Mighty Dog Roofing and Horsepower Brands attained in the franchise industry. Appreciate the impact of industry knowledge, franchisee support, and franchise development - as Zach's three pillars in the franchise business model. Learn about the priceless support in entrepreneurship, the importance of structured business plans and the right strategies. My special guest is Zach Introducing Zach Butler, a true maverick of the franchising landscape. Starting his entrepreneurial journey at 21 with a nutrition franchise, he swiftly mastered the art of advertising, sales, and people development. Despite early hurdles and a personal financial turmoil, Zach retained his entrepreneur spirit, rebounding as a stalwart in the franchising space. His astute business acumen and leadership prowess led him to co-found and develop Horsepower Brands. Zach's experiences, deep industry knowledge, and authentic grit paint his narrative as a powerhouse in the dynamic world of franchising. The key moments in this episode are: 00:00:00 - Introduction, 00:02:23 - Zach's Background in Franchising, 00:07:10 - Launching Mighty Dog Roofing, 00:10:40 - Lessons Learned and Support, 00:12:15 - Tracking Performance and KPIs, 00:14:19 - Strategies for Improving Closing Percentage, 00:15:22 - Leveraging Data and Referrals, 00:16:30 - Acquiring or Building Support Services, 00:18:28 - Loss Leader Investments, 00:24:06 - Future Growth and Disruption, 00:29:08 - Building Brands from Zero to 500, 00:31:06 - The Importance of Vision, 00:32:24 - Learning from Experience, 00:33:03 - Preparation and Prevention, 00:34:25 - Building the Perfect Franchise,
35:18 8/10/23
Ep 4.7: Unveiling the Secrets to Work-Life Balance in Franchise Ownership
In the realm of franchise ownership, Stephanie Ruby's journey took an unexpected turn, leaving her with a bittersweet inheritance that forever changed her path. A financial gift presented an opportunity she couldn't resist - a coffee franchise that aligned perfectly with her passion. But little did she know, the twist awaiting her in the world of Image Studios salon suite concept would alter the course of her life in unimaginable ways. Hold your breath and prepare for a tale of bravery, uncertainty, and the pursuit of work-life balance that will leave you eagerly awaiting the next chapter. My special guest is Stephanie Ruby Making a massive career leap is never easy, but Stephanie Ruby's story is one of success and constant learning. After ten long years in retail weight loss, including her final stint at Jenny Craig, Stephanie sought a career that would offer stability and work-life balance following the birth of her first child. The franchising industry beckoned her, and she found herself in Mosquito Hunters, a part of a larger franchise system. Stephanie loves her job and does it with great fervor and dedication. Moreover, Stephanie and her sister ventured into franchise ownership themselves, adding another exciting chapter to her rewarding journey. The key moments in this episode are: 00:00:00 - Introduction,  00:02:31 - Getting into Franchising, 00:05:19 - Investing in a Franchise, 00:09:17 - Choosing Image Studios, 00:11:05 - Employee vs. No Employee, 00:13:53 - The Importance of Long-Term Goals and Support, 00:15:02 - The Three Pillars and Job Satisfaction, 00:17:39 - Balancing Franchise Ownership with a Full-Time Job, 00:20:51 - Benefits of Franchise Ownership and Supportive Network, 00:26:55 - Anticipating Benefits of Ownership, 00:28:37 - Location and Development Opportunities, 00:29:31 - Grand Opening and Networking, 00:30:15 - Aligning with Image Studios, 00:31:27 - Building a Team and Reputation, 00:34:32 - Overcoming Fear and Embracing Business Ownership,
38:33 8/3/23
Ep 4.6: Home Services Franchise Freedom w/ Travis and Lou
Have you heard these myths about becoming a franchise owner in the home services industry? Myth #1: Franchise owners have no control over their business. Myth #2: Franchise fees are too expensive and not worth it. Myth #3: Franchise owners are bound by strict rules and regulations. In this episode, our guest Travis will debunk these myths and reveal the truth about the advantages and freedoms of becoming a franchise owner in the home services industry. In this episode, you will be able to: Discover how stepping away from the corporate world and embracing entrepreneurship can open up exciting franchising opportunities. Realize the vital role of in-depth training and mastering the craft in successful franchise ownership. Unearth the numerous advantages and freedoms that come with being a franchise owner in the dynamic home services sector. Learn about the collaborative and promotional opportunities that thrive within the framework of the Premium Service Brands network. Witness surprising career transitions and how a shift in mindset can underscore autonomy and pave the way for non-traditional careers. My special guests are Travis Nicolette and Lou Kim Travis and Lou are seasoned veterans in the franchising industry. With an intriguing blend of both corporate and entrepreneurial backgrounds, these gentlemen have crafted successful paths in the home service sector. Lou, with an invigorating 20 years of corporate experience under his belt, chose to break free and tread his entrepreneurial journey with Prolif, a respected garage door service brand. Lou's leadership prowess and commitment to exceeding customer expectations have been key to his success. Similarly, Travis, a long-term Verizon team member, made use of his corporate learnings and applied those to his entrepreneurial venture. Fueled by the same endeavor of providing premier client experience, Travis' journey with Prolif has been invigorating. The key moments in this episode are: 00:00:00 - Introduction,  00:02:00 - Lou's Journey to Franchising, 00:06:14 - Travis's Journey to Franchising, 00:09:43 - Impact of the Pandemic, 00:11:25 - Training and Support, 00:14:42 - Importance of Step-by-Step Training, 00:15:08 - Balancing Franchise Parameters and Business Ownership, 00:16:14 - The Regret of Not Spending More Time on Learning, 00:19:06 - The Importance of Hands-On Experience, 00:23:08 - Taking Over an Existing Franchise, 00:28:06 - The Importance of Trial and Error in Franchising, 00:28:41 - The Value of Validation Calls, 00:30:07 - The Benefits of a Mentoring Group, 00:31:20 - The Challenges of Starting a Franchise, 00:34:00 - Considerations for Diversifying and Investing in Another Brand, 00:41:52 - The Importance of Thinking Outside the Box, 00:43:23 - Embracing Non-Traditional Paths, 00:45:12 - Hiring Female Employees in a Non-Traditional Industry, 00:47:26 - Shifting Focus to Customer Service and Sales, 00:49:57 - Meeting Urgent Client Needs,
52:10 7/26/23
Ep 4.5: What It's Like To Be Self- Employed w/ Ethan Chazin
If you're feeling frustrated and unfulfilled despite your efforts to find success, then you are not alone! Despite taking on multiple projects and new roles, you may still find yourself lacking the sense of purpose and satisfaction you desire. In this episode, you will be able to: Uncover the vital role of a supportive network in entrepreneurship. Imbibe the importance of self-affirmation and a constructive attitude in scaling the ladder of success. Learn when to modify or spin your business course for optimum results. Reflect on the challenges and perks of taking the reins of your work. See how matching your strengths and passions can propel your personal and professional progress. My special guest is Ethan Chazin Meet Ethan Chazin, a renowned speaker, consultant, and author who has carved out a niche for himself in the field of business growth and development. In a career spanning over a decade, Ethan has dedicated himself to leveraging his expertise to help businesses reach their full potential. His unique approach focuses on aligning individual strengths and passions for the attainment of personal and professional growth. Ethan's grasp of organizational development sets a new precedent for many solopreneurs and career transitioners looking for insightful guidance. The resources mentioned in this episode are: Subscribe to the Free Agent podcast: Stay up to date with inspiring conversations about self-employment, business ownership, and financial freedom by subscribing to the Free Agent podcast with Meg Schmitz. Consider franchising as a business model: If you're struggling to build infrastructure, internal processes, or marketing strategies for your business, explore the option of franchising. Download Meg's free ebook on franchise ownership to learn more about the benefits and support system that franchising offers. Reflect on your goals: Take the time to write down your monthly, quarterly, and annual goals. Regularly assess your progress, successes, and areas for improvement. Use this reflection to adapt and pivot your approach to achieve your desired outcomes. Build a supportive network: Surround yourself with people who truly understand and support your entrepreneurial journey. Identify a select few individuals who know you well and will provide emotional sustenance during both the good and challenging times. Carve out time for self-affirmation: Spend a few minutes each day nurturing yourself and reminding yourself that you are deserving of success. Practice self-affirmation to counteract any negative thoughts or self-doubt. Be adaptable and flexible: While maintaining focus on your end
44:13 7/20/23
Ep 4.4 From Data Analytics to Franchise Ownership: Brian Conrad's Journey
Discover the untold story of Brian Conrad, the numbers cruncher turned franchise owner. Journey with him through the unexpected twists and turns of his entrepreneurial path. Find out how he defied the odds and created a life of autonomy and freedom. But be prepared for a surprise twist that will leave you yearning for more. Join us as we unveil the hidden secrets of franchise ownership, and unlock the potential that lies within. Get ready to embark on a journey that will inspire and empower you to carve your own path. Can you guess what unexpected twist awaits? In this episode, you will be able to: Navigate the transformation from Fortune 500 data analyst to a successful franchise owner through the story of Brian Conrad. Investigate how the robust infrastructure and resources provided by 360 Painting can be a catalyst for your franchise dreams. Grasp the essence of how a well-executed system with apt people in control can scale your business beyond expectations. Expose yourself to the lucrative benefits of becoming a franchise owner and see how it can unlock enormous potential.
36:43 7/13/23
Ep 4.3: Benefits of Joining Premium Service Brands w/ Danielle Wright
  Enter the realm of franchising and prepare to be captivated by an extraordinary tale of resilience, determination, and unexpected twists. Join Danielle Wright on her rollercoaster journey, as she defies the odds and finds her true calling with Premium Service Brands. Discover the secret behind her unwavering spirit and how she turned setbacks into stepping stones towards success. Brace yourself for a story that will leave you inspired and yearning for more. But be warned, dear reader, for the most thrilling part of this story lies ahead, an unforeseen twist that will leave you hanging on the edge of your seat, desperate to unravel its mystery. In this episode, you will be able to: Unearth the hidden riches in journey of a franchise and business proprietorship. Find effective strategies to diminish imposter syndrome, adopting personal growth. Access first-hand narratives of franchise ownership, equipping you with wisdom for your own business path. Perceive the value of mentors in surmounting fears and stepping into ownership. Fathom the extensive range of benefits through a partnership with Premium Service Brands. My special guest is Danielle Wright Meet Danielle Wright, a seasoned professional in the world of franchising with an incredible story of career reinvention. She transitioned from a regular job into the unknown world of franchising during a tough economic period. Danielle courageously navigated her path and soon emerged as a successful business owner with multiple franchise acquisitions under her belt. Persisting through her challenging experiences with franchise ownership, she has gained an abundance of wisdom and insight. Today, she's a thriving franchise recruitment expert, dedicated to inspiring and guiding budding entrepreneurs on their franchising journey. The key moments in this episode are: 00:00:00 - Introduction, 00:01:11 - Evaluating Business Ownership, 00:05:32 - Lessons Learned from Franchise Ownership, 00:07:02 - Becoming a Serial Frantrepreneur, 00:11:22 - Overcoming Imposter Syndrome, 00:15:14 - Family and Friends' Perception of Franchising, 00:16:47 - Inspiring Others to Consider Franchising, 00:18:18 - Overcoming Imposter Syndrome and Addressing Concerns, 00:21:48 - Joining Premium Service Brands, 00:24:15 - Learning the Nuances of Different Brands, 00:30:30 - The Right Fit for Me, 00:31:42 - Positivity and Support, 00:32:34 - Educating Consumers, 00:35:01 - Always Looking for Opportunities, 00:37:10 - Lifestyle Balance as a Business Owner, 00:45:39 - Finding Your Path, 00:45:50 - The Benefits of Franchising, 00:46:18 - Gratitude for Opportunities, 00:46:39 - Continued Growth Together, 00:47:09 - Closing Remarks,
47:55 7/6/23
Ep 4.2: Embracing Midlife Power with Jennifer Arthurton
In this episode of Free Agent, Jennifer Arthurton shares how she found empowerment and purpose after a series of difficult life events. But just as she thought she had it all figured out, a shocking setback leaves her questioning everything. What will happen next? Tune in to find out.   Meet Jennifer Arthurton, an engaging and empowering figure dedicated to helping midlife women take charge of their own destinies. Following a long and successful career in the corporate world, Jennifer faced multiple life challenges, including divorce, unemployment, and health issues. Through resilience and a strong sense of self, she emerged triumphant and has since used her experiences to become an empowerment coach and founder of the widely acclaimed podcast, Old Chicks Know Shit. Jennifer's mission to help other women in their personal journeys of growth and self-discovery is truly inspiring and serves as a beacon of hope to countless others. The resources mentioned in this episode are: Visit to schedule a free informative call to explore franchise ownership opportunities. Listen to Jennifer Arthurton's podcast Old Chicks Know Shit for inspiration and empowerment for midlife women. Focus on your authenticity and uncover your gifts to leave a legacy through generativity. Check out ASA Collective for networking opportunities and connections with other entrepreneurs. Consider exploring creative outlets and finding your muse to tap into your creative spirit. Don't buy into limiting cultural narratives about aging and the midlife experience. Share your own story of reinvention and inspire others to take control of their own destiny. Explore the power of coaching and consider working with Jennifer Arthurton as an empowerment coach. Connect with other midlife women in your community or through online forums to share experiences and support each other. Take action and start designing the next chapter of your life on your own terms.
42:17 6/29/23
Ep 4.1: Creating Freedom for Other with Graham Pulliam
Meet Graham Pulliam, US Marine, MBA, and life-long learner in business. Follow along as we navigate Graham’s decision to leave behind the “high-risk crazy” he lived in the military and entrepreneurship and try something different with TRIED AND TRUE values, vision, and outcomes by aligning with a franchise industry giant.
34:35 6/22/23
Ep 3.30 Lime Painting Franchise Delivers Excellence
Nick Lopez needed more than his college scholarship, to remain in school. So, he found success using his entrepreneurial and painting skills to build a multi-million dollar painting franchise, Lime. In this episode, you will be able to: Foster franchise success by cultivating community and exchanging well-established methods.  Preserve a cohesive brand image through precise franchisee selection. Recognize the stability of home services industries amid financial instability. Embrace a can-do attitude and strategic action to triumph over economic uncertainty. 5. Seek harmony with franchise culture and operations to achieve lasting growth.
38:18 4/13/23
Ep 3.29 How to Make Yourself Irresistible on LinkedIn
  When Angela Dunz moved to San Francisco to pursue a career in marketing, she had no idea that she would eventually become an expert in LinkedIn optimization. What started as her teaching a curriculum for transitioning from employment to entrepreneurship, soon blossomed into a passion and a successful career. But how did her journey lead her to this unexpected twist in her story? In this episode, you will be able to:  1. Elevate your LinkedIn presence for increased credibility and visibility. 2. Harness the impact of your photo and headline in attracting potential clients. 3. Master the art of keyword usage and unique experiences for enhanced discoverability. 4. Engage with connections, groups, and share content to build a strong professional community. 5. Secure varied recommendations and showcase your expertise to boost your professional reputation.
36:58 4/6/23
Ep 3.28 How Floor Coverings International became the #1 Rated Flooring Company
Are you ready to take charge of your career and become self-employed through franchising? In this episode you will learn: 1. How Albert Hermans' background led him to join the Floor Coverings International franchise and how he has invested in the brand How Floor Coverings International has become the number one rated flooring company in terms of Net Promoter Score What traits and qualities a person needs to be successful in franchising. Albert Hermans is an entrepreneur and the current Franchise Development Director at Floor Coverings International, a mobile flooring business that has been around for 30 years and is the number one rated experience in the flooring industry.
42:59 3/30/23
Ep 3.27 From Navy Pilot to Businessowner
Follow Jon Miller, a former Navy pilot, as he navigates a journey of exploration and discovery through nine different companies in 15 years, determined to become master of his own destiny and find true success as a business owner. Jon Miller is an Image Studios franchise owner and former Navy fighter pilot. He has a diverse background spanning nine different companies in 15 years, including the coffee industry, the medical device space, and the industrial metals world.
42:50 3/23/23