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Driving to the Rez - With Inelia Benz and Larry Buzzell

The podcast where you learn how to get to your roots and take your power back. Be it UFOs, Sasquatch, Artificial Intelligence, Shamanism or Crystals no topic is off limits for Driving to the Rez.


I told you so... When we feel unheard - Driving to the Rez - Episode 200 - Part One
Go to Part TwoRead the Article  As awakened light-beings, we can see more than others can and this causes our advice to often be dismissed (usually because there is no physical proof of what we are seeing), or we are totally misinterpreted.  Topics covered in the episode: people hear things that are within their own paradigmsometimes logic is not enoughwhat happens when we don't listenyou are the leadersbeing proactive about being understoodunheard is not the same as not heard at allhold the light at all timesreceiving messages from Gaia, the Humand Collective or your Higher Selfwhat do we do when our co-creators don't listen?removing the "agreement of being unheard"giving up on being heard by most peoplethe artesian well at the Shamanshack project
32:49 4/24/24
When the Land Rejects you - Driving to the Rez - Episode 199 - Part One
Go to Part TwoRead the Article  At the Olympic Peninsula, we have been getting ready to deliver a workshop that teaches individuals and groups how to make a deep, informative and harmonizing connection with a parcel of land. Through the process of teaching the team of Mystics who are going to deliver this workshop, I found out that there are various aspects of connecting with land that are not known by the general population.  Topics covered in the episode: Connecting with a parcel of land vs connecting with GaiaHumans and parcels of landInelia's story with the ranch in ChileLegal transfer of ownershipEnergetic transfer of ownershipThe Access Gaia event in April 2024Owning Several PropertiesSentiency of the land The deep and ancient connection between humans and the landIt is time to power up! 
68:15 4/11/24
My latest novel - Team Whisper - Driving to the Rez - Episode 198 - Part One
Go to Part TwoRead the Article  Inelia announces the launch party of her latest novel: Team Whisper.  Topics covered in the episode How the book came aboutInelia wrote books before she could write :) The Art of Story TellingWhere do these stories come from?Discussing the book coverWhy was there such an urgency to write this bookLots of personal stories from Inelia's childhood
35:49 4/3/24
Feeling Rejected, Rejecting Others - Driving to the Rez - Episode 197 - Part One
Go to Part TwoRead the Article  Fear of feeling rejected is huge in our society. It drives a lot of the marketing and advertising as well as politics and social engineered manipulations.  Topics covered in this episode: The energy of "rejection" that is covering the planetRejection as a state of beingThe wound of separationDefensive/Ego reactionsRejection vs AttackLightworkers rejecting others (instead of connecting)The feeling of belongingThe Split and rejection Frequency difference vs rejection (being street smart)
28:04 3/27/24
The Mystic's Fractured Mind and Identity - Driving to the Rez - Episode 196 - Part One
Go to Part TwoRead the Article  Many people in our position have gone through life separating out our interests in topics that are considered "fringe" or "too spiritual" from our daily jobs and life. We have become experts at fracturing our minds and identities. We have the 'work me' the 'family me' the 'woo me' the 'real me', and many other 'me'.  Topics in this episode what defines your identitythe surfers and the codersShare the "woo woo" stuffLarry's fishing storyUse street smarts when responding to other peopleRespond from the larger selfAcademia and compartmentalizationThe renaissance manTeaser for a new class!
47:34 3/20/24
Psychonautics ABC - Driving to the Rez - Episode 195 - Part One
Go to Part TwoRead the Article Powerful practice for exploring the human condition, and reality itself Topics in this episode: The truth about using plants to expand your awarenessInelia's personal experience with Ayahuasca and mushroomsSchool and daydreamingAbout a very prolific inventor and how his inventions came aboutLarry's LSD experience and what he learned from itA sure sign that you have been traveling into the Astral PlaneProcessing your fears even in the dream stateAcademia and daydreaming: Dr. Kara's experienceFred's study of Carlos CastanedaThe Gaia meditation by Inelia BenzI, me and myself and... We, us ourselves
51:34 3/13/24
Trust in higher-self choices - Driving to the Rez - Episode 194 - Part One
Read the articleGo to Part TwoHow to make sure that our choices that brought about the experiences in our life are coming from our higher-self and not from some destructive or limiting program or influence that we have unconsciously integrated into our lives.Topics in this episode:Why me?! Why is this happening to me?What motivates your actions?Spoiler alert:  You are NOT here to have low-frequency interactionsMake sure your choices from your Higher-Selt and not programsThe framework to analyze your choicesThe "Oh, shit!" moment when the small self runs the showThe secret to looking young!"But the children in China are starving!"Powerful question: "Why not now?" The steady rock in the turmoil
42:49 2/28/24
When the excitement of new experiences passes, then what? - Driving to the Rez - Episode 193 - Part One
Go to part two. Read the article.“That’s one of the main reasons why people die and are reborn.[...]To start everything fresh. To get the excitement of the newness of it all back again.”Discussing a recent sky trip, how each panel member has experienced it and what can we learn from that from a physical body perspective and from a soul perspective.
35:24 2/22/24
When your body says "NO" and your soul says "YES". - Driving to the Rez - Episode 192 - Part One
Go to Part Two or Read the articleOn the Second Hour of Driving To The Rez episode “See Me, Don’t See Me”, a really good point was made by one of our panelists, Iliana Rojero. The point was that sometimes we are all set to do something, in her case do a public talk, and our body starts to fill us with fear. Basically, our body is telling us not to do the thing we planned to do.Topics we cover:The conflict between what we say we want and what we are actually manifestingLooking at limitationsWhen the body wants something and the soul wants something else, who wins?Exercise to see if you identify with the body or the soulDoing an exercise just once, might not be enoughExamples from going skyingIt is not about tricking the body into doing stuffWhat is the most important, key point when talking to the bodyPast life trauma and skills
32:58 2/15/24
See me, don't see me - Driving to the Rez - Episode 191 - Part One
Go to Part Two and read the article.“See me, don’t see me” is an energy that many lightworkers have. On the one hand, lightworkers are very much “people persons”. They go out of their way to help others, create high-frequency interactions and groups that support, heal and build. On the other hand, we can be expert lone-wolves, want to be left alone, are more comfortable on their own and will often end up living by themselves, with dogs, cats, horses or goats (put pet name here), or in a temple like apartment, which is sound proof and separate from the rest of city they might live in.Topics we cover: - Everything is a co-creation- Manifesting through programs- Lightworkers and small-talk- Make sure your body is on board with your manifestations- Larry's crystal scrying- Being seen online vs being seen in person- Connect but don't forget your street smarts- Being a leader
38:41 2/7/24
Flat Earth, Round Earth, Hollow Earth or something else entirely? - Driving to the Rez - Episode 190 - Part One
Go to Part TwoThe nature of Earth is neither round nor flat. It is multidimensional and dictated by the perceptual frequency band that our physical body senses can perceive and agree (as a collective) of as possible.Topics we cover:References to Planet Earth in Inelia's booksWhat is the geometry of a dream worldThe space photographs of EarthFlying from Neah Bay to LondonThe gravity and magnetic anomaliesSatellite flyby The M.C. Escher paintingsPachamamaThe stars feeling very, very close
36:21 2/1/24
Religion and Aliens - Driving to the Rez - Episode 189 - Part One
Go To Part TwoRead the articleIn the Looking at 2024 call we talked about "bookmarks" and one of them will be Religion connected to Aliens.Topics we cover:The search for the religious experienceHow the ETs and Religion will be linked in the mediaWhy UFOs are now called UAPsThe power of familiarityOur job"Let's bring the black helicopters" gameThe CIA modus operandiAliens - our genetic cousins residing outside of our regular perception?ETs might be portrayed as angels or demonsNarratives to control our perceptionReferences:Looking at 2024 callBooks that were mentioned:You're Stepping on My Cloak and DaggerEncountersThe Ecstatic Journey
29:52 1/17/24
What it means to be HUMAN - Driving to the Rez - Episode 188 - Part One
Go to part two. Discussing our human nature and what it means to be a human being. Topics we cover: Humans as Creators of the Universe How and why we disabled ourselves in the Dark/Light Paradigm  Difference between bringing Reality in and building things  Dark beings have trouble coming into incarnate in this Universe  Dark/Light Paradigm agreements, changing the "they are doing it" to "we are doing this to ourselves" We have limitations to engage in this Universe but especially so in the Dark/Light Paradigm Having more awareness does not equate to more powerful or able  Our "extra-sensory" capacities and skills are not related to enlightenment   Removing limitations of awareness will take us into the Light Paradigm What humans can do that the Anunnaki can't  Endarkenment  Dropping the weight and pressure - interpreted as enlightenment 
33:36 1/10/24
Riding the Waves of Beginnings - Driving to the Rez - Episode 187 - Part One
Go to part two.This podcast explores other ways to prepare for a new year. Topics we cover:How to be street smart with new years resolutionsWhy it's important to make a new years resolution Why its important to temper righteousness Cracking the matrix as lightworkersHang onto the loveHow to counteract negativity towards your manifestationsWhat you give lip service to vs, what your life actually isSome of our biggest blocks are "clauses"Read "The Artist's Way" if you're creative or an artistUsually, the biggest counter-manifestation are your own programsCreating a mirror bubbleGiving our power away to others Two case studies for public new years resolutions What does "success" mean and in what context?"I at least double the amount of time I spend in the light in 2024."Do you want to rocket fuel your manifestations? This is for you:
31:12 1/3/24
Fairies, Elves and Nature Spirits - Driving to the Rez - Episode 186 - Part One
Go to part two. An exploration and classification of FairyfolkTopics we cover: Seeing gnomes and fairies,  The Shungite medallion - moved without Inelia's awareness  Inelia's "fairies" Larry's visit on the ship Faeries incarnating as humans Elemental shamans and rez territory  Stepping into the astral at will The Stick people Seeding orgonite to accelerate the split  Engage in the light but don’t make strong connections with those in dark/ligh It’s our responsibility not feed the dark/light paradigm because we’re powerful and everything is amplified Not all guardian angels are angels  Your Guardian Angel and Your Entourage
40:21 12/27/23
A Brilliance of Lightworkers - Driving to the Rez - Episode 185 - Part One
Go to part two.How to best spend our energies now as a Brilliance of Lightworkers.Topics we cover:calibrating our "BS" meterRA and Law of OneHow lightworkers get distracted and sidetrackedPeople in health storesOur game is inspiration, collaboration, growth, and discernmentWe still walk in a shared realityThe call to "Not go to battle" is often misunderstoodThe power of Logo symbolsIs Mercedes Benz still an HF company? Conflict vs Choice - there is a differenceHF experiment - building a city in Second LifeDon't feed the dark side
27:39 12/20/23
Do you want to give up - Driving to the Rez - Episode 184 - Part One
Go to Part Two. Read the Article: Do you want to give up?Looking at the energy of "I give up" and how to deal with it.Topics we cover:The energy of "I give up" and the excuses that justify itBeing a grown-upThe dogmas attached to being an adultGiving up and distractionsThe connection to our prime purposeThe program of perpetuating the childThe rite of passageStepping out of I, Me, MyselfWatch out for the Martyr energyPurpose and retirementA strong commitment 
40:43 12/13/23
It's December again - Driving to the Rez - Episode 183 - Part One
Go to Part Two.Some tips, stories and examples on how to interact with sleeping friends and relatives. Updated to include the “woke” friends and relatives.Topics we cover:why it is important to connect with our friends and relativesjust because you love someone, doesn’t mean you have to like themthe high-frequency human collective expression meditationstories and exampleshave a strategy, think things through, and have a planyou are able to steer the conversation towards topics you find interestingReferencesVideo – Dealing with Sleeping Friends and RelativesThe High-Frequency Human Collective ExpressionWork, Friends, and Family
29:57 12/6/23
In My Defence - Driving to the Rez - Episode 182 - Part One
Go to Part Two Discussing the victim/aggressor cycle and how taking sides pulls you into it.Topics we cover:Becoming aware enough to even see the dynamicsWhat do people see in the article photo?The "Catholic Buddhist" StoryBuddhist chantsThe story of the Ahumada familyResponding to a low-frequency invitationWe carry out the split within Read the article
47:23 11/22/23
The Hidden History of Earth's Original Human Body - Sasquatch - Driving to the Rez - Episode 181.b - Full Episode
"The Gods came to the people and offered them souls. When the time came to receive the souls, all the tribes turned up to get them except one tribe. They didn’t turn up and they didn’t get souls and now we call them Sasquatch."Topics we cover: Event and meet-up with Todd StandingLarry's experience with the Sasquatch at Mr. RockThe skill of becoming invisibleThe Sasquatch and the Human ConnectionThe awakening of humanityGuests share their experience with SasquatchHow the Sasquatch communicateReferences:Sasquatch Summit EventSasquatch GiftsArticle: The Hidden History of Earth's Original Human Body - Sasquatch
128:46 11/15/23
Sasquatch Season is back! Or did they ever leave? - Driving to the Rez - Episode 181 - Part One
Go to part two.Is reality changing or is our perception of it changing? What is it with the apparent seasonality of Sasquatch presence?Topics we cover:story: Inelia going to the DMWstory: Forest appears to be desertedif you see no bears that mean that bears don't exist? our progress through the splithaving different experiences of reality in the same housethe tool to generate the fear spike 
37:08 11/8/23
Timeline Earth - Driving to the Rez - Episode 180 - Part One
Go to Part two.Inelia discusses her own experience of changing timelines.Topics we cover:What is a timelinePeople popping in and out of timelinesInelia's personal story of changing a timelineWhat do things look like in Inelia's original timelineThe Mandela EffectGuildsLiving for Thousands  of YearsBecoming AdultsReferences:Mining Timelines
45:36 10/25/23
Your Enlightenment - Driving to the Rez - Episode 179 - Part One
Go to Part TwoFor the next few weeks, I am going to take turns talking a lot about Enlightenment, Ascension, Empowerment and Sovereignty. To me, they all lead to the same location and in many ways, to me, they mean the same thing looked at from different perspectives.Topics we cover: What does Enlightenment mean?Why talk about it now?Looking at "unconscious programming".Larry's Enlightenment experienceHappiness doesn't raise or lower your frequency 🤯Low frequency emotions like anger can be addictiveReferences:Enlightenment in Modern Society
38:01 10/18/23
A Peek into WalkWithMeNow - Driving to the Rez - Episode 178 - Part One
In this episode, we explore why WalkWithMeNow is so freaking amazing! Go to part two.Topics we cover:the evolution of WalkWithMeNow (WWMN)our three most favorite things about WWMNhow is WWMN different from other group dynamicsthe huge library of content that is available 
42:52 10/11/23
Three Wishes Granted - Driving to the Rez - Episode 177 - Part One
Go to part two.Topics in this episode: Working through an example on how to work on your wishes Working vs Working Hard Making radical decisions and taking action The program of "waiting to be picked" Stepping into Adulthood Step into what you came here to doThe Instant Manifestation Workshop
38:39 9/27/23
Fairy Gardens: Creating magical spaces - Driving to the Rez - Episode 176 - Part One
Go to part two. Read the article: Fairy Gardens. Topics in this episode:How to create an inner gardenThings to avoid when creating your fairy gardens The Romanian FairiesCan animals sense fairies?The Troll under the Seattle BridgeA recurring theme of fairies giving up their power to be with a humanTalk about Willow the Wisps
32:17 9/21/23
The Nature of DARKNESS in Duality - Driving to the Rez - Episode 175 - Part One
Go to part two.Topics in this episode:The true nature of DualityHow it has been hijackedWhat does it mean that a light being can't see the dark? A list of beliefs that are actual light-worker trapsYou can't wash a wolf well enough to make it a fluffy bunnyWhat does resolve into oneness mean?Is the Yin Yang symbol about balance or something else? 
37:57 9/13/23
A Year in the Life of Larry Buzzell - Driving to the Rez - Episode 174 - Part One
Go to part two.Topics in this episode:Larry's Birthday - expanded beyond I, my and myself"Destroying the Ego" is a hijackWhat is a Healthy Ego?Who is Inelia's favorite author?Being open to receiveAccepting feedbackDon't feed the trolls "The Moany Bits"Read the article.
30:32 8/30/23
Claim the Entirety of Your Incarnation - Driving to the Rez - Episode 173 - Part One
Go To Part Two.Topics in this episode: When do we begin?Becoming complete, powerful and ableClaiming the life in the wombClaiming the entirety of your incarnationClass: Reincarnation – Escaping the Cycle of Life and Death.
32:52 8/23/23
Changing Narratives of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena - Driving to the Rez - Episode 172 - Part One
Go to Part Two.Read the Article.Topics in this episode: Uri Geller chimes in on the UFO/UAP issue The Havanah Syndrome - which also got mentioned "in passing" in the UAP hearing  Discussion about "The Illuminati" Taking some guesses as to why the UFO phenomenon is getting so much air time nowAre the people who lied suddenly telling the truth now? Can an AI take over humanity? Answer is "no". See why in the Second Hour.What is the "real danger"? Climate change, Aliens, or Artificial Intelligence? What is the Aware and High-Frequency approach to all of this.Use the tools and exercises as directed.And there is a fun exercise/reveal of how we use words that will blow your mind! (Second Hour)
26:05 8/16/23

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