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Right in the Middle

A grumpy geek and his buddy will make your ideas shine with a different way of presenting technical content.


I See Dead Problems
Start with the solution... and you will have a big problem to solve.
14:22 11/24/2021
Look Ma, No Microservices
Somehow, the mankind dominating the earth made possible for us to dig into log files...
14:52 07/28/2021
The Quark Side of Java
Scaling Java to the cloud... finally!
16:22 07/24/2020
A Giteresting Story
When we lost patience we changed to git.
19:26 05/24/2020
Science Driven Development
Have you ever thought about development as a science?
13:24 03/26/2020
The Rise of the API Market
What could be better than to hear the story from someone who was a key part of it?
18:10 12/18/2019
API is Probably Important
The Pilot is probably not important.
10:46 11/05/2019