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Welcome to YODM Podcast, your gateway to engaging conversations and thought-provoking debates. With every episode, we bring you a fresh perspective on a wide range of intriguing topics. Join our panel of passionate debaters as we explore the issues that matter most to you. From relationships and societal dilemmas to personal growth and pop culture, our discussions are designed to inspire curiosity, spark dialogue, and encourage you to see the world from different angles. Tune in for entertaining and enlightening conversations that leave you pondering, questioning, and wanting more. Join the YODM community, share your thoughts, and let the debates begin!


Decoding Social Etiquette, Step-Parenting Struggles, and Dating Dynamics with Kids in the Mix
Have you ever crossed paths with a stranger and wondered about the proper way to acknowledge them, or whether your friendly smile might be misinterpreted? Join Lamont, Shirley, and Big Sterling as we unravel the nuanced fabric of social etiquette and the unspoken codes that shape our daily interactions. From the tightrope men walk in public spaces to avoid being seen as threatening, to the debate over whether black women are perceived to have different standards of etiquette, we're not holding back in this candid and lively discussion on respect and generational shifts in manners.Navigating family life can feel like trying to solve a Rubik's Cube blindfolded, and we're here to share the cheat codes. Listen as we dissect the intricate dance of step-parenting, from disciplining children in blended families to being a 'bonus dad'. Hear our personal stories filled with vulnerability as we discuss the do's and don'ts of introducing new partners to your children and the emotional juggle of giving non-resident kids the attention they crave. It's about striking that delicate balance between family harmony and ensuring every member feels valued.But wait, there's more! We're peeling back the curtain on those ever-tricky dating waters, especially when kids are in the picture. Our hosts reveal their personal rules and break down the financial expectations when you're seeing someone with children from previous relationships. And for the sports fans, we've got a treat: our raw take on the NBA playoffs, Knicks glory, and the endearing moments spent connecting with absentee parents. Buckle up for a ride through the complexities of life's relational dynamics on the Your Opinion Doesn't Matter podcast.
56:37 5/1/24
Spray Paint Sagas: Navigating the Nostalgia of Graffiti Art, Gaming, and Collecting with Stem
Imagine the pulsating energy of city streets transformed into an artist's canvas, the spray can his brush, and anonymity his shield. That's the world renowned graffiti artist Stem introduces us to as he peels back the veil on the golden age of street culture. With a nod to the past, we traverse the evolution of graffiti from clandestine scribbles to the bold murals that now color urban landscapes worldwide. Stem's narrative not only celebrates the influential figures who shaped his artistry but also sparks a wave of nostalgia for the classic arcade games and the echoes of breakdancing battles that defined a generation.Step into a realm where the underground meets the mainstream, where the anonymity once crucial for a graffiti artist becomes a choice rather than a necessity. We delve into the heart of graffiti subculture, unpacking the essence of camaraderie and rivalry that fuels the fire of this vibrant community. Stem shares tales of crews like YNN and the delicate dance between legality and creative expression. Join us as we reconnect with childhood through the flickering screens of Atari and Nintendo, and find out how these experiences left an indelible mark on the artists and the art they create.Finally, we shift gears, venturing into the sentimental world of comic book collecting, where the worth of a collection transcends monetary value. Stem recounts the near loss of his precious compilation, a close call that many avid collectors can empathize with. As we close this chapter, we reveal how you can follow Stem's continuing legacy and why his story resonates so deeply with fans of art, culture, and the tales that bind us. Tune in for an episode that's as much about the vibrant strokes of graffiti as it is about the personal histories we all strive to safeguard.
31:30 4/24/24
Celebrating Milestones and Facing Lifes Transitions: Sterling's Journey of Growth and mission for Sobriety
As the candles on the cake flicker for Sterling's 50th birthday, we sit together unpacking the layers of life that often go unspoken. Our conversation weaves through the joys and sorrows of hitting personal milestones, with Sterling divulging the poignant shift from child to caregiver as his parents age. The dialogue becomes an intimate mosaic of stories about the delicate dance of managing family, finances, and the ticking clock of business, resonating with anyone who's faced the tender role reversal with their own loved ones.This episode isn't just a walk down memory lane; it's a deep reflection on the rugged terrain of life's journey. Together, Sterling and I grapple with the raw realities of loss and the sting of mortality, sharing tales that shaped our understanding of life's fleeting nature. We address the heavy cloak of grief that occasionally settles on our shoulders, the way it intertwines with our professional lives, and how we've learned to wade through the murky waters of emotional resilience—a topic that will leave you contemplating the depth of your own fortitude.And as we chart the course of our personal victories, you'll hear us lay bare our battles with alcohol dependency. The triumphant moment Sterling decided to make a 2 year plan to become sober.  We confront the challenges and celebrate the milestones, from weight loss to newfound clarity. This episode is a toast to the power of transformation and personal accountability, a testament to the strength found in vulnerability, and a nod to the continuous quest for growth. Join us on this heartfelt episode that's as much about honoring the past as it is about inspiring a future of deliberate and meaningful change.
56:29 4/15/24
Embracing Imperfections: A Journey of Fashion, Empowerment, and Purpose with Kia
Join us for a heartfelt conversation with Kia, the creative force behind Perfectly Flawed Tees, as we explore the beauty of embracing our imperfections through fashion. Stepping away from the quest for perfection, Kia's narrative as an 'independent nurturer' is nothing short of inspiring. Our exchange traverses the empowering terrain of self-acceptance and the deep impact words can have, all the while threading together tales of parenthood, personal growth, and the transformative influence of therapy for people of color.As Kia discusses her evolution from a hobbyist to a business maven, we unravel the paradoxical world of entrepreneurial support, where strangers often fan the flames of success more ardently than those we know. We navigate through the trials of pricing and packaging, business operations, and the necessity of community-building in the dog-eat-dog world of small businesses. Our candid discussion also tackles the controversial casting choices in the Bob Marley biopic and ponders the implications of selling creative control versus the economic boost such projects can provide to local communities.Finally, our conversation takes a turn towards the more intimate corners of the human experience, addressing relationship standards, the moral quandaries of fidelity versus wealth, and the undeniable effect music has on our love lives. We reflect on the lasting influence of Bob Marley's music, as well as the emotional potency songs can hold over us. Wrapping up, we emphasize the importance of living with purpose, the value of sharing wisdom, and the significance of accountability as we chase our dreams. This episode is a rich tapestry of stories and insights that will leave you reflecting on your own journey long after you've listened.
58:24 3/15/24
Hip Hop Chronicles with Special Guest Chaniqua
Join us on Episode 77 of "Your Opinion Doesn't Matter" as we dive into the vibrant world of hip hop with the incredible Chaniqua! 🎤🎧 Discover Chaniqua's unique perspective growing up in the hip hop scene, as we explore the beats, rhymes, and culture that shaped her journey. Get ready for a candid and insightful conversation that goes beyond the lyrics. Tune in for an unforgettable exploration of hip hop through Chaniqua's eyes. 🚀✨ #YODMPodcast #HipHopChronicles #SpecialGuestChaniqu
53:12 2/5/24
Brooklyn Beats: Exploring the Heart of Hip Hop with Prance
In episode 76 of the YODM podcast, we had the pleasure of hosting a special guest, Stephen Corbie, famously known as Prance. The focus of our conversation centered on the profound value of hip hop in our lives as individuals raised in Brooklyn. Throughout the episode, we delved into the significance of hip hop culture during our formative years, highlighting its impact on our personal growth and development.Our dialogue with Prance allowed us to reminisce about the pivotal role that hip hop played in shaping our identities and perspectives, particularly within the vibrant cultural landscape of Brooklyn. We explored the cultural influences, the power of lyrics, and the beats that resonated with us, shaping our understanding of artistry and self-expression.Moreover, we paid homage to the key figures and influencers who significantly contributed to our journey within the realm of hip hop. Through anecdotes and reflections, we celebrated the important individuals who not only shaped the genre but also influenced our personal experiences and love for the culture.Overall, episode 76 was a heartfelt exploration of the profound impact of hip hop in our lives, featuring engaging discussions with Prance as we unraveled the cultural significance and nostalgic memories tied to our upbringing in Brooklyn.
66:48 12/26/23
Honest Reviews, Nostalgic Wardrobes & Hair Styles, and Casual Chats
In Episode 75 of the YODM Podcast, we dive into the intriguing world of food critiques as we discuss an African American food critic giving not-so-great reviews to fellow African American business owners. Join us for a candid conversation about this dynamic.We'll also stroll down memory lane, reminiscing about the fashion choices that defined our youth. From stylish trends to bargain shopping for clothes, we explore the styles that left a mark on our hearts.And don't miss our lively debate on whether it's okay to engage in a casual conversation with someone of the opposite sex while you're out with your friends and in a committed relationship.Tune in for a mix of opinions, laughter, and some good old-fashioned debate. #YODMPodcast #Episode75 #FoodReviews #FashionNostalgia #RelationshipTalk
50:10 11/11/23
Equal Contributions, Dining Preferences, and the Chain Restaurant Dilemma
In Episode 74 of YODM Podcast, we're delving into some thought-provoking relationship dynamics and dining dilemmas!🏡💰 Should women contribute 50/50 to the household when living together in a relationship? We explore the concept of equal financial contributions and the impact it has on partnerships.🍽️🌟 We also venture into the world of dating and discuss whether dining preferences can make or break a potential relationship. What happens when someone prefers 5-star restaurants over chain eateries, and how do they judge a man who takes them to a more casual spot?Join the conversation and share your thoughts on these intriguing topics. Tune in to the episode for engaging discussions that will keep you thinking long after the podcast ends! 🎙️💬 #YODMPodcast #RelationshipDynamics #DiningPreferences #DatingDilemmas
39:13 11/4/23
Seeking Wisdom from influencers, Friends of the Opposite Sex, and the Intimacy Conundrum
Welcome to YODM Podcast Episode 73, where we dive into some captivating conversations that will make you ponder, reflect, and maybe even challenge your perspectives!In this episode, we explore the age-old question: If you could sit down with a person of power for wisdom and knowledge, who would it be? Our discussions bring forth intriguing choices and the valuable lessons we'd hope to gain.Next, we navigate the sensitive waters of friendships in committed relationships. Is it okay to have friends of the opposite sex? We share our thoughts and experiences, shedding light on this common dilemma.And finally, we tackle an intimate topic - the myths and realities of men being deprived of sex once they tie the knot. Our candid conversation opens the door to understanding and navigating the dynamics of marital intimacy.Tune in for a dose of thought-provoking dialogue and engaging insights that are sure to spark your curiosity. Join the discussion, share your thoughts, and let the conversations continue! 🎙️💬 #YODMPodcast #WisdomandKnowledge #OppositeSexFriendships #IntimacyDebate
42:42 10/27/23
Uplifting Educators, Entertainers with Rich People Problems, Relationship Bootcamp, and Winning the Lotto Dreams
In YODM Podcast #72, we explore a spectrum of topics that will leave you pondering and entertained. Join us as we discuss the impact of educators who uplift students and those who fall short. Dive into the intriguing world of entertainers with rich people problems, and learn about the trials and tribulations of relationship bootcamps. Plus, we let our imaginations run wild as we explore the fascinating 'what if' scenario of winning the lotto. It's a rollercoaster of thoughts and insights you won't want to miss!
48:08 10/20/23
Navigating the Modern Maze of Love and Expectations.
Championing Good Men vs. Critiquing Bad Fathers:Explore the balance between highlighting the positive qualities of men and addressing the shortcomings of fathers who fall short of their responsibilities.Modern Dating Dynamics:Discuss the ways in which dating and courtship have evolved in contemporary society, and how they differ from traditional norms.The Impact of Sexual Choices on Women:Consider the idea that women may feel they lose a part of themselves through their sexual experiences, and the nuances of this sentiment.Seeking Ideal Partners at Different Life Stages:Examine the complexities of individuals pursuing the 'perfect' partner in youth and then reevaluating their preferences as they age.Balancing Personal Feelings with Parenting:Delve into the emotional struggles of individuals who suppress their feelings for the sake of their children's well-being.Unrealistic Expectations in Relationships:Investigate the unrealistic standards people often set when seeking partners, especially when they themselves may not meet these high criteria.
87:34 10/13/23
Whats your sexual body count?
On this episode we discuss:Holding your tongue in a relationship when your not the bread winnerHow many sexual partners a person has to be calle a hoe?Should you have a child when you have a medical condition that can be past to your newborn child?Plus, more!!
61:32 4/4/23
Charge it to the game and not the heart
On this episode we discuss:Would you date you friends ex?Would you bet someone that your partner would do anything outside of this relationship?Shaming men for what we won't in a women and women say what the wont all the time.Plus, more!!!
56:21 3/14/23
Love is: Patient, Kind, Long Suffering
On this episode we discus:The things we normalize that we shouldn't.Why don't we champion the smart kids, but we praise the jogs?What is the biggest misconception of love?
57:13 2/24/23
Shoulder to cry on
On this episode we discuss:The cure for a good relationshipWhat are your parameters for cheating?Right outside there's someone for youThe shoulder to cry on type of guy who just wants to sleep with youPlus, more!!
62:19 2/13/23
If I won't someone else will
On this episode we discus:Accepting your child's sexual preferenceYounger men wonting older womenAre men becoming more feminine Plus, more!!
66:01 1/30/23
Who you see and who you look at are two different things
On this episode we discuss:Nothing new under the sun A draw full of condomsNatural look or makeupPlus, more!!
77:58 1/19/23
Pay to play
On this episode we discuss:Gold diggersHonesty in a relationshipDating tipsCan an older person keep up with a younger person in a relationshipPlus, more!!
70:24 1/9/23
Fearing my parents more than the cops "the good old days"
On this episode we discuss:Kids having lack of respect for their elders What is love?Should men stay in a bad relationship for the sack of the kids?Plus, more!
68:53 12/16/22
No new friends
On this episode we discuss:What is snitchingShould you sing like a bird?Wearing tights in public and the gymNo new friends Plus, more!
38:18 12/9/22
If you're not married your single
On this episode we discus:Empowering womenExpectations of submitting in a relationshipIs it natural for a man to be with one woman?Plus, more!
50:22 12/1/22
The boundaries of life
On this episode we discuss:Respecting people's boundariesWhat makes good vaginaMoring breath in a relationshipPlus, more!!
65:52 11/27/22
How do we define beauty?
On this episode we discuss:Should you celebrate a divorceIs experience the best teacher?If you had to choose to hear from your partner, he/she cheated with one person 3 times or he/she slept with 3 different people one time each?Plus, more!!
75:47 11/21/22
A dollar and a dream
On this episode we discuss:Imperfect people wanting a perfect relationshipPlaying lotto and who really wins the lotto????Eating dinner in the nude with your partner to spice up the relationshipPlus, more!!!
65:37 11/11/22
Trust & Politics
On this episode we discuss:Friend or foeAffirm your actionLetting go going throughPlus, more!!
71:21 11/4/22
There's no price on love!
Freakiness in the bedroom can it save a relationship?Trust and cheatingWould you have a relationship with someone with a prosthetic limb Plus, more!!
66:52 11/1/22
Side chicks & Weddings Rings
On this episode we discuss:Allowing your partner to hang with their EX when you're not aroundShould their be any attachment with an Ex when there's no children involvedWhat's love got to do with itPlus, more!
40:58 10/26/22
Fresh on site
On this episode we discuss:The almighty vagina Small, minded peopleOral sex and the sneaky finger smellRimingPlus, more!!!
72:31 10/16/22
Trenches of love
On this episode we discuss:Sex has to be the bombAre you qualified to talk?What is trash sex?Are men shallow?Plus, more!!
41:54 10/7/22
Weaponizing sex
On this episode we discuss:Boston Celtics Head Coach job misconduct For every good-looking woman there's a man tired of herWeaponizing sexKnife & Fork looking for groceriesPlus, more!! 
51:17 9/29/22