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Why does the cold side of a pillow feel so good? What are the comfiest slippers to wear? Why do we like to collect cool things? This is the sort of stuff that Justin Warner wonders about. With his infinite curiosity about the world, he is on a quest to become the ultimate Bon Vivant, to learn about the things that make life great. Each episode, join Justin as he learns more about life, the things that make life awesome, and answers the question of "Why do these things rule in the first place?"


004 - Sofubi: The Obscure World of Designer Art Toys
The world of Sofubi, Designer Art Toys, Soft Vinyl Toy - whatever it is, it's like an iceberg. Something is somewhat obscure or hidden to the average person, but when you get a glimpse into this world you will see it is filled with creativity and imagination. The sculptors, designers, painters, and everyone else involved in the creative process, bring these characters to life.   Today I hope to give you a peek into this world and introduce something that can make your life infinitely better.  Thank you Tia Flowers: Website | Instagram Luke Evans: Youtube | Instagram Paul Schiola: Website | Instagram Candie Bolton: Website | Instagram
54:33 1/3/22
003 - Yuca, The root you didn't know you loved
Yuca, Cassava, Tapioca - Whatever you want to call it, it's the root that has infiltrated many of our lives in so many different forms. Whether it's through Boba tea, biofuel, or even the spray that keeps many of our shirt collars crisp, it's our favorite root and we never even knew it. Go to to get 20% off of your order! 
44:26 11/30/21
002 - The eclectic sound of the Bee Gees; More than just disco
Curdbox is a monthly cheese experience delivered straight to your door. Signup at and use promo code JUSTIN to receive $10 off your first order.   Noom is a psychology-based weight loss and fitness program that aims to help you unlearn bad habits. Signup for your trial at to get started on a program that will help make you healthier.   Most of us know who the Bee Gees are. They are every essence of what disco is - but they are also so much more than just disco. Their music spans decades, with a journey through multiple different music genres. They are so much more than just disco. Which had me wondering.... Why? Why do the Bee Gees rock so much? Why do so many people only think of disco when they think of the Bee Gees music? And what makes them so infectious to the people who love them most? This episode I set out to find some answers. Visit David N. Meyer's website for more of his work:
48:26 9/14/21
001 - Aged Gouda: How good things come to those who wait
Curdbox is a monthly cheese experience delivered straight to your door. Each month you receive 3 curated kinds of cheese and 3 things that pair well with it.  Signup at and use promo code JUSTIN to receive $10 off your first order. The world of cheese is massive. There are so many types of cheeses, so many different uses, and the process involved in making cheese can be quite extensive. On the quest to become the ultimate bon vivant, there is one cheese that stands apart from the rest. That cheese is Aged Gouda. It is a gentle reminder that good things come to those who wait.   Justin Warner: instagram | twitter | website   [Release Date: 2021-08-10]
37:34 8/10/21
Introducing: Warner's World of Wonders
Justin Warner is on the quest to become the ultimate Bon Vivant. Join him each episode as he explores the different things that make life great, and to learn how we can have more greatness in our own lives.   Warner's World of Wonders: Premiering August 10th, 2021.    [Release Date: 2021-08-03]
01:27 8/3/21