Show cover of Pederson's Farms - Powered by Protein a deep dive into Where your Food come From!

Pederson's Farms - Powered by Protein a deep dive into Where your Food come From!

Have you ever wondered where your food comes from? Welcome to the Pederson’s Farms podcast. Our goal is to lift the curtain on all aspects of the food industry, so you know more about what you eat. Hosted by our VP, Neil Dudley, a man with over 20 years of experience in the business, that worked his way from the ground up. We look forward to discussing agriculture, sustainability, transparency, diversity, philanthropy, and animal welfare from the perspectives of our consumers, customers, vendors, employees, and peers. You never know what you don’t know until you listen. How to raise pigs without gestation crates? What company made no sugar bacon first? What is the carnivore diet? What is the Keto diet? How to raise third party verified humanely raised pork? What is Whole 30? How to cook turkey bacon? Be sure to check us out at The Pederson's Natural Farms Podcast is produced by Johnny Peterson (notice the "t") and Root & Roam.


#94 - Pitmaster Lee Ann Whippen
Recorded at the World Food Championships, Neil interviews Lee Ann Whippen, a seasoned pitmaster with over 25 years of experience in competitive barbecue and the restaurant industry. Whippen shares her journey from growing up on a hog farm to becoming a successful restaurant owner and brand ambassador for Pit Boss Grills. She discusses the importance of high-quality ingredients, animal welfare, and practice in mastering barbecue. Whippen also touches on the growth of the World Food Championship, the dynamics of being a woman in the barbecue scene, advice for aspiring pitmasters, and her advocacy for Pellot grills as a convenient option for both beginners and seasoned chefs. Additionally, Whippen promotes Trim Tabs Pig Powder, a unique rub developed by her late father, emphasizing personal stories woven into brand identity. Links Lee Ann on Instagram: @leeannwhippen Visit us online:  Topics: 00:27 Diving Into the Life of a Pitmaster  01:18 The Journey from Hog Farm to Barbecue Champion 02:24 Understanding the Importance of Animal Welfare in Food Quality 03:31 Experiencing the Growth of the World Food Championship 04:33 The Competitive Spirit and Community of Barbecue 06:21 Tips for Aspiring Competitors and the Role of Quality Ingredients 08:43 Breaking Barriers: Women in the World of Barbecue 12:45 The Versatility and Appeal of Pellet Grills 15:33 Connecting with Lee Ann and a Tribute to Trim Tabs Pig Powder
17:03 5/1/24
#93 - Miss Rodeo Texas Brylee Johnson
Recorded live at the 2023 World Food Championship, Neil welcomes Brylee Johnson, the current Miss Rodeo Texas who is preparing to compete for the Miss Rodeo America title. She shares her journey in rodeo queening, her background in ranch life including rodeo participation and livestock showing, and her role as a judge in the Championship's vegetarian category. The discussion delves into her experiences with food, both in her personal life and at rodeo events, highlighting the significance of food in family and community gatherings. Brylee also touches on her understanding of agriculture and food sourcing, influenced by her upbringing and responsibilities as Rodeo Queen. Additionally, the conversation explores Brylee's personal growth, faith, and her perspective on competition and camaraderie within the rodeo community. The dialogue underscores the intertwining of food, rodeo culture, and personal values, offering insights into the multifaceted world of rodeo queening. Links: Miss Rodeo Texas: Brylee on Instagram: @brylee_lark Visit us online:  Topics 00:27 Miss Rodeo Texas: Dreams and Aspirations 01:39 A Rodeo Queen's Food Judging Debut 02:26 Family, Food, and Rodeo Traditions 06:03 From Rodeo to Representing: A Queen's Journey 10:47 Navigating Success and Setbacks in Rodeo Queening 16:43 Faith, Family, and Finding One's Path 19:19 Reflecting on the Journey and Looking Ahead
19:50 4/22/24
#92 - Cookie Queen Molly Blakeley
Neil interviews Molly Blakely, a remarkable cookie maker from Alaska, who shares her inspiring journey of starting her business with just her last $150 and transforming it into a million-dollar product. Molly candidly recounts the early days of hand mixing cookies in her kitchen with her 10-year-old son, gradually building up her business while facing challenges and seizing opportunities along the way. She highlights the pivotal moment when her business gained nationwide recognition after being featured on Buzzfeed, leading to exponential growth and prestigious accolades. Through her story, Molly emphasizes the importance of perseverance, faith, and resilience in the face of adversity. She opens up about the role of her faith in guiding her entrepreneurial path and how her cookies serve a greater purpose by supporting various ministries and community initiatives. The conversation delves into Molly's mission to make a positive impact through her businesses and her future plans, including her goal to sell her cookie company and focus on other ventures. Listeners are treated to insightful discussions on entrepreneurship, faith, and the power of perseverance. Links: Molly on Instagram: @mollybzcookies Visit us online:  Topics 00:00 Kickoff: Introducing the Unlikely Duo 00:41 Molly's Incredible Journey: From Last $150 to Walmart Success 02:59 The Science and Secrets Behind Molly B's Cookies 05:35 Navigating Business Growth and Embracing Change 06:59 Faith and Business: How Spirituality Guides Molly's Success 11:37 Expanding Horizons: The Alaskan Love Company 13:56 Overcoming Adversity: Molly's Personal and Professional Rebirth 17:31 A Concluding Note on Faith, Business, and Life
19:00 4/3/24
#91 - Chef Brian Duffy
Chef Brian Duffy, a seasoned chef with extensive experience in the culinary world, shares insights on the food industry and its various dynamics in an interview at the World Food Championship. Having graduated from culinary school in 1995, Duffy has witnessed the evolution of the industry over the years. He has appeared on television shows like Bar Rescue and Opening Night and now operates a consulting firm, aiding in the opening of restaurants globally while also engaging in speaking engagements and entertainment ventures. Duffy delves into various topics, shedding light on the intricacies of the hospitality and restaurant business. He addresses the common misconception about food pricing, attributing the rising costs to factors like increased food prices and elevated labor wages, particularly in the wake of events like COVID-19. Duffy emphasizes the importance of supporting local businesses, especially smaller restaurants that often struggle to compete with larger chains. The interview also touches upon broader issues such as sustainable farming practices, the impact of dietary choices on health, and the significance of consumer influence in shaping the food landscape. Duffy advocates for a balanced approach, acknowledging the diversity of perspectives and the need for open dialogue in today's polarized society. He underscores the power of consumer choices in driving change within the industry, urging individuals to prioritize quality and sustainability in their food preferences. Links: Find Chef Duffy on social media at @chefbriduff Visit us online:  Topics: [00:00] Chef's background and culinary journey [01:00] Evolution of the food industry [02:00] Impact of TV appearances and consulting work [02:00] Misconceptions about food pricing [03:00] Effects of COVID-19 on restaurant economics [03:30] Importance of supporting local businesses [06:00] Dietary choices and health implications [07:00] Role of consumer influence in shaping the food landscape [08:00] Advocacy for quality ingredients [09:00] Challenges faced by small restaurants [11:00] Polarization and open dialogue in society [12:00] Power of consumer choices [15:00] Influence of social media and media consumption patterns
17:30 3/20/24
#90 - Food Advocate Paul Newnham
Paul Newnham joins the show to discuss food advocacy, sustainability and dietary diversity. The topics include  beans as a nutritious food source, the importance of biodiversity in agriculture, and the impact of dietary choices on health. Paul believes in  the need for informed food decisions and understanding food production processes. Links: Find Paul on social media at @PaulNewnham Visit us online:   Topics: [01:00] The World Food Championship, a unique food sport event. [02:00] Advocacy for beans, peas, and lentils and their benefits. [04:00] Paul describes his flexitarian diet and the importance of dietary diversity. [06:00] The microbiome, fiber, and gut health. [09:00] The importance of diversity in farming practices for resilience. [10:00] Exploration of the impact of food choices on health and well-being. [19:00] Small-holder farmers' significant role in global food production. [21:00] The importance of biodiversity in the food system for resilience. [23:00] How dietary choices can impact overall health and well-being. [24:00] The role of food as preventive medicine and its influence on health outcomes. [24:30] Emerging trend of prescribing food for health management. [25:00] The importance of understanding food production before criticizing it.
03:37 3/6/24
#89 - Danyel Buie and a Lifetime Love of Food
Neil chats with food enthusiast Danyel Buie about the profound significance of food memories, her culinary journey, and experiences as a judge at the World Food Championship. From childhood cake recollections to recommendations for Dallas eateries, they explore the joy and diversity of food culture. Links: Visit us online:   Topics: [01:00]: How food intertwines with cherished memories and family gatherings. [02:13]: Memories of a birthday cake with Easter egg decorations. [03:00]: Danyel’s role as a master judge at the World Food Championship in Dallas. [04:00]: A passion for food blogging and exploring Dallas's culinary scene for over seven years. [04:47]: The significance of visual content in today's social media landscape for engaging audiences. [06:00]: The beauty of simplicity in cooking and the value of quality ingredients. [10:36]: Noteworthy dishes: boudin-stuffed green peppers and blue pasta with ribs. ][12:00]: A love for cooking, tracing back to childhood and family influences. [13:00]: Mindful cooking, considering dietary preferences and nutritional aspects of ingredients. [15:00]: Danyel's French heritage influences her love for Cajun and Creole cuisine, including unique dishes like turtle sausage. [16:00]: Exotic foods like caviar, oysters, octopus, and escargot. [16:55]: Crawfish holds a special place in Danyel's heart, representing her favorite dish and a nod to her Louisiana roots.  
16:49 3/5/24
#88 - Chef Jernard Wells
An ambassador for the culinary culture, Chef Jernard Wells is an inspiration for other chefs and someone for people to look up to. Links The book: Southern Inspired: More Than 100 Delicious Dishes from My American Table to Yours: Topics [00:19] Introduction of Chef Wells and discussion about the importance of food. [00:39] The cultural and ambassadorial role of chefs. [00:55] The influence of his father, who was also a chef, on his career. [01:40] His role in supporting and mentoring other chefs in the entertainment and competition world. [02:01] Impact of COVID-19 on the restaurant business and the chef's personal experience. [02:50] Challenges faced by high-end and gourmet restaurants in adapting to takeout orders during the pandemic. [05:00] Discussion on the ever-changing landscape of cooking styles and food preferences. [06:00] TV show "New Soul Kitchen" and the idea of making recipes unique to individuals. [08:00] Importance of cooking at home as a bonding activity with family. [09:00] Background growing up on a farm in Mississippi and the influence of his father. [10:00] Chef Jernard's family, including his wife and nine children, and their involvement in the culinary business. [11:00] Recognition and award for Chef Jernard's culinary skills at Horseshoe Bay Resort in Texas. [12:00] Chef Jernard's new book, "Southern Inspired, My American Table," and the inspiration behind it. [13:00] Discussion on the perception of Southern food and the nutritional value it offers. [14:00] Appreciation for claims-based products like those from Pederson's Farms, emphasizing quality over cheap alternatives.
16:51 2/7/24
#87 - 'Master Chef' Jay Ducote
Jay Ducote joins the show recorded live at the World Food Championships to discuss his appearance on Master Chef and much more.  Links: Facebook & Instagram @jayducote Visit us online: Topics  01:31 Jay's Background: Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Sugarland, Texas 03:00 Transition to Food World: Blogging, Social Media, Podcasts, Radio, TV Shows 03:37 Participation in MasterChef Season 2 on Fox 04:33 Winning against Bobby Flay with a Crawfish Boil 06:00 Cooking Experience with Gordon Ramsay 07:45 Life Lessons from TV Competitions and Set Experiences 10:55 Reflection on the Journey and Building Success Locally 13:29 Challenges of Offering High-Quality but Costly Products 15:43 Jay's Appreciation for Sustainable and Humane Agriculture 17:49 Sausage Making and Importance of Texture 22:05 Germans' Influence on Sausage Making in South Louisiana 23:23 Exploration of Cajun-Style Smoked Meats
27:58 1/17/24
#86 - Carl Fiadini, Host of 'Walk-In Talk'
The Walk-In Talk Podcast is hosted by Carl Fiadini, combining his culinary expertise and experiences to provide an insightful and engaging exploration of the food industry.    Links IMDb Instagram TikTok Twitter Facebook Topics 00:48 The concept of Walk and Talk Podcast  01:53 The importance of gaining experience working in a restaurant 02:16 Challenges of catering to sick and hungry individuals 02:48 Carl's experience in the food service industry and changes over the years 03:27 Expansion into food entertainment and video production 04:47 Reaching a million downloads 05:48 Challenges and excitement of the World Food Championship 07:21 Advocacy for mental health awareness in the food industry 08:36 Opportunities for collaboration and mutual learning in the podcasting world
13:10 1/3/24
#85 - World Food Championships Founder Mike McCloud
World Food Championships Founder Mike McCloud joins the show in a conversation recorded live at the WFC in Dallas earlier this year. Links:  Visit us online: Topics: [34] Recap of the bacon category judging at the World Food Championship.  [01:01] The resilience of Jack McMurray, a former bacon champion  [01:27] Dedication of competitors and the camaraderie in the food industry. [02:00] The intense competition and the incredible dishes presented. [03:00] Balancing the fine line of judgment in an uber-competitive setting.  [04:00] The three dimensions of judging: appearance, execution, taste (EAT).  [4:47] The difficulty of being objective  [05:00] The grand prize and the journey to becoming a bacon ambassador.   
13:10 12/20/23
#84 - Howard Brauner and Rock Sun of Global Products Resource Group
Howard Brauner and Rock Sun join the show to talk about exporting food. The conversation as usual covers where food comes from, how it gets from here to there, and the relationships it requires. Links: Visit us online: Topics: [00:46] China’s need for foodstuffs [2:45] The importance of whole carcass utilization  [4:31] Chinese market is strict on food safety control  [6:43] Less sweet is better [10:53] The specter of wire fraud.  [12:58] Sourcing for everything natural and safe  [15:56] Wrap-up  
16:10 10/4/23
#83 - Gut Health and Fitness Expert Jennilyn Griffiths
Recorded live at KetoCon 2023, it’s a conversation with Jennilyn Griffiths, an expert in gut health and a lot of other things. Not to mention a really high energy person. Links: Instagram: @ Visit us online:   Topics: [1:13] Childhood gut issues  [3:43] IBS is a syndrome, not a disease [5:22] What an antibiotic does to your gut [8:46] Doctors don't know everything  [9:22] A passion for exercise  [14:25] How you can you keep a good mindset [18:49] ‘Just 'cause you saw someone on the internet lose 50 pounds, it doesn't mean that's gonna be you’ [20:14] Managing carbs [24:09] Compete with your own potential
26:46 9/20/23
#82 - Optometric Physician and Carnivore Dr. Lisa Wiedeman
Dr. Lisa Wiedeman, optometric physician and a carnivore, joins the show to explore whether a carnivore diet is sustainable. Links:  Visit us online: Dr. Wiedeman: On Instagram: @mycarnivoredoctor YouTube: @carnivoredoctor Topics: [00:56] Is carnivore sustainable?  [3:32] ‘It's not a diet. We're eating to live.’ [4:25] ‘Don't eat anything that comes in a box, a bag, a bottle, or a jar.’ [6:33] A daughter who knows she's doing her body good.  [8:05] Don't you get sick of meat?  [9:07] No need to be monitored by the medical profession [10:18] Crisco and processed food  [11:40] The slow suicide of dementia, Alzheimer's, cancer, diabetes, hypertension, stroke. [14:00] Lift, with all your body parts. [17:34] Carnivore cooking videos  
24:15 9/6/23
#81 - Chef James Barry of Pluck Seasoning
Today, recorded live at KetoCon 2023, a conversation with Chef James Barry about organ meat, a seasoning derived from organ meat, and generally where food comes from. Links:  Visit us online: Pluck Seasoning: Instagram: @chefjamesbarry Twitter: @chefjamesbarry Topics: (0:30) Dinner was ready ‘when the smoke detector went off’ (1:12) Making comfort food healthy (1:31) Cooking for Tom Cruise George Clooney[00:03:08] Make that accessible  (3:08) Organ meats: nutrient dense food  (4:46) (8:32) The magic pill is the whole animal (9:53) Our pallets are the way to adventure eating.  (13:53) Our human body will do what it needs to do to survive  (15:34) A passion for improving the world  (17:29) Keto and other labels (19:49) ‘if I bring it into my house, I'll eat it.’  
23:47 8/23/23
#80 - J Gulinello, Health & Wellness Specialist
J Gulinello is a health & wellness specialist and the founder of Perpetual Health. Links:  Visit us online: Instagram: @ Topics [00:56] From classic pianist to biologist [01:29] A decade of independent research  [02:24] What is mitochondria?  [04:47] The illusion of the grocery store [05:57] ‘Food sovereignty’ [09:12] Convenience may be killing us .[13:04] The FDA: ‘they're human’ [16:24] Eggs, fish and more [17:02] Balance between diet and fitness  [21:05] ‘the door is open for the conversation’ [22:15] Allowing blood sugar to regulate  
29:21 8/9/23
#79 - Certified Holistic Nutritionist Nathalie Niddam
Today, recorded live at KetoCon 2023, a conversation with Nathalie Niddam, an expert in biohacking, health optimization and maximizing life. As Nathalie says, since the beginning of time, humans have been obsessed with not dying. But while we don't want to die, we also don't wanna be old and feeble. She joins the show to talk about this concept of health span over lifespan.   Links:  Visit us online: Nathalie Niddam: Her podcast: Facebook: Instagram: @ Twitter: @nathalieniddam   Topics: (1:30) What is biohacking? (3:56) A passion for peptides (6:33) Nathalie’s origin story (9:06) Misconceptions about food (11:21) Life is a pendulum: looking back on fallacies (13:32) Teaching kids about health and food (15:06) The meat in the freezer (16:42) Podcasting and inspiration  
04:25 7/26/23
#78 - Fertility Doctor Robert Kiltz
Today, recorded live at KetoCon 2023, a conversation with Dr. Robert Kiltz, a fertility doctor who runs one of the largest IVF centers in America. The doctor discusses a host of issues around fertility, including inflammation as the real cause of infertility. Links:  Visit us online: Dr. Kiltz: Instagram: @doctorkiltz Facebook: doctorkiltz Topics: 0:48 The real cause of infertility 1:46 ‘I went into medicine to help people’ 3:21 The specter of propaganda 4:31 The natural nutrition plan: Carnivore 6:49 We’ve been duped about fruits, seeds and nuts 8:27 Learning from each other 10:51 The declining population 11:52 Bacon, eggs, butter and beef 15:30 ‘Nobody has to fail for me to succeed’  
13:43 7/12/23
#77 - Dr. Ken Berry
Recorded live at Keto-Con 2023 in Austin, Texas, the guest is Dr. Ken Berry. He’s a doctor who wants to help people. The discussion is: Why carnivore? What's important about nutrition? And what is the real human diet?  Links: Visit us online: Topics: 1:27 What is the real human diet? 4:56 Is it food or not food? 6:12 Becoming a doctor 9:21 Humans are different 10:02 Being ignorant about food 12:47 What is pre-diabetic? 16:07 Type 1 vs. Type 2 diabetes 20:36 Slow death vs. quick death 24:00 Your word matters, your reputation matters 28:00 The doc embraces Keto 35:00 Changing the diet, and side effects
36:30 6/28/23
#76 - Dave Greening of CROPP Co-operative - Organic Valley and Organic Praire
Dave Greening joins the show to discuss where food comes from. Dave has spent more than 25 years in the food industry and the last five with CROPP Cooperative, the co-op that has Organic Valley and Organic Prairie Brands. Links: Visit us online: More on Dave: Topics: (2:01) - Dave’s backstory (5:25) - What the co-op does (11:05) - The concept of regeneration (14:06) - Manure lagoons (15:57) - Where food really comes from (17:21) - Why organic is so expensive (23:49) - Preserving the planet
26:35 6/14/23
#75: Jordan James - Founder & Head Chef at Cupcakes by Jordan James
Links: Topics: (0:30) - Introducing Jordan and her experience placing 2nd in the World Bacon Championships (3:36) - How on earth do you make 2,000 cupcakes for one event? (4:53) - Jordan’s family dynamic (7:19) - Why do you bake cupcakes for a career? (9:25) - How do you feel about animal protein? (12:25) - Learning the ropes of the cupcake business (18:19) - What is your biggest lesson in running this businss? (21:46) - What’s misunderstood about where food comes from? (23:59) - What do you do outside of making cupcakes? (28:44) - How do you sell someone? (33:06) - How do you approach intimidating situations?
38:51 2/21/23
#74: Richard Atkin - VP of Quality Assurance at Tendergrass Farms
Does food safety and quality truly matter to consumers, and should it matter? This week on Pederson’s podcast, Neil Dudley is joined by Richard Atkin, the Vice President of Quality Assurance at Tendergrass Farms to discuss where food comes from and the processes used to determine if food is meeting standards of safety and quality. They discuss the changes they’ve seen in the industry, the importance of third party verification, and the rise of regenerative agriculture. This episode is packed with valuable perspectives from two men who know the industry well! Links: Visit us online:   Topics: (0:30) - Introducing Richard (2:00) - Why do you think consumers care? (13:47) - What is the most important thing about where your food comes from? (20:28) - How do we talk to people to make them understand the truth of animal agriculture? (23:35) - Richard’s work in making sure medications & antibiotics aren’t being given to the wrong animals or accidentally leaked into food, etc.
36:39 2/14/23
#73: Joe Koran - Seafood Professional at Buena Vista Seafood
Have you ever thought about the energy used in food production and what that means for you when you eat that food? Joe Koran joins Neil for a discussion about where our food comes from and why that’s important for our health. Neil and Joe talk about everything from Joe’s decision to stop pursuing a teaching degree in order to learn about the seafood industry to reversing his heart disease and Type 2 Diabetes by changing his eating and lifestyle habits. This episode is full of ideas and insights you do not want to miss! Visit us online: Links:   Topics: (0:30) - Introducing Joe (1:20) - Who are you, why do you do what do you do? (7:51) - Veganism, processed foods, and the seafood industry (21:35) - What was your process for achieving this diet? (28:43) - Do you agree that transparency is more productive in one’s industry than throwing shade on competitors? (34:52) - Wrapping up
38:04 2/7/23
#72: Tyler Dawley - Owner of Big Bluff Ranch
What does it take to steward the land and build up a profitable ranch like Big Bluff Ranch? This is something Tyler Dawley knows well. Tyler joins Neil to discuss the importance of and the benefits of regenerative agriculture. They discuss their passions, the changing nature of the ag industry, their experiences in the industry, and the power the consumer has on their businesses. Visit us online: Links: Topics: (0:41) - Introducing Tyler (4:02) -  How long until you saw the rewards of regenerative farming? (9:38) -  Did you go to school for agronomy? (11:13 ) - How do you feel about meat consumption? (15:20) - What kind of animals are on your farm? (21:21) - Do you adhere to any 3rd party raising standards? (29:12) - The power is in the consumer’s hands & the real experience of life in this industry (39:53) - Any last comments you’d like the listeners to know?
41:45 1/31/23
#71: John Saunders & Spencer Lomax - Where Food Comes From, Inc.
What is the least understood thing about the agriculture business? And can you really be sure about where the food on your plate comes from? This week, Neil Dudley is joined by John Saunders, Founder and CEO of Where Food Comes From, and Spencer Lomax, Director of Market Development at Where Food Comes From. They discuss the ag business in depth, third party verification, and possibly the most overlooked piece of the ag industry: the people. Links:   Topics: (0:30) - Introducing John Saunders (1:26) - Where did you come up with the business plan? (3:22) - Introducing Spencer Lomax. (6:02) - What is the most important thing about Where Food Comes From?  (8:42) - How do you get paid? (10:59) - What is the least understood piece of where your food comes from? (18:57) - How is it working with your wife? (20:41) - What’s your most recent education or failure or win? (30:05) - what was the first company you founded? (36:25) - Question from GUEST: how does a cowboy end up selling bacon?
41:21 1/17/23
#70: Jodi Taffel - World Champion Bacon Chef
Can your biggest strength also be your biggest weakness? For Jodi Taffel, the answer is yes! Listen in as Neil is joined by Jodi - multiple time winner of the bacon category of the World Food Championship. They talk about her competition wins, as well as her acting career, and being unafraid to try things until they work. The conversation doesn’t end there; Neil and Jodi offer some great insights into the food industry among other things. Listen in! Links: Topics: (0:30) - Introducing Jodi (8:58) - Jodi’s award-winning bacon dish (10:52) - Where did you learn to cook and what motivates you to do this? (13:19) - How closely do you pay attention to your ingredients and where they come from? (17:45) - How do you deal with failure? (19:50) - What do you think is the least understood thing about where food comes from? (23:11) - Are you from the West Coast? (24:43) - Jodi’s acting background (29:33) - The difficulty of gaining attention and the importance of doing hard things  
33:45 1/10/23
#69: Diego Diverde - VP of Sales at Greener Pastures Chicken
In this episode of Powered by Protein, host Neil Dudley interviews Diego Diverde, the Sales Director for Greener Pastures Chicken. Diego shares how their farm raises organic, grass-fed chickens using regenerative farming practices. Find out what regenerative farming is and how it helps improve soil health and sustainable food production with Diego Diverde. Links: Topics: (1:03) - Introducing Diego and GPC (4:40) - How many people do you think understand the nuances about chicken in our country? (6:35) - How can you leverage the claims GPC makes? (10:02) - Eating for a goal vs. eating for experience (14:22) - The Sales role for Farmers and Ranchers (17:11) - Virtual Kitchens (19:43) - Why did Von Miller join GPC? (22:44) - What’s your approach to branding? (25:19) - Is there a specific breed of chicken you use? (26:48) - How is the drought affecting you? (27:11) - Certified Human claims
30:40 1/3/23
#68: Jim Murray - Channel Market Development Manager at the National Pork Board
Did you know that it is possible to make hot ice cream or snow out of food? At the World Food Championship it is! This week, host Neil Dudley is joined by James Murray. Murray has 40 years of experience in the industry, works for the National Pork Board, and is a professional chef. They discuss the incredible innovations seen at the World Food Championship, how Murray became a chef, and the importance of continually educating ourselves, consumers, and producers in the pork industry. Links:   Topics: (0:44) - Introducing Jim (3:09) - What’s the secret to a great pork chop? (7:30) - Trickonosis in wild pigs (9:15) - How is the Pork Board funded? (10:55) - Why is pork #1 in consumption globally but only #3 in the United States? (13:34) - Claims-based pork (18:57) - What’s your journey to becoming a chef? (20:41) - What gives you your drive? (23:24) - The science behind cooking at the chef level (25:08) - What resources does the Pork Board offer? (27:25) - What advice would you give someone to connect with the culinary community?
33:30 12/20/22
#67: Jordan Grahm - Owner of The Fit Boss
The commitment to living a healthy life is not an easy one. But Jordan Graham can attest that it is worthwhile. Listen this week as Neil Dudley is joined by coach and weight loss specialist Jordan Grahm to discuss the mindset behind living a healthy life, and the importance of doing it for yourself. Jordan shares his story and the changes he made in his life to lose over 200 pounds and become a healthier person physically and mentally. Links:   Topics: (0:30) - Introducing Jordan (2:15) - Jordan’s weight loss and mental health journey (5:25) - What is your advice to people who want to approach people in their life about getting healthier? (11:08) - Do you ever think about quitting? (12:51) - When did you start choosing to change your life? (19:58) - Are people in your family obese? (22:00) - What was your mental approach to losing weight? (24:34) - Mentors & Failure (37:19) - Thoughts on different diet approaches (43:40) - The Whole 30 Reset & 75 Hard (49:18) - Wrapping up
52:34 12/13/22
#66: Caroline Fausel - Owner of Olive you Whole
Are you wondering what it takes to truly be successful as an entrepreneur? Caroline Fausel would say never giving up is key, along with a few other ingredients. Listen as Caroline joins host Neil Dudley to discuss Caroline’s Olive You Whole blog and podcast. The conversation covers healthy living, regenerative agriculture and the role animals play in it, and Caroline’s path from vegetarianism to Paleo. You don’t want to miss it! Links: Topics: (0:30) - Caroline and her background (2:01) - The Vegetarian Perspective (6:37) - The world of a content creator (9:20) - What would be the key to succeeding in this field? (12:46) - What’s something surprising you’ve learned about food in your conversations with people in this space? (16:25) - Why did you get into podcasting? (18:49) - Can we allow imperfection? (26:32) - How do you reconcile with someone who thinks negatively about what you do? (29:32) - Parenting
33:43 12/6/22
#65: Michael Kiolbassa - CEO & Owner of Kiolbassa's Smokehouse
What does it take to turn your company’s good reputation into a strong brand? Hard work is a good starting point. Listen as Michael Kiolbassa of Kiolbassa Smoked Meats joins Neil Dudley to discuss how Kiolbassa has become what it is today and the changing nature of the business. They discuss the ins and outs of the meat business and the priceless things they’ve learned in their years of experience working in the industry. Links: Visit us online: Topics: (0:30) - Introducing Michael (1:53) - Michael background and his company: Kiolbassa (2:53) - Why do we as an indsutry try to soften the term ‘slaughter’? (7:19) - Why did you decide to go into banking? (10:44) - How did you build your brand? (18:09) - Would you prioritize marketing or sales? (20:22) - Why sausage? (21:14) - How do you keep the VC money out of your business? (23:51) - Sausage as a sustainability play (27:29) - How do you build a team?
32:30 11/29/22