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AgBiz Cast shares inspiring stories of young, beginning, and small farmers. Listen to graduates of the AgBiz Masters educational program to hear about their farming operations and gain advice for those looking to start their own business.


Episode 21 : SBDCs Help Businesses Get Started
In this week's podcast episode, we meet with Winifred McGee from the University of Scranton’s Small Business Development Center. Winifred tells us about SBDCs and how they help entrepreneurs get their businesses started. Listen to learn how you can benefit from the program!
09:23 5/16/22
Episode 20: Mastering 2,000 Acres: Potato Farming with Blakslee Frederick-Masters
For this week's podcast episode, we sit down with Blakslee Frederick-Masters. Blakslee is the manager of her family's 2,000 acre grain and potato farm, Haz-Wald Farms LLC, in northeastern PA. Listen to hear her favorite memories of the farm, including some pranks, and how she and her husband returned to the family farm. 
13:02 5/2/22
Episode 19: Staying Safe Online – Cyber Security Tips
In this week's episode, Todd Shaak, AgChoice IT Specialist, discusses how individuals can stay safe online. Todd shares his most important cyber security tips for avoiding ransomware, creating a strong password, and using smartphones securely. Listen to the podcast to learn how you can protect yourself and your digital devices. 
17:44 4/18/22
Episode 18: Quality Time: Turning a Love for Animals into a Career
This week, the AgBiz Cast talks with Tiffany Kline, dairy farm owner and operator. Tiffany shares her experience of purchasing her father's farm with her husband and appreciation for having the opportunity to turn spending time with animals into her career.
08:11 4/4/22
Episode 17: Top Tips for Farm Recordkeeping
In this week's podcast episode, we talk with AgChoice Accounting Officer Kenny Nearhoof on the importance of recordkeeping in farm operations. Listen to hear how and why you should keep record of payroll and taxes, as well as Kenny's advice for accounting success. 
14:28 3/21/22
Episode 16: Nurturing Nursery: Talking Trees and Shrubs with Chris Uhland
This week, Chris Uhland of Harmony Hill Nursery spoke with us about his favorite parts of agriculture, from plant growing to artistic expression. Listen to hear some of Chris' favorite memories over the years at his nursery business. 
11:55 3/7/22
Episode 15: PA Farm Link Connects Farmers and Landowners
Marlene Kaltenbach with PA Farm Link joins us for this episode. Farm Link is a non-profit organization here in Pennsylvania with a mission to “link farmers to the future.” 
09:53 2/21/22
Episode 13: Life on the Farm with Keith Ohlinger
This week we sat down with Keith Ohlinger, owner and operator of his family farm, where he raises everything from cattle and sheep. Keith shares his story of starting his own farm in Woodbine, Maryland, the lessons learned along the way, and his advice for young and beginning farmers. 
24:07 1/24/22
Episode 12: Just Peachy: In the Orchard with Sidney Kuhn
In this week's episode, Sidney Kuhn, owner and general manger of Kuhn Orchards in Adams County, Pennsylvania, joins the AgBiz Cast to tell her story as a 5th generation farmer. Sidney shares how she stays inspired and her favorite memories of the orchard from over the years. 
13:21 1/10/22
Episode 11: PA Tax Credit Helps Farmers Get Started
Tax credits aimed to help farm start-ups are here. Pennsylvania’s  Beginning Farmer Tax Credit provides an incentive to lease or sell land, buildings and/or equipment to beginning farmers. In this episode, we’re pleased to have Darrin Youker from PA Farm Bureau join us to share more about the program.
09:06 12/27/21
Episode 10: From 4-H to Full-Time: Farming with Eliza Walton
Eliza Walton sits down with us this week to tell her story of growing up on a farm to eventually operating her own business in Centre County, Pennsylvania. She reflects on the challenges of finding farmland for young and beginning farmers while offering her advice for those looking to get started with their own business. 
10:43 12/13/21
Episode 9: Christmas Time is Here: Talking with Tuckaway Tree Farm
Tis the season! The AgBiz Cast is gearing up for the holiday season by talking with Larry and Ashley Latta of Tuckaway Tree Farm. Listen to hear the couple's journey of buying a Christmas tree farm and their lessons learned. 
08:04 11/29/21
Episode 8: Poultry and Cash Crop Farming with Arvin Horst
In this week's episode, poultry and cash crop farmer Arvin Horst sits down us to talk transition planning and farm financing. Listen to hear about his experience with taking over his family farm. 
09:39 11/15/21
Episode 7: What’s a Credit Score?
Ryan Davis, AgChoice Director of Credit Administration, discusses the basics of credit scores and why they are important from a lending perspective. He also gives tips to improve your credit score. 
05:59 11/1/21
Episode 6: A "Growing" Business: Farming with Daniel Hartzell
Daniel Hartzell joins the AgBiz Cast this week to share stories of his family's dairy farm. Daniel reflects on the rewarding feeling of farming as a career and focusing on what you can control in a business. Listen to hear more about his "growing" business!
17:57 10/18/21
Episode 5: Farms and Finances with Ben Butler
For this week's episode, we spoke with Ben Butler, farm and finance manager of Butler's Orchard and Farm Market. Ben reflects on the importance of building relationships, having a mentor, and understanding financials in order to have a successful operation. 
15:45 10/4/21
Episode 4: Jack of All Trades: Pig and Crop Farming
Up this week is Marlin Hartzler, pig and crop farmer, to share the story behind his operation with our listeners. Marlin tells us about the importance of making wise investment decisions, striving for growth, and finding mentors. 
11:14 9/27/21
Episode 3: Bright Beginnings: How to Start a Farm
Allison Beichner, AgChoice loan officer, highlights her perspective for beginning farms that will help now and in the future. She shares advice for beginning farmers and outlines steps to get started. 
10:50 9/13/21
Episode 2: Quarter Acre Farm, Big Dreams
In this week's podcast episode, hear from crop farmer Andrea Davis-Cetina about her stories from farming in California to Maryland. The owner and operator of Quarter Acre Farm shares her journey of coming from no agriculture background to now growing and selling organic vegetables. 
19:57 8/30/21
Trailer: The AgBiz Cast is Here!
In this trailer episode, hear AgChoice Farm Credit's Raechel Sattazahn and Ashley Mohn discuss why the AgBiz Cast was created and what you can expect to hear in this upcoming season. Listeners can also learn how to enroll in the upcoming 2021-2022 AgBiz Masters program. Stay tuned at the end of the episode to hear some clips of interviews we have had with AgBiz Masters graduates!
14:01 8/5/21
Episode 1: Words of Wisdom with William Thiele
In our first podcast episode, we meet AgBiz Masters graduate and dairy farmer William Thiele. William shares the history behind his farming operation, challenges he has faced along the way, and advice for other young farmers just like him. 
17:32 8/5/21