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What Lights You Up

I am here to show you how to access your inner freedom and power; to transform the way you experience life. I get it. In this world, we often find ourselves so lost in our search for what lights us up that we can’t see our own spark. At times, it may seem we are taken in a direction that we didn’t plan for or expect. However, there are no accidents! If you are tired of just getting by, you want to feel better, and step into the version of yourself that makes your heart sing, this podcast is for you! I do not mince words and will give it to you straight. You have found raw and real with lots of love.


E125 - Evolving Beyond Who You Used To Be 21:20 08/18/2022
E124 - "Thirteen Lives" and the Resilience of the Human Spirit 26:32 08/11/2022
E123 - Repeat After Me: I Am A Big Deal 17:06 08/04/2022
E122 - Coming Into Awareness: An Energetic Exchange with Meg Lamm 73:49 07/28/2022
E121 - When Did The World Tell You To Tone It Down? 21:15 07/21/2022
E120 - Your Choice: Force or Freedom 20:40 07/14/2022
E119 - Deconditioning the BS from Childhood 22:48 07/07/2022
E118 - Too Much And Never Enough 26:31 06/30/2022
E117 - Breaking the Cycle of Destructive Family Relationships 21:26 06/23/2022
E116 - The Power of Magic for Deeper Connections with Others 27:32 06/16/2022
E115 - The Difference Between Guilt And Shame 20:19 06/09/2022
E114 - Of Hammers And Heartbreak with David Winkler 55:53 06/02/2022
E113 - When The World Seems Dark And Words Are Hollow 19:19 05/26/2022
E112 - I'm Just Thinking Of The Right Words To Say 16:06 05/19/2022
E111 - To Grow Closer or Die Trying with Kurt and Ellie Johnson 61:59 05/12/2022
E110 - I Just Want Somebody To Love Me 23:08 05/05/2022
E109 - How I Manifested A Human (An Adoption Story) 31:56 04/28/2022
E108 - Permission To Share Your Story 21:05 04/21/2022
E107 - Family Trauma Drama and Allowing Both the Ugly and Beautiful to Exist 23:30 04/14/2022
E106 - All of the Regrets...And None at All 23:31 04/07/2022
E105 - The Oscars and Uncomfortable Conversations with Mark Joseph 69:29 03/31/2022
E104 - Creating A Messy Girl Murder Mystery with Carol Finizza 64:09 03/24/2022
E103 - Outgrowing the Wonderment 19:49 03/17/2022
E102 - The Heart of a Seeker: Creating a Yoga Practice to Heal with Kate Lawyer 70:26 03/10/2022
E101 - When You Feel Conflicted 21:00 03/03/2022
E100 - This Life Turns Me On 37:51 02/24/2022
E99 - When You Feel Like A Failure 40:03 02/17/2022
E98 - The Trauma of Being Human with Lisa Schwartz 69:46 02/10/2022
E97 - Life After Child Loss with Liene Ciguze 64:14 02/03/2022
E96 - Examining Our Attachments 25:36 01/27/2022