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Johanns G - The Old Man is Back
Johanns G. has been dee jaying since 1989 when he got turntables for his 9th birthday, and his life has never been the same. In 2007 he went on to win the winter music conference spin off for mixing. "I feel that my music is truly influenced by my German, Ecuadorian, and Argentinian background." - Johanns Gammel
49:02 3/14/24
DJ Allai - Liminal Sounds Part 2
Part 2 of the Liminal Sounds series.  Continues with the vibe from where part 1 leaves off.  As always, track listing is below.   Don't forget to subscribe here, or through the following: Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Audible & iHeart Radio. 1) Covstan - Leverton Bassia (Gaston Sosa Remix) 2) Dav'Bond - Altered (Mixtrack Over Mix) 3) Tutchev Space - Until the Daylight 4) Hicky & Kalo - Beyond Spacetime 5) Kiz Pattinson - The Runner 6) Locked Groove - Enigma (Scuba's Warehouse Mix) 7) VAyv - Somewhere Above (ASMR Mix) 8) Hardt Antoine - Many People 9) Katsis Torrau & Amber Long - Menace 10) alfonso Ares - Aniceto Fifteen 11) Steve Kelley - Iris 12) Kolsch - Der Alte 13) TERR - Only for Tonight (Denis Horvat Dub) 14) dub.format - Data Traveller 15) Aman Anand & Echo Daft - Novena 2019 16) Carlos Salazar & Chris Estrella - To the Brain 17) Rufus Du Sol - I Don't Want to Leave (Innellea Remix) 18) Oostil & Juan Hansen - Drown (Massano Remix) 19) Cristoph - You 20) Massano - The Feeling 21) Antrim - La Fin Du Monde (DaBeat & Juan Pablo Torrez Remix) 22) Bicep - Glue (Blake Strange Remix) 23) Kiz Pattinson - Connekt (Robots with no Soul Remix) 24) Skaivox - Bragura
152:14 3/9/24
DJ Allai - Liminal Sounds Part 1
Liminal Sounds is the music you hear during the transitional period of a night out at a NYC club in the late 1990s thru early 2000s.   It's the part of the night that comes after the tourists and first timers leave the venue, and the DJ drops the real sounds of the underground.  These sounds are played to the end of the night into the morning, right before after hours begins. Here is my latest mix. Some Progressive-Tech House to bring in the Lunar New Year.  2024 is the year of the Dragon, also my Chinese zodiac sign.  3 hours for your enjoyment.   As always, track listing is below.   Don't forget to subscribe here, or through the following: Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Audible & iHeart Radio. 1) Sasha & Sentre - Track 10 2) Marc Romboy - Counting Comets (Ruede Hagelstein Remix) 3) Togni - Labareda 4) Victor Calderone & Mykol - Lawless 5) Audio Junkies - Playmobil (James Harcourt Remix) 6) Bicep - Just 7) Doctor Dru - Corner Ball 8) Lopez House - Motorstellar 9) Karpovich - LSD 10) Pedro Luu - Back in Space 11) Ruben Karapetyan - Amberd 12) Tokyo Fan Club - Circles (Marc Romboy Remix) 13) Ece Ekren - I Feel You (Pete Sabo Remix) 14) Ucledon - Far Away (Marcelo Vasami Remix) 15) Goraieb - Endless Symphony (Noiyse Project Remix) 16) Innellea - Vigilans 17) Laherte - My Mind 18) Mila Journee - Who Am I 19) Nanofeel - Vision (Christian Monique Remix) 20) Popof - Toxic Love 21) Antrim - La Fin Du Monde 22) B Beat Girls - For the Same Man (Nic Fanciulli Remix) 23) John Digweed - Captain Mustache 24) Pig & Dan - Clouds 25) Aaron Suiss - Higher Frequencies 26) AIO - Polymerase (Gabriel Moraes Remix) 27) Karpovich & Jon K - Deeper 28) Pleasurekraft - There is no Safe Word 29) Rafael Cerato - She is Really Fresh (Horisone Remix) 30) Fideles & Re-Type - Are We Dreaming 31) Frank Dueffel - Valleta  
186:33 2/8/24
DJ Allai's Hippocampus
Happy New Year Matter & Motion FANS!!  Here is my latest mix of some banging Progressive-Tech House to get us started in 2024.   Almost 3 hours for your enjoyment.   As always, track listing is below.   Don't forget to subscribe here, or through the following: Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Audible & iHeart Radio. 1) Neil Amarey - Down on Earth 2) Lavie Au Soleil & Oreiente - Freres 3) Mattim - WOMP 4) Digital Mess - Peppermint 5) Bemante & Bruder - Headcaver (Mayro Remix) 6) Dario Nunez - Push the Tempo 7) J.Fiz - Human Interactive Proof 8) Tal Fussman - Do 9) Edjo Laoch - I Belive It 10) AEMYGDALA - Make Me Dance 11) Digby & Oliver - Human (Mike Rish Remix) 12) ANII - Portal (Too Good to Die) 13) Kolsch - Environ 14) Nathan Fake - Outhouse (Valentino Kanzyani Remix) 15) Spieltape & Dave Pad - Space Chants (M.O.S. Remix) 16) Eagles & Butterflies - The Trip (JC & DJ Remix) 17) Foglight & Anthon - It Takes Two 18) Kazko - Unity 19) Yonsh - Moving Towards 20) Jamie Stevens - With You (Sasha Carassi Remix) 21) Shlomi Aber ft. Lemon - Moods (Valentino Kanzyani Remix) 22) Patrice Baumel - Roar (Adana Twins Remix) 23) Adam Sellouk & ORISS - City Tours 24) Reset Robot - Crystal 25) Mike Rish - Quiet Pines 26) Hobin Rude - 33rd (Ric Niels & Dowden Remix) 27) Soel - Running on the Moon 28) Remcord - Botanical Beat    
171:27 1/2/24
Omar Rashidzada - "Deux Chouettes Sages 5" (Part Two 5)
To close out 2023, we are hosting our friend's latest mix of some banging Deep, Afro, Tech-House tunes.  64 Tracks in over 3 hours for you to bring in the New Year!! Cheers and enjoy, and as always, below is the full tracklisting.  See you all in 2024. Peace, DJ Allai 1      Cato Anaya, Augusto Yepes, Sparrow & Barbossa - Bacano (Original Mix) 2       Lovebirds, Declan McDermott - Mar-A-Lago Sunset Theme 3       Ken@Work - Dance (C'mon) (Club Mix) 4       Angelo Ferreri  - That Riff (Original Mix) 5       AVÖ, Syon, QT-HIGH - Only You (Extended Mix) 6       Timmy Regisford - MISSING YOUR LOVE (VOCAL) 7       Timmy Regisford - BEASTMODE 8       Simone Glad, Dr Feel - Valhalla (Original Mix) 9       Timmy Regisford - STANDING IN LINE 10      Darksidevinyl   - Talking About Jazz (Original Mix) 11      Fiona Kraft - Deeper Feelings 12      Jamek Ortega, JUNO (DE) - Ojos Verdes 13      Nitefreak, Miishu, Stevo Atambire - VOM 14      Norty Cotto, Oscar P - No Pressure (Norty Cotto & Oscar P Smash Mix) 15      Simone Vitullo, Simone Burrini - Wotofa (Original Mix) 16      Jose Baez - Yoruba Feels (Drum Mix) 17      Safar (FR), LeCloarec - Scandalosa 18      David Morales, Scott Paynter, Romina Johnson, Manoo - GIVE ME MORE (Manoo Remix) 19      Luis Radio, Pietro Nicosia - El Barrio (Original Mix) 20      Ezel, Cee ElAssaad - Origins (Cee ElAssaad & Floyd Vader Mixes) (Cee ElAssaad Voodoo Mix) 21      Roger Sanchez, PAAX (Tulum) - Another Chance (PAAX Tulum Full Moon Extended Remix) 22      Shino Blackk, Larry La Birt - Is This SKA (Blackk Piece) 23      Natema - The Message (Original Mix) 24      Oscar P, Shay DT - All I Do Is Think (Shay dT Remix) 25      Mattei & Omich, Re-Tide - Ain’t Nothin' Goin' On But The Rent (Mattei & Omich Afro Mix) 26      Louie Vega, Joe Claussell - Igobolo (Expansions NYC Dub) 27      Mark Lewis, Luis Radio - Unnatural (Luis Radio Remix) 28      Mikki Afflick - Metamorphosis (Original Mix) 29      Mauri Fly, Silvano Del Gado - Red Tribal 2023 (Silvano Del Gado Remix) 30      Mikki Afflick - Da Stankness (An AfflickteD Soul Mix) 31      Joeski - Oshosi 32      Vanjee - Saona 33      Two Lee - Moreno (Original Mix) 34      Adam Port, Theus Mago, Keinemusik, Martina Camargo - The Dream (Extended Mix) 35      Bob Sinclar - Capoeira Mata Um (Zum Zum Zum) (Extended Mix) 36      DiMO (BG), Dan Tanev - Bosque Verde (Original Mix) 37      Non Grata (GR), Amani Lapè       - Vente Conmigo 38      Sevent7 Producer - La Murga (Original Mix) 39      Massianello, Aaron Sevilla, Genezzis - Maria & Julieta (Original Mix) 40      Stereo Dirty, Alessander Gelassi - Dirty Salsa (Alessander Gelassi Extended Remix) 41      Norty Cotto, Saliva Commandos   - La Critica (Overtime Remix) 42      Gabriel Dominguez        - Sueño Africano (Original Mix) 43      Zuni    - Se Acabo 44      Harry Romero    - Liquid Samba (Extended Mix) 45      Mikael Martinez - Afro Fuego (Original Mix) 46      The Trackheadz, Jason Hodges - The Circus Of Love (Hodges JSM Remix) 47      Thierry Tomas   - Jacky Jack (Original Mix) 48      Mirko & Meex    - The Real Thing (Original Mix) 49      Erik Bo - Testify (Original Mix) 50      Angelo Ferreri - On My Mind (Extended Mix) 51      Paco Caniza - The Way You Treat Me (Original Mix) 52      The Rituals - The Telegram (Extended Mix) 53      Chemars - No Time (Original Mix) 54      Farrokh, Jonk & Spook - Can You Hear Me (Extended Mix) 55      David Britton- City Dancin (Original Mix) 56      Herve. - I Think The World Of You (Extended Mix) 57      Moon Boots, Nic Hanson, Demuir   - Take Me To Your Body (Demuir's Playboi Edit) 58      Téodoro, Angelo Ferreri - La Guitarra ('Traxsource Exclusive' Mix) 59      Kokiri, Husky - You [Got It All] (Extended Mix) 60      Mattei & Omich, Re-Tide - Naasty (Mattei & Omich Re-Grooved) 61      Gabry Ponte, HOSANNA - One By One (Extended) 62      Catz 'n Dogz, Lolita Leopard    - Diva (Extended Mix) 63      James Haskell - Check It Out (Extended Mix) 64      Josh Powell - Sandara (Original Mix)
195:54 12/29/23
Wiggle: Fall 2023
This mix is a journey through various styles of electronic music, from ambient and downtempo to house and techno. The mix starts with a soothing track by Nimino, called “Light Up”, which sets the mood for the rest of the mix. The mix then gradually builds up the energy, with tracks by Lane 8, Sultan + Shepard, Jamie Stevens, and more. The mix showcases some of the best producers in the scene, such as Kevin de Vries, Sasha, Rodriguez Jr, and Ross From Friends. The mix also features some classic tunes, such as “Pacific State” by 808 State and “You Are Here” by Nathan Fake. The mix then switches to a more breakbeat-oriented style, with tracks by Left/Right, Nathan Micay, and Eat Static. The mix ends with a bang, with a powerful track by Skrillex and Fred again…, called “Rumble”. This mix is perfect for fans of electronic music, who want to explore different genres and sounds, and feelings. My ai description minion says "Sup?" ;) M'out - Wiggle Full visualizer also @ Wiggle: Fall 2023 Visualizer Nimino - Light Up Lane 8 feat. Channy Leaneagh - I'll Wait (CRi) Sultan + Shepard - Elenore (Sonnee) Jamie Stevens - With You (Distant Breaks) ALMA - Lost In The Stars (Avidus) Joseph Ashworth - Cork Kevin de Vries - Dance With Me Konrad Ritter / NEPH - You Are Doing Well (Robag‘s Tassilaq Morbus Rehand) Luke Chable - Sealers Cove (Jamie Stevens) Envotion - We Come from the Stars (Jody Wisternoff) Lane 8 - Nuclear Lethargy (Khaen) Sasha & Alex Banks - Australia Rodriguez Jr - Kilian Tor - Riverline (Nuage ) Xpansions - Move Your Body (Framewerk) 808 State - Pacific State (Framewerk) Michael Mayer - Higher Set Mo - Let Yourself Go Tagavaka - Bijou Akos Gyorfy - Winter Tale (Framewerk Acid Dub) Cubicolor - Summer & Smoke (Trikk Selva Furia) Huminal - Moon Man Left/Right - Waiting feat. Denitia (VIP Breaks) Nimino - Save a Soul Sultan + Shepard - Losing Ground Nathan Micay - Industry (Green Light/Fun Night Breaks) Eat Static - Gulf Breeze Ross From Friends - The One SWIM - Say Less (Pretty Girl) Nathan Fake - You Are Here (Four Tet) Nathan Micay - Fangs (Avalon Emerson) Icarus - Need Somebody (Icarus) Romy & Fred again.. - Strong (Pretty Girl) SWIM - U Were Mine Skrillex Fred again - Rumble (San Holo) Le Youth - Chills (Leena Punks)  
171:05 11/1/23
DJ Allai - Gifts from the 3rd Kind Volume 2
1) Alex Woessner - Great Big Love 2) Gazel - Hopesounds (Ruede Hagelstein Remix) 3) NaeTek - Conception 4) Ismail M - Altair 5) Brian DeSantis - Can You Live in that Moment 6) Eddy Tango - Breathing (Zohar Remix) 7) Efebros - Epic Dream 8) Torry G - Slap Me 9) Alex Woessner - Floating World 10) Artem Prime - Cold Sky 11) Ismail M - Progressive Winter 12) Monostone - Ketaman 13) NaeTek - Falsehood 14) Neuralis - Neocortex 15) Onen - Manipulation 16) Yordec - Baazar 17) Alfonso Muchado - She's Real 18) Cordes Martin - Killer of Time 19) Hypnotised - Flame 20) Nicolas Gudino - Caesura 21) Onen - Equilibrium 22) Redspace - Adventure 23) Alfonso Muchado - Saw Subject 24) Redspace - Forms of Thought 25) Ismail M - Divine Gift 26) Midnight Shadow - Reflections (Atom Remix) 27) Sinan Arsan - Placid 28) Artem Prime - Second Breath 29) RHZ - Open (Deep Black Remix) 30) Sebas Ramos - Onuga 31) Bedrock - Heaven Scent (Eagles & Butterflies Remix)
184:43 10/5/23
DJ Allai: Kobayashi Night Sweats
This mix name has been sitting in my friend DJ Bennett's head for 20 years, which was provided to him by his friend Corey.  Finally, it is being used for my latest mix.   When I heard this title, it reminded me of being at any great club around 1998-2000 at 3pm, when the tourists crowd leaves, and the after hours crowd arrives.   Everyone there is at the place for the music, and you get to hear some real underground tunes.   The DJ is now in his second wind and everyone is sweating dancing their asses off. Artbat & Dino Lenny - Our Space Pablo Gargano - In My Head Accent - Feel Dis Nick Muir - All One Word System 7 - Space Bird (Dubfire Remix) Kebin Van Reeken - Hyphae Rafael - Perc Control Niv Ast - Remove Yourself from School Danny Tenaglia & Sasha Carissi - Automatik Aether - Disco Biscuit Lio Q - Tetsu Miss Monique - All I Got BBE - 7 Days & 1 Week (Yotto Remix) Axoff - CeCe Loves Apples Rich Curtis - Hard Won Yazoo - Situation (Deep House Remix) EMPHI - Silhouttes (Tonaco Remix) Amtrac - Contrast (Durante Remix) 4 Candles & Criss Deeper - The Vagabound Digital Mess - Georotor (Ivanshee Remix) Abuk feat Maurice Kaar - Lioum Rony Seikaly - Toxic Laherte - My Mind Juan Sapia - Holy Grail Dave Seaman - Pretty Doohickey Hardfloor - Aceperience 1
159:37 8/11/23
Omar Rashidzada: Deux Chouettes Sages 4
For this episode, we are hosting our friend, Omar Rashidzad.  Check out 3+ hours of some nice Deep Afro Tech House.   Below is the track listing as always. 1       Chewy Rubs - Discopia 2       EyeRonik - No Human's Land (Original Mix) 3       Samantha Loveridge, Treetalk - Losing My Religion (Extended Mix) 4       Moon Rocket - Me You Luv (Extended Mix) 5       Hideo Kobayashi, Fuminori Kagajo, Jaidene Veda, Cityboy From Seoul, Moon Rocket - Find Myself (Moon Rocket Remix) 6       Sound Support - Bump Into You 7       Chemars - Rebel Disco 8       Ken@Work - Rock Your Body Rock (Original Mix) 9       Risk Assessment - JUMP (Original Mix) 10      Eddie Amador, Dany Cohiba - I Feel You (Radio Edit) 11      Joezi, Enzo Siffredi - Star Nights (Original Mix) 12      Angelos - Neon Nights 13      Gaoulé Mizik, Dam Swindle - A ka Titine (Dam Swindle Remix) 14      Moojo, Demayä - Lotus (Original Mix) 15      Liva K - You Can Dance Now 16      Sammi Ferrer, Chaleee, Toshi, Manoo - Pushing Hard (Manoo Remix) 17      Ankhoï - Hallelujah 18      Valexx, Tabia, Da Africa Deep - Nguewe (Da Africa Deep Remix) 19      Rancido, AfroTura, Bun Xapa, Idd Aziz - Kibe 20      Bun Xapa - Space Invasion (Original Mix) 21      Bun Xapa - Kameni Kameni (Original Mix) 22      Nico De Andrea, Vanetty - Ethnica (Extended Mix) 23      George Lesley, Andiswa, Cee ElAssaad - Izulu (Voodoo Remix) 24      Sebastien Dutch, Kreative Nativez - Akwasu 25      Odasoul, Claudio Sabrosura - Africanism 26      Odasoul - Iyele 27      Eltonnick, Vanco, Timmy Regisford - Ibutho (Vanco Remix - Timmy Regisford Edit) 28      Fiona Kraft, Manoo - Deeper Feelings (Manoo The Remix / Piano Interpretation By Bacanito) 29      Roberto Palmero - Fatiha 30      TSOS, Benjy - Koodoo 31      La Santa - Bombo 32      Stefano Ranieri - It Could Happen (Original Mix) 33      Mauri Fly, Silvano Del Gado - Red Tribal (Silvano Del Gado Remix) 34      Eloy Gonzalez, Eduardo Vargas - Soul (Original Mix) 35      J-Theme, DiMO (BG), Dj Doncho - Guitdrum (DiMO BG & Dj Doncho Extended Remix) 36      Kenny Brian - Te Voy A Dar 37      Jose Vilches, Igone - Me libere (Original Mix) 38      Saliva Commandos - Corner Racket 39      Kry (IT) - Bombassa (Extended Mix) 40      Hannah Wants, Clementine Douglas, Themba (SA) - Cure My Desire (Themba Extended Remix) 41      Ron Carroll, Aires Adora - What I Want (Main Mix) 42      Mike Wilson, Shawn Christopher, Ralphi Rosario - Another Sleepless Night (Ralphi Rosario's 30th Anniversary Mix) 43      Luca Guerrieri  - Only You 44      Mark Knight, Nitro Deluxe - Brutal (Extended Mix) 45      Ron Carroll - Ride The Rhythm (Main Mix) 46      Blanco K - Piano Solo 47      Micky More & Andy Tee, Cevin Fisher, Simon Field - All About The Culture (Simon Field Extended Mix) 48      Ron Carroll - Let’s Do It (House Culture Dub) 49      Radio Slave - Wild Life (Disco Mix) 50      Loulou Players - I Told You So 51      Raven Maize, Dave Lee ZR, David Penn - The Real Life (David Penn Extended Remix) 52      Antoine Clamaran - About Your Love (Original) 53      HP Vince - In The House (Original Mix) 54      Riccardo Fiori - Da Night (Original Mix) 55      Angelo Ferreri, Carlo Caldareri - Jack 'Em Up (Original Mix) 56      Soulsearcher, DJ Fudge - Feelin’ Love (DJ Fudge Extended Remix) 57      Atlantic Ocean, Dr Packer - Waterfall 2023 (Dr Packer Extended Remix) 58      David Penn - Get Loose (Extended Vocal Mix) 59      D-Trax, Mascota - Jungle Fever feat. MC P (Original Mix) 60      Riva Starr - I Can See The Light 61      Defex, Blondewearingblack, Maxinne - We Are The Beat (Maxinne Remix) 62      Crazibiza, Ron Carroll - Tonight (Cheesecake Boys Mix) 63      Alexandre Billard, Nasree, Silvano Del Gado, The Cube Guys - Afrikka (The Cube Guys Latino Gang Mix) 64      Fabio Neural, Pasquale Caracciolo - Just Dance
212:16 7/31/23
Gifts From the 3rd Kind - Mixed & Compiled by DJ Allai
Almost 3 hours of some serious Techy Progressive House in this episode.  This was inspired by John Digweed's set at Musica in NYC on May 20, 2023.  Great night with a great crowd and awesome music.  As usual, here's my tracklist.  Streaming on Amazon Music, Apple Podcast and iHeartRadio....Search for Matter and Motion Music.  Follow us on Facebook & Instagram to see what we are doing. 1) Brina Knaus - Births (Emanuel Satie Remix) 2) CamelPhat & Josh Gigante - Your Mind 3) Coloray - Blinded (Binaryh Remix) 4) Guy Gerber feat Albertina - Bocat (Michael Bibi Remix) 5) Matan Caspi - The Sultan 6) Afrilounge & Del Thal - Superfreak 7) Adriatique & Eynka - Beyond Us (Hatsheput Mix) 8) AMEME - Power 9) Dee Montero - Maya (Rodriguez Jr. Remix) 10) DJ Zombi - Everything Nice This Morning 11) DNA - Slip & Slide 12) Echo Draft - Embers (Callecat Remix) 13) Emanuel Satie  feat Hannah Noelle - Disconnect 14) Francisco Jose Ricardo - Tongue & Groove (Simos Tagias Remix) 15) Innellea - Loss of Hope 16) Mita Gami - Allenby 17) Nick Muir - Lux Aeterna 18) Sascha Dive - Digital Voodoo 19) Weird Sounding Dude - Fallen Poet 20) Ida Engberg - Tribute to Orange Clouds 21) Ghost Culture - Multiply 22) Yubik - Human Aura (Massano Remix) 23) Oliver Narbona - Space (DT Edit) 24) Weird Sounding Dude - Blue Water Lily 25) Dee Montero - Freedom 26) Nick Muir - Savin You (Mascelo Vasami Remix) 27) Woo York - Melt
169:28 5/25/23
LASER T!TS Volume 2 - Mixed and Compiled by DJ ALLAI
Here is volume 2 of the Laser T!TS series mixed and compiled by yours truly, DJ Allai.  Another 2 plus hours for you deep techy prog lovers.  Tracklist is below so you can support the artists. 1) Dazion - The Temple 2) Arteche - Indigo 3) James Solace - Ghost Town 4) Nathan Fake - The Sky was Pink (James Holden Remix) 5) Milio - 2094 6) Square X Entel - Caladan 7) Aubrey Fry - The Loop (Charlie May Remix) 8) C.A.R. - Four Down 9) Cristoph - Saints & Sinners 10) Dubfire - Celestial 11) Ron Flatter - Barry 12) Yeah but No - Run Run Run (Adam Port Remix) 13) Applescal - Saints 14) James Solace - Setting Sun (East End Dubs Remix) 15) Mount Kimbie & Kai Campos - City Limits (Robert Hood Remix) 16) Frank DeWulf - The Tape "B" Sides (Claudia Cazacu Remix) 17) Hardt Antoine - All We See 18) Gui Borato - 618 (Kolsch Remix) 19) Sasha & Sentre - Track 10
125:54 4/8/23
Laser Tits - Mixed & Compiled by DJ Allai
2 hours of some Progessive-Tech House mixed & compiled by yours truly.  For your listening pleasure or when your dj doesn't show up to your party.  Imagine yourself at Twilo around 3AM, and the room is dark and filled with smoke from the fog machines, then "Laser Tits" light up the dance floor and shoot you in the face after an insane build up.  That's whats up here. Track Listing since you can't trainspot and I saved you time Shazaming: 1) Celso Fabbri - Rhythm Section 2) Mr.Tea - Holding Pattern (Martin Landsky Remix) 3) Local Suicide - Agapi (Echonomist Remix) 4) Tiefschwarz - Hydrated 5) Sasha & Locked Groove - Exploding Suns 6) David Dorad - Murmelot (Roman Flugel Remix) 7) Alphadog - Tarantela 8) Frankey & Sandino - Optical 9) Rinzen & Soel - Meliora 10) Sasha & Orion - Dry & High 11) John Digweed & Nick Muir - Track for Life 12) Cristoph - Tha Music 13) DJ Merlon - 2 Zulu Men in Ibiza 14) Sobek & Mulya - Mirrored Screen (Rinzen Edit) 15) Alma(GER) - Lost in the Stars (Avidus Remix) 16) Eagles & Butterflies - The Trip 17) Chab - Sunrise (Maxi Zamac Edit) 18) DJ Hell - Je Regrette Everything (Super Pitcher Remix) 19) The MFA - The Difference it Makes (Super Pitcher Remix) 20) WhoMadeWho - Never Alone (Patrice Baumel Remix)  
134:31 3/4/23
DJ Allai: Disco Mania
A little something different than what I normally play.  Get your 70s Disco outfits on.  Here's some Afro-House, Nu Disco & Tech-House vibes for you. Trackage: 1) Fatboy Slim - Praise You (Purple Disco Machine Remix) 2) Angelo Ferrieri - Drunk to Get Funk 3) Andrew Azara - Chase the Rabbit 4) Prok & Fitch - Ruler of My Mind 5) Roberto Telli - King of Bass 6) Hot Since 82 - Poison 7) Lexa Hill - See Ya 8) Cortex Power - Discotronic 9) Purple Disco Machine - The Future 10) Mercellus - I do 11) Disco Incorporated - The Piano Track 12) Antony Toga - Disco Mania 13) CID & Westend - Let Me Take You 14) DJ Unknown - A Lil Kiss  
78:34 3/3/23
DJ Allai - Redemption (December 2022)
Let's finish off 2022 with some Progressive House and Tech.   Haven't posted a new set in a while, and all you deserve something fresh for the Holidays from me. Here is the tracklist: 1) Tal Fussman - Burning Bridges 2) Dmitry Molosh - Scaur 3) Fat Sushi - Life, Death & Robots 4) Sasha & Orion - Dry & High 5) The Supermen Lovers - Rebirth (Antony Toga Remix) 6) Sasha & Sentre - Track 10 7) Gai Barrone & Felipe Novaes - Day Break 8) David Morales - Change (Redzone Remix) 9) Hans Zimmer - Interstellar (Gabriel Ananda Mix) 10) Eagles & Butterflies - The Trip 11) Gui Boratto - Take My Breath Away
75:20 12/23/22
Wiggle: Late Summer Breaks & Progressive Pt.3
The last part of my Summer Outro ;) I started collecting the tracks for this crate back in May. 191 tracks melted into 90 for the overall set. I smushed around a quite a few MatMo edits in this last part. The end tails up a bit in BPM. Breaks, Prog, and a touch of tech. M'Out - Wiggle Zodiac Childs-Channels Diplo&TSHA-Let You Go Lawrence Hart&OTUS-Crush HAAi-The Sun Made For A Soft Landing John Debo&DJ Icey-Patch by Patch Brothers Of Funk-Your Love It Feels So Good Mizzo-Bringin'88 Back Damian Lazarus-Mountain Henry Greenleaf-Formula Sekret Chadow-Gimme A Funky Again Bubble Couple-Get Up Now Stanton Warriors-Fade Ross From Friends-Love Divide Fred Again-Angie(I've Been Lost) Romy&HAAi-Lifetime(HAAi) Man Power-Vista Polymod-Cycles Tourist-Speak In Symphony Audioglider-Flawlessly Imperfect Nosk-Yourself Sean MCClellan-Off Track(Ranj Kaler) Almec-Homage Levi Mann-Perserverance(Nickon Faith) Sasha&Polymod-Full Circle Dusky-Plastique Robots With No Soul-Morning Glory(Eats Everything) Third Son-Faint Harmonics Fred Again-Jungle Pepe-Sunup Swale Kassian-No Clear Shape SHM&Fred Again-Turn On The Lights Again KH-Looking At Your Pager Dejector-Shuddering Locked Groove-Variation 3 Jamie XX-Idontknow Fred Again-Dermot(See Yourself In My Eyes)
140:25 9/27/22
Wiggle: Late Summer Breaks & Progressive Pt.2
I had a LOT of pent up trackage ;) A bit more tempo...a bit more 'Avin It. Still 2 more to come from this set. M'Out - Wiggle Jon Gurd - After It All LEGATO- More Than You Thought(Braxton) Richie Blacker - Rave As If You'll Live Forever Fred Again - Faisal(Envelops Me) Just Her&Nolan - Breathe You Rival Consoles - Not Really F-Word - End of Love Barry Can't Swim - Skylab District Andhim - Good Times Prospa - Want Need Love Cortese - Circles Sublime Sound - That Love Affair Orbital - Are We Here(Dusky) Zodiac Childs - Circuits dark sky - Angels(Live Version) DJ T - Blaze Fonzerelli - Mindfullness GVN - Save Me QRTR - Blame Me(BAILE) Because of Art - Essence Zodiac Childs - Goblin BowserVSGuau - Acid Bits Kiddah - Tonight Burt Fox - It's A Fine Day Overmono - So U Kno Alan Fitzpatrick - Someone Else Zodiac Childs - Channels
117:20 8/25/22
Wiggle: Late Summer Breaks & Progressive
Some summer flow for ya's. "EPIC" Breaks & Prog....with a dusting of quirk break. Hang in there. M'Out - Wiggle Christian Loffler-Bergen(Roman Flugel) Le Youth-Hang on Kasbo-Vittra(Throwing Snow) Jerro-Too Weak(Polar Inc) BAILE-Gone Christian Loffler-Solo Bernache-From Me(CRi) Durante-Thread Tension Deorbiting-Serenity(Tal Fussmann) Chvrches-Good Girls(Prospa) Jim Funk-Islands In Sky TIMANTI-La Donna Sasha-Smokemonk(Yotto) Damien Spencer-Beyond the Horizon Le Youth-Feel Around You(OCULA) The Micronaut-Koelsa Levi Mann-Void Lastlings-Out of Touch(CRi) Kieran J-There Goes the Sun(Richie Blacker) Jon Gurd-Emergence Tinlicker-Rebirth Icarus-Moment In Time(CRi) Jon Gurd-For Us Enui-Us Tal Fussmann-Truth Hugo Massien-Ghost Note Sultan+Shepard-Something,Everything
112:14 8/18/22
Omar Rashidzada - Mid-Life Madness 2.0
This edition of Matter & Motion's podcast hosts our friend, Omar Rashidzada.  This 3 hour mix of some jackin-afro house and nu-disco features tracks from Mastro Mauro, Luminodisco, Supersonic Lovers, Musta, Claptone, Zola Blood, Super Flu and more.
193:52 6/6/22
DJ Allai - Foundation
Happy New Year Folks!!  I owe everyone a new mix.   I present “Foundation” which sets the course for this year. This mix reminds me of being at Twilo when Sasha & Digweed would play at their residency. Enjoy!!   And as usual below is the tracklisting.   Rabbit in the Moon – Phase 1 First Contact Marco Bailey – Jungle Laps (Bedrock Remix) Antony Toga – Kalliste Sasha – GameOvr Avidus – Dawn Unknown – The Last Siren Strafe – Set it Off (Justin Martin Remix) Dusty Kid – Lyncheque (Robert Babicz Remix) Antony Toga – Cramp the Amp The Supermen Lovers – Rebirth Cassius – The Sound of Violence (Antony Toga Remix) Sasha – Birling Gap (aka Track 10)
72:35 1/14/22
Wiggle Dec 2021
I end 2021 with a straight up party mix. There is ham, scoobie snax, cheesy poofs, 2 kitchen sinks, and a blender in there. Anyone that remembers Back Row Beau @ Rowan will wreckanyze! Quick and drop mixed on 3 decks - 124 to 103 and then back up to 150. M'Out - Wiggle Huda Hudia - We Are Energy(Saint Rider) Daze Prism - Terrain Response Marco Strous - Flex Mason - Fashion Killa(Papapapa) DJ Funk - Booty Percolatin' 50 Cent vs Kyle Watson - Fire 50 Cent vs Chris Lake - I Like The Way She Do It Cardi B - Bodak Yellow(Isenberg) Joe Brunning - Hump Shakin' J Balvin & Skrillex - In Da Ghetto Cloonee - Wiggle 740 Boys - Shimmy Shake(Tino) Matroda - Deep Inside 2020 Green Velvet & Chris Lake vs Dre & Eminem - Forgot About Dre RITMO(Keith MacKenzie) Bassbin Twins - Vanilla Woppa BBD vs Jaded - Poison Ondamike - Holla(VIP) Bassbin TWins - Music Makes You Flo-Rida feat Sia - Wild Ones Keith MacKenzie - Hotel Felix New Order - Blue Monday(Lee Coombs) Ondamike - Send Me An Angel Icey - Pick it Up Boys Noize - Rock the Bells DMX vs Louis The Child - We In Here Coolio - Westcoast Party DJ Kool - Let Me Clear My Throat Ondamike - POB(Twerk It) DJ Fixx - Set Me Free Macklemore - White Walls Louis The Child - Self Care Dua Lipa vs A-Trak - Levitating Maroon 5 vs Diplo - Cold Diplo & Sleepy Tom - Be Right There Miane - Who Are You(Chris Lake) Mya vs Chris Lorenzo - Case Of The Ex Riton - Come With Me DJ Who vs Bassbin Twins(A1 & A2) Ondamike - Touch You Fergie - Glamorous(Jim Funk) Lime - Babe, We're Gonna Love Tonight(Jacques Greene) Childish Gambino - This Is America(Stanton Warriors) B-Phreak - Bounce Duck Sauce - NRG(Stanton Warriors) Afrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force - Planet Rock Huda Hudia - Planet Combo Huda Hudia - Jam On Us Mr Reds vs DJ Scribble - Everybody Come On(Stanton Warriors) Bassbin Twins - Baby I Got(MatMo Edit) Bassbin Twins - Got Your Wild Thing Ondamike - Call Me Al The Darrow Chem Syndicate - Return Of The Living Bomb DMoney - This Is What I Came For Rob Analyze - Like That INOJ - Time After Time Olive - Your Not Alone(DJ Infinti) DJ Infinti - Children of the 80's Bowser - Like You Blackbear - Hot Girl Bummer(Jim Funk) Trudos Sound - Hold Tight Mungo's HiFi - Back It The Dayz Missy Elliott - Cool Off(BERGE) Louis The Child - Here Comes A Feeling Bruno Mars - Locked Out of Heaven(BERGE) DRAM - Broccoli(Jersey) Kanye - The Light(Nitti Gritti) Panic! At The Disco - High Hopes(R-You)
117:37 12/31/21
DJ Allai - Art of the Mix
This mix was originally produced for DJ Mix TV.   It's an hour of some progressive house-breaks and tech house.   Check below for the tracklisting.   Matter & Motion's podcast is now available on Apple Music, Amazon Music and iHeart Radio. Full Video of the session: Allai: Art of the Mix Applescal - Saints (Dub) Jon Gurd - Together (Tom Demac Remix) Massane - No Return Monojoke - Havana (Guido Dirisio Remix) Sasha VS Franky Wah - Mark One Rheinzand - Kills & Kisses (Musumeci Remix) Nima Khak - Vermilion Pezzner - I Am You (DJ T Remix) Estroe - Driven (Jamie Jones Pacific Mix) Adam Dived - Head First Gui Boratto - 618 (Kölsch Mix) Blunted Dummies vs Matter & Motion - Super Blunted
55:07 12/9/21
Guest Mix: Omar Rashidzada * Journeys Through House 13
Please welcome guest mixer Omar Rashidzada as he takes us on a journey through many versions of Funky and Disco House! Purple Disco Machine - Street Life Fela Kuti, MoBlack, Armonica - International Thief Thief (Armonica & MoBlack) Boys Noize, Jake Shears, Purple Disco Machine - All I Want (Purple Disco Machine) Purple Disco Machine - Move Or Not Fatboy Slim, Purple Disco Machine - Praise You (Purple Disco Machine) Purple Disco Machine - Play Claptone, Mylo, Purple Disco Machine - Drop The Pressure (Purple Disco Machine Remix) Weiss (UK), Purple Disco Machine - Feel My Needs (Purple Disco Machine) Stacy Kidd, Scott Payne, Melvin Meeks - Groovy Thang Stacy Kidd - Change (Original) Stacy Kidd - Thank You feat. Artesha (Remix) Loleatta Holloway, Todd Terry - Love Sensation (Todd Terry Remix) Stacy Kidd, Ice Mike L. And Matthew Yates - Music For You (Let's Go Dancing) Oscar P, Open Bar Music - Le Fin Du Monde (Ospina - Oscar P Club Mix) J Paul Getto - Need More Music Stacy Kidd - Groove Me Alec Carlsson, Christine Lucas, J Paul Getto - Get Up (Paris Fried Vocal Version) J Paul Getto, DJ Mes - Spitshine Bryan Jones, Hugh Cleal, J Paul Getto - Party Right (J Paul Getto Remix) J Paul Getto - Good Luck (Original) Olav Basoski, Hatiras - Rio Tom Forester, DJ Dan - Feel Good (DJ Dan Remix) DJ Dan , Tamas Pacziga, Balazs Hingyi - House All Night (Crazibiza Remix) DJ Dan, Daniel Wherrett - Work That Sucka Todd Terry, Cls, Prok, Fitch - Can You Feel It (Prok & Fitch Remix) Dennis Ferrer - Dem People Go (DF's Kicked Out Mix) Groove Legion, Norty Cotto - Can’t Stop (Norty Cotto Nu Groove Rework) Network 109, Norty Cotto - Oh Yeah (club mix) Housebreeders, Norty Cotto - We Are House (Tribal Takeova mix) Todd Terry - Eclipse (Tee's Moon Mix) Pete G. & Dj Eric F., Todd Terry - Takin’ A Chantz (Tee's Remix) Sted-e & Hybrid Heights, Todd Terry - New York Boogaloo (Tee's Freeze Mix) Oscar P, DiCristino - Conquistadores Chocolates (Christian Scott Remix) Dennis Ferrer, Dennis Ferrer, Yass, Mia Tuttavilla - Touched The Sky (Yass Dubstrumental) Purple Disco Machine, Claptone - Body Funk (Claptone) Riva Starr, Phebe Edwards - Love Divine (Extended Funk Mix) David Penn, Ramona Renea - Lift Your Hands Up (Extended Mix) Greg Stainer & Oscar P Back Feat. DLayna - Bring Joy (Coll Selini Remix) Copyright, Song Williamson, Dennis Ferrer, Jerome Sydenham - He Is (Ferrer & Sydenham Inc Vox Mix) Dennis Ferrer, DJ Spen, Thommy Davis - Church Lady (Thommy & Spen Beatz) Blaze, UDAUFL, Barbara Tucker, Dennis Ferrer - Most Precious Love (DF's Future 3000 Instrumental) Dennis Ferrer, Kenny Bobien - Grateful (DF's Raze Yo Handz Vox Mix) Ospina & Oscar P Ft. Mascari, Ospina Digital Records - See U Coming (Clemens Rumpf Remix) Silvano Da Silva - God Gave Us Rhythm (Ospinak, Oscar P Anthem Remix) Davidson Ospina, Oscar P, Kike Bronchal - Move On Up - Big Room Mixes (Kike Bronchal Remix) Davidson Ospina, Oscar P, Open Bar Music - Move On Up Ft Jamie Lee Wilson (Kike Bronchal Dub Instrumental) Oscar P, Open Bar Music - You Are My House (Ospina - Oscar P Remix) Dennis Ferrer, Dennis Ferrer - Hey Hey (DF's Attention Dub) Marissa Guzman, Black Coffee - Time To Go (Black Coffee Mix) Gold Fish, Black Coffee - This Is How It Goes (Incl. Nacho Marco & Black Coffee Mixes) (Black Coffee Mix) Jerome Sydenham, Dennis Ferrer, Jerome Sydenham,Dennis Ferrer - Ko Ko Bongo Maffin, Dennis Ferrer - Mari Ye Phepha (Dennis Ferrer Mixes) (DF's Jo'Burg Drums Mix) MAW, Wunmi, Dimitri From Paris - MAW Expensive (A Tribute To Fela) (Dim's Retouch) Raoul K, Timmy Regisford - Ayoka Inst Timmy Regisford - 7 PM (TR TW Mix) David Morales, Timmy Regisford, Toshi - Nini, Pt. 1 (Timmy Regisford Instrumental Mix) Tony Touch, Louie Vega - Sacude 2021 (Vega's Ritmo Tumbao Dub) Tony Touch, Louie Vega - Sacude 2021 (Brooklyn Dub Instrumental) Rabs Vhafuwi, Timmy Regisford - Ithemba Feat. Candyman, MissReady (Main Mix - Timmy Regisford Edit) Vanco, Timmy Regisford - Oomph (Timmy Regisford Edit) DJ Kwame, Timmy Regisford - Spirit Dance (Timmy Regisford Edit) RONA (IL), Timmy Regisford - Vibration (Timmy Regisford Edit) Dennis Ferrer, K Brooks Sr., Sfere, DF - Change The World (Drums) Dennis Ferrer, K. Brooks Sr. - Change The World (Main Mix)
198:36 9/22/21
Wiggle August 2021
Progressive & NuNeuNew-Skool Breaks! M'Out - Wiggle Kidnap-This Unfriendly World Mano Le Tough-Primative People(Tale of Us) Parra for Cuva-Manila Palm Momus-Khoeli(DJ T) Pretty Pink-Let You Go(Jon Gurd) GHEIST-You Parra for Cuva-Her Entrance(Innellea) Kislo-Mandala(Icarus) LeftRight-Sinking Keerd-Book of Shadows Luke Mandala-It's All About(Keerd) Tagavaka-Until the Light Fades Alfoa-In Heaven Alfoa-Secret Room(Deep Shepherd) Jacco@Work-Nobody(East Cafe) Alfoa-Timelapse(Plu-Ton) GVN-I Don't Sonin-Circles Trance Wax-Northern Sky Guau&Nosk-Restless Abdomen Burst-Narada GVN&gardenstate-Take Me There Hi-Fi Bugs-Lydian & The Dinosaur Nelver-Spiritual Value Mark Pledger-Time Stands Still(Abdomen Burst)
121:50 8/11/21
Wiggle May 2021
Scrabbled together some tracks I have been listening to a bunch lately. Mostly new breaks and progressive. To quote an old clubhead from many years ago..."Dance through the darkness and walk in the light" ;) M'Out - Wiggle Modd & Ventt - Space Between Us Ryan Davis - Hold On Sultan+Shepard - Warsaw Bicep&Clara Le San - X Jaques Greene - Nordscheife Eelke Kleijn - You Hessian - Oracle Marsh - Little Darling Lustral - Everytime(Sultan+Shepard) Qrion - Mars Harry Romero - It Hurts(Rodriguez Jr) Cubicolor - Wake Me Up Nicky Elisabeth - Celeste(Roman Flugel) Le Youth - Underwater(Leossa) Virtual Self - Ghost Voices(Lane 8) Bronson&lau.ra - Heart Attack(Set Mo) Kiz Pattison - Beam of Light(Robert Babicz) Sentre - IDK Sasha - Corner Shop Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Dawn(Eats Everything) Bronson - Know Me(TSHA) Sasha&Franky Wah - I'll Never Change(LUZoSCURA) Eat Static - Gulf Breeze(Sasha) San Holo&Duskus - Forever Free
124:16 5/20/21
Wiggle Live @ Carbon 1998
Converted an old stone tablet, I mean Mini-Disk from Carbon. I never played main there, so this has to be from the old Red Room, or VIP.  If it is the time I think it is, I played old school and hiphop earlier in the night. Ahhh Memory loss ;) It is faster breaks and trance'ish with Tenth Chapter, Ease Drop, Eat Static, Ellis Dee, Tony Faline, Vincent De Moor, and get the drift. With that last track, I can only assume I closed...I clearly gave up mashing that Boston Bruins break into it  ;)
73:32 5/12/21
DJ Allai : Away We Go...Time to Exit Planet Earth
We are now on Amazon Music & iHeart Radio!!  Stream by searching "Matter & Motion Music" Put this mix together last year sometime.  Lost the track listing, but DJ Wiggle was able to figure it out.  so here's the trackage: Deadmau5 - Closer Gregor Thresher - Goliath Mulya & Sobek - Mirrored Screen (Rinzen) Satoshi Fumi - Manis Emmanuel Top - Acid Phase Boris Brejcha - Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven Sahsa & Polica - Out of Time Kaosklap - Road To Nowhere Soleeman - Into The Deep Dave Sinner - Human Nature Pig & Dan - Modular Baptism  
65:44 5/4/21
DJ Allai: Breakfest at Home Part 1
The fans asked for a breaks mix and they shall receive.  Part 1 of a 3 part series. Here is the trackage: 1) Southern Fried Kickin - Forever Young 2) Merlyn - Search 3) Sound Alliance - Subregression (Trafik's Hexxed Remix) 4) Grooveslang - Neurotherapy (Stroud Breaks Mix) 5) Bassbin Twins - Here Comes the Sun 6) Makesome Breaksome - Let's Dance 7) Raggapop & Elevate - Interconnected (Atrium Sun Remix) 8) Atnarko Bear - Tunnel Vision 9) Dylan Rhymes - Naked & Ashamed (Allai's Strip Tease Dub) 10) Space Invaders - 3.04.20  
61:34 4/1/21
Wiggle : March 2021
Fresh mix of progressive and breaks with some MatMo sauced edits.  I hope everyone is doing well! M'Out - Wiggle Nuage - Aulos Kidnap - Ursa Minor Henry Saiz - Voice of a Gentle Breeze Yotto - Radiate Dousk - Psychobabble(D-Nox & KALIL) Grum - Afterglow(Anderholm) Initial Eyes - Like Pictures on a Screen Le Youth - Goodbye Che-Young - Freshwater Speaking Minds & Amarcord - Blue Days Chicane - Autumn Tactics(Wisternoff) Jon Gurd - The Dream Chicane - No Ordinary Morning(Matter & Motion 2006 Suburban) Agents Of Time - Mud Battles Sultan + Shepard - Something, Everything Monkey Safari - Free BAILE - 1022 Rille Smileish - Everything(RauchFunk Wiggle Edit) Monkey Safari - Can't Sleep My Nu Leng - DAS Sasha - Siren Chords Akos Gyorfy - Mountain(Aeron Aether) Sound Alliance - Dark Regression(Matter & Motion Touch)
123:17 3/23/21
Wiggle December 2020
I hope everyone is doing well. I threw together a progressive and breaky set to close out the year! M'Out - Wiggle Marsh - Beech Street Khaen - The Quiet Life(Ron Flatter) Leo Roth - Camps Sebastien Leger - Ashes in the Wind God Within - The Phoenix(RiverandRain) Nuage - Reflection 2020 Sentre - U&ME Dapayk&Padberg - Watching Over You Booka Shade - Blush 9 ONR - Must Stop(Icarus) Monkey Safari - Daka Mariel Ito - Lovely Dusky - L.I. Clarian - A Place For Us Monkey Safari - Gravity Anderholm - Monologue BAILE - Siren Deeparture - Fuselage Zonderling - Love To Go(Icarus) Bicep - Apricots Henry Saiz - They Came From The Light(Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile) Franky Wah - You Don't Know
125:05 12/29/20
Wiggle Breaks Sept 2020
I went ham on this one ;) Sounds of Simons, Firestone, The Edge, Ozone, and The Masquerade. Mid to late 90's Northern Florida sound...more trance and lighter on the piano breaks. Low 130's to high 130's. M'Out - Wiggle Bonobo&Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Heartbreak Lastlings - Take My Hand(Totally Enourmous Extinct Dinosaurs) Stanton Warriors - Still Here DJ Who - Can You Taim - Overtime(Aurbs) DJ Icey - Your Love Rob-E & Dave Gluskin - Afflicted Ariana Grande Soy Latte - One Last Time(LeftRight) Barely Royal - Fire in The Dark(Bunnie VIP) DJ Phully – Jedi's Disco(FFS VS. HI8) Yakuza - Busted(DJ Who) Huda Hudia & DJ30A - Think About You Rihanna Banana - Stay(Dave London) Boston Bruins - Raise Ur Hands(DJ Icey) Q Sound - Goodnight M83 - Teen Angst(Matter & Motion Touched It) Jem - Beachwood Canyon(Crystal Method) Atnarko Bear - The Rhythm(Dave London & Huda Hudia) Mike & Charlie - I Get Live Tony Allen - Take Me Higher Friction & Spice - Step Into My Dream Journeyman & Barrcode - Broken Chord(Seth Vogt) Friction & Spice-Go With The Flow VS Owl City-Fireflies Wasted Crew - Overnight Johnny Cage - Blindsided Huda Hudia & Tony Faline - Are You Ready Bahamut - Bumpin The Night(D-Love)
137:48 9/29/20

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