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Raising Kids in a Marriage Part 2
On this episode we continue the discussion of raising children in a marriage. Join hosts, husband and wife team,  Corain & Ronnie, as they discuss the importance of discipline and spending time alone with your spouse especially in a family environment.
21:06 06/30/2022
Raising Kids in a Marriage Part 1
According to God's word, children are a gift and a reward from God. We parents know, however, that raising children comes with its own set of worries, challenges and fearful decisions. Being in a marriage alone is difficult. Throw kids into the mix and you've added an entirely new dynamic which may be easy to get lost in or frustrated at sometimes.  A  lot of parents question themselves and their abilities to properly raise their children, especially in today's environment. Join host Corain Cash and her husband Ronnie Cash as they maneuver through their journey of raising children in their marriage. Visit
16:18 06/22/2022
Declarations of Thanksgiving
It’s important for us to note that just because we are Christians and we are sons of the most High God, this does not exempt us from going through hard times and tribulations in life. No where did the Bible promise us that we will not face things that make us question who we are or that we wouldn’t experience things that bring us sadness or regret or heartache. As a matter of fact, the Bible time and time again warns us that we will be persecuted for Christ’s sake and that many troubles will come. However, though we cannot stop us ever being attacked, we can declare the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living as He protects, guides and leads us beside still waters for His namesake.Vist for more information
07:26 06/15/2022
Declaring: I Am A Child of God
In this episode we are going to be reminding ourselves of the fact that we are children of the most High God and we are going to be declaring our sonship to our Father. Now that we have declared against things like worry and fear and disobedience, we take our rightful positions in the Kingdom of God as children with authority and not only authority but divine protection from our heavenly Father. Read more at
06:37 06/08/2022
Declarations Against Disobedience
When it comes to disobedience, it seems that our struggle can be really summarized by Paul’s admittance in Romans 7 where he says “ I want to do what is right, but I can’t. I want to do what is good, but I don’t. I don’t want to do what is wrong, but I do it anyway.”  Sometimes we find ourselves in that very same position where we know what the right thing to do is but yet it’s not only hard for us to make the right choice, a lot of times or more times than we’d like to admit, we find ourselves making the wrong choice and being in a place of disobedience to God’s word. Does this mean that we are all doomed if we can’t get it together and live completely holy obedient lives all the time? Not by any means. The Bible tells us many truths including these 2 important truths: 1. All of us have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23) and 2. A righteous man falls 7 seven times and gets back up again (Proverbs 24:16). Now note that he is still considered righteous though he fall. However, his righteousness is shown through his attempt to try again, to be better again, to commit to doing what is right with his whole heart. For more information, visit
06:49 06/01/2022
Overcoming Anger
As human beings who live in a not so perfect society, we all have to face & deal with anger. Some of us more than others but at some point in your life, someone or something will get you to the point of being not just upset but down right angry. And I think that it’s important to note that getting angry in itself is not a sin. The Bible says in Ephesians 4:26, “In your anger do not sin, do not let the sun go down while you are still angry. " So we are being admonished, when you get angry, 1. Don’t let it control you to the point where you sin and 2. Don't stay in prolonged anger. So today we want to declare over our lives against the spirit of anger. 
09:09 05/24/2022
Declarations to Overcome Bad Thoughts
Every single one of us have dealt with or is currently dealing with trying to control our minds and the thoughts that come in. Whether that’s the thought of feeling as though you’re not good enough or that the world is against you or maybe you’re thinking you’re not beautiful or you have no purpose, thoughts creep into our minds daily. It is therefore imperative that we speak over ourselves and over our minds continually so we can take captive our thoughts and live the abundant life God wants for us all.Visit
08:07 05/07/2022
Declarations Against Worry & Anxiety!
You don't have to live with worry! Speak God's word over your mind and declare against worry and anxiety.
09:11 04/21/2022
Declarations to Overcome Fear!
Fear is one thing that everyone deals with at some point or another in our lifetime. It comes when we are unsure about something, when we’re taken out of our comfort zones a bit, when a situation presents itself and we don’t know how to handle it or think we’re ill equipped to handle it. But the good news that I want to share with you today is that you do not have to live in a constant state of fear. You have the ability to overcome fear to where it stops it from affecting you in a way that hinders you from living an abundant, healthy, victorious life. When Jesus died on the cross He overcame death, the grave and fear itself. So if you’re dealing with fear I want you to play this over and over again and declare the Word of God over your mind, your body, your heart & your soul. Put on the full armor of God & as you make these declarations today I want you to say them with boldness and confidence and really trust in what you’re saying and even more importantly trust in the God that you serve. Amen & Amen!Visit for more information!
10:38 04/15/2022
In Pursuit of Purpose
At one time or another we've all struggled with the question of What is my purpose here on Earth? In this episode we talk about the pursuit of purpose and how you can start to find your purpose.
12:56 03/11/2022
Command Your Day
Make it a daily habit to speak over your life and your family’s life and to declare things that you want to see done in faith. Everyday we have to walk by faith and not by sight and start believing that we have received the very promises of God, even if we haven't seen them manifested yet fully in our lives. 
07:07 02/24/2022
Finances & Marriage
One of the biggest issues that many couples face has to do with finances. Whether it is the lack thereof or careless spending habits of either spouse, it is so important that financial issues are properly communicated and handled in order to enjoy the abundant life God has called us to live as one.In this episode, husband and wife duo, Corain & Ronnie Cash tackle an important conversation in marriage: Finances. With financial issues being one of the top reasons marriages fail in society today, it is vital that we take the time to communicate with our spouse and work together to plan how we choose to handle our finances.Visit to subscribe to more episodes.
29:44 02/09/2022
Living Intentionally!
A failure to plan is a plan to fail.  It is so important to set goals for your life in all areas and then more importantly, to set a plan in place for you to actually accomplish those goals. God did and does everything with intent. In this episode we discuss how you can become more intentional about achieving your goals and living a purpose driven life.Read More
13:50 02/02/2022
Transform Your Mind!
The mind is such a crucial component to not only our bodies but also to our lives to the point that if we do not get a handle on our minds; if we don’t intentionally make the conscious decision to renew our minds daily, so that it is in alignment with God’s will for our lives, we will find ourselves caught in a destructive cycle that just goes on and on and on. And that is not the life that God has called us to live.Be blessed as you listen to this week's episode focused on transforming our minds!Read MoreThe Praying Wife Podcast
22:07 01/27/2022
He Makes All Things NEW!
It doesn’t matter what you may have gone through in life, you are never too far away from receiving God’s grace & love & favor. It doesn’t matter how dead your marriage may seem, God’s grace is sufficient for you and your husband and He has promised to never leave or forsake us. Lamentations 2:23 says Great is his faithfulness; his mercies begin afresh each morning.God wants to do something NEW in our lives - we just need the faith & trust to believe Him!The Praying Wife Podcast
21:45 01/19/2022
New Year, New Season!
We are entering into a new season and it’s not just a new Season of the podcast, though I am happy to be in Season 2, but we’re entering in a new season in which God is prepping and positioning us to receive and execute on some things He has called us to do. In this episode, we talk about the importance of being intentional with our plans and our Vision in 2022 and beyond.
11:37 01/12/2022
Choosing to Forgive
We all experience, at point or another in our lives, hurt. Hurt from friends, family members, loved ones and even acquaintances. But we must make the intentional choice to forgive. Forgive without fear, without holding on and truly giving the situation over to God so that we can move on and live the abundant lives that God has called us to live. Today, we are joined by Dr. Helga A Clarke, CEO & President of Daughters of Destiny International and overseer at Harvest Fire Worship Center in Miami Gardens as we discuss this timely & so important topic of forgiveness.
22:11 12/01/2021
Learning To Be Thankful
As we approach the Thanksgiving season, it is always important that we maintain thankful hearts and be grateful for the things that we have been blessed with. Be sure that you take the time to say thank you to people around you and thank God not only for the things that He has given you, but be thankful for who God is! In this episode, I am joined by my friend Margaret Smith Williams, host of The Everyday Woman Speaks Podcast as we discuss ways in which we can be thankful.Tis the season to give thanks!VISIT OUR WEBSITE
17:16 11/24/2021
Prayers Over Myself
In today’s episode we’ll be going before the Father on behalf of ourselves. In previous episodes we have petitioned God for our spouse and for our children and so many times as mothers, as wives and as females in general we get so caught up making sure everyone else around us is okay and well taken care of and we often forget about ourselves. We also need God’s direction and hand to be upon us. And so we’re going into a time of prayer and as always I come in agreement with you and your prayers and declare in advance that it is so in Jesus name. Visit our website.
08:19 11/18/2021
I Am That I Am
May you experience the fullness of joy that comes with knowing the I am that I am today. Know that He is never far away and He is calling out to you. Open your heart to receive from Him and make the intentional choice even now in this moment to commit or recommit your life to Him. It only takes a decision. See full details here
04:58 11/11/2021
Friends With The Opposite Sex
In today's episode we address the popular question: Should a married man or woman have friends that are the opposite sex? How does that affect their marriage if at all? We invite you to join in on the conversation by leaving comments on our website or on Facebook and/or send us an email:
16:59 11/03/2021
A Husband's Perspective
We all have perspectives in life, but as wives it is so very important that we always consider the perspective of our husbands. In this episode, I am joined by my husband to have a frank conversation about marriage and what has been some successful techniques we've integrated.
22:14 10/28/2021
Prayers Over My Children
It is so important that we not only intercede for ourselves and our husbands but also for our children! In this episode we’ll be spending time in prayer and in God’s presence petitioning the throne of grace for our children.If you’re able, go into a quiet room and stand in agreement with me and cover your own children whether you are a natural parent, stepparent, soon to be parent or wanting to be a parent, cover your current and/or future children. And even now I stand in agreement with you and your prayers and declare in advance that it is so in Jesus name. Visit
10:16 10/21/2021
Choosing Not to Worry
We live our day to day lives experiencing a myriad of different things and each trial and each difficulty presents another opportunity to showcase our faith and trust in God even though sometimes it’s not easy. For some reason worrying seems to come naturally alongside the cares of life but choosing not to worry is just that - a choice - an intentional conscious decision that we have to make every single day.Read more here
11:44 10/14/2021
The Past is the Past - Leave it There
Have you ever done anything in life you wish you hadn’t or you wish you could take back? If we were standing in a room with 100 people and I asked that question and said to raise your hand if that applied to you, I bet that all 100 hands would be raised, and some people might even throw up both hands and legs if they could. So with that in mind, let’s start this off with an understanding of the fact that you are not alone. Even the Bible says in Romans 3:23 For we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.”Why? Because none of us are perfect. We all strive to live a life that is pleasing and honorable unto God and we do the best that we can. But we have to understand that 1. We all have a past - the life we lived before we came to know Christ and 2. As humans we all have shortcomings and areas we may fall down in. Now that’s not a pass to say well I’m expected to fall so let me just fall, no. We strive to be a better version of ourselves everyday, growing stronger in the knowledge and wisdom of God. But you may find yourself in a position where you just made the wrong choice. And I am saying to you that God does not love you any less and you are not any less of the beautiful woman or man that God has designed & called you to be.  Read more here
12:17 09/30/2021
Finding Rest
As women and as wives especially, we seldom find time to rest. I speak to a lot of women who are finding it hard to sleep or getting little to no sleep because there’s so much going on. If you find yourself tired all the time because of the lack of sleep and rest, not only will it eventually make you miserable and emotionally and mentally drained but you simply could not accomplish all that God has purposed you to do here on Earth. Read more...
11:49 09/16/2021
Prayers Over My Husband
It is important that we intercede on behalf of our husbands, keeping them ever the more in our prayers to the Father. In this episode we go to the throne room of the most high and we pray for our spouses coupled with decrees and declarations over his life. I invite you now to either find a quiet place or to just quiet your spirit as we go before the throne of grace. And even now I stand in agreement with you and your prayers as it comes into alignment with God’s will for your husband’s life in Jesus name. Amen!
09:09 09/02/2021
The Grass Is Greener Where You Water It
Let me be the one to tell you that no one is perfect. No job is perfect, no church is perfect. No marriage is perfect. Not yours, not mine, not the ones you see flooding your Instagram and Facebook feed. Not the happy couple sharing a Tiktok video, none. Remember the grass will always be greener where you water it. Where you put your time and energy; where you add your patience; where you learn to love God’s way; where you choose to apply forgiveness.Read MoreThe Praying Wife Podcast
09:47 08/26/2021
Taming the Tongue
The Praying Wife brings you Episode 2: Taming the TongueYou can’t control everything around you, as a matter of fact, there’s a lot around us we cannot control. But what we can control is our response to what's around us. How we respond to the situation we are in. And when we respond to our situation, the words that we speak are so powerful that it can literally shape the outcome and the outlook of that situation.Visit to view the entire transcript of the episode.
14:06 08/18/2021
Making Room
Have you ever wondered to yourself, how in the world am I going to get all of this stuff done? Work meetings, grocery shopping, school pick-ups, church meetings, house cleaning, vacation planning, the list becomes endless and 24 hours seems like it’s just not enough time. With so many things to do on our schedules we're lucky if we can even find a moment to breathe, much less find time every single day to do something consistently. But in order to truly live an abundant life, the life God has called for us to live, we have to make room.Read More... The Praying Wife Podcast
13:14 08/11/2021