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Danielle Smith is back in the saddle hosting Canada's premier public policy podcast. An initiative of the Fraser Institute, Canada's top think tank, Danielle explores the economy, the environment, health care, government policy, and lots more with in-depth interviews with leading experts from around the world.


What's On the Horizon: how society can maintain health with technology
Best-selling author of 100 Plus: How the Coming Age of Longevity Will Change Everything, from Careers and Relationships to Family and Faith, founder of 100 Plus Capital, Chair of the Alliance for Longevity Initiatives, and senior fellow with the Fraser Institute, Sonia Arrison, joins me this week to discuss maintaining health with technological advancements, and the policy implications that naturally follow. We even get into what the future holds for the convergence of biology and technology.See for privacy information.
57:04 06/17/2022
Justifying the Means?: Brian Peckford on Mandates in Canada
Former Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador, and the last surviving signatory of the Charter, the Hon. Brian Peckford, joins me this week to discuss the history of the province, his now third trip to the Supreme Court of Canada, and the potential fallout from vaccine mandates. We even get into the nuances of the Constitution of Canada and what COVID has meant for charter rights.See for privacy information.
104:57 06/03/2022
The Non-Compete Cause: Supply Management in Canada
Associate professor of economics at the University of Lethbridge and senior fellow at the Fraser Institute, Danny Le Roy, joins me this week to discuss the politics and economics of the dairy industry and agriculture in Canada, specifically how supply management works. We even get into who the real winners and losers are under this model.See for privacy information.
91:04 05/20/2022
Start ups & Hang ups: Crowdsourcing in Canada
De Santis Distinguished Professor of Finance and Entrepreneurship at Florida Atlantic University and senior fellow at the Fraser Institute, Douglas Cumming, joins me this week to discuss all the different means of crowdsourcing and entrepreneurship. We even get into how Canada differs from the States in this department.See for privacy information.
71:18 05/06/2022
Conservation, Preservation, and Motivation: Earth Day and Free-Market Approaches to the Environment
Research fellow at the Property and Environment Research Center (PERC), and senior fellow at the Fraser Institute, Holly Fretwell, joins me this week in honour of Earth Day to discuss free market approaches to conservation. We even get into the surprising but effective ways property rights and the environment work hand-in-hand. See for privacy information.
98:57 04/22/2022
More Markets, Fewer Problems: The Economics of the Soviet Union
Professor of Economics and Philosophy at George Mason University, the director of the F.A. Hayek Program for Advanced Study in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, BB&T Professor for the Study of Capitalism at the Mercatus Center, and senior fellow at the Fraser Institute, Peter J. Boettke, joins me this week to discuss the politics and economics of the Soviet Union, and how they eventually shifted to more open markets. We even get into the more tragic realities of living under socialism.See for privacy information.
104:13 04/01/2022
Don't Retreat, Reload: The Fundamental Problem with Ottawa's 'Buy-Back' Program
Professor emeritus at Simon Fraser University and senior fellow at the Fraser Institute, Gary Mauser,  joins me this week to discuss  gun policy in Canada, specifically Ottawa's 'buy-back' program. We even get into different firearm classifications and what exactly is meant by 'assault-style' weapons.See for privacy information.
99:44 03/18/2022
In Everyone's Best Interest: School choice and learning during Covid-19
Associate director of education policy at the Fraser Institute, Paige MacPherson, joins me this week to discuss school choice in Canada, the growing popularity of learning pods, and the impact COVID has had on educational outcomes. We even get into how many parents are beginning to rethink the public education model.See for privacy information.
67:29 03/04/2022
In Theory, In Practice: rule of law and judicial activism in Canada
Professor of law at Queen's University and senior fellow at the Fraser Institute, Bruce Pardy, joins me this week to talk discuss judicial activism, negative and positive rights, as well as law in theory vs. law in practice. We even get into the role of the Charter during Covid.See for privacy information.
74:17 02/18/2022
Trade Secrets: intellectual property in the pharmaceutical industry
Professor of economics at the department of economics and business at Colorado College and senior fellow at the Fraser Institute, Kristina Acri, joins me this week to discuss pharmaceutical economics and the role intellectual property plays in the pharmaceutical industry. We even get into the pros and cons of pharmaceutical IP, both in the long and short-term.See for privacy information.
74:38 02/04/2022
Alternating Currents: re-examining electricity markets in Canada
Research professor in the School of Engineering, Design and Computing at the University of Colorado-Denver, co-director of the Institute for Regulatory Law & Economics, and senior fellow at the Fraser Institute, Lynne Kiesling, joins me this week to talk about the role electricity markets play in incentivizing business and the multifaceted policy implications that come with them. We even discuss the famed "War of the Currents".See for privacy information.
84:53 01/21/2022
Raising the Bar: the CCB and poverty in Canada
Professor emeritus (economics) at Nipissing University and senior fellow at the Fraser Institute, Christopher Sarlo, joins me this week to talk about the Canada Child Benefit (CCB), as well as poverty and inequality in Canada. We even discuss the value of the poverty line.  See for privacy information.
97:16 01/07/2022
Well-Meaning and Wrong-Headed: the morality of the minimum wage in Canada and the US
Professor of economics and former economics department chair at George Mason University,  and senior fellow with the Fraser Institute, Don Boudreaux, joins me this week to discuss the minimum wage, the morality behind the concept, and both the intended and unintended consequences. We even discuss the differences between minimum wage in Canada and the US.See for privacy information.
95:56 12/17/2021
It's All in the Details: measuring productivity and the 4-day work week
Resident Scholar at the Fraser Institute, Steven Globerman, joins me this week to discuss productivity, the 4-day work week, and the outlook for inflation in Canada. We even discuss how productivity should best be measured to optimize profit and employee preference.See for privacy information.
54:56 12/03/2021
A Hefty Margin of Error: the pitfalls of over-reliance on modelling in public policy
Senior fellow at the Fraser Institute, Kenneth Green, joins me this week to discuss the issue of modelling in public policy, and how people often carry errors through reliance on particular models. We even get into regulation, carbon taxes, and environmental economics.See for privacy information.
88:30 11/19/2021
Only Treating the Part: economic freedom, women's well-being, and the limits of interceding policy
Instructor of economics at Texas Christian University, senior fellow at the Fraser Institute, and author of Fraser's Impact of Economic Freedom And Women’s Well-Being report, Rosemarie Fike, joins me this week to discuss the role economic freedom plays in women's welfare across the globe, and how well-intended policy often boils down to symptomatic treatment rather than holistic solutions. We even discuss the gender wage gap.See for privacy information.
90:54 11/12/2021
A Strong Leg to Stand On: environmental policy and the profit motive
Associate professor of geography at the University of Toronto and senior fellow at the Fraser Institute, Pierre Desrochers, joins me this week to discuss environmentalism, free market policy alternatives, and the local food movement. We even get into fossil fuel divestment campaigns in universities.See for privacy information.
90:54 11/05/2021
Foresight, Front and Centre: entrepreneurship and Indigenous autonomy in Canada
Senior fellow at the Fraser Institute and former policy analyst at the Frontier Centre for Public Policy, Joseph Quesnel,  joins me this week to discuss aboriginal entrepreneurship and the relationship between Indigenous autonomy, reconciliation, and the government of Canada. See for privacy information.
92:39 10/29/2021
Where is the Line?: minimum wage and poverty rates in Canada
Former chief economic analyst for Statistics Canada and senior fellow at the Fraser Institute, Philip Cross, joins me this week to discuss the relationship between minimum wage and poverty rates, and the state of markets in Canada. We even discuss the impact, and costs, of a wealth tax in Canada.See for privacy information.
94:54 10/22/2021
Measuring Impact: climate policy, natural disasters, and the role of the energy market in Canada
Research fellow at the Independent Institute, senior fellow at the Fraser Institute, acclaimed author and economist, Robert Murphy, joins me this week to discuss climate policy, and just how natural disasters are measured in Canada and across the globe. We even discuss energy markets and carbon taxes, and what's the most effective path forward relative to the country's needs.See for privacy information.
95:22 10/15/2021
Expanding the Narrative: policy impacts on Aboriginal well-being in Canada
Professor emeritus of political science and distinguished fellow at the University of Calgary's School of Public Policy, chair of aboriginal futures at the Frontier Centre for Public Policy, and senior fellow at the Fraser Institute, Tom Flanagan, joins me this week to discuss Aboriginal well-being and how many well-intended policies end up impeding the communities they aim to help. We even discuss government expenditures and the petroleum industry in Canada.See for privacy information.
94:04 10/08/2021
Who Makes the Call? The absence of educational choice in Canada
Education expert, senior fellow with the Fraser Institute, and professor emeritus at Western University, Derek J. Allison, shares his views on educational choice, or lack thereof, in Ontario and Canada more broadly. We explore the negative outcomes for students and parents alike, and even compare the school choice models adopted by Canada's neighbours.See for privacy information.
95:02 10/01/2021
Who Gets the Short End: The Nuances of Subsidized Daycare in Canada
Fraser Institute senior fellow and professor of economics at George Mason University, Vincent Geloso, dives into the specifics of Quebec's experience with subsidized daycare to answer an important question: is this a flawed policy model? We also discuss the impact on mothers, children, daycare business models, and who winds up shouldering the burden.See for privacy information.
88:56 09/24/2021
Better Treatment, Better Care: How do we fix Canadian health care and keep it universally accessible?
Health policy expert Nadeem Esmail shares his views on Canada’s long wait lists for medical treatment and the Canada Health Act. We also discuss what Canada could learn from other universally accessible health-care systems around the world, and much more.See for privacy information.
86:32 09/17/2021
What's the Best Foot Forward: the economics of climate change in Canada
Is a carbon tax the best way to combat emissions in Canada? Ross McKitrick, Professor of Economics at the University of Guelph, joins me to discuss environmental policy in Canada and the oft-ignored economic impact. We also discuss various models of the carbon tax and the limitations of the technology involved.See for privacy information.
86:04 09/10/2021
S1E2: How We’re Measuring Up: COVID-19 around the world and what Canada’s response means for the future
What impact has the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent restrictions had on a global scale? Livio Di Matteo, Professor of Economics at Lakehead University, joins me to talk about what’s working and what’s redundant. We also discuss hospital beds, debt accumulation, and what Canada should be aiming for post-COVID.See for privacy information.
54:11 08/12/2021
S1E3: Market Knows Best: the economics of Canada’s environmental policy and land use
Glenn Fox, retired Professor of Agricultural Economics at the University of Guelph, joins me for a discussion on environmental policy in Canada and the surprising yet critical role markets play. We even dive into free market environmentalism and Professor Fox’s storied past with author Elizabeth Brubaker.See for privacy information.
100:28 08/12/2021
S1E1: The Shape We’re In: Canada’s fiscal health and policy pitfalls on the horizon
Niels Veldhuis, President of the Fraser Institute, Canada’s top public policy think tank, joins me for a discussion on public policy and the shape of our economy. We also chat about the country’s premier think tank: its past, present and future.See for privacy information.
85:40 08/12/2021