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Health and wellness with specific direction for your goals. Working with elite athletes to people brand new to fitness, Heather sorts through the challenges of reaching your goals while maintaining your sanity with some sarcasm for decoration. Real strategies backed by years of experience that won't make you want to head directly back to the couch and hide. Dedicated athlete or just looking to offset your hangover, there's something for everybody. Heather is a strength and conditioning coach specializing in Nutrition and Fitness for all. *NOT medical Advice!* Support this podcast:


The Crossfit Open | Producing YOUR Best 24:04 01/30/2022
Holiday Survival Guide 19:48 12/21/2021
Gettin' Stacked VS Gettin Strong AF 21:39 12/02/2021
Q&A: Building Muscle, Fat Loss, Protein, Body Image 30:47 10/05/2021
Toxins & Chronic Illness | Why Putting Unknown Sh*t in Your Body is a Bad Idea | Taylor Sappington | Taylored Well Being 54:56 09/21/2021
To Eat or Not to Eat | Hunger VS Appetite | Extreme Hunger 13:37 09/14/2021
Never Start Monday Again | What The F*ck Sustainable Actually Looks Like 18:16 09/06/2021
Adam Schaeuble | Let's Fight About Keto | Low-Carb Hustle 47:41 08/30/2021
Kate Gordon: CF Games Athlete, Expert Coach, and CrossFitter With A Sign 87:09 08/23/2021
Beginner to Elite: What Level of Coaching Do You Need? + Q and A 28:49 08/16/2021
How To Get Abs: The Complete Guide to Extreme Results 21:27 08/09/2021
Keto, Weight Watchers, Birth Control, Training Through Injuries | Coaching Call W/ Kelsey 38:04 08/01/2021
Vacation, Moving, and Travel : Keep Your Sh*t Together and Reach Your Goals 19:33 07/26/2021
Biggest Nutrition Mistakes: What I Learned the Really Hard Way (so you don't have to) | Dieting Mistakes & How to Fix Them 43:03 07/21/2021
Staying Consistent, Making a Plan, and Actually Reaching Your Goals | Robert Migliaccio, Head Coach of Norwottuck Crossfit 41:50 07/12/2021
Listen Up If You Are Bloated, Moody, Sleepy, or Foggy - We're Talking Gut Health 20:19 07/05/2021
How To: Find Your Calorie Needs, Your Macro Breakdown, and Tips to Get It Done Without Losing Your Sh*t 29:14 06/28/2021
Hormones, Fat Loss, and Getting the Most Out of Your Effort 20:23 06/21/2021
Where to Start: Your Basics Guide to Starting Out in Health and Fitness 14:07 06/19/2021
Self Sabotage: How to Stop F*cking Yourself Over 23:12 06/17/2021
Ep. 1: A Little Bit Serious 12:33 06/12/2021