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Experience the legacy of the world’s most iconic airline, Pan American World Airways. Brought to you by the Pan Am Museum in Garden City, New York, the award-winning The Pan Am Podcast brings Pan Am’s 64-year history to life through engaging storytelling and insightful interviews from Pan Am employees, passengers, historians, authors, fashionistas, and aviation enthusiasts! A 2022 Muse Creative Award Silver Winner, 2022 Vega Digital Award Arcturus Winner (Podcast), and 2022 Vega Digital Award Arcturus Winner (Best Host). This award-winning program is sponsored by the generous personal support of Mr. Adam Aron, CEO of AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc. The Pan Am Museum Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization and we would appreciate your consideration of tax-deductible donations.


Episode 25: An Airline Romance, Marriage in the Middle East During a Coup, and Neighbors with a Pan Am Connection 72:08 08/12/2022
Episode 24: Catch Me If You Can…An Interview with Frank Abagnale 59:11 07/27/2022
Episode 23: The Stratocruiser, Tragedy Over the Amazon, and a Concert in the Sky 73:42 07/11/2022
Episode 22: Max Gurney - WWII Hero, Airline Legend, and Renaissance Gentleman 64:25 06/06/2022
Episode 21: White House Press Charters and Flying with Air Force One 103:02 05/03/2022
Episode 20: Flying for TWA, Pan Am, and Living in Afghanistan 80:06 04/19/2022
Episode 19: Concorde 117:41 04/01/2022
Episode 18: Pan Am in the Movies, From Flight Attendant to Hollywood Actor 96:31 03/18/2022
Episode 17: Tenerife Airport Disaster Remembrance 104:18 03/08/2022
Episode 16: Aviation Pioneers, Birth of an Airline, and Dodging the KGB 71:57 02/19/2022
Episode 15: Pan Am International Flight Academy and Stories From the Flight Deck 56:16 02/05/2022
Episode 14: Panamac Computers, the Dawn of the Information Age, and Global Trailblazing Women 47:04 01/14/2022
Episode 13: The TWA Edition! Exploring the TWA Museum and TWA Hotel 88:33 01/01/2022
Episode 12: Lockerbie and Flight 103 Remembrance 96:43 12/20/2021
Episode 11: The Legacy Endures 30 Years After Closing, A Conversation with Ed Trippe 90:40 12/03/2021
Episode 10: The Pan Am Building, A Landmark of New York City 79:15 11/22/2021
Episode 9: JFK's WorldPort, Global Bargain Hunters, and a Jet-setting Mom 61:13 11/15/2021
Episode 8: A Lifetime of Romantic Adventure…From Flying Boats to Jumbo Jets 64:06 11/01/2021
Episode 7: Supersonic Transports, An Angry JFK, and Flying the Line 90:22 10/21/2021
Episode 6: Hijackings and the Dawn of Global Terrorism 86:06 09/24/2021
Episode 5: Missiles, Hotels, and Rebranding an Icon 50:32 09/13/2021
Episode 4: Evacuation of Saigon, Wings of Freedom Mission 79:19 09/02/2021
Episode 3: Flying Boats, Irish Coffee, and a Hollywood Star 48:36 08/26/2021
Episode 2: The First Presidential Flight and the Last Pan Am Flight 34:36 08/19/2021
Episode 1: Welcome to the Pan Am Podcast and the Pan Am Museum 40:55 08/18/2021
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