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The Peanut Podcast, created by the National Peanut Board, delves into issues that are important to peanut growers and the industry. Join NPB staff hosts Lauren Highfill Williams and Lindsay Stevens once a month as they explore hot topics and future trends impacting the industry, including agriculture, sustainability, nutrition, allergies, culture, consumers and more.


Peanuts During the Holidays
Show Notes:  To learn more about Virginia Carolinas Peanut Promotions, click here.  For more info on peanuts during the holidays:  The Ultimate Halloween Guide for Peanut & PB Lovers Peanut Butter Lover’s Guide to the Holidays 5 Gifts for Peanut Butter Lovers 9 Gifts for the Peanut/Peanut Butter Lover in Your Life 3 DIY Holiday Décor Ideas with Peanuts  Budget Friendly, DIY Holiday Décor with Peanuts   For some delicious holiday recipes:  The Cromley’s Peanut Pie Holiday Peanut Butter Cup Pie Peanut Brittle in the Microwave Smoky Peanut Brittle  7 New Holiday Recipes that are Sure to be a Hit Here’s How to Feed a Crowd for the Holidays Thanksgiving Sides and Sweets Tastes of the World to Share this Holiday Season  Sources: 2022 Favorite Halloween Candy  Shifting Holiday Plans: Desire for Food Gifting, Bigger Gatherings and Robust Food Spending Despite Food Inflation 7 Chinese New Year Snacks and Symbolism  Attributions:Credit to for the background music  Dark FogAuld Lang Syne by United States Marine Band is licensed under a Public Domain Mark 1.0 License.
34:42 10/25/2022
Peanuts in Humanitarian Relief
Show Notes: To learn more about the organizations mentioned on today’s podcast: ·       Project Peanut Butter·       Peanut Butter for the Hungry·       Peanut Proud ·       Edesia  To learn more about peanuts humanitarian relief and aid: ·       Stock the Shelves with Peanut Butter at Your Local Food Bank this Summer·       Here's a Unique and Fun Way to Help Your Local Food Bank·       Journey of a Peanut Butter Jar: Fighting Hunger and Saving Lives    Sources: ·       RUTF study 2004·       RUTF study 2007
47:32 09/27/2022
Peanut Production Across Different Regions
Most of us know the basics of how peanuts grow—and that there’s no such thing as a peanut tree! But unless you’ve been able to spend a good amount of time with peanut growers across the U.S., you may not know much about the different challenges and practices growers face throughout the Peanut Belt. Diverse soil types, equipment, diseases, weather and more can impact peanut production. Show Notes:  To learn more about production across regions: Peanut County, U.S.A. Did You Know That There Are 4 Different Types of Peanuts?  For more information about KMC, visit a local KMC dealer or 
43:04 08/30/2022
Innovators in Peanuts
Innovation lights the fire for change and growth, and the peanut industry is ablaze! Today we highlight a few movers and shakers in the industry including a young farmer who’s growing organic peanuts and trying his hand at hemp; a Southwestern grower whose diversified operation won her family a peanut efficiency award; a third-generation family peanut business that’s exploring avenues like single-origin peanuts; a researcher who puts the peanut genome to work to make rapid improvements for growers; and a family who started a baby snack company to help prevent food allergies.   Featured in this episode are Sedrick Rowe, Georgia peanut grower; Lexi Floyd, Texas peanut grower; Marshall Rabil, director of sales and marketing at Hubs Peanuts; Peggy Ozias-Akins of UGA Tifton; and JJ Jaxon, founder of Mission Mighty Me. If you’d like to read more about these innovators: ·       Marshall Rabil - How a Third-Generation Entrepreneur Is Helping his Family’s Peanut Business Grow and Adapt for the Future·       Lexi Floyd - These 3 Young Women are Redefining What It Means to be a Farmer, and Shaping the Future of the Industry·       Mission MightyMe: Taking Aim at Peanut Allergy Prevention, Mission MightyMe Launches New Infant Food·       Peggy Ozias-Akins - In the Southeast, Public Breeding Program Supports Development of Diverse Cultivars to Benefit Growers & Protect Industry·       Peggy Ozias-Akins - Peanut Genomics Bring the Future Closer: Q&A with Dr. Corley Holbrook·       Sedrick Rowe – Part of Georgia’s inaugural group of licensed hemp growers, Sedrick Rowe hopes to inspire a new generation of young Black farmers
50:19 07/26/2022
What’s Next in Retail and Dining
Everyone has their favorite food they like to pick up at the grocery store or order at a restaurant. There’s a lot to be said for the benefits of “the usual.” But for the food industry to stay primed for growth, it pays to keep a pulse on trends in dining out and eating at home. We’re talking about innovation in Mexican comfort foods like quesadillas, more hands-on experimentation in college dining, healthy eating in grocery stores and the demand for brands to share their “why.” Inspired by our 2022 Next Gen Food Summit, in this episode, we explore what’s happening and what’s next in food service and food at retail—and how peanuts can take advantage— through conversations with Cathy Nash Holley, publisher and editor-in-chief of Flavor and the Menu magazine; Lisa Zehr, director of organizational excellence at Cornell University Dining; Carol Podolak, co-founder of BNutty peanut butter company; Don Ladhoff, president of Fresh Smart Solutions; and peanut farmer Lonnie Fortner. If you’d like to read a recap of the Next Gen Food Summit: Top Trends from the Next Gen Food Summit Product Trend Watch: Consumers Embracing Store Brands For more resources on food trends:   Consumer Research Highlights America’s Love of Peanuts and Peanut Butter Focus on Flavor and Experience: Here are the Top Trends that Appeal to Gen Z Diners Food Trends: Peanuts and the Gen Z POV   Sources: Study: Most U.S. consumers to stick with eating at home post-pandemic Food & Grocery Retail Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report By Product (Food Cupboard, Beverages), By Distribution Channel (Supermarkets & Hypermarkets, Online), By Region (APAC, Europe), And Segment Forecasts, 2022 - 2030 Music attribution:  Lake Victoria by Podington Bear
51:04 05/31/2022
The Behind-the-Scenes of Power of Dietitians
Nutritionalist. Food police. Dietician. Registered dietitian nutritionists endure a lot of misunderstandings about their job title and what they do. In this episode, we make it easy to understand the roles RDNs play in our daily lives, including working with patients in hospitals, engaging shoppers at the grocery store level, building the school lunch menu, influencing menus at chain restaurants and more. We discuss how the National Peanut Board promotes peanuts to this important group through exciting programs like Certified Peanut Pro, ambassadors, harvest tours, retail outreach, and what the future of the profession looks like. Our episode features RDNs Sherry Coleman Collins of NPB, Lyndi Wieand of Weis Markets and Rhea Napeek Bartlett from agency Fleishman Hillard, and chef Patrick McDonnell and Virginia peanut farmers Jeffrey and Stephanie Pope.  Show Notes: Bryan, M. A., Evans, Y., Morishita, C., Midamba, N., & Moreno, M. (2020). Parental                        perceptions of the internet and social media as a source of pediatric health information.                Academic Pediatrics, 20(1), 31–38. social media changing the doctor-patient relationship? American Academy of Family Physicians . (2018, June 8). Retrieved April 21, 2022, from Surani, Z., Hirani, R., Elias, A., Quisenberry, L., Varon, J., Surani, S., & Surani, S. (2017). Social media usage among health care providers. BMC Research Notes, 10(1). Pro Music attribution:  Dream Allegory by One Man Book
50:12 04/26/2022
Peanuts, here! Peanuts, Baseball and Beyond
Spring is in the air and opening day of baseball is just around the corner. Peanuts and baseball became a pair as early as the 1890s and is still a classic ballpark snack. We’ll highlight the history of peanuts and baseball, how in-shells are rebounding from the pandemic and how other sports are making new connections with peanuts and peanut butter. Our episode features Jeanne Cashman from Hampton Farms, Virginia peanut farmer Westley Drake, Joy Crosby from the Georgia Peanut Commission, and Matt Jenkins of The18. For more information on sports and peanuts:The Story Behind Peanuts and BaseballDon’t Strike Out with Snacks at the Ballpark. Peanuts are a Home RunWithout Fans in the Stands, Ballpark Peanuts Are SidelinedNot Your Mama’s Ballpark FoodNPB with The18 Two Generations, One Team: Quotes from Two of America’s BestPB&Japan with Weston McKinniePB&Japan with Sydney Leroux  Past Sports Marketing Activations:We’re Celebrating that Baseball is Back with America’s Favorite SnackDon’t Sell Out -- “Shell Out” and Show Your Love for PeanutsTo find out more information about the sports nutrition of peanuts:How Peanuts Can Help Athletes Level Up Their PerformancePeanut Power for AthletesPeanuts Can Fuel Your Fitness, Sports & Fitness Nutrition, Expert Says5 Reasons Athletes Can’t Get Enough PB&JHow PB Can Help You PR This SummerThe Power of Peanut ProteinPeanut Butter Sets this Sports RD’s Heart AflutterHow Peanuts Power Athletes
43:18 03/29/2022
Gen Z: Who They Are and Why They Matter
Just when we were getting settled in with the target of millennials, a new generation has entered the scene—Gen Z! Young people born between 1997-2012 are included in this latest demographic. They are entering the workforce, increasing their buying power and have behaviors and values that both complement and conflict with their millennial elders. We'll explore the key attributes of Gen Z, why they’re important to marketers and how a common love of peanut butter will bring the two youngest generations together. Our conversation features Ginny Lewis from Golin, Brendan Brannock a Gen Zer, Jeanne Cashman from Hampton Farms, and Arkansas peanut farmer Greg Baltz. Show Notes: Peanut water usage data: This data presents U.S. water usage per ounce based on blue water (irrigation) for the period 2000/2016 and grey water (to assimilate applied nitrogen) for 2004/2013. The sources of the data are the California Department of Food and Agriculture; Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations; Mekonnen, M.M. of the University of Alabama; and the United States Department of Agriculture. Limitations of the results include the quality and availability of data. 
40:48 02/22/2022
Marketing Trends for Peanuts in 2022
Since its inception, NPB has continued to stay on top of up-to-date trends in marketing to put farmer’s money to work. This week, we explore marketing trends for 2022 by talking to NPB senior vice president and chief marketing officer, Ryan Lepicier; Nichole Bigley from Golin; Les Crall, 2022 chairman of the National Peanut Board; and Kimmi Wernli, president and owner of Crazy Richard’s Peanut Butter Company. 
34:37 01/04/2022
Drivers of Consumption
New data shows per capita peanut consumption continued to reach new heights in 2021. What’s behind this growth and what’s on the horizon? We explore how changes in marketing, product innovation and on the farm have driven peanut consumption to record levels by talking with National Peanut Board’s Bob Parker, Peanut Butter & Company’s Lee Zalben and Texas peanut farmer Peter Froese, Jr.Show Notes:National Peanut Board WebsitePeanut Per Capita Consumption Breaks New Record for Second Year in a RowUSDA Peanut Stocks and Processing Numbers  
29:10 11/30/2021
The New Frontier of Sustainability
Sustainability has been in industry conversation for years, and it’s starting to grow as a driving force in consumer behavior. In this episode, we talk with an industry leader, researcher, farmer and corporate executive about what sustainability means today and for the future of the peanut industry. Show Notes: PeanutVision.orgSong attribution: "Solo Acoustic Guitar" by Jason Shaw
40:30 10/25/2021
The Peanut Allergy Journey Part 1
In the inaugural episode of The Peanut Podcast, hosts Lauren and Lindsay dive into the National Peanut Board’s peanut allergy journey. Interviews with NPB CEO Bob Parker, NPB consultant and registered dietitian Sherry Coleman Collins, NPB Chairman Andy Bell and NPB inaugural Virginia Board Member Dee Dee Darden shed light on the early dark days of peanut allergies, challenges with diagnosing peanut allergies and our commitment to peanut allergy research. For more information on early introduction and federal guidelines, see the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.
23:24 09/21/2021
The Peanut Allergy Journey Part 2
In part 2 of our peanut allergy journey, Lindsay and Lauren do a deep dive into peanut allergy treatment and early introduction of peanut foods to infants, as well as the study that changed what we know about peanut allergy prevention. Join us as we speak with NPB CEO Bob Parker, NPB consultant and registered dietitian Sherry Coleman Collins, and NPB agency partner marketing expert Mark Dvorak. For more information on early introduction and federal guidelines, see the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.
27:50 09/21/2021
The Peanut Podcast is here!
In this introductory episode, we discuss why NPB decided to start a podcast and what you can expect coming up. Make sure to subscribe to our channel so you’ll stay up to date on episodes to come.
06:17 08/11/2021