Show cover of Flourishing After Addiction with Carl Erik Fisher

Flourishing After Addiction with Carl Erik Fisher

Addiction psychiatrist and bioethicist Carl Erik Fisher explores addiction and recovery from the widest possible diversity of perspectives: from science to spirituality, from philosophy to politics, and everything in between. He interviews leading experts in areas such as psychology, neurobiology, history, sociology, and more--as well as policy makers, advocates, and people with lived experience.A core commitment of the show is we need more than medicine to truly understand addiction and recovery. The challenges and mysteries of this field run up against some of the central challenges of human life, like: what makes a life worth living, what are the limits of self control, and how can people and societies change for the better? These are enormous questions, and they need to be approached with humility, but there are also promising ways forward offered by refreshingly unexpected sources.There are many paths to recovery, and there is tremendous hope for changing the narrative, injecting more nuance into these discussions, and making flourishing in recovery possible for all.Please check out to join the newsletter and stay in touch.


Healthy relationships in recovery, with Dr. Bevin Campbell 58:22 05/05/2022
Our addiction to the self, with Dr. Mark Epstein 57:02 03/17/2022
Why history? With Prof. Benjamin Breen 61:13 02/18/2022
Recovery research: Beyond abstinence, with Dr. John Kelly 63:56 02/01/2022
How to Be Loved—Writing about Addiction and Recovery, with Author Eva Hagberg 70:00 01/06/2022
Buddhist recovery, lovingkindness, and feeling comfortable in your own skin, with Buddhist teacher Gary Sanders 59:24 12/22/2021
Self-control, the science of social psychology, and “The Power of Us,” with Dr. Jay Van Bavel 47:36 12/07/2021
Working with the Shame of Addiction: a Philosopher's Perspective, with Prof. Owen Flanagan Jr. 68:17 11/24/2021
An insider’s view of the Purdue Pharma bankruptcy case, and how to fight for change without sacrificing personal recovery, with advocate and writer Ryan Hampton 69:43 11/11/2021
Psychedelics for addiction and “the freedom within,” with psychiatric researcher Dr. Elias Dakwar 57:55 10/15/2021
“Health in All” to prevent and treat addiction, with public health leader Dr. Wilnise Jasmin. 46:31 09/28/2021
Mindful Recovery from Addiction, Pain, and “MORE,” with Dr. Eric Garland 60:14 09/09/2021
What is recovery? With Dr. Katie Witkiewitz 61:22 08/26/2021
A Compassionate Alternative to the War on Drugs, with Maia Szalavitz 59:25 08/26/2021
Beyond Mindfulness: Integrating Buddhism and Recovery, with Buddhist teacher Kevin Griffin 60:53 08/26/2021
Introducing: Flourishing After Addiction 02:45 08/14/2021