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We're interviewing inspiring entrepreneurs that are doing cool things so you can learn from their experiences.


053 — Gregory Offner Helps Businesses of All Sizes Learn How to Make Work Suck Less and Grow Your Business
In today's episode, Christina and Gregory talk about how he puts the focus on growth above everything else when he works with an organization.
40:30 10/4/22
052 — Marco Helps Entrepreneurs Scale With Incentive Plans Instead of Discounts
In today's episode, Christina and Marco talk about what incentive plans are and what are some ways that entrepreneurs can use them.
23:13 10/4/22
051 — Entrepreneurs Taking Action: Our First Coaching Podcast Episode with Daniel Hafner
Dapper Mobile Apps helps small businesses and online entrepreneurs build simple and easy mobile apps for communities.
44:01 10/4/22
050 — This Father-Son Duo Went From a Startup to a Multimillion Dollar Sock Empire in Five Years
Mark & Jon have built a business based on creating customer experiences and spreading happiness. John’s Crazy Socks has 240,000 Facebook followers.
25:20 9/15/22
049 — Matt Brought His Business Back From Failure to Doubling in Revenue Each Year for Three Years in a Row and Is Gonna Hit Seven Figures This Year.
Matt Boyle is helping B2B companies scale fast with done for you sales and growth solutions.
27:48 9/15/22
048 — Cristina Samoila, The Queen Bee of Productivity, on How to Make More Money With Way Less Time
Cristina helps implement scalable automations, systems, and processes in your business so that you can grow faster and smarter.
34:27 9/6/22
047 — Mark Newsome Helps Small Businesses Systematically Create Long-Term Repeat Customers and Win Against Their Competitors for a Fraction of the Cost
Christina learns what the " Magic Question" is from Mark Newsome. Mark also shares why he thinks startups and aspiring entrepreneurs should be wary.
33:36 8/19/22
046 — Jason Helps Entrepreneurs Level up as a Podcast Guest to Grow Your Brand and Generate Sales
Christina and Jason talk about how he helps professionals by leveraging the brand-building power of podcasts.
42:03 7/26/22
045 — Carey Conley Helps Entrepreneurs Get Their Someday Plan Out of Their Head and Into Action.
Carey Conley tells Christina about having an exercise she uses that helps people turn their someday plan into tangible goals.
24:02 7/26/22
044 — Heather Lisle Helps Professional Service Women Clarify Their Messaging and Grow Their Business
Christina and Heather Lisle discuss how they have similar companies doing similar things but for slightly different people.
34:47 7/26/22
043 — Kate & Daniel Are on a Mission to Empower 1 Million Entrepreneurs to Get on Board With Web 3.0
Kate & Daniel tell us about Web 3.0, what it is and why it is important for the future of your business.
41:38 7/21/22
042 — Angel Russo Is a Full-Service Photographer That Knows How to Help Entrepreneurs Do More Than Headshots.
Angel tells us why you need to dig down deep first and start that whole planning phase of what everything looks like or what you want it to look like.
19:25 7/15/22
040 — Deirdre Helps High-Ticket Coaches Who Do Podcasts Make Money With Social Media
Christina talks with Deirdre Tshien about some of her ups and downs, what she learned and pivoted, and how she got to where she's at?
39:06 7/8/22
039 — The Badass Buddha, Lori Monaco. She Helps People Live a Warrior Mindfulness Lifestyle
In her own words, Lori Monaco finally woke the "F" up! And as a result, she teaches clients how to be a disruptor and unapologetically courageous!
32:06 7/8/22
038 — Yassin Hall Mastered Amazon and Became a Millionaire.
Yassin Hall will help you build a profitable e-commerce business to have the freedom to enjoy time with your family and the money to make your dreams come true.
28:40 7/8/22
037 — Julie Jones Is a Former Police Officer, Former SWAT Member, and an International Best Seller Who Helps Entrepreneurs Face Their Fears, Level up and Get Shit Done
Julie Jones helps teach you to live your best life now by inspiring entrepreneurs & individuals to take action in pursuit of their passions!
32:29 6/22/22
036 — Simon Makes a Bold Claim That He Can Double a Business Owner’s Revenue in 90 Days
Simon Severino makes a bold claim that he can double a business owner's revenue in 90 days.
23:42 6/17/22
035 — Elizabeth Ruth Runs an Agency That Specializes in Helping Experts Create Content Without Having to Write It All
Elizabeth has given control back to business owners by using an interview-style approach; business owners can share their zone of genius and business ideas without worrying about the wording.
29:55 6/17/22
034 — Colleen Biggs Is the Founder of Lead up for Women — An Organization That Empowers and Encourages Women to Lead
Colleen believes that if you are operating from our Zone of Excellence rather than our Zone of Genius you are leaving money on the table, are you?
45:15 6/15/22
033 — Carl Ficks Practiced Law for Over 30 Years and Walked Away to Help Entrepreneurs Be More Physically Active and Less Stressed
Carl practiced law for 30+ years and walked away from it in May 2021 and founded No Surrender. He made it his mission to help entrepreneurs be more physically active.
34:12 6/14/22
032 — Kim Doyal Launched a Physical Planner That Went From Being a Failed Kickstarter to $67K in Sales in a Month
Kim Doyal decided to “JustShowUP” and started turning everything into content. She captured moments that most would overlook and shared them. Let's learn how she did it.
41:13 6/2/22
030 — David Walter Got on an Uncanny Hot Streak — Setting 15 Appointments per Day With Decision-Makers Every Single Day in a Row for 6 Months Straight
David talks about his amazing hot streak and what the sales were like at the end of it, and his take on what he thinks the future holds for cold calling.
30:56 5/27/22
030 — David Walter Got on an Uncanny Hot Streak — Setting 15 Appointments per Day With Decision-Makers Every Single Day in a Row for 6 Months Straight
Joe discusses how you can love the work you do and do it without burning yourself out. He also tells us how he helps business owners reclaim their valuable time and live the life they want.
30:56 5/27/22
029 — Destini Copp Built Her Own Info Empire That’s Given Her Freedom in Her Life
Christina and Destini talk about her thoughts on how to get someone to engage with your brand and how she feels about having a personal brand.
24:32 5/26/22
028 — Sonia Rosa, She Helps 7-Figure Business Owners Create Cash Wealth Without Sacrificing Lifestyle
Sonia helps her clients sleep better at night and spend more quality time with their loved ones.
14:27 5/25/22
027 — Chris Templeton Created a Universal Tool to Help You Get More Clarity on What’s Most Important to You
Chris Templeton's model is foundational to understanding everything from leadership to relationships to parenting. It truly is universal in its application.
43:30 5/25/22
026 — Deanna Seymour Ran a Week of Experiments in Her Business Where She Tossed Ideas at Her Audience to See What They’d Be Interested In
Deanna Seymour takes people's ideas and words and turns them into scroll-stopping graphics.
35:18 5/25/22
025 — Katie Gall Helps Creative Clients Leave Soul-Sucking Jobs and Build Businesses that Support them Financially and Personally
Katie shares how she helps creative women who want to start their own business when they are at the beginning of that process OR just playing around.
33:35 5/25/22
021 — Investing in Yourself to Become Successful with Ryan Braves
Steven Werner is the founder of Monetize Your Tribe, he's a renowned webinar and presentation expert, and he's on the show today.
25:50 5/3/22