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Welcome to Uncommon Courage, the podcast, where we’ll be having the conversations we need to be having as members of the human collective. We are all being called upon to step up and lead – with kindness, big hearts and unshakable courage – because right now, we have an opportunity to redress what we got wrong in the past, as well as deal with the disruptions we face today, to create a better world for all. However, if we are completely truthful, the biggest challenge we face is believing we can do it – believing in our ability to create massive change. But everyone knows you can’t achieve anything significant without guts, determination, and of course, the courage to keep driving towards the goal, regardless of how hard the journey is! Uncommon Courage will feature global conversations determined to contribute to creating a better future for all life on earth. Ideas, solutions, arguments and laughs - it’ll all be part of the journey. It is time for that which is uncommon to become common.


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Humanity, humility and accepting our collective shame 58:29 10/20/2021
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This Little Girl Is Me 52:14 10/12/2021
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