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Hosted by Maya Kotsovolos, in each episode of Tett Radio, we get to know artists and arts leaders occupying space at the Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning. We talk about their early life, what brought them to the Tett, and the artistic activities and events in which they are currently involved. Join us for a window into life at the Tett, and swing by to see what the Tett has to offer!


Episode 2: Interview with Rosemary Doyle
Maya Kotsovolos interviews Rosemary Doyle, Theatre Kingston’s  Creative Director. They talk about one of Rosemary’s upcoming plays,  The Sylvia Project and they explore how the life of an artist is com modified and often exploited.  Learn more about Theatre Kingston here.
17:49 08/20/2021
Episode 1: Interview with Anne-Sophie Grenier.
Maya Kotsovolos sits down with Anne-Sophie Grenier, Executive Director of Modern Fuel Artist Run Centre. Anne-Sophie tells the story of  her journey to the Tett, and why working in an Artist Run Centre is so  important to her. Learn more about Modern Fuel here.  
22:14 08/20/2021