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Don't Lose Your Balance with Mallory Durrick is a journey about the life of one woman and the trials and tribulations along the way. It's scripted and unscripted. It shares the bumps, the falls, falling from grace, losing balance and finding her way back after two decades of chaos and confusion. It's not always pretty and often times it's upsetting but if you listen you may just see yourself in a little bit of it all! Disclaimer: All views expressed on my website ( and on this Podcast are my own and do not represent the opinions of any entity whatsoever with which I have been, am now, or will be affiliated.


On this 52nd episode of Don't Lose Your Balance, the last episode of Season 1, I reflect on the last year and the journey I have been on to find my way to Balance by sharing my life on the Internet. Sharing openly and honestly, from my healthiest perspective, I hope you'll enjoy this season's finale.
59:36 8/9/22
On this 51st episode of Don't Lose Your Balance, I share my feelings about sharing my memories and my story on the Internet. How did I learn and manage to pull those memories from a place of clarity and self reflection? I know there is likely one more episode to this season of Don't Lose Your Balance, and I'm thinking about what's going to happen next for me. Where will I go, what will I do, and how will I help the listeners and myself.
23:26 8/2/22
Join me on the 50th episode of Don't Lose Your Balance as I share my perspective about being Unique in a noisy world. How your own beliefs about your uniqueness will give you the courage to share your story. Viewing yourself as a unique individual is the greatest gift we can give ourselves and I encourage everyone to do so and find their voice. Listen in.
30:21 7/26/22
In today's episode I'm talking about perspective. How very different, one person's perspective is from another, even when the situation is the same. It's not about skewing the truth or invalidating someone else's reality. It's more so about how the perspective of one person to another, even one's own perspective can be different for so many reasons.
25:43 7/19/22
In today's episode I'm reflecting on the sad reality of the feelings of abandonment. How it was for me as a child and perhaps how it may have been for others that I loved. This is one of my more compelling episodes and painful because there isn't much I can do other than accept the truths and hopefully apologize and move forward. Listen in.
32:03 7/12/22
In today's episode I'm talking about Change. It is indeed the only thing permanent in life and I also recognize the importance of change for growth and development. I do however feel that change can be done purposively. Knowing where I want to be in life, means I need to make the right choices and work to get there. Conversely, I know that poor choices might not always have an immediate impact but might be realized much later until a shift for change must begin again. Listen in.
27:33 7/5/22
Prompted through a conversation we had this morning on Clubhouse, toxicity is different than negativity. Mostly because you can have too much of a good thing, which is toxic, and too much of a bad thing, which is toxic and negative. Balance is what I seek and despite some things being labeled as good, they can also be toxic for me personally. This is different than negative. Calling it like you see it can actual be a positive thing. Confused? Listen in.
26:21 6/28/22
In today's episode I'm talking about Milestones. As I reflect on the last year, these milestones that I hit, like gratitude, this podcast and also achieving the goals I set forth for myself a year ago, I talk about  them with such joy and happiness. I know we all hit different milestones in our lifetime, but this is one year, one great year full of incredible milestones I'm very proud to share.
23:38 6/21/22
In today's episode I'm talking about Pain. Since I'm sharing from a scar and not from a wound, I believe I've learned to find better ways to manage pain differently than the ways I've learned in the past. I cannot avoid pain in life, it's a natural part of living. But by recognizing the pain, seeing it for what it is - I can actually confront and move through my pain more effectively. Rather than avoiding it, which only causes more pain, learning to embrace it actually helps me to grow and feel less pain.
23:48 6/14/22
In today's episode I'm talking about Clubhouse. Clubhouse is an audio only app made for iPhone and Android. It's a place to learn, listen, socialize, build friendships, grow your business and so much more. I discovered and joined Clubhouse in January of 2021 and what I learned and how it's helped me grow is so much more than I could ever imagine. Listen today to learn about Clubhouse and how it actually changed me, forever!
22:08 6/7/22
In today's episode I'm talking about Goals. We set goals for ourselves all the time. What does that look like? Is it achievable and attainable? Is it unrealistic or well within reach? I remember the goal I set years ago to achieve and maintain sobriety. I have accomplished and continue to enjoy the benefits of this goal. It's a fantastic feeling and something I'm very proud of myself for accomplishing. Every day is another day I can say, well done!
22:40 5/31/22
In today's episode I was originally going to talk about projections. Then it occurred to me it's really about triggers and setbacks. We all face them at one point or another in our lifetime. It's really about the coping skills that we need to develop when we're healthy, to prevent the old patterns and recognize the familiarity of the 'dance.' This ultimately helps us change the narrative. Not to prevent the trigger - but to manage it so it doesn't become a setback.
21:04 5/24/22
In today's episode I am talking about confidence. I reflect on my lack of confidence in my youth. I also recognize how this podcast has helped me to develop my skill set, my ability to speak, and how to listen to others. I share my experiences, openly and honestly and as a result, have developed a sense of self-worth and confidence for which I am very grateful.
22:10 5/17/22
In today's episode I am talking about Clarity. Most specifically about how I got clear when I removed the toxicity out of my life, got real and true, and realized that living a healthy and balanced life was possible. It wasn't going to happen overnight, but when I got clear about what I wanted, needed, and most of all, what I had to do ... sobriety provided clarity!
19:29 5/10/22
In today's episode I am talking about Community. In the last several years, if not decade, I found myself seeking out online communities to learn, grow, be better as an artist, designer, strategist or even a human being. From Facebook to Instagram to Clubhouse, I cover it all and share how I felt less alone, especially during a Pandemic, and found my most comfortable communities around the globe and on a variety of apps.
24:58 5/3/22
In today's episode I am talking about hope. What do you hope for? What is the driver of "hope" in your life today? What do you hope to achieve, hope to become, hope to do this year? Most of all, what are the sources of hope in your life? My life. Let's talk about Hope!
21:32 4/26/22
In today's episode I am talking about humility. It was a topic during today's story and prompt in the Gratitude room on Clubhouse and I have to say, humility and compassion is something we should all be very aware of as human beings. Check in with yourself ... are you humble? Who do you know that is, and how can they show you ways, to be an even better version of yourself?
20:15 4/19/22
In today's episode I am talking about general human kindness. Likely more aligned with a rant, I reflect on the past and also the present about how people should check-in with themselves, hit the pause button, and realize that kindness should be a given and not something out of reach.My favorite line: In a world where you can be anything, be kind.
22:53 4/12/22
 Today, I'm talking about the power of rituals. Having rituals can provide me with a sense of productivity, accomplishment, peace and comfort. It never occurred to me that having rituals could bring me to a place of balance. Feeling grateful for the rituals that I've come to look forward to in my life, brings me joy. And I hope for everyone, that happens too.
20:21 4/5/22
Today, I'm talking about growth. Whether it is personal growth or professional growth, it's my intent to look back and recognize and honor the choices I've made that helped me grow as an individual. It wasn't always easy and at times it was downright gut wrenching, but I am grateful to have come out the other end a happier and healthier person. I continue on this journey and hope you will too.
21:00 3/29/22
Why do we let fear and anxiety get in the way of our ability to make choices and decisions that can be so incredibly fulfilling? Is it our past history? Is it our paralyzing fear of the judgment that others place upon us or what we place on ourselves?Today, I talk about fear from a place of recognition and recovery to make life better and more rewarding.
17:33 3/22/22
I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to chat with YouTuber/Instagram Influencer Kayla Nelson. She and I sit down and talk about body image, health, wellness, mental health and so much more. I hope you enjoy our very candid conversation and can resonate with much of this very open discussion!
57:30 3/15/22
Today's discussion about Anxiety is spoken about from memory. Nothing I'm experiencing today but how I learned to develop the coping skills to manage my deep rooted anxiety. I somehow believed anxiety could or should have been fixed with a pill or a glass of wine. It was only discovered later in life, that both of those things, amplified my anxiety. Not mitigated it as I once believed.
23:40 3/8/22
When I think about love, I think about being myself. I think about accepting others for who they are. I think about accepting myself for who I am. Love is just about loving someone for who someone is and what they represent. It's not about the version of what we want of them or for ourselves. Meaning, I have probably molded myself into the idea or the version of what others have wanted of me in the relationship, which has complicated Love (it) for me.
18:32 3/1/22
Today, I'll be talking about acceptance. Accepting what is, in all its glory and in all its pain, allows room for the possibility of change and greatness. It's not easy to give up the control and the fight. But, when we accept what is, the difficulties that may go along with the reality we're faced with, does ease. The struggle may no longer be a weighted burden. It might surprise you just how resilient you can be when you accept what is.
17:35 2/22/22
Today, I'm going to be talking about something that we also talked about in the gratitude room, especially this morning. It's Saturday. And we talked about resilience. And the story was about the British population during World War Two. And when Germany bombed them for 54 straight days, they call it the Blitz. And they had set up psychology camps, if you will, outside of Britain, to help the people deal with all the problems that were happening from a psychological perspective during this time. And nobody went to these these facilities to get emotional help, they just somehow figured it out and learn to embrace whatever was going on and embrace doesn't mean you're embracing something with joy and happiness. It just means you're embracing the reality of the situation. And that's what they did. And when they did this, they showed an unbelievable act cohesively as a as a unit of people of humanity of resiliency. And that's what the prompt was about. And it was talking about resilience. And I thought a lot about it since we closed the room this morning about resiliency for myself, even and I want to talk a little bit about it. But you can't talk about resilience without understanding what the definition is. I mean, I think we all know intellectually what it is, I'm going to speak about it from a voice of clarity. So what is being resilient mean? Well, it means being adaptable, and human beings are actually more resilient than they are not the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties, or a toughness that you're faced with having that toughness perhaps is a way of showing resilience. inanimate objects that spring back into shape are elastic and are resilient. But when you talk about what resiliency is in a person, psychologists define resilience as the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats, or significant sources of stress, such as family and relationship problems, serious health problems, or workplace and financial stressors. The question was asked how during the time of COVID, do individuals show their resiliency they adapted, they figured it out, they figured out how to go to work every day and perform their job responsibilities. They figured out how to manage their work life balance.
17:40 2/15/22
Welcome to the 26th episode of Don't lose your balance. My name is Mallory Durrick. Thanks for joining me, today I am going to be talking about values. And if you were in the gratitude room this morning, which is it's Sunday morning, it's Sunday afternoon now, but it's Sunday morning at eight o'clock this morning, Eastern Time, we talked a little bit about values and I want to read something that initiated the conversation, we use something called 365 Gratitude Journal calm. And I love this website, I pay for it. And it helps initiate conversation based on a prompt and sharing gratitude within the context of whatever a story might be. And the prompt is. So it begins with emotional habits. And it says you don't have to control your thoughts, you just have to stop letting them control you, which I thought was very, very relevant and very, very important. It asks you to write down your values for each major relationship in your life, work family, friends, partner, kids, and then write down your intentions. What are you going to do to get closer to your values. And I had in my listing of all of the episodes that I wanted to talk about, I actually had values as one of my episodes. And since I struggled so much last week, I really did struggle with boundaries. I want to talk about values today. And then I can get this topic off my list. Okay, so I did a little more Googling, and I thought, well, we all know what values are for ourselves, but do we? So I thought, well, how do you define your values? And then I went on this website, and it said, Before you answer the question, you need to know what in general your values are. Your values are the things that you believe are important in the way you live and work, they should determine your priorities and deep down, they're probably the measures you use to tell if your life is turning out the way you want to to when the things that you do and the way that you behave, match your values. Life is usually good, you're satisfied your content. But when they don't align with your personal values, that's when things feel wrong. And this can be a real source of unhappiness. This is why making a conscious effort to identify your values is so important. So if we go back to the prompt from gratitude journal, it says Write down your values for each major relationship in your life, work family, friends, partner, kids write down your intentions, what are you going to do to get closer to your values? It brings me to what happened when I lost sight of my values. I certainly had once I had a moral compass. And clearly and I talked about this this morning in the gratitude room, I somehow when I strayed, or I used medication, to self medicate to get through whatever I was going through, my values just flew out the window. I don't even know what happened. And of course, I may blame or assign some chemical imbalance. I certainly could do that. And then it just was, you know, all hell broke loose.
17:55 2/8/22
Well, hey, everybody, welcome to the 25th episode of Don't lose your balance. My name is Mallory Durrick. I want to thank you all for joining if this is your first time here, welcome, if you've been here before, and listened to my episodic life history. Thanks. So today I and I've been toying around with this particular topic for quite some time. And I, I've been wanting to talk about it, but I haven't, I thought maybe some of the other episodes should come first. And it doesn't really matter. But I wanted to talk a little bit about boundaries. I've talked about boundaries in the past and what they are and what they mean for me and how they helped me not feel so out of control, I guess, when I've learned to recognize what a boundary is, and how to not only define it, but how to express other people, Hey, these are my boundaries. It got it got a lot easier for me. And I'd like to talk a little bit about that because it provided a definite sense of clarity, and most importantly, balance. So boundaries, what are they? Well, there are a lot of things. And the first thing I ever think about when I think about a boundary is a wall that goes up, these are my boundaries, don't cross that line, or you're going to come over into my personal space, for example, well, that may happen. And that may be a definite boundary that you've defined, but I don't want to speak of boundaries negatively. And yet in my head, every time I think about a boundary, I think about it being something negative or that I have to most importantly apologize for and that's where I struggle. I do not want to apologize for having a boundary. If I say no, I'm good I, I don't need something or I don't want something. And these are my boundaries that I've defined for myself so that I can more or less protect my mental well being. I don't want to apologize for having done that. And I feel like I have to apologize for having a boundary or many boundaries. Learning to recognize no Mallory, you don't need to apologize for your boundaries, you can actually just have boundaries, and be okay with it. And if somebody doesn't like your boundaries, that's more a problem for them and less a problem for me. And intellectually, I get it. I say to myself, well, if it's a problem for them, that's their issue. And they have to deal with that. However, I know intellectually, that I might own it. And I might think, are my boundaries too defined? Are my boundaries inappropriate? Are my boundaries unacceptable to somebody else at the cost of my own comfort level. And this is where I've not been great in the past, because I didn't have boundaries. I didn't say to people, this is what is right for me, because it always felt so selfish.
17:40 2/2/22
Letting Go
It never occurred to me that I held on so tightly to things and as a result amplified my own unhappiness and distress. When I learned to embrace the pain, confront it, and then let it go, I was able to finally feel happy and peaceful. Stop fighting so hard to return to what was, and start enjoying what is and eventually, what can be. Let it go!
19:30 1/25/22
 Hey, and welcome to the 23rd episode of Don't lose your balance. My name is Mallory Durrick. I want to thank everybody for joining. And I hope that you joined last week and several weeks in the past. Last week, I talked about death and I lost a family member very suddenly. And I spoke about that pretty much in depth about my family and, and how it made me feel. And I had also mentioned that today's episode was meant to be about opportunity. And I want to talk about opportunity a little bit because I feel like opportunity is something that happens for all of us. And fear has this strange tendency to get in the way of preventing us from grasping at that ring. They they you know, that ring they talk about and taking a risk and seeing what what what is that opportunity that's being presented for us and and how can it help fulfill us make us better? Or will it be a bad decision to reach for that opportunity? And did we dodged a bullet more or less? For me, opportunities that are presented come in all different ways. And I'm sure they do for others. I also know that I feel like many opportunities that have come my way I've not reached for because of fear and I've missed out and sometimes the opportunity will present itself again. Or sometimes it won't, it will never present itself again. You know, maybe we look at our jobs or career paths. And we see, we see an opportunity to take on a project or take on a client or take on a job. And either we can't Don't or won't. And maybe that's good. And maybe that's bad.
13:45 1/18/22

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