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Men's Morning Light takes a less traveled mystical road to fanning the flames of faith. Known for his humorous 'trapperisms,' legally blind radio personality turned KofC Faith Director, Trapper Jack, 'sees' things that many of us miss in Catholic teachings. Here is a fresh uplifting approach to the Way, the Truth, and the Life.


Queen Elizabeth II, an Evangelist? - MML 54
September 8th was not only the birthday of Mary, Queen of Heaven, but also the death of an earthly queen who never hid her faith. 10 quotes on faith from Queen Elizabeth II
07:02 09/14/2022
Shia LaBeouf as St. Padre Pio - MML 53
Playing the role of St. Padre Pio inspired the conversion of actor Shia LaBeouf. Bishop Barron Presents | Shia LaBeouf - Padre Pio and the Friars
11:50 09/07/2022
Conquering That Which Stops Me - MML 52
Fr. Chad Ripperger and a self-help guru each have their own way of helping us to become better versions of ourself.   THE BINDING PRAYER Any spirit of  (name behavior), I bind you in the name of Jesus, By the power of the Precious Blood, By the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, I command you to go to the foot of the cross, To receive your sentence.  Amen.    
07:22 09/01/2022
The Places I Don't Invite God - MML 51
Tom Hanks' in-studio interview with Trapper triggers a God question right out of one of his movies.
08:23 08/24/2022
Did the Holy Spirit Inspire Monty Python - MML 50
God's message can come from the most surprising places.
09:56 08/17/2022
What Happens When a Nun Runs a TV Network? - MML 49
This is the impossible story of a cloister nun launching the world's largest global Christian network.
13:05 08/10/2022
New Eucharistic Miracle - Guadalajara, Mexico - MML 48
On July 23, 2022, at Our Lady of the Rosary parish near Guadalajara, Mexico, many people witnessed and recorded a consecrated Host that was exposed for adoration pulsing, beating like a heart. It appears to be a eucharistic miracle.On July 23, 2022, at Our Lady of the Rosary parish near Guadalajara, Mexico, many people witnessed and recorded a consecrated Host that was exposed for adoration pulsing, beating like a heart. It appears to be a eucharistic miracle.
06:45 08/03/2022
I'm Not Afraid of Death, I Just Don't Want to be There When It Happens - MML 47
Everyone wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die to get there.
08:09 07/27/2022
CAST AWAY - Recognizing the Blessings that Wash Upon Your Shore - MML 46
In the movie, "Cast Away," Tom Hanks helps us to recognize the many blessings that wash upon our shore daily. Are you putting them to good use?
09:30 07/20/2022
A Surprise Encounter with an Angel - MML 45
Cindy believes that she was rescued by a real angel.
06:41 07/13/2022
The Surrender Novena - A Game Changer - MML
Ask, "Jesus Take Care of Everything!"  And, He will. This novena, written by the spiritual director of St. Padre Pio, can be the answer to your prayer.   The Surender Novena YouTube - Hallow App -    
09:03 07/06/2022
Why God Chose 6-24 to Strike Down Roe - MML43
This date was not random. God chose this particular day because it is a birthday and two feast days. 
07:45 06/29/2022
What Will God Do About the Growing Disbelief? - MML 42
Belief in God is on the decline despite the many signs that indicate that He is in our presence.
13:02 06/22/2022
The Blind Church - MML 41
As a blind guy, nothing is more frustrating than not being able to see what is right in front of me. At times, such is also the case with the church. Link to Medjugorje Pilgrimage:
12:57 06/08/2022
Medjugorje - Laura's Conversion Story - MML 40
No one would have bet on Laura's conversion, but something happened at Medjugorje. Listen to Trapper's podcast, then click here for more details to join us in Medjugorje:
10:27 06/02/2022
Our Heavenly Mother Drove the Bus - MML 39
Blessed Virgin Mary reminds us to always think of her as mom. 
16:49 05/27/2022
Are You Staying in Harmony with Heaven? - MML 38
Trapper draws a parallel between a famous guitarist's historic style and singing God's tune.
08:37 05/18/2022
What Happens When You "DO UNTO OTHERS"? - MML 37
Do you have the gift of "light hands," willing to help others along their way?
11:27 05/11/2022
The Problem with Listening to Angels - MML 36
Which angels are you listening to?
16:16 05/04/2022
Hey God, If This is How You Treat Your Friends ... MML 35
Admit it, we don't trust God. Pam Lile's book, "Lead Me Lord"
18:34 04/27/2022
Divine Mercy Sunday - Your Soul's Factory Reset - MML 34
The least understood, most powerful day of the year, Divine Mercy Sunday.  Link to Father Chris Alar, MIC
11:48 04/20/2022
The Holy Fire - Proof of the Resurrection - MML 33
Proof of Jesus' resurrection, the Holy Fire!
08:09 04/13/2022
An Eyewitness of The Passion of Christ - MML 32
The Passion like you've never heard it before.
10:37 04/06/2022
Encountering Jesus at Heaven's Gate - MML 31
A Hindu meets Jesus in this near-death experience.
11:40 03/23/2022
A Conversion Story Worth Sharing - MML 30
A college professor sees Jesus!
10:05 03/16/2022
Watching a Prayer Work - MML 29
  Watching prayer move the hand of God.
11:44 03/09/2022
Mary Told Us What Would Happen in Ukraine - MML 28
Mary appeared twice in Ukraine foretelling of today's events.
14:10 03/02/2022
Your Next Encounter with Jesus - MML 27
What will you do with your next encounter?
13:04 02/23/2022
The Spiritual Joy in Getting Knocked Down - MML 26
This is the ultimate test of you faith.
16:10 02/16/2022
I Googled: How Do I Get to Heaven? - MML 25
Trapper reflects on the requirements for entrance to heaven.
10:10 02/09/2022