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Ann Jensen and Skylar West are two friends and authors who share and discuss everything about romance novels in all their glory. Our episodes will have specific topics and discussions regarding genres, sub genres tropes and much much more. From time to time we’ll invite our author friends, publishers and bloggers to join in on our discussions and give you a behind the scene look at romancelandia. We hope to make C2C everything you need to get your romance fix and help you find your next book boyfriend. You can find Ann Jensen at and Skylar West at


Breaking down Rock Star and Sports Romance
In this Episode we dive into the similarities between Rockstar and Sportstar Romances.
57:43 01/30/2022
Interview with Brittney Bell
Interview with Britney BellSports Romance authorQ. Is Sports Romance your Favorite to read as well as to write?Q. Do you have a favorite author or Series in the Sports Romance Genre? A: Kelly Jamieson – 5 book box series Heller Brothers Hockey Q. Do you focus on Pro level athletes? Q. Have you written Hockey Romance?Q. Favorite trope to read or write?Q. Ever had a review that sparked your happy place?A. Texas Tornado series sparked a lot of positive vibes that really touched my heart.Q. Worst or least favorite in romance?A. Dark romance where there are really dark aspects like rape or abuse.Q. What other type of genre would you love to be able to write? A. How-to Books Q. What would you like to share with listeners?Q. WIP for 2022A. Texas Tornado series, Christmas in Italy, My True HeartsContact:Ann JensenAnnJensenWrites@gmail.com West London
17:31 01/16/2022
Breaking down Science Fiction Romance
In this Episode we break down what is Science Fiction RomanceContact Us:Ann JensenAnnJensenWrites@gmail.com West/Rogue London
48:07 01/09/2022
Year in Review
Ann Jensen and Skylar West talk about their 2021 and plans for 2022.Contact Us:Ann JensenAnnJensenWrites@gmail.com West/Rogue London
32:13 01/02/2022
Interview with Renee Rose
35:50 12/26/2021
MC Romance Books
In this episode we review the common terms and tropes found within MC Romance.We also review a few of Ann's favorite MC Romance Authors.A fun MC Romance Book Convention that Ann will be attending in 2022 Us:Ann JensenAnnJensenWrites@gmail.com West/Rogue London
40:12 12/19/2021
Interview with Audiobook Narrator Tor Thom
In this episode we have fun getting to know Romance Narrator Tor Thom.We ask him:How did he get into Audio Narration?Does he solely narrate romance or does he also do other types of voice work?What is his favorite/least favorite part of Narrating?What kind of preparation goes into getting ready to record a new Novel?Are their any favorite voices/accents he like to do when narrating?Does he read Romance and if so what is your favorite sub-genre (comedy, suspence, sci-fi ect.)How was it recording Tek for Saved by the Dark? (How much does he hate Ann for making him stutter :P)Links:Tor Thom: West
32:24 12/15/2021
Daddy Dom Romance books
In this episode we break down what Daddy Dom Romance books are all about. Genre: BDSM - defines the power exchange in this type of play.Subgenre: DaddyDom – levels and classificationsRisk/Reward of writing in what many would consider an edge kink. Discussion on bdsm books and how they are reality adjacent.Variety and comfort level when talking about the sexual play when an adult is regressed to a younger age.The difference between calling someone Daddy as a Dom and a “Daddy Dom”Classifications within LittlesAdult BabyLittleMiddleTeenThe type of relationship Full time, in and out, the scene only, scheduled time.Discussion points for Daddy DomDaddy-dom relationships are not limited exclusively to a male dominant and a female submissive. Though “daddy” kinks are more commonly discussed, the “mommy” kink is also prevalent in the BDSM community, and the kink doesn't have any gender quota. Levels of Participation: (using the M/f as an example for this discussion) Little Girl takes the role of the child-like, sweet girl and regresses in the age. The age can vary from baby who wears the diapers to a young teenage girl called a middle. DD/LG daddy dom/little girl kinky age-play/role-play between two consenting adults and is a close cousin to BDSM. ABDL (adult baby diaper lover) is a fascinating two-way street, that makes perfect sense when you consider the kink and the non kink versions. What is a diaper lover in kink? A ‘diaper lover’ is somebody with a fetish for diapers and the act of wearing them a turn-on. From a fetish or sexual standpoint, people are aroused sexually, either through role-play or from the product itself — the sound, texture or feeling – or the humiliation aspect of acting out, like soiling a diaper.Who is drawn to age play? As role-play pertaining to age, age-play is broadly considered a subset of BDSM encompassing bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism. Within Age play, there is much role-playing with these weighing out as the top roles Contact Us:Contact Information:Ann JensenAnnJensenWrites@gmail.com West
39:30 12/12/2021
Interview with Laylah Roberts
A little about Laylah…Laylah Roberts Lives in New Zealand and writes books with alpha overprotective heroes and heroines. With a strong theme towards Daddy Dom’s and CowboysFavorite written book: Protector Daddy Favorite set of main characters? Sunny and Milly – quirky characters Hardest book to write? Daddy’s saving graceExternal inspiration for your series? – I start with a character or scene Plot or Prance? I write the plot but it does veer, the plot can alter 4 or 5 times.Odd inspirations? Real People?Do you fully develop characters from the beginning?Do you set a number of books in a series in advance or if their successful do you keep writing?I keep going until I run out o characters or time.You’re from N.Z, but write American characters have you been to the states?Yes – Disneyland and Texas. Hoping to visit Montana in the future. Do you like to read the reviews? I generally avoid themA fun fact you can share about one of your stories? What can we expect from you in the near future? Crime boss daddies coming in 2022Follow Laylah Information:Ann JensenAnnJensenWrites@gmail.com West
25:16 12/05/2021
Interview with Samantha A. Cole
In this Episode we Interview Samantha Cole
32:53 11/28/2021
Conflict Tropes
In this Episode Skylar and I have fun breaking down the different Conflict TropesWe will cover:AmnesiaAupair/NannyBeauty and the BeastBetrayalBlackmailBullyDare/BetGay for youHidden IdentityIdentical TwinsIncestTutor/InstructorLove triangleMay/DecemberMedicalWrong Side of the TracksContact Us:Ann JensenAnnJensenWrites@gmail.com West/Rogue London
50:43 11/24/2021
Interview with Book Blogger Deborah Apodaca
On this episode we interview  Deborah Ainsley Apodaca a good friend and great Book Reviewer.We ask her: What made you decide to blogOnly Romance?What kind of  books can’t you put down. Do you get a lot of Book Review RequestsDeborah discusses interviews and requests from narrators.Do you have a favorite sub-genre? Deb discusses elements of dark romance that she is drawn to.Favorite Book? A book that took you by surprise?Deb discusses how blurbs can be completely different than the book. They discuss covers as a reader and an author.How do you find new authors to read?Deb discusses ARC’s Are they sent to you?Do you have an author that you automatically work with, buy and/or review?What aspect of all the services that you offer do you enjoy the most?Discuses authors feedback. Learning stories from the authors perspective and behind the scenes with stories was born. And is doing well. Discusses views and blogging. Additional reading outlets to interview and review.Check out Deborah Apodaca's blog Reading by Deb and don't forget to sign up for her newsletter! Us:Ann JensenAnnJensenWrites@gmail.com West/Rogue London
27:43 11/14/2021
Regency Romance with special guest Kate Batemen
Special guest, Regency Author, Kate BatemanIn this episode we discusKate Explains regency time period and the subgenre. What drew her to regency?Bridgerton series, differences between the adaptation vs. the books. How much real live events go into your writing?Kate's Background in history Are her character driven, or plot driven as an author?Non PC or dated values. How does she find the balance between reality adjacent close to real but not stepping on modern toes?Kate discusses reinvention for entertainment.Customs in Regency that need to be observed?Do you have any particular influences for fiction or nonfiction that inspires you to write Regency?Regency newbie, what should we know if we are going in to read our first regency book?Suggestions based on tropes and preferences.Are there other sub genres you write in, or would like to write in? As a reader, do you run in the opposite direction and read alien romance 😊 or is there a specific type of romance you enjoy reading simply for pleasure?Discusses the writing reading relationshipContact us:Ann JensenAnnJensenWrites@gmail.com Westskywestauthor@gmail.com Bateman / K.C. Bateman, is the #1 bestselling author of Regency, Victorian, and Renaissance historical romances. Contact her via her website: and sign up for her newsletter to receive regular updates on new releases, giveaways and exclusive excerpts. Sign Up for Kate’s newsletter: Kate’s FB reader Group 'Badasses In Bodices': Kate's books at: Amazon: Play:
29:17 11/07/2021
Skylar West's Angels and Demons
Behind the Scenes with Skylar West, and Angels and Demons RomanceHow do you classify the sub genre: Demon in book 1 could be considered paranormal. Outside of being explained by science. Urban fantasy, Paranormal, Supernatural, my specific story is defined by ‘they walk among us.’ — Described as a Current contemporary end of the world possibility in which it is doomed or saved by a sect of beings we can not see.What drew you to using angels and demons: I wrote the series because of topics I’ve wrestled with as a person. I was exposed to things that would be considered evil, then was baptised in the church, I wanted to create a world in which there was more acceptance of the pathway we take. That individuals can come together without judgment. Reason some people avoid A&D stories: our influences can make us feel uncomfortable with reading about angels or demons. Moral context preaching, or the opposite that’s not what angels do. Don’t want their belief system questioned. My books don’t preach, or question people’s beliefs. People are looking for reality adjacent romance literature, and that’s what I provide.When we pick genres and tropes, we pick the best plot to show off our characters. I don’t classify myself as a paranormal writer although I have a paranormal series.Loki character as a leading man: We want our book boyfriends to be evil to everyone but the female heroine. We would never want Loki to be captain America to the rest of the world, but her could be with the leading lady. Vanilla romance harder to tell, touches, glances, conversations, often in our steamier stories the very act of kink or sex they engage in is necessary as part of the growth of the characters. The level of trust has to form faster, establish those relationships much sooner and often in real life too.Encourage readers to explore different genres and tropes of romance, be an educated reader. Read blurbs, and reviews, before deciding to buy. Ann discusses M.A Innes, an example of trying a story that she couldn’t image she’d like about alien tentacle love and was surprised by how much she enjoyed it.Contact Information:Ann JensenAnnJensenWrites@gmail.com West
35:09 10/31/2021
Interview with Shaw Montgomery
Coast to Coast Romance with Shaw MontgomeryIn this episode we ask her:What is your favorite subgenre to write in?What is your Favorite to read?What are your favorite Tropes?What trope do you dislike?We discuss how flamboyant characters that can be triggersWhat comes first the story or the charactersA review or comment about a book or series that stayed with youA bad one?What do you write under your seperate pen names?Shaw Montgomery mainstream kink and bdsm female dom etc.I.M. Innes no mainstream mm authors at that time I started under their same name, so I used a separate pen name for age play etc. the world has changed since I startedIf you could write anything, what would it be?WIP – I juggle between 3 different projects:Next dirty daddy’s anthologyContact Info:Shaw Montgomery JensenAnnJensenWrites@gmail.com West
24:56 10/24/2021
Audiobook production with special guest Joe Arden
Interview with Joe Arden audio artist and owner of Blue Nose AudioWe ask him:How did you get into Audio Narration?What do you look for in narrators?What are the benefits of using and trusting an audio company.?What projects are harder than others?Audio tapes – back in the day – the narrative, the voices never shifted. When did that start to evolve and how did you get involved?Are their any favorite narrating projects?What advice do you have for independent authors looking to create their first audiobook?What is it like working with crazy first timers like Ann Jensen? :PYou just co-authored your own book. How was that experience and will we be seeing more from you?Contact Information:Joe Arden@TheRealJoeArden everywhere Blue Nose is @BlueNoseAudio and for queries and submissions. Ann JensenAnnJensenWrites@gmail.com West
40:26 10/18/2021
Behind the scenes with Ann Jensen
Behind The Scenes with Ann JensenIn this Episode Ann tells you about writing the Dark Sons MC Series.Series: favorite book and why? Favorite characters and why?Lost in the dark – one scene makes me cry every time. Tami caught in the dark favorite character to write, loved inhabiting aspects of Cami that I really enjoyed. Dragon and his dirty talk because I like dirty talk. Tell us more about Dragon – big brother vibe, his love interest, Tari in book 2. Yoga scenes and the reality of what you can write, vs what you can actually do.MC live in a world that is dark, but the men that create darks sons are special forces guy that missed the sense of purpose higher calling, brotherhood they shared in the military. They strive to create a community and world. Home, and family. Key element in my books is found family.Was there a book in the series you found difficult to write?Book 4 – the first time my characters tried to veer off course. Undercover in the DarkCharacter, takeovers, happen for me, in the outline stages and I spend three weeks percolating and allowing it to settle. Before I decide to move forward with my final decisions on the plot and character development.Most fun to Write: Caught in the dark, favorite to write.Soon to release - Leap into the dark book 5 coming out next. Steamy sex scenes. Idea with this novel was to blow open stereo types.Did you have an external inspiration for the series like another writer or series you have read?Why MC? I had written urban fantasy with shifters and couldn’t find a home for it. I wanted to write a spicy romance with villains instead of internal angst. I spent some time in a MC bar and learned a little of their culture. I wanted to create the ultimate MC fantasy.Are any of the characters based on real people? I like to study people and makeup backstories about people I observe. I take these elements and place them into a made-up person.What is your process for picking and developing a storyline?For the Dark sons, I first outlined Hawks love story, the president of the club. I built his club around him. Characters, officers and a few others beneath it. Once I had the cast of characters. I wanted the women to have trouble but not be a bunch of victims. One kind of women would thrive inside the dark son’s environment. Then I created my female cast and then I placed them together. Every man was assigned a kink and that played into which woman would go for that? Which helped with matchmaking. Next?Two series that are slowly percolating. Mercenary and Alien. I’m also still working on my Urban FantasyWhat would you love to write?A mystery if I had the skill set to write it.Contact Information:Ann JensenAnnJensenWrites@gmail.com West
26:40 10/17/2021
Episode 8: Setup Tropes
Setup Tropes: I this show we cover tropes that have to do with where a love story starts. How they meet or come together.Circle Of Friends: This trope features three or more protagonists all searching for love.Coming Of Age: The first discovery of love as teenager can be a powerful theme to explore in a romance novel or story. Coming Out: A gay hero, heroine, or transgender lead character decides to come out about their true sexuality or identity – their coming out is a catalyst for a new love interest.Country Inn: A career-driven city girl inherits or buys a charming little inn, bed-and-breakfast, or guest house in the calm, bucolic splendour of the countryside. Cursed: In a fantasy or folklore-inspired romance, the heroine may have fallen under a curse, spell, or wicked charm that only the hero can break or reverse. Ghost: The heroine falls in love with a ghost, or both romantic protagonists are paranormal entities. A Divorce Never Went Through: The lead characters discover that their marriage was never annulled, or a divorce decree was never issued because of a bureaucratic mistake or some other misunderstanding.Grieving Lover: The heroine falls in love with a man who has lost a spouse or lover in the recent past. (a secondary trope to First Love)The Guardian Or Ward: An older male is bound by the obligation of a legal will or promise to oversee the care of a young charge. Makeover: The heroine is transformed from drab to fab to catch the hero’s attention. Alternatively, the hero has to transform his looks, body, and attitude to prove his worth to the heroine.Rags To Riches: A struggling, or down-on-her-luck heroine comes into money and/or fame through a surprising windfallRiches To Rags: A wealthy heroine or heiress loses her money and status overnight. Return From the Dead: A man she believes is dead returns to upset the heroine’s life in a major way. Secret Billionaire: The hero hides his identity and/or his wealth from the heroine, usually to test if she loves him for his true nature or his enormous wealth. Small Town: Heart-warming stories set in small towns. Trauma: A main character who has been traumatized in the past, finds healing through a romantic relationship. Unexpected Inheritance: The heroine comes into a windfall from a distant relative. Unexpected Parenthood: After a sibling dies or becomes ill, the heroine is now the sole guardian of one or more children.Unexpected Pregnancy: After learning of an unplanned pregnancy, the heroine must deal with the unexpected news and decide if she will tell the hero or not. Contact Information:Ann JensenAnnJensenWrites@gmail.com West
44:29 10/10/2021
Interview with Maren Smith
Interview with with author and publisher Maren SmithIn this episode we discuss:Do you write under one Pen Name or severs?I write under several pen names mostly BDSM, adult romance with plot, and Daddy DomWhat your sub genre of romance? Reading Contemporary Western, Paranormal Writing – contemporary -discusses villains and her book “Dark Vows”Regardless of the genre you’re writing, you prefer down to earth male POV? Yes, discusses hero characters.Focus of your publishing house? KinkHow did you choose high heat? Write what you know. Discusses 50 shades popularityFavorite Tropes? Contemporary, alpha male, trapped, fake relationshipLeast Favorite? Enemies to lovers, MafiaCharacters or story, what comes first? It’s different every time. An action comes first, and the character defines themselves as I’m writing it.From a fan or a review that was positive? Stopped reading most reviews, but the ones I like most where the comments from a book I wrote with Delta James. Worst thing about your book that you’ve read? The worst review, the one that made me angry in a laughy way “The Suffragettes” written in early 2000’s. Discusses feminism.As a writer if you could write anything what would if be? HorrorWhat is one thing about you that people probably don’t know? Hard to offend, easy to approach.WIP?  Anthology 2021, Daddy’s little convict, contemporary kinda paranormalish anthology in the new year.As a publisher? Eden Bradley – San Fran Dom Series – rebranding Contact Information:Maren SmithI also write under the names of Denise Hall, Darla Phelps, and Penny Alley.Want information on free stories, new releases, takeovers, giveaways and prizes? Join my newsletter! the latest on sales and special release pricing by following me on Bookbub! @authmarensmithInstagram: maren_smithGoodreads: JensenAnnJensenWrites@gmail.com West
28:18 10/06/2021
Personality Tropes
Personality Tropes (What are the Main characters, Like?)Personality, or Character Tropes? ... In the context of fiction, character tropes refer to common attributes or even entire stock characters. Alien Hero: A human heroine falls in love with, or is abducted by, an alien life force hero from another planet.Alpha Hero: The heroine must contend with a strong-willed, domineering, hyper-masculine, successful and wealthy hero.Armed Forces: A sexy, dynamic hero in uniform draws the heroine into a relationship, but a career in the army, navy etc., creates conflict.Athlete Hero: Sports themes are popular in North American romances, especially for teen and young adult audiences.Beta Hero: The good guy, the guy next door – this type of hero is usually more even-tempered and more realistic than the typical alpha hero.Bisexual Hero Or Heroine: This character is openly and equally attracted to both men and women. As a protagonist, they live by their own rules or sexual code, which makes them irresistibly unpredictable.Cowboys: Whether a rancher or a Texas Ranger, the hero embodies the characteristics and moral codes of the American frontier: courage, integrity, and usually a bit of chauvinism.Cyborg Hero: The heroine falls in love with an electromechanically enhanced man. The hero may have become cyborg after an experiment, accident, or some other tragedy.Dominant Alpha: An archetypal character in explicit, erotic fiction, the dominant alpha is rich, sexy, possessive, and always in charge.Domme Heroine: A domme, female dominatrix or BDSM mistress is often found in erotica, steamy romances, or period romances.Fish out of water: The heroine comes from a small town to a big city and is unprepared for the sophistication of the hero. Similarly, a city girl finds herself working or stranded in a small town and falls for the charm of a local hero. Thank you for joining us,Ann Jensen & Skylar WestContact Information:Ann JensenAnnJensenWrites@gmail.com West
44:48 09/26/2021
Behind the scenes with Skylar West
Behind the Scenes with Skylar WestWe ask her about her:What series are we highlighting? Crown and Cross and The Sons of Sicily What’s your favorite book in the series – Skylar discusses her book, His to Learn – Jimmy Falcone – story premise – Optional series name - Favorite female character is Suri from the Crown and Cross series. Description of the Laughlin plot. Description of Suri – she comes from a dark place and created herself anew. Skylar draws parallels between herself and Suri.Was there a specific character that you found challenging to write? A&D series, Jax hardest to write obstinate obtuse, dominant pain in the ass. Discusses how Jax and Finn eventually get there HEADid you have an external inspiration for the series like another writer or series you have read? I want to create the perfect sex scenes. The connection between the two mains has to be unique vein of connection, meant to be in someway. Discusses external inspirations, like other authors.Where your characters all developed in advance? Discusses the Memory Cathedral based on Leonardo Davinci – her process maps out in her head and develops as she writes. She sees the plot pathways. Process is organic.Have any of the characters gone down a path you didn’t anticipate? Yes, book 3 in A&D changed the direction of the series.How do you organize your characters for a series? I make notes afterward in notebooks that look like really bad vinn diagrams. Plug for Angels & Demons are really representing the corrupters of the earth and the Angels are the saviors trying to safe the earth and move it forward.Characters loosely based off people you know. All the characters have a characteristic of someone I know both the ones I like and the ones I don’t like.Skylar offers advice for readers and writers.Contact Information:Ann JensenAnnJensenWrites@gmail.com West
30:21 09/19/2021
Interview with Vanessa Brooks
Interview with Vanessa BrooksI this episode we interview Vanessa BrooksVanessa Brooks - penning passion!International best selling author Vanessa, lives in the heart of Sussex, England.She is a believer in happy endings and writes romance with a capital 'R' which includes strong characters and some power exchange. Her books are spicy and varied!When not being an author, Vanessa is out and about with her husband, exploring Britain's many castles and stately homes, stopping for scones & tea at every opportunity!We ask her about her: favorite sub genreWhy she chose the particular time in history that she did for you historical romance?discusses perception and reviews and refers to what we do as authors is our story. About the perfect man, historically versus contemporary. When she starts to write her story, what triggers it for her.What comes first story line or character?What is her favorite review or favorite thing for a reviewer to say about her book? Is her largest fan base in the UK or united states?What is her favorite/least favorite trope? If she wasn't writing romans what  would you write?What is up for her next?For more on Vanessa Brooks: newsletter signup : Information:Ann JensenAnnJensenWrites@gmail.com West
33:38 09/12/2021
Relationship Tropes
Relationship TropesA Trope in a romantic novel is a plot, theme, device or character used so often that it has become a convention within the genre. In other words: a romantic trope is the thing readers buy the romance for! Relationship Topes (How do they meet)Bachelor Auction – handsome, wealthy hero wins a date also Dare or Bet. Skylar and Ann both discuss auctions in school as grad fundraisers and how they turned out.Best Friends Brother – forbidden love and must hide her feelings for himBlind Date – the date usually delivers a twist, ie date turns out to be her boss. Screen example: You’ve got mail with Meg Ryan. Skylar shares a book, Bought by the Buccaneer by Vanessa Brooks.The Dating Game – Online dating is new to the heroine this could lead to comedy, or the opposite sadism, etc. and includes, Dating sites.  Ann shares some personal dating stories.Enemies to Lovers (Bully romance popular with YA romance) – characters move past the anger to attraction. I’m currently watching the new Dynasty with my family and Mr. Carrington and the ex-Mrs. Carrington are a perfect example. The masterful husband series by Vanessa Brooks. People love the wit and spark that ignites into fireworks versus a gentle burn romance. Bully Romance, Punk 57 was recommended to Ann who is not a fan of the story type but was drawn in and felt compelled to read the story. Didn’t like genre or trope but well written and was drawn in. Discusses reviews and how they can work against an author who writes a good story, but the plot is not appreciated.Forbidden Love – Taboos and lies are the heart of this trope, religion, or family feud – Romeo and Juliet are a good example and Shakespeare in Love. Step siblings’ class to relationship to family nationality, rival families like mafia romance. I enjoy when its not just a meeting trope but the story as well. Sometimes forbidden love is just thrown in as an afterthought. The trope should be part of the storyline. Ann provides a step sibling book example.First Love – seeks out or is reunited with her high school or first love. Taken 2 ways initial first love or a second chance love. A trope that works well for shorter stories because there is an implied relationship that is already there. FFM or MMF romantic menage trois that explores sexual entanglements. MFM men only interact on a sexual level or FMF women only interact on a sexual level with the males. Discuses POV regarding this trope and romance in general. Frenemies – friendly rivalry socially or at work, banter and teasing lead to sparks flying. Lighthearted, a girl with sass, their friends but the riff each other. Light banter, teasing, a little heatKidnapped – reluctantly falling for the kidnapperMarriage of convenience, or compromise – marriage based on necessity, financial or strategic reasonsPartners in fight crime – cop falling for another cop – they have this in blue Bloods with Jamie and his partner. 2 people who work together on an intimate basis then something happens and or sparks and they have a relationship. Ann and Skylar discuss working with their real-life partners. Prom Date – teen plot –. Suspense the will he won’t he, being chosen above all others. They discuss the pros and cons through the show Glee.Shared Pasts – have history together and now that must be resolved in the present. Soul Mates – two characters feel they are destined but forces conspire against them. The Notebook is a worthy example, as are Jayne Castel the sisters of Kilbride series. Ann discusses omega-verse versus non-omega verse brides of the kindred where they’re within a certain proximity of the destined mate they can dream share, when they finally meet there is insta-attraction. 
57:02 09/05/2021
Romance Sub-genres
Romance Subgenres – And how they fit into our reading habitsIn this episode we discuss:The larger, or main genres that include romance and how romance can exist inside any genre. Romance Subgenres and their componentsHistoricalRegencyFantasy Contemporary SuspenseSci FiParanormalWe also discuss the difference between Erotic Romance and Erotica. Contact Information:Ann JensenAnnJensenWrites@gmail.com West
36:28 08/29/2021
What makes a Romance Novel?
Show Notes Episode 1 What make a Romance NovelRomance stands on three points1. The ending, HEA or HFN2. The main plot of the story is the growing emotional/physical connection between the main characters3. Must include at least two people and when, where, and how did they meet. Telling the story of two separate people that come together.Expectations:The primary romantic characters should meet or be introduced to the reader in the first quarter of a book. They don’t have to be together romantically that quickly but if they don’t at least meet the story is more about an individual’s journey rather than the romance itself. For the majority of romance novels they will meet and have some type of spark by the end of chapter two.How fast should a couple connect physically? Depending on the heat level of the romance novel this answer can vary wildly.The higher the heat the faster the connection usually occurs. The most common in a steamy novel is for the spark to be instantaneous not instalove but perhaps insta-lust. There is a physical draw, and the reader should feel that from the moment the two characters meet. In most romances by the end of the first three chapters, there is an expectation to see a physical draw between the lead characters. Even in sweet romance there should be sparks, or an emotional bond. A romance wouldn’t be a romance without that connection. Could you imagine a mystery novel wher the mystery doesn’t start until two-thirds of the way through the book?What is heat level?Heat level has two elements 1. Steam - This is the push pull of physical desire. Do they want to snuggle and hold hands or rip one another's clothes off.2. Explicit - What sexual activity is described on the page? Do the author close the door on the sex scene or invite you to watch? HEA vs HFN (Happily Ever After vs Happy For Now)HEA: Sleeping beauty is the ultimate HEA in the end, love conquers all. That can happen in a single book or a series. The reader is left with the sense that everything has been resolved and the couple has no more dragons to slay. It is often accompanied by a wedding or baby possibly in an epilogue that wraps up and small loose ends.HFN: Is often used in series or short stories where an HEA is not believable. The reader feels like the couple has overcome their current issues and are happily paired up even if everything is not completely settled. It is the belief that the HFN could lead to the HEA eventually that leaves the reader satisfied.Contact Information:Ann JensenAnnJensenWrites@gmail.com West
33:54 08/15/2021
Welcome to Coast to Coast Romance (Teaser)
Get ready!Coast to coast romance will be releasing their first podcast on 8/23/21.Ann Jensen and Skylar West are two friends and authors who want to share and discuss everything about reading, writing, and reviewing romance novels in all their glory.Join us every week as we get together to discuss our favorite parts of romancelandia! You can find Ann Jensen at can find Skylar West at
01:03 08/13/2021