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Old Capital Real Estate Investing Podcast with Michael Becker & Paul Peebles

The Old Capital Real Estate Investing Podcast is aimed at Multifamily Real Estate Investors both new and seasoned. Hosts Michael Becker and Paul Peebles deliver no-hype education from an experienced commercial banker’s perspective. You will gain valuable insights from in-depth interviews with real life investors who are actively acquiring and operating apartment complexes in today’s environment. You will discover how they are identifying, financing and operating multifamily properties, as well as helpful advice on how to get started and avoid common mistakes. Be sure to subscribe today, as there is a new episode released weekly. On our show we’ll feature industry experts and discuss topics such as: • Syndication • Private Placements • Commercial Real Estate Investing • Apartment operation and renovations • Creating Passive Income • 1031 exchanges • Commercial Real Estate Lending • Fannie Mae Financing • Freddie Mac Financing • CMBS Loans • How to buy your first commercial property • Property Tax Protesting • How to get Started with your first Multifamily acquisition • Saving money on Taxes • Multifamily Mentor • Rich Dad Robert Kiyosaki Visit us at or


ASK MIKE MONDAYS : “SPECIAL ADDITION - Interest Rates are NOW RISING - What IMPACT will that have on my INVESTMENT?” 39:21 03/24/2022
Eps 261 - Matt Pohl with Walker & Dunlop explains why….”Everyone wants to BUY APARTMENTS in Austin, Texas…” 34:36 03/18/2022
ASK MIKE MONDAYS- “Michael, insurance is a huge annual cost; any solutions to 26:16 02/19/2022
Eps 260 - ‘INTEREST RATE FORTUNE TELLER’ JP Conklin – Shares his insight into where INTEREST RATES are headed in 2022. We think you will be surprised 28:29 02/17/2022
Eps 259 - Gourav Goyal: Life beyond my corporate career with multifamily investing. 42:50 02/06/2022
Eps 258 - Didn’t attend the 2022 National Multifamily Housing Conference (NMHC) in Orlando this year?? That’s alright; we were there and will share our insights on what we learned. 42:31 01/23/2022
ASK MIKE MONDAYS - “Michael, should we still invest in apartments in 2022?” 22:29 12/31/2021
Episode 257 - Has the supply chain screwed you up in acquiring VALUE-ADDED apartments because of lack of materials to upgrade? Do you need quality kitchen cabinets, granite counter tops, faucets, ligh 31:42 11/28/2021
Episode 256 - LeakAware- The Apartment Water Monitoring System: Saves you BIG money! 37:18 11/21/2021
Episode 255 - 4th Quarter Loan Officer Roundtable: What you need to know in financing! 45:36 11/10/2021
Episode 254 - Jakob Andersen with Newmark discusses CAP RATES on apartments in Texas. Will compression continue? 33:13 10/31/2021
Episode 253 - Nick Fluellen with Marcus & Millichap- Dallas sells a '$#^@ load' of apartments 34:41 10/24/2021
Episode 252 - Did you miss the 2021 Old Capital Conference? WE RECAP NOW! 33:17 10/15/2021
ASK MIKE MONDAYS- “Michael, insurance is a huge annual cost; any solutions to help me? 20:49 10/10/2021
Episode 251 - JP Conklin- Where are interest rates headed on commercial real estate loans? 32:04 10/08/2021
Episode 250 - You need to know West Texas Apartment Experts- Greg Brownd and Grant Roehm of KW Commercial 42:07 09/18/2021
ASK MIKE MONDAYS- “Michael, I’m new to rehabbing apartments. Where do I start?" 30:08 09/13/2021
ASK MIKE MONDAYS- “Michael, why are BRIDGE LOANS so popular now?” 18:42 09/06/2021
Episode 249 - Why should YOU attend the Old Capital Conference? Networking and Learning, of course!! 18:55 09/02/2021
ASK MIKE MONDAYS- “Michael, I see a trend that many syndicators are now changing deal sponsors on every deal; SHOULD I BE CONCERNED as a limited partner?” 21:09 08/22/2021
Episode 248 - Asset Manager Jack Langenberg explains the difference between ASSET MANAGEMENT & PROPERTY MANAGEMENT 45:31 07/31/2021
ASK MIKE MONDAYS- “Michael, I don’t want to SOUND LIKE A ROOKIE; what questions should I ask the listing broker?” 32:26 07/26/2021
Episode 247 - Find the problems upfront: Golden Nuggets of WISDOM from seasoned Apartment Property Inspector/Engineer- Bryan Amos 45:09 07/25/2021
ASK MIKE MONDAYS- “Mike, IS multifamily still a good place to invest in?” 22:04 07/19/2021
Episode 246 - RENTS ARE UP HUGE in most markets! Apartment Economist Greg Willett has all the answers 37:31 06/24/2021
Episode 245 - Where are interest rates going? Listen to JP CONKLIN - INTEREST RATE EXPERT 30:06 06/17/2021
Episode 244 - 2nd Quarter Loan Officer Roundtable; Is there TOO MUCH MONEY to lend? 42:46 06/09/2021
ASK MIKE MONDAYS - “Michael, when you first got into multifamily- What was the biggest MISTAKE you made? 32:58 06/07/2021
ASK MIKE MONDAYS - “Michael, what’s going on in 2021 multifamily today? It STILL seems CRAZY!” 21:12 05/31/2021
Episode 243 - The Saltwater Triangle of Florida (Tampa, Orlando, & Jacksonville) is on FIRE!! Learn from TOP BROKER Jad Richa with Capstone Companies on where to invest 46:54 05/26/2021