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Vestigo Ventures is a venture capital firm headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, that invests in early-stage technology companies focused on financial services. Its team members, including advisors from academia and the corporate world, are entrepreneurial, highly experienced, and deeply grounded in financial services, asset management, behavioral finance, and growing start-up companies. The complementary strengths of its team members uniquely position Vestigo to identify, make and manage investments in financial services technology companies.


#18 | Exploring the Intersection of Growth Equity, FinTech, and AI with Matt Alfieri, Partner at Centana Growth Partners
Curious about the evolving landscape of growth equity investments in the FinTech sector and the role of AI in shaping the future of finance? In this episode, we discuss:  How FinTech and AI are reshaping financial services and investment strategies Opportunities for applications of LLM technologies within financial services Matt’s learnings from being a member of the Goldman FinTech mafia Matt Alfieri is a partner at Centana Growth Partners, leading investments and serving on boards in the financial services, FinTech, and related software sectors. Prior to this role, he spent 9 years at Goldman Sachs, focusing on financial technology, market structures, and enterprise software, where he was both an investment banker and served on the principal investment group.
45:26 4/16/24
#17 | AI Disruption: Enterprise Dynamics, The Power of Open Source, and Redefining Geopolitics with Ray Wang, Co-Founder of Constellation Research
How is AI reshaping geopolitical complexities and the competitive landscape of enterprise? In this episode, we discuss:  The complexities of AI markets, from navigating open source versus closed systems to balancing innovation and margins in AI-as-a-service models AI in Enterprise: Scaling Startups vs. Incumbent Giants The geopolitical impact of AI on Middle Eastern energy politics and China's techno-authoritarianism Ray Wang, a tech luminary, is the Co-Founder & Chairman of Constellation Research, a Bestselling Author, and a Keynote speaker. Renowned for his insights into digital transformation and enterprise technology, Ray's expertise stems from influential roles at Altimeter Research and Forrester Research. His bestselling books, including "Disrupting Digital Business" and "Everybody Wants to Rule the World," delve deep into the impact of digital technologies on business models.  
46:33 3/19/24
#16 | AI's Role in Shaping Future Businesses: Jimmy Hatzell, CEO of Hatz AI, Shares His Journey Bringing Artificial Intelligence to the MSP Community
What role does AI technology play in shaping the businesses of the future? In this episode, we discuss: What it takes to build an AI business on today’s most cutting edge technology stack The challenges and opportunities presented by the new digital divide Building technology for small business customers Jimmy Hatzell, a seasoned SaaS startup professional, is the CEO and co-founder of Hatz AI, revolutionizing AI as a service for small businesses through MSPs. His leadership at Hatz follows a successful tenure as VP of Revenue at CyberQP, where he significantly contributed to revenue growth and strategic product direction. He continues to influence the company as an advisor.   
52:10 2/6/24
#15 | Decoding SaaS KPIs: Marrying Data & Business Tactics with Victor Cheng (CEO Coach) & Vipul Shah (Co-founder & CEO at SaaSWorks)
Victor Cheng is a CEO Coach and independent board member for founders of SaaS companies. He has been featured as a business expert by major media outlets including MSNBC, TIME magazine, and The Wall Street Journal, Victor is a former McKinsey & Company consultant and has been a senior executive in several publicly owned technology companies. He’s the author of Extreme Revenue Growth: Startup Secrets to Growing Your Sales from $1 Million to $25 Million in Any Industry   Vipul Shah is a Co-founder & CEO at SaaSWorks. SaaSWorks is the first purpose-built Continuous Finance Platform, powering the single source of truth for Subscription, FinTech, and Payments businesses and delivering accurate data, timely signals, and peace of mind. Prior to founding SaaSWorks, Vipul held Managing Director or Managing Partner roles at the likes of ArrowMark Partners, Brightwood Capital, SVT Capital, and Goldman Sachs, where he invested in mid-market private equity, growth equity, and debt across the SaaS, software, and tech-enabled services sectors.  
63:24 1/9/24
#14 | Navigating the AI Revolution in FinTech with Vestigo Ventures' Co-Founders and General Partners, Mark Casady & Dave Blundin
In this exclusive interview from our Annual General Meeting this past October, Frazer Anderson sat down with general partners Mark Casady and Dave Blundin to discuss the profound differences between blockchain and AI, with a focus on the transformative impact of neural networks. The interview explores concrete examples of AI applications in financial services, emphasizing the imminent shifts in customer service, risk management, and coding practices. Casady and Blundin also share perspectives on the adoption of AI in enterprises, discussing the challenges and opportunities in navigating this technological revolution. The interview concludes with insights on attracting top talent and fostering a dynamic learning environment. Watch as these industry veterans provide valuable perspectives on the evolving landscape of financial technology and artificial intelligence.
22:47 12/21/23
#13 | Lessons from Decades of Tech Investing as a Hedge Fund Manager with Scott Alberi (Fc Centripetal, Point72, Eminence Capital)
Scott J. Alberi is a founder of Fc Centripetal and has been an institutional technology investor since 1999. As a professional institutional investor for over 20 years, Scott has researched, analyzed, advised, and invested in hundreds of public enterprise technology companies. His career began at Eminence Capital in 1999, where he spent 19 years focusing on Enterprise Technology, Media, and Internet companies. He later joined Point72 as a Technology, Media, and Telecom Portfolio Manager before founding Fc Centripetal in 2022, an enterprise technology program that aims to de-risk and accelerate innovative solutions for enterprise IT architecture and security.
60:10 12/13/23
#12 | Building Trust & Transparency in Venture Debt Financing with John Markell, Managing Partner at Armentum Capital
John Markell has over 20 years technology industry experience having worked as an engineer, project manager and investment banker. His career in finance began at JP Morgan in New York and he has worked in New York, Toronto, London, and San Francisco as an investment banker prior to co-founding Armentum over 11 years ago. John has an MBA, a degree in Engineering Mathematics, and he is also a Licensed Professional Engineer.
51:10 12/5/23
#11 | Redefining Payment Terms in Global Markets with Calculum’s Founder & CEO, Oliver Belin
Oliver Belin is a thought leader in Supply Chain Finance with over 13 years of experience in this sector. He is the CEO of, a company leveraging AI to generate Free Cash Flow by optimizing payment terms. During his career, he worked for leading institutions in Supply Chain Finance, such as PrimeRevenue, GSCF and Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp., where he was responsible for setting up and managing multiple trade finance programs for multinational clients. In 2008, Oliver founded Swiss Commercial Capital, a company specialized in trade finance solutions, which was successfully sold to Macquarie Bank. In 2011, he released the book Supply Chain Finance Solutions, published by Springer. He holds a Master's degree in Finance and Capital Markets from the University of St. Gallen.
40:32 11/28/23
#10 | From Military to Startup: Revolutionizing Compensation Management with Aeqium's co-founder & CEO, Peter McKee
Peter McKee is the co-founder & CEO of Aeqium, a total compensation management platform. Prior to founding Aeqium, he spent his career leading teams as an engineering manager in the tech industry and as a cyber warfare officer in the US Army. He experienced the challenges of compensation planning firsthand as a leader at fast growing companies like Uber and Braze. Peter studied computer science at MIT and graduated with bachelor's and master's degrees.  
46:15 11/7/23
#9 | Cyber Protection for MSPs with Austin McChord & Carlson Choi, co-founders of Cork.
Austin McChord is a relentless entrepreneur whom many of you will know as the founder and CEO of Datto, which was recently sold to Kasaya for $6.2 billion dollars. He is also a founder at Casana (a medical device company where he is the CEO), Havoc Robotics, Outsiders Fund, and serves on the boards of Zorus and Shelf. Perhaps most importantly for this show, he is a co-founder and chairman at Cork, a cybersecurity solution for managed service providers (MSPs - heads up I’m going to use that term a lot in this episode). Carlson Choi is a co-founder and CEO of Cork. Prior to founding Cork, Carlson held technology leadership roles at Datto, Superluminal, Jack in the Box, Jollibee Foods Corporation, Mattel, and Activision Blizzard. He has dedicated his career to launching disruptive industry product and solutions from the earlier days of online digital gaming, digital to life toys, and mobile food ordering.  
44:16 6/6/23
#8 | Operating & Investing in FinTech and Defi with Asiff Hirji (fmr. a16z, Coinbase, TPG, Figure)
Asiff Hirji is a Director at Forge (formerly Equidate), one of the largest private company equity marketplaces and custodians, and an advisory board member for Vestigo Ventures and NuBank. Before his current roles, Asiff had a truly remarkable career as a technologist, operator, and investor. Most recently, he was President of Figure, a blockchain-based fintech lender. Prior to joining Figure, Asiff was the COO and President at Coinbase, an Operating Advisor at a16z, Chief Restructuring Officer at Hewlett Packard, and President and COO of TD Ameritrade. In addition, Asiff has also held senior leadership positions at TPG Capital, Saxo Bank, and Bain Capital.
49:52 2/6/23
#7 | SaaSWorks CEO, Vipul Shah, & CTO, Jim O'Neill
Frazer speaks with the founders of SaaSWorks, Vipul Shah (CEO) and Jim O’Neill (CTO), where they each discuss their paths into entrepreneurship and how their experiences drove them to start SaaSWorks.
82:47 10/3/22
#6 | Portage Ventures General Partner, Steph Choo
Frazer speaks with the General Partner of Portage Ventures, Steph Choo, where they discuss her path into FinTech and how she views the ever-changing world of FinTech.
63:38 5/16/22
#5 | DVx Co-Founder & CEO, Jon McNeill
Jon McNeill is a former President of Tesla, COO of Lyft, and 7x founder. He is currently the CEO of DVx, a company creation platform that he co-founded. In this episode of The Vestigo FinTech Podcast, he shares what it means to be a company that creates companies, Elon Musk stories, his influences, and what excites him about the future.
50:08 2/1/22
#4 | Wagmo Co-Founder & CEO, Christie Horvath
Christie Horvath is the CEO & Co-Founder of Wagmo. In this episode, they discuss her experiences and lessons learned as a founder, from ideation to realization.    
54:32 1/18/22
#3 | Alloy Co-Founder & CEO, Tommy Nicholas
Tommy Nicholas is the CEO & Co-Founder of Alloy, which recently reached unicorn status with a $100M Series C financing led by Lightspeed Venture Partners, valuing the company at $1.35B.
42:27 11/8/21
#2 | Clerkie Founder & CEO, Guy Assad
Guy Assad is the CEO of Clerkie. In this episode, Frazer and Guy discuss debt-automation, frameworks for company building, and the future of FinTech.
27:30 9/28/21
#1 | Vestigo Managing Partner, Mark Casady
We sit down with Vestigo Ventures' Managing Partner Mark Casady to discuss his career across financial services and venture capital, and to hear some stories and lessons along the way.
36:29 8/23/21