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These podcasts are easy to listen to and always gives you quick tips and goals to achieve after listening. Christina wants to empower you and help you be on the path to living your best life. Christina Rondeau who is an author, business coach, fitness guru, pro fighter and celebrity trainer offers you these podcasts to help guide you to be successful in your personal and professional life. This is your life journey and Christina shares her experience and stories to help guide you on yours.


You can't change anyone but YOU
A good reminder that You can not change anyone but YOU! Stop trying to change others, the only thing you can change is you! You can change the way you react, the way you eat, the way you exercise the way you take care of YOURSELF! That's it! You have the power to create the life you want! Find out what you need to do to continue on the path of taking care of you and releasing the belief that you can change others. Support the Show.
08:59 2/12/24
Are You Tired?
Are you tired?  Do you feel so irritated that you don't even have a fuse? If you find yourself reactive and pushed to the limit then listen to this podcast! Get some tools to help yourself  and know that YOU are NOT ALONE! Recharge - Put yourself first and break the cycle! www.ChristinaRondeau.comSupport the Show.
08:16 2/7/24
Don't let anything or anyone Break Your Spirit
Sometimes we just feel off and it is in those moments someone or something can really break our spirit! Well learn how to overcome those moments and don't let anyone break your spirit! Support the Show.
07:29 9/11/23
Change Your Routine & Raise your Vibration
Talking to you in this podcast about changing your routine and raising your vibration. When you break that boredom or stagnant feeling you will be more open to receive and raise your vibration for manifesting.  Listen, Learn and Grow! Support the Show.
18:16 5/23/23
Manifesting Abundance Part 2
In part 2 we continue to work on "You" and release the stuff holding back all those unexpected blessings from coming to you. We also end with an amazing short guided meditation to cleanse you all you don't need and bless you with abundance. Listen in and please remember to leave a review and check out Support the Show.
20:07 3/27/23
Manifesting Abundance Part 1
Listen to this podcast to attract abundance in your life! These powerful assignments will take you to a new level of manifesting and attracting abundance in your life.  If you enjoy these podcasts please leave reviews and buy Christina a coffee to show your appreciation and keep these free podcasts coming. Part 1 Support the Show.
18:40 3/20/23
🔒 Expert Advice: Business 101 - Why you should use Group On?
Subscriber-only episodeThis is a burning question for some business owners so I explain it here for you to understand how it can help your business and why you should use it. There are some pros and cons to it, so ultimately you decided. 
07:15 3/1/23
🔒 Expert Advice: Business 101 - Greeting Customers & Experiences
Subscriber-only episodeWorlds leading expert on business, Christina Rondeau, professional business consultant talks to you with real talk and uses concrete examples to have you take a look deeper into how you operate your business. How are your customers Greeted, how does your staff make them feel upon a first impression at your establishment? Do you create an amazing experience or tell them it could have been great? Listen to these podcasts for expert advice and remember the best teachers make the best students! You can always learn and improve yourself and your business! 
16:17 2/8/23
🔒 Expert Advice: Business 101 - Good Experiences and Get rid of Negative Talk
Subscriber-only episodeWe never want to pay for an "experience or service" and have the person tell us "it could have been better." Don't be that person, recognize that now and hear yourself when you are talking "negative" talk. Learn how to reset your mindset and shift your perceptions so that you speak in a positive manner verses negative. 
14:43 2/8/23
Doing Your Best & Attracting More Goodness
This life journey is all about doing your best, finding your unique talents and then sharing them with people. When you do something that makes you feel good and others feel good then you are on that positive vibration and that will allow other positive / goodness into your life! Listen in and do the work at the end to find yours and figure it out. You have 1 life to Live, so live it with passion, purpose and power! Support the Show.
16:41 11/14/22
7 day - 5 min Manifest / Medicine Challenge
I challenge you to 7 days of waking up and doing a 5 minute meditation. This could be  stillness, praying, wishing, manifesting... whatever you want to call it,  just close your eyes, take a deep breathe and be still for 5 minutes. Connect with your creator, spirit, universe, God, think positive thoughts and start your day this way for 7 days! Then lets talk about it! How did you feel? Did it change your perspective for the day? Mindset?  Let's inspire others to feel good and do good with our positive talks about things we have control of in our life that can make a huge impact to the world! Support the Show.
07:09 9/23/22
The struggles in life! Let's take some steps to get through our struggles. How? How? How? Listen to this podcast and find out what you can do to help yourself through some struggles. @christinarondeaucelebrity and leave reviews if you enjoy these podcasts! Thank you for listening, I appreciate all of YOU! ;) Support the Show.
09:48 8/30/22
Confidence & Human Connection
A life skill that should be taught from a young age! Connecting with people with confidence! Listen to this podcast and learn some tips that will help you connect better. Support the Show.
16:46 7/21/22
FRESH for You
This is a special episode with Guest Michelle Girasole, CEO of F.R.E.S.H. Check her out at Fresh Rebellion and let us get FRESH with this podcast today. Taking you always through the 3 steps (today we do 4) to help you be the best you can be with your Mind, Body & Soul - keeping you #1 on the journey to a better YOU! You an also visit me at Support the Show.
09:58 6/20/22
We have to find solutions to problems instead of arguing with people and letting things escalate. How we react and what we choose to do can help a situation and help others to stop with the negativity. Listen to this story about a recent "solution" that helped an elderly man out and hopefully a positive lesson taught to associates at a store. Continue to be a Soul Fighter and spread positivity and inspire others. Support the Show.
16:49 5/24/22
Energy Flow - Mind, Body, Soul
We are all energy.. we flow like a river but life likes to throw us obstructions. What are the obstructions in your life? Let's clear the obstructions and create a vision for you. Manifest  a goal and watch everything flow into your life once you keep your energy flowing. Support the Show.
15:24 4/19/22
What is perseverance? What in your life has you stuck in the mud? Let's persevere through it together and watch the beautiful that can come out of it. No mud, no lotus. Support the Show.
12:23 4/4/22
Think about the last time someone gave you a compliment and how that made you feel. Let's be inspired to spread the love and kindness of a compliment. Listen to this podcast for some Feel Good Inspiriation ! Support the Show.
08:10 2/23/22
New Year = No Regrets
Let's choose to live with no regrets and remember that any day is a NEW DAY ! Powerful words and actions to help you live life like a soul fighter. Overcome obstacles with your mind, body and soul. Listen and learn and be inspired. Support the Show.
17:10 1/17/22
Take the Next Step
Just take the next step and let it all fall effortlessly into place!  Support the Show.
15:35 12/16/21
Perfectly Imperfect
Let’s let go of trying to be perfect and instead let’s manifest miracles. 3 steps to help you look at life mire graciously. Bringing you back to being conscious of the gift of life. Support the Show.
11:56 12/8/21
Whispering you a little inspiration
Right from the Largest labyrinth in the world, inspired by the journey and whispering you a message straight from the guides... its reality, its raw, its real.. its the inspiration that keeps me going and the passion that drives me.... to inspire YOU! Live your Best live, be your best self and enjoy the journey! Support the Show.
05:16 10/17/21
People & Bubbles
Sometimes the simplest way to get rid of the negative is to be silent. Listen to this podcast and empower yourself to get rid of negative people and stop letting their bad moods ruin your vibration!! Support the Show.
09:26 9/23/21
Get rid of limiting beliefs with special guest Ursula Mentjes
Join Christina and special guest Ursula Mentjes for a power session and  3 tips to fast forward you into achieving your goals. In life, relationship or business you can use these tips and be inspired by their passion for helping others manifest there desires. You can also hang out with Urusula on social media channels and find her at and continue to grow on your life journey! Support the Show.
19:34 8/18/21
Positive Healthy Healing
Anything can happent to you and having a healthy positive mindset can make all the difference especially in healing your body. Listen to the 3 steps I took to stay positive and help my body heal when hit with a blood clot, meniscus tear, torn cartilage and ruptured bakers cyst  all at once! Support the Show.
15:46 8/3/21
A Manifesting Challenge For You! Try it !
Todays podcast is all about a manifeting challenge for you. The Rubber Duckie Challenge! Listen and start manifesting your rubber duckie today! Then PLEASE leave a review and tell me about it. I would love to hear your amazing feeback and positive listeners looking to continue your journey making YOU a better You. Support the Show.
08:18 5/25/21
Goals take time and work - How to never throw in the towell
It is so easy to give up but so much harder to keep chipping away at your goals. How do you do that? Listen in and I give you 3 easy steps to take action and move forward and achieve your goals. Never give up..  what do you do? How to do it ?  I answer these questions and share with you tips to do it too! If you enjoy these podcasts please leave a review! Support the Show.
14:29 4/7/21
Expect Delays - Shift Lanes ! The highway of life
In life we shift directions and take different paths. It is all in how way percieve these new direction and paths of life. It is about experiencing and enjoying the journey not just getting to the destination. Re focus your mind, shift your thinking to be a soul fighter! - - Support the Show.
06:38 3/25/21
Do you want everything you could have?
Manifesting can come so fast and the question is do you want everything you could have?  I also discuss social and emotional intelligence and how to make sure your not that person manifesting negative things. Support the Show.
06:13 2/10/21
Change your Vibration in 60 seconds
Change your Vibration! Start the day off positive and don’t fall victim to yourself.  You create your own story and you can change it. Take 60 seconds to start you day on a positive vibration every single day! Listen and learn how to do this and start today. Support the Show.
10:58 12/29/20