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Secret 2 My Success features hour-long segments where we talk to creative business owners about their roads to success. This is not a place for them to sell, but to educate, inspire, and show others a path to success. Join us for very candid and fun conversations to motivate those thinking about starting their own business. The second part of the show, Passion 2 Profit, is a segment where we combine 'Where are they Now' of famous athletes, actors etc. and their transition into successful business owners. Listen to great relevant resources to help run and grow your business.


Secret 2 My Success Episode 49 -- John Giasullo - Classic Cars of Palm Beach
John Giasullo - Owner of Classic Cars of Palm BeachWebsite: www.classiccarsofpalmbeach.comContact Page: LinkAbout Classic Cars of Palm Beach:  Link Phone: (561) 529-3101Sales: (888)-896-8897About Classic Cars of Palm Beach -- Summary:Natalie and I started this Dealership to be completely unlike the traditional Car Buying experience. We offer over 100 Clean Used Cars.... All priced slightly over wholesale. We do not haggle over price and we are one of the ONLY dealers to intentionally NOT charge a Dealer Fee.For years I have hated the way Car Dealers operate. The greed was always the motivation for dealer policy. I knew that I could build a better mouse trap. After growing a local Independent Used Car Dealership from 200 cars/month to over 5000 cars/month I had finally gotten to a point in my life where I could walk away from the corporate world and build what I had dreamt about for all of those years.Address:Classic Cars of Palm Beach 1612 N Us Highway 1Jupiter, FL 33469Support the show
56:22 09/22/2022
Secret 2 My Success Episode 48 -- Kelley Higney -- Founder: The Bug Bite Thing
Kelley Higney. Founder of The Bug Bite ThingWebsite: www.bugbitething.comContact Page: About The Bug Bite Thing: 561-748-5587E-Mail: support@bugbitething.comAbout The  Bug Bite Thing -- Summary:We were completely unprepared for the mosquitoes after moving to Florida from California! My oldest daughter, who was just six-months-old at the time, suffers terribly from mosquito bites and none of the over-the-counter remedies worked. We began avoiding the outdoors. I knew there had to be a better way!I began to research how other countries were combating insect bites and stings and I came across a little known suction tool. I created the Bug Bite Thing brand and began selling the tool at farmers’ markets and bake sales at my daughter’s school. Parents started tracking me down in the school parking lot and said Bug Bite Thing was a game changer for their family and improved their quality of life. I knew that I was on to something! I sold my house and used that money to buy my first big batch of inventory.Bug Bite Thing remains Amazon’s #1 selling product for insect bite relief with over 50,000 reviews! We’re continuing our global expansion and thrilled to be carried by over 30,000 retail locations including CVS Pharmacy, JOANN’s, Rite Aid, The Home Depot, Walgreen and more!Address:BUG BITE THING HEADQUARTERS611 NW Mercantile PlPort Saint Lucie, FL 34986Support the show
61:18 09/08/2022
Secret 2 My Success Episode 47 -- Oscar, Dana and James (Bonus: Allen, Luis and Mike)
A family of international origins, winds up in Florida and loves it! They're a family of entrepreneurs. James is the dad, Dana the mom, and Oscar is their son. James and Dana, both once in banking and technology, were born and spent much of their lives in Europe. After years of working all over Europe, they moved with their very young son to the USA, in Florida. Oscar was born in Geneva, Switzerland, but he was raised in Miami.James and Oscar can provide for you a "nanovacation!" Take a vacation anywhere at anytime! And James can help you take liquidity from an existing piece of art. Here's how they express it: "Our goal is to help Art Collectors, Artist Foundations and Museums unlock  liquidity from their art assets by creating a new fully liquid asset class." Phone: 954-240-0470 Website: liquidartsolutions.comE-mail: Allen, Luis and Mike discuss the first 45 minutes of the podcast... and more.Support the show
53:23 09/05/2022
Secret 2 My Success Episode 46 -- Maria and Juan Martin of JC Martin Jewelers
Maria Martin and Juan Martin of JC Martin JewelersLocated at: 1800 Forest Hill Blvd., Suite B1, West Palm Beach, FL, 33406Phone: 561-373-9644, 561-433-3585E-mail:, Maria@Jcmartinrepairs.comWebsite:  jcmartinrepairs.comSupport the show
55:20 08/30/2022
Secret 2 My Success Episode 45 -- Jimmy Miller, Attorney, and Ivelices Thomas, HR and Beyond
Jimmy Miller - Third generation West Palm Beach native. His family has been in business in the area for more than 100 years! Attorney, who's practiced law for 40 years. Located at: Miller Legal PL, 1555 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd., Suite 1555, West Palm Beach, FL 33401 Phone: (561) 762-4492 - E-Mail: Thomas - HR and Beyond - Located at: 777 South Flagler Drive, Suite 800 West Tower, West Palm Beach, Florida  33401And: 140 Intracoastal Pointe Dr., Suite 310 Jupiter, Florida  33477Phone: 561.935.6244;  Fax: 561.935.5494 Support the show
52:28 08/29/2022
Secret 2 My Success Episode 44 -- Andrew and Bob
Andrew:  Owner of a great Pizza Place! Avellino's Italian Restaurant in Delray Beach, Florida. Phone: 561-332-3544   Website: www.avellinosdelray.comBob Pagano:  Business Consultant at Greenville Business Consulting. Phone: 435-659-6893 - Website:  Support the show
53:38 08/22/2022
Secret 2 My Success Episode 43 -- Ramon Ray, speaker, author, entrepreneur, and Allison Jericho, Apple Insurance and Financial
◉ Ramon Ray -- Speaker, author, entrepreneur. Website:  Here ◉ Allison Jericho -- Apple Insurance and Financial. Website: Here Support the show
52:37 07/28/2022
Secret 2 My Success Episode 42 -- Carl Berry and Jason Emmett, Restauranteurs
Carl Berry and Jason Emmett of American Icon Brewery - - - Phone: 772-934-4266They boast one of the best brewmasters in Florida! He just won an award in the state for one of his inventions. And they have other medal-winning beers. Support the show
56:44 07/11/2022
Secret 2 My Success Episode 41-- Brent Medearis of Carolina Architectural Lighting and Design, Elizabeth of Miami Top Cleaning
Brent Medearis of Carolina Architectural Lighting and Design -,, Phone: (864) 335-5065,   Fax: (864) 335-5066Elizabeth of Miami Top Cleaning - -- -- 786-444-3947Support the show
55:08 07/11/2022
Secret 2 My Success Episode 40 -- Ali Gulzari, Ramses Maldonado
Our guests in this episode:Ali Gulzari - Tax Accountant/CPA in the center of Florida -- -- 407-750-6011Ramses Maldonado - Background: Mechanical Engineer/Project Manager focusing on software development. Started in 2013. Support the show
54:03 06/27/2022
S2MS Episode 39 -- Mike McGann
S2MS Episode 39 -- Mike McGannSupport the show
56:06 06/20/2022
S2MS Episode 38 -- A Tribute to Allen's Uncle Jack
S2MS Episode 38 -- A Tribute to Allen's Uncle JackSupport the show
58:37 06/20/2022
S2MS Episode 36 -- Ashley Gleason, Carolina Correa
Ashley Gleason, Carolina CorreaSupport the show
48:26 06/10/2022
S2MS Episode 37 -- Tim Reever, Brian Simmons
In this episode, we welcome Tim Reever and Brian Simmons.Support the show
54:02 06/10/2022
S2MS Episode 35 -- Seth Bornstein
In this episode, we welcome Allen's cousin, Seth Bornstein.Support the show
55:34 06/10/2022
S2MS Episode 34 -- Karl Vaith, Hector Herrera
Karl Vaith, Hector HerreraSupport the show
55:49 06/10/2022
S2MS Episode 33 -- Jarred Parton, Henry Calix
First up: Jarred Parton PA,  former golf instructor turned Real Estate Agent in South Florida. Jarred is a South Florida native, who loves helping his clients buy and sell their homes.  Jarred is also involved with local charites in his community. Find out more about Jarred at up:  Henry Calix, founder of Weedsies, the world's first and only online marketplace that not only features hemp, CBD, and cannabis products but also allows local dispensaries to do so. is an online marketplace exclusive for the CBD and Hemp and Cannabis industry. Here you'll find all the different areas of the industry come . the show
58:56 04/19/2022
S2MS Episode 32 -- Brian Simons, Marco from Now Hiring You
First up, Brian Simons Owner of Winston Trails Golf Club.Brian has had many successful  businesses  and partnerships throughout his career. He has had some great collaboration in the golf industries.  He has taken his passion and turned it into many many successful businesses. up:  Marco from Now Hiring You.Now Hiring You is a full time and temporary staffing company for accounting, corporate accounting, corporate finance, and other financial services.They specialize to bring you the best talent the show
52:14 04/05/2022
Secret 2 My Success Episode 31 -- Mike Greenwell, Former Left Fielder for The Boston Red Sox
Another amazing guest brought to us by Luis Alicea. Listen as the S2MS Crew talks with Mike Greenwell, former major league baseball player for the Boston Red Sox. Allen digs deep into Mike's career career with the Red Sox. Then Mike shares his many adventures after leaving Major League Baseball.  Baseball fan or not, you will love this one!Support the show
44:43 03/25/2022
Secret 2 My Success Episode 30 -- Friends of Foster Children and Empower IT
Todays show features Martha Putnam from Friends of Foster Children.  Listen while Martha Shares her story.  Martha and her husbands journey with Friends of Foster Children has become such a huge part of their life's mission. Next up Joe from Empower IT.   Joe shares some helpful information all businesses should know about keeping their networks safe. Support the show
58:18 03/24/2022
Secret 2 My Success Episode 29 -- Hired Hearts and Miami Doors and Locks
Listen as Allen and Dawn Interview Karen Green from Hired Hearts.  Karen and her team will care for your family member if you are out of state or just unable to handle all the details on your own. She will handle thing like doctor visits, communication, with doctors, In-home care management and so much more.Hired Hearts, Inc. provides complete Care Management services for Palm Beach and Broward County residents who need an Advocate through the Healthcare System's medical and life care. Here's their website: up: Maria from Miami doors and Locks.  "The Chick that Rocks the Locks"Maria and her husband have been in business for 21 years. Maria shares her story of working for someone else then going out  to build her own company with her husband.  Maria is an inspiration to all. Here's a link to their website: the show (
54:45 03/15/2022
Secret 2 My Success Episode 28 -- First, the owners of Bigfoot Construction, then Physical Therapist John Congdon
Welcome to Episode 28 of Secret 2 My Success!Join Allen, Luis and Dawn Lee as they talk business success with the owners of Bigfoot Construction. Then, they meet and talk with Physical Therapist John Congdon. Don't miss this episode! Support the show (
59:53 03/05/2022
Secret 2 My Success Episode 27 -- Sarah Martin from Experience Epic Events and Lupe The owner operator of Boynton Beach Dry Wall
Linsten in as Allen, Luis and Dawn discuss success with Sarah Martin of Experience Epic Events and Lupe, owner/operator of Boynton Beach Dry WallExperience Epic Events: From your biggest celebration to a private get together events should be left to the professionals. Our team has over a combined 100 years of experience in the event and marketing industry with a large network of Event Creatives and Professionals. Our team will work with you through our 4-Step Event Planning Process and bring your event to life…one that you and your guests will remember forever. Here's the website: Lupe, owner/operator of Boynton Beach Dry Wall. We'll find out how the business is doing, and what are the secrets to success in this side of the challenging construction industry.Support the show (
58:04 03/05/2022
Secret 2 My Success Episode 26 -- Bruce from Seminole Reef and KEM Mason, candidate for Lake Worth town council
Secret 2 My Success introduces  West Palm Beach newest and best Seafood restaurant Seminole Reef. Join us as we speak to Bruce owner operator of The Seminole ReefNet up KEM Mason, candidate for Lake Worth's town council.  Allen gets deep on some very pressing issues facing Lake Worth, KEM give his feedback, and his mission for Lake Worth residents.Don't miss this episode!Support the show (
56:56 02/24/2022
Secret 2 My Success Episode 25 -- 101 year old Uncle Jack
Welcome to this weeks moving episode of Secret 2 my Success! This week we welcome Allen's 101 year old Uncle Jack.Uncle Jack shares his stories of being drafted  at a young age.  Its very emotional for Uncle Jack  telling his stories about his experiences of such a time,Our very own Dawn Lee was reaching for the tissues listening to Uncle Jack speak.The biggest takeaway is this: Having been through all he has, Uncle Jack keeps a positive attitude and strives to live a joyful life.  We are very blessed and honored to have been part of this interview with Uncle Jack.Support the show (
56:35 02/15/2022
Secret 2 My Success Episode 24 -- Alex Berry, Greg Lewis, David Case
Check out our 24th Episode! This week we have 3 Guests: Alex Berry of H&K Enterprise, Greg Lewis of Tropical Landscaping and David Case, Restaurateur.  Listen as our guests share the challenges and accomplishments in their businesses and life. Support the show (
60:00 02/06/2022
Secret 2 My Success Episode 23 -- Cheryl Sadlon and Jonathan Wilson
Welcome to our 23rd Episode! We know you will enjoy today's guests. Our first guest is Cheryl Sadlon.  Cheryl has worked hard to get her life to a place where she builds relationships, helps people and enjoys her life. What a pleasure to hear Cheryl's story.Next up Jonathan Wilson.  Jonathan has two careers.  What a great asset he is to people all over our county as a private adjuster.  To hear the stories and the things happening behind the scenes really makes you think.  Then Jonathan share his weekend job where he entertains people as a DJ.  Great stories from both our guests!! Enjoy!  Support the show (
54:09 01/30/2022
Secret 2 My Success Episode 22 -- Mathew Levy from Results Management, Teba from Denatura Wellness
Listen as our crew speaks with Mathew Levy from Results Management,  Mathew is passionate about his work and helping family businesses  get unstuck and united to build the company of their dreams!Their website: up: Teba with Denatura Wellness tells us about her journey.  Teba educates us on the importance of wellness and selfcare.  Your Wellness is your Medicine.  Teba's website: the show (
54:27 01/23/2022
Secret 2 My Success Episode 21 -- Ana from Velocity Social Media, and Kara Wolters WNBA Champion, Olympic Gold Medalist
Join us for an exciting 21st Episode of Secret 2 My Success! Ana with Velocity Social Media shares her story and tips on growing your business and brand.  Here's Velocity's website: www.velocitysocialmedia.comNext up is Kara Wolters: Nicknamed "Big Girl" Kara's impressive and inspiring resume includes:  WNBA Champion,  Olympic Gold Medalist,  Women’s Basketball Hall of Famer, Television Personality and Analyst.Support the show (
47:32 01/23/2022
Secret 2 My Success Episode 19 -- Replay: Larita Jarvis, Business and Management Consulting and Rich White entrepreneur
Our New Years day show is a replay of two extraordinary guests.LaRita Jarvis Business and Management consulting,  LaRita is on a mission to spread contagious compassion! As a behavioral scientist, Certified Process Communication Trainer LaRita prepares leaders to tackle even the most challenging situations.Larita's LinkedIn page: White is an  entrepreneur who has been down many roads.  His journey is motivating and inspiring.  Support the show (
58:03 01/23/2022