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This is a podcast about Philosophy and its relation to the story of human life. Hosted by Alex Sachon. Find links to my publications and more at my website:


Today I'm excited to share my recent interview with Dr. Mark Bailey,  one of the leading intellects and voices in the anti-vax, anti-germ theory, anti-allopathic-medicine movement that has sprung up around the world with force since 2020.  This interview is oriented around a detailed discussion of the deep-rooted scientific corruption existing at the heart of modern medicine. The COVID "epidemic" is referenced as a case study.  Mark frequently works in tandem with his wife Sam (also a doctor). Together they run a Substack, YouTube, and Rumble channel, where they post very informative videos breaking down various topics pertaining to health, medicine, and disease. You can follow them here: and Sam recently published a book together called The Final Pandemic: An Anecdote to Medical Tyranny. They wrote it as an approachable introduction to the anti-germ theory viewpoint, breaking down  the various ways that the scientific method is violated and corrupted in order to justify the fictitious "germ theory" paradigm, which the entire business model of modern medicine is built off of. You can find a copy of their new book on Amazon.Thanks for listening!-
113:05 4/4/24
MANLY P. HALL "Learning to Know the Dweller in the Flesh" | Lecture Analysis
In this episode, I break down a classic Manly P. Hall lecture titled "Learning to Know the Dweller in the Flesh". It's all about understanding the philosophy of the Self (or Higher Self), how it relates to the physical personality, and what we can do to align with it. I start the episode off by reading a short essay I published a couple weeks ago on my Substack called "The Real You".  If you don't follow me there, you should: thewisdomtradition.substack.comThanks for tuning in!- Alex
92:51 3/14/24
MANLY P. HALL "Armageddon: The War that Ends in Peace" | Lecture Analysis
In my newest podcast episode, I analyze a classic lecture from Manly P. Hall titled “Armageddon: The War that Ends in Peace.” The contents of this lecture fit right in with the theme of mankind’s “Fight with the Shadow”, a topic we have explored often in the various books and articles I’ve published so far on my Substack. For example, my most recent article and podcast episode on the WHO is built entirely around this theme.Check out my Substack ( for the written transcript of this episode, featuring both Hall's lecture and my commentary.Thanks for tuning in! - 
81:18 2/7/24
World Events are Pushing Mankind Toward a Confrontation with the Shadow
In this unscripted episode I discuss a wide-range of topics centered around the theme that world events are indicating that mankind is being rapidly pulled toward an inevitable confrontation within the psychological force within himself that Carl Jung called the Shadow. The discussion starts with a look at the WHO's new Pandemic Preparedness Treaty and considers that how this looks like the "final solution" for the aspiring health dictators. Other sectors of society are experiencing similar motions toward the final stage of various interconnected nefarious plans, be they the collapse of the energy economy, the forced migration crisis and "clash of civilizations" scenario, the deconstruction of the industrial food system, and more. Towards the end of the episode I also give some updates on the channel and some new stuff that's been going on with me.Thanks for listening, -
65:31 1/26/24
RILEY WAGGAMAN on Russia's Complicity in the Great Reset | Interview with Russia-based Journalist
In today's episode I'm sharing a recent interview I did with journalist Riley Waggaman, formerly of RT, who is based in Russia and writes critically of Russia's complicity in advancing the same technocratic Great Reset agenda that America and the EU - its supposed enemies - are also advancing. So while on one level China and Russia are the espoused enemies of the West, on another level they are all collaborating  to bring the world into a new paradigm of global technocratic governance. In this interview, we talk first about his perspective of the Ukraine War from inside Russia, and then we move on to talk about Russia's complicity in the Great Reset agenda. I was surprised to learn that not only is Russia on board with the vaxx mandates, CBDCs, and Digital ID systems, but they also have their own version of a forced migration crisis going on. Check out Riley's excellent Substack: mine: my website, where links to the podcast and YouTube can be found: www.alexsachon.comThank you,Alex Sachon
59:44 1/10/24
What's Happening at the Southern Border? | A New Element of the Great Reset is Revealed
In today's episode, I'll be investigating what looks to be a key pillar of the ongoing Great Reset: the weaponization of illegal alien migrations into the US, UK, and EU. In particular, I'm going to examine the staggering number of migrants from all over the world streaming into the US from its Southern Border with Mexico - an operation that is clearly being run and orchestrated by a coalition between the Biden Administration, the Deep State, and the UN. In this episode, I share numerous clips from The Alex Jones Show where he talks about this engineered crisis. I find he's been one of the best sources for analysis on this issue (and as it turns out, this is a topic he has been on top of for over a decade). I also share and comment on clips from The Jimmy Dore Show, the Shawn Ryan Show,  and others. Follow my Substack if you don't already: thewisdomtradition.substack.comMy website: www.alexsachon.comMy Instagram: @thewisdomtradition 
58:57 1/6/24
PROF. ANTHONY HALL on the Geopolitics of Israel, Palestine, and Gaza | Interview
Hey folks,About a week ago I had a long conversation with Anthony Hall, Professor Emeritus of Globalization Studies at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada. He is an expert in the colonization of indigenous peoples and views the ongoing Israel-Palestine situation in that light. He is also a frequent contributor to the website, which is where I discovered his work. This interview follows up my recent article on 10/7 called "October 7th: The Fog Begins to Clear". Dr. Hall has several related articles on the topic that I recommend, which can be found on his Substack: for listening, - 
81:31 12/19/23
October 7th: The Fog Begins to Clear | Follow-Up Commentary
I wanted to offer some additional commentary on my recent article that takes an in-depth look at the October 7th attacks on Israel.  The article is the first in a series and in this commentary I relate the 10/7 attacks and Israel's response to them to some of the larger themes I'll be discussing in those later articles.Of particular interest is the idea that the Great Reset may herald a significant change in the relationship between the US and Israel.You can find the original article on my Substack. A touched-up transcript of this commentary is also available there. It's worth Alex 
11:58 12/18/23
October 7th: The Fog Begins to Clear | A New Picture is Emerging About the Events of 10/7
In this episode, I revisit the events of the October 7th attack on Israel. The goal is to move beyond certain oversimplifications and mischaracterizations of the event that have become prominent. There is a lot more here than what first meets the eye.The article can be read on my Substack: thewisdomtradition.substack.comSections: 1. Others Were Involved with the 10/7 Attacks Besides Hamas2. Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad: Uneasy Allies3. The Strategic Objectives Behind Operation Al-Aqsa Flood4. The IDF’s Counter-Response Killed Many Israeli Citizens5. Israeli Intelligence had Foreknowledge of the AttackThis article is the first in a series. Stay tuned for the rest. I should point out that in this article I revise some of my initial conceptions of the 10/7 attack, which I discussed in earlier episodes from late October.-
58:40 12/15/23
Manly P. Hall: The Maestro of Esoteric Philosophy | Book Overview | Out Now on Amazon!
I'm excited to announce that my book on Manly P. Hall is now available on Amazon in North America and Europe! (If that link doesn't work there's a link on my website: The book is a re-edited and reformatted version of the original series released on my podcast and Substack last year. When I originally wrote it, I intended it to be a book and to be read, so I'm very happy that it's finally available in that form.In this podcast episode, I offer a summary and overview of the book, tell you what it's about, why I wrote it, and why I think Manly P. Hall is such a notable figure in modern world history.For a limited time, I'm offering a book-launch bundle featuring a signed copy of the book and a limited-release t-shirt. My plan is to ship these mid-December. It's available on my e-store: you for following and for your support so far. If you've been through the series already please leave a positive review on Amazon! That would really help attract a new audience to it. - Alex
45:44 12/2/23
WALTER BOSLEY on the 19th Century Origins of the UFO Mystery | Interview
In this episode, I interview UFO researcher Walter Bosley about the 19th-century origins of the UFO mystery. This is important, because when you move into this often-overlooked aspect of the story it becomes clear that secretive human groups and not aliens are behind the phenomenon.Walter's book "Origin: The 19th Century Emergence of the 20th Century Breakaway Civilizations" was a big influence on my own work on this topic, which I covered as part of my "The Secret History of the 20th Century" series (soon to be released as a book).Walter's website is http://walterbosley.comMine is http://alexsachon.comIf you're interested in the UFO topic, also check out my previous interview with Nick Cook!Intro beat: by my friend Ryan aka Otto Moss. Find him on Spotify at
51:12 11/22/23
How Gaza Could Escalate into a Larger War
In this episode, I continue my Gaza coverage by commenting on Col. Douglas MacGregor's recent appearances on Redacted and Tucker Carlson, where he warns of the threat of large scale war should Israel continue its persecution of Gaza.  In this discussion, I sample several clips from these two appearances and analyze them in depth. I also comment on a clip from Bret Weinstein's "Dark Horse" podcast, where he discusses the problems with the official story of Hamas's October 7th terrorist attack. Website: www.alexsachon.comSubstack: Alex
33:59 10/26/23
Israel's War Against Hamas in Gaza | Critical Factors Being Overlooked
NOTE: I have since updated and refined my perspective on these events.  In particular, I now I have better understanding of the October 7th attack and the various components of it. See my article/podcast called "October 7th: The Fog Begins to Clear" for more.In today's episode I'm joined by Franklin O'Kanu, author of the Unorthodoxy Substack, to discuss the current situation in the Middle East regarding Israel, Hamas, and the Gaza Strip. The discussion starts with a consideration of the immediate elements at play in  Hamas's original terrorist attack on Israel and Israel's subsequent carpet bombing and ethnic cleansing campaign in Gaza.  Then we zoom out and I offer my take on the larger geopolitical circumstances going on behind the conflict and what it says about the shifting circumstances of US empire.This is a topic I plan on revisiting and probing further into in future episodes. For more background context, see my series on the "Secret History of the 20th Century", in particular the episodes/articles concerning oil geopolitics and the petrodollar.- Alex
37:20 10/22/23
Manly P. Hall (Part 6) | The Destiny of Philosophy
In this episode I preview my new article called "The Destiny of Philosophy", which wraps up my multi-part series on the life and teachings of Manly P. Hall. Table of Contents:- The Reunification of Philosophy, Religion, and Science- Philosophy: the Journey Toward the Self- Nirvana: the Culmination of Religion- The Way of the BodhisattvaFor the full article and my audio/video read-through of it, become a member of my Substack: My website: Print editions of this series on Manly P. Hall will be available soon on my e-store: Thank you, - Alex
61:57 10/20/23
Manly P. Hall (Part 5) | Philosophy, Religion, and Science: a Synthesis
Hey everyone, I'm introducing a new format for how I'm linking together my podcast and Substack. From now on, the Substack will host not only my full articles, but also the audio/video of my full read-throughs of them. Formerly, I was posting these on the podcast, but now I will be offering a detailed summary of the article instead.The full article and read-through will available through a paid $7/month subscription plan. A free excerpt is also available there, and here on the podcast I'll be offering a detailed summary of the full article's contents.Table of Contents:- Philosophy, Religion, and Science: a Trinity- Philosophy, Religion, and Science: the Beginning- A Transition in Ages: from Atlantis to the Arya- The Separation of Philosophy, Religion, and ScienceSubstack: thewisdomtradition.substack.comWebsite: alexsachon.comestore: Please join my new subscription plan on Substack if you have the means. Other upcoming events: I will be doing a limited print run of this Manly Hall series soon, and I have a couple new shirts also dropping soon. Keep an eye out on my store for those.Thank you,- Alex
38:15 10/5/23
Manly P. Hall (Part 4) | Initiation in the Modern Age
In today's episode, we continue our series investigating Manly P. Hall's  teachings on the contemporary challenges and opportunities confronting mankind in the modern age. In this episode, we look at the idea that the Mystery Schools are currently enacting a program of mass initiation on the collective body of mankind. Sections:- The Mystery Schools in the Modern Era- The Adepts in a World at War- The Necessity of Initiation- The Marriage of Education and Experience- Francis Bacon's Vision for a World UniversityMy website: www.alexsachon.comSubstack: AlexNote: This is an updated version of the episode, which I first posted a week ago. I re-wrote the first section and re-recorded its audio. 
67:52 9/16/23
NICK COOK on the history of UFOs and the National Security State | Interview
In today's episode I'm sharing a recent interview I had with Nick Cook,  author of "The Hunt for Zero Point", an essential book in UFO research. In this conversation, we talk about the story of him coming to write the book, the existence of an invisible government within America possessing a hidden arsenal of advanced technologies,  the relationship of this secret government to the 19th century airship mysteries, the WWII-era Nazi black projects empire of Hans Kammler, and more.Much of what we discuss builds on ideas and themes I've been exploring in recent episodes of the podcast. I hope you enjoy the conversation, and thank you to Nick Cook for taking the time to chat. For more on his work, see his site: www.nickcook.worksMy site: Alex
115:21 9/6/23
Manly P. Hall (Part 3) | The Philosophy of the UFO
In today's episode, we consider Manly P. Hall teachings about the UFO Mystery. Most scholars of UFOs, as well as most scholars of Hall's, overlook this material. Here, we take a deep dive into it, and see what the great American philosopher had to say about matter.Sections:- The Philosophy of the UFO: An Introduction - The Geopolitics of the UFO- The Psychology of the UFO- The UFO and the Aquarian Age- The Internal Exploration of Space- Space as the Gateway to the Spiritual Hierarchy- The Coming Space AgeSee my Substack for the written article: thewisdomtradition.substack.comMy website: www.alexsachon.comThank you, - Alex
117:23 8/26/23
Manly P. Hall (Part 2) | America's Philosopher in a Time of War
In today's episode we continue our series on Manly P. Hall. Here, we investigate a series of writings his did in and around WWII that explain the larger metaphysical causes and purposes of war. This material also discusses the long-term motion of society towards an ultimate end-state that Plato envisioned thousands of years ago: the Philosophic Empire. Sections:- Novus Ordo Seclorum- The Eagle and the Phoenix- The Causes and Purposes of War- The Metaphysics of Human Evolution- Plato’s Vision of the Philosophic Empire Restated- The Coming World NationRead the article: thewisdomtradition.substack.comMy website: www.alexsachon.comThank you, - Alex
97:14 8/14/23
Manly P. Hall (Part 1) | An Emissary of the Mystery Schools
In today's episode we kick off a new series on the life and essential teachings of Manly P. Hall, the great America philosopher, sage, and initiate of 20th century America. In particular, our focus in this series will be on Hall's teachings about the current state of the world, the role the Mystery Schools continue to play in it, and what is to come in the new age we are, in fits and starts, gradually moving into. In this first article of the series, I discuss Manly Hall's path to becoming an esoteric philosopher, and overview some of his early teachings on the inner structure of the Mystery Schools. I also discuss how these Schools fit into a larger spiritual concept of life. In the article's concluding section, I analyze Helena Blavatsky and her relationship with the "Mahatmas" - looking at the production of her magnum opus "The Secret Doctrine" as a case study to analyze the archetypal guru-disciple relationship that characterizes  the Mystery Schools. The written article this episode is based can be found on my Substack: thewisdomtradition.substack.comMy website: www.alexsachon.comThank you, - Alex
103:20 8/4/23
The UFO Mystery - Who's Really Behind It? | Investigating the Evidence (Ep. 3)
Hey everyone - this episode concludes a three-part mini-series into the mysteries of America's secret government. Here, we examine the UFO issue and use it as a case study in order to further explore the hidden architecture of America's Deep State.Speakers cited in this video include: Walter Bosley, Nick Cook, Joseph P. Farrell, Beverly Rubik (via New Thinking Allowed w/ Jeffrey Mishlove), Annie Jacobsen, Steven Greer (via The Shawn Ryan Show), and Adam Trombly.To watch the video version: material presented here is based on a series of articles published on my Substack. You can find those here: My website: Thank you, - Alex
59:32 7/26/23
America's Hidden Black Projects Superstate - How Did It Begin? | Investigating the Evidence (Ep. 2)
In this episode we continue our mini-series investigating the secret architecture of US empire. Here we look at the hidden realm of covert black projects being conducted within the inner recesses of the US national security state. How are these black projects managed and by whom? I argue that that a hidden scientific think tank is behind this black projects world. I call it the "technocratic superstate".  In this episode, we examine the concealed structure of this entity, while also considering how it works, what kind of projects it oversees, and why it came into formation.  Speakers referenced in this video include: Steven Greer, Catherine Austin Fitts, Joseph P. Farrell, Peter Dale Scott, and Richard Dolan.To watch the video version: episode is based around a series of articles I recently published on my Substack: That article is part of a larger book project. The TOC can be found on my website: Thank you,- Alex
47:11 7/26/23
America's Secret Government - Who Really Rules? | Investigating the Evidence (Ep. 1)
Hey everyone - in today's episode we begin the first in a three-part mini-series that investigates the inner power structure behind American Empire. What does the secret architecture of American Empire look like ? How it is organized? What are its major drives? How does it work?These vital questions are ones I previously investigated in a long, 11-part series titled "The Secret History of the 20th Century" that I recently published on my Substack.   Now, in this new mini-series, we will be going back over key arguments from that work, expanding and elaborating upon them in further detail. More specifically, in this series, I will be sharing and commenting upon various video clips sourced from a variety of authors and sources, including many I cited in my long written chapter. Sources cited in this video include: John Perkins, Catherine Austin Fitts, Chris Hedges, Zbigniew Brzeziński, Patrick Wood, and Noam Chomsky.To watch the video version of this episode: website: My Substack: Thank you, - Alex
36:21 7/25/23
49k. 20th Century (Part 11) | The UFO: a Symbol of Initiation
In today's episode we conclude our long, multi-part series on the secret history of the 20th century. In this presentation, I use the UFO Mystery as a means to tie together elements from this whole chapter. Ultimately, I argue that this phenomenon is a component of larger initiation effort being carried out by the Mystery Schools. The "alien" meme is a component of this larger operation, one carried out primarily through the "technocratic superstate", which is the outer institutional vehicle the Mystery Schools are currently working though.This is a totally original analysis of the UFO topic you won't see anywhere else.To find the written article: thewisdomtradition.substack.comMy website: www.alexsachon.comThank you to everyone who made it though the series! There are now two chapters left in this long book project called "Philosophy: Its Origin, Purpose, and Destiny". The next chapter will be called "Manly P. Hall: America's Philosopher in a Time of War".- Alex
67:20 7/18/23
49j. 20th Century (Part 10) | The Black Budget and the Technocratic Superstate
In this episode we move into the conclusion of this long multi-part series on the secret history of the 20th century. I've broken this finale into two episodes, with a follow-up, Part 11, coming tomorrow. In this episode, we track the development of the "technocratic superstate" within America, which emerged as a consequence of America harvesting Nazi Germany's Kammlerstab program after the war. What resulted was the formation of a permanent black projects empire in America, one centered around a central think tank, just like the old Nazi S.S. program had been.Related to the existence of this technocratic superstate is a secret "black budget" economy, this being designed to funnel large quantities of funds into the black projects world. In this episode we also discuss the caste system, and revisit the theme of the "secret destiny of America", something we've discussed at numerous points over the course of the various articles and chapters that have comprised this larger book project on the history, purpose, and destiny of Philosophy.For the written article, see thewisdomtradition.substack.comMy website: Thank you, and remember to check back tomorrow for the follow-up. - Alex
90:37 7/18/23
Interview: PETER DAWKINS | on Francis Bacon, the Rosicrucians, and the Esoteric Tradition
In today's episode I'm featuring a long-form conversation I recently had (on July 4th) with Peter Dawkins, the greatest living scholar on Francis Bacon and an excellent teacher on the wisdom tradition. In this episode, we talk about a vast array of topics in the field of esoteric philosophy, while also hearing about Peter's personal experiences with what he calls "Rosicrucian Consciousness".This is a great conversation, very much worth your time. Peter's site: I highly recommend checking out Peter's various books on Francis Bacon, as well as his lecture series.My site: www.alexsachon.comThank you, - Alexp.s. Part 10 of my chapter on the "secret history" of the 20th century will be out soon.
166:48 7/10/23
49i. 20th Century (Part 9) | The Cold War and the Petrodollar Economy
In this episode, we continue our series on the secret history of the 20th century by examining events taking place in the decades that followed the conclusion of WWII. The significance of this period comes not from the Cold War but from the onset of the "American Century" that was taking place behind it.The "American Century was the name that the elite think tank The Council on Foreign Relations gave to  their plans for a global economic empire controlled by the American nation security state.  These plans were formulated during the war years, announced in 1945 at the war's end, and swiftly implemented in the years and decades immediately following its conclusion: these being the same years when the Cold War was also at its peak. As it turns out, the Cold War was as a mask for America's imperial campaign: it was an engineered "forever war" designed to  justify the buildout of a permanent military-industrial complex. Concealed deeply within this compartmentalized behemoth, where secrecy and black projects abound, resides a secret think tank and R&D unit that is developing world-changing technologies of the nature few can imagine. The real purpose of the Cold War was to mask the creation of this secret scientific institution.This is the thesis I present in this episode. Stay tuned to find out - Alex
100:35 6/29/23
49h. 20th Century (Part 8) | The Untold Story of the Nazi "Wonder Weapons"
In today's episode we delve deeper into the mysteries of World War II, investigating this time the secret weapons projects being conducted by the S.S. within Nazi Germany during the latter phases of the war. As we'll see, these black R&D projects included experiments into not only nuclear weapons, but also alchemy and flying saucers. In our analysis of this topic, we'll be factoring back into the equation our previous coverage of the deep levels of corporate collusion that were set up  before the war between American and Germany industry and finance. We'll also be factoring back in my theory of the Hidden Hand - in particular, its grand strategy to harvest the Nazi's secret wartime research projects back into the US, thereby transforming the culture of the US national security state in the process. This, I think, was the ultimate goal of the Alex
122:55 6/19/23
49g. 20th Century (Part 7) | The Price of Secrecy
In this episode, we continue our series on the "secret history" of the 20th centuries by revisiting the thesis laid out in our previous article and expanding it further. This thesis concerns the idea that behind WWII was a "game behind the game", one that involved a long-term quest by an unknown secret society based in America to establish a world cartel system, behind and within which it would preserve its monopolistic hold on the classified paradigm of physics research based around the ancient alchemical concept of the luminiferous Ether.This article will be followed with a twin article, which will further develop this thesis, unpacking additional elements of this story, as it played out during World War II.www.alexsachon.comThank you,- Alex
87:23 6/13/23
49f. 20th Century (Part 6) | The Hidden Agenda Behind World War II
In today's episode, build off the discussion we began previously with our episode on  Nikola Tesla, where we argued that a physics model based on Etheric Energy became classified during the early decades of the 20th century.  Here, we will pick up that story and  investigate the hidden role that this "classified science" played during the build-up to and unfoldment of the Second World War. Along the way, we discuss the background collusion that was going on between German and American financial and industrial cartels before and during the war. We also discuss the Bank of International Settlements, and the role the propaganda has played in shaping our perception of events.To find the written article this episode is based on, see my Substack:thewisdomtradition.substack.comthewisdomtradition.bigcartel.comwww.alexsachon.comThank you,- Alex
97:47 6/3/23

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