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Should a Company Have a Brand Guide
Branding is an important step in defining who your company is and what your company represents in the community. Dive into the topic a little more with Britton on how you should develop a brand guide and when it's the best time to develop one.
15:58 5/17/22
What is Blockchain - Decentralization, efficiency, and the future of web
There's a ton of buzz about blockchain, web3, and the future of the internet. Some people think it's all about Bitcoin and Ethereum, others think about the metaverse, and generally it's a very large and murky topic. Dive into the subject with Britton to get a general lay of the land on what blockchain and Web3 might mean for you in the future.
25:20 5/10/22
Is Yelp Still Relevant in 2022?
Is anyone still using Yelp as an advertising service in 2022? Britton takes a look at the data to see if it's a platform still worth investing into.
13:26 5/4/22
How do I start making the digital transformation in my business?
Your company has seen all the headlines about the digital transformation, the pandemic has made you start thinking about upgrading your technology, and now you’re in this spot thinking “Where do I even start?!” Here's the first couple steps you should take before doing anything else.
11:02 4/29/22
Elon Just Bought Twitter - Going open source, blockchain, and what this means for Twitter
The internet has been buzzing about Elon officially securing the funding to buy Twitter and take it private. What does this mean for the company moving forward? Britton takes a look at the situation and discusses his thoughts about what the future of Twitter might look like.
15:10 4/25/22
Welcome to The Download - Digital Transformation, The Metaverse, and What You Can Expect
Welcome to The Download: The new podcast about digital design, web development, digital marketing, and the technology needed to make your digital transformation happen. Learn more about what you can expect when you listen to The Download in future episodes.
13:00 4/22/22
Millennials are approaching the job search wrong. It's time to consider a new approach to landing the dream job.
College graduation is here! It seems like it's been a long-time coming given the long nights finishing up papers, all the Red Bulls drank while studying for finals, and now it's all coming to a bittersweet end where you and your friends depart and find jobs or internships at companies you admire. There's one problem: hundreds and thousands of smart college grads are applying to the same jobs you are. I've been in that spot before... and would love to offer some insight into what I did to differentiate myself from the rest of a talented, competitive pool of graduating millennials.
07:54 5/5/18
What's the Difference Between UI and UX Design
UI and UX design is becoming widely popular in the design space. One of my colleagues asked me the other day what the difference was between the two genres of design. In this episode of Empac Weekly, I talk about my interpretation of UI/UX design and give examples of what each role does.
24:00 4/22/18
It's Time to Combine Out-Of-Home Advertising With Your Digital Experience... If You Haven't Started Already.
I read through an infographic the other day that got me thinking about Out-of-Home advertising and how it's still a prominent component of the marketing mix. It gave me ideas for how companies and advertisers can combine out-of-home advertising and digital strategy to create an incredible experiences that are unique and engaging.
11:16 4/14/18
Singular Thinking is Dividing Us... It's Time to Rethink How We Design Social Media Interaction.
It's incredible how fast information disseminates across the internet. It seems like a daily occurrence where we are learning about the latest shooting, the next stupid craze or challenge that people are involved in, or how a company recently mishandled millions of profiles worth of user data. The way information is being shared and advertised are driving us towards silos of singular and reinforced thinking that is driving the nation apart. It's time to rethink how we design social media interaction and realize how much influence social media has on our society.
09:54 4/6/18
A Lesson in Leadership from a Stranger on the Pier
It was a beautiful day in the northwest today, so I decided to head up to Seattle and walk the waterfront. While I was out, I witnessed an act of leadership that I believe we all can learn from... and it all started with a random stranger on the pier.
07:22 3/20/18
Graduation, Education, and Setting Personal Goals
My graduation is finally on the horizon and I'm excited to be done and move forward in my career. In this podcast, I talk about my educational path, how I got to where I am today, and what personal goals I'm setting for myself moving forward.
21:18 3/4/18
How Small Businesses Can Use Snapchat For Their Marketing
Snapchat is an interesting platform to tackle. Small businesses may feel intimidated trying to include Snapchat in their marketing mix. With the platform bringing in 100 million active users a day, it would be naive to dismiss Snapchat as a viable marketing platform. All it takes is a little bit of creativity and a new approach to how you create your content strategy for Snapchat.
16:43 4/26/17
What We Can Learn From Pepsi's Latest Advertising Misstep
Pepsi recently came out with an advertisement that is highly questionable. It’s an advertisement for their new 'Live for Now' campaign that features Kendall Jenner among a cast of folks that break from their daily lives to join a peaceful protest. The message Pepsi conveyed was heavily construed and angered many of their customers. Here are some of the things we can learn from Pepsi’s latest mistake that can help you craft a better message for your marketing campaign.
11:29 4/14/17
How to use Yelp as an Effective Ad Platform
Most people know Yelp as a platform for getting honest reviews about local restaurants in your neighborhood. It's usually the first source for learning about the local cuisine and what the locals are recommending you try out. I've tried different things to convert my customer leads into sales and decided that it would be helpful to write up a post that gave insight into how Yelp works as an advertising platform and how it can potentially be helpful for your business.
16:26 3/6/17
Three Things I Learned Working in Silicon Valley
Silicon Valley is the hotbed for technological innovation. It is a designer’s dream to one day be able to work for a large tech company in the valley. Back in January of 2016, I was offered the opportunity to work with one of the largest brands in the world as a graphic and web designer for a five month period. There are a ton of things I learned about business working in Silicon Valley. Here are the top three things I learned while working in the valley.
15:27 2/27/17
Three Things We Can Learn About Marketing From Action Sports
There’s ton of insanity in action sports. For most of us, all we see are a bunch of men and women performing incredible tricks that we could never dream of attempting. It’s this kind of insanity that has provided companies powerful ways to build their brand and engage with their audience. Here are three ways we can learn more about marketing from folks in the action sports industry.
16:17 2/20/17
Five Things You'll Notice When You Fly a Drone
Drones can be a lot of fun. They can be a great addition to your photography gear, a toy for the hobbyist, and a tremendous asset for your business. For everything drones can bring, there are a lot of things to consider before flying a drone for the first time. There are five things I learned about flying a drone that I wish I would have known before getting into it.
15:16 1/30/17
Pros and Cons of Cause Marketing
Cause marketing is amazing for non-profits looking to raise money for a cause or initiative that the community cares about. For businesses looking for a profit, getting involved with cause marketing can be negative for your brand and image if done improperly. We take a look at cause marketing and see how it can be positive and negative for your company and brand.
12:23 12/19/16
Typography 101
Typography is one of the most important elements of design. It has the power to influence your audience to either read what you have to say or completely tune you out. Your overall composition will end up being terrible when your type isn't properly set. Here's a crash course about typography for those times you want to properly set type and may not know the proper terms or practices to use.
14:57 12/7/16
TEDx Seattle Recap
I had the opportunity to join TEDx in Seattle this past weekend and it was absolutely amazing. Here is a brief recap of my perspective from TEDx including what I learned about the power of cell technology with Nathan Kundtz, the power of storytelling with Eliaichi Kimaro, the power of design by Scott Wyatt, the power of empathy and compassion with Tim Dawes, and much more.
21:00 11/21/16