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Navigating conflicts of belief in the workplace
International and domestic politics, issues of gender and sexuality: people disagree about lots of things. Understandably, many organisations worry about the impact of controversial beliefs being expressed in the workplace - perhaps because of the effect on other employees, perhaps just because of the distraction that disputes can cause. In this edition of the podcast, employment law specialist Darren Newman joins us to discuss how organisations can navigate conflicts of belief in the workplace. Darren sets out the relevant case law and tackles questions including: Can employers distinguish between what is said in the workplace and what is said elsewhere, eg on social media? Can they put rules in place governing how people talk about controversial issues? What can they do to protect themselves and their employees? Related resources Gender reassignment discrimination: Gender fluid and non-binary identities are protected Religion or belief discrimination: Gender-critical belief is protected, EAT holds Balancing competing rights: A difficult challenge for employers
40:59 4/15/24
Employment tribunals - tips and traps
Running an employment tribunal claim can be complicated and requires careful management. We are joined by part-time employment tribunal judge Tina Elliott, who offers practical tips on how to prepare effectively. The topics we discuss include: case management hearings; document disclosure; witness statements; and video hearings
31:29 4/2/24
Immigration changes in 2024 - how HR can prepare
We are joined by Louise Haycock, immigration solicitor and partner at law firm Fragomen, to discuss the latest immigration changes affecting employers and the workforce, and how HR can prepare for them.
10:37 3/12/24
COVID and other infectious diseases - what is the correct workplace etiquette now?
The rules around COVID-19 were very clearly drawn in 2020. But what is the state of play now, not just in relation to COVID but to illness in the workplace generally? What should organisations do about employees who are nervous about returning to the workplace? Or about at-risk employees, particularly when infection rates are high? Or about long COVID - is it now treated as a disability? Bar Huberman, strategy and practice head of content at XpertHR, offers guidance. Resources Disability discrimination: Employee with long COVID was disabled Hybrid working: Setting up the workplace for effective hybrid working How to respond where an employee is reluctant to return to the workplace
17:58 3/1/24
"Love contracts" and other romance-related HR dilemmas
According to a YouGov survey, 15% of people meet their partners at work. Given how widespread the phenomenon is, to what extent does HR need to take an interest in office romances? Stephen Simpson, principal strategy and practice editor at XpertHR, joins us to discuss the finer points of workplace relationship etiquette and to answer the (somewhat unromantic) question: Should the UK introduce US-style "love contracts"?   Resources How to manage personal relationships at work Personal relationships at work - line manager training Personal relationships at work policy Personal relationships at work quiz - line manager training
14:13 2/13/24
How to prepare for Generation Alpha joining the workforce
Rebekah Martin, senior vice president of reward, inclusion and talent acquisition at AstraZeneca, joins us to talk about the changing motivations and requirements of the workforce - connection to purpose, skills-based learning, recognition and more. She discusses her role at AstraZeneca and sets out a series of ways in which organisations can try to ensure that they are employers of choice for Gen Alpha, the next generation to join the workforce. Resources Managing retention: Employee development  Six strategies to attract talent and remain competitive in 2024 Rebuilding in 2024: Strategies for reshaping worker expectations Five HR priorities for 2024
30:57 1/31/24
Key employment law changes to look out for in 2024
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
38:12 1/19/24
Harnessing the power of mindfulness for the workplace
Mindfulness can be a great tool for building employee engagement and team cohesiveness. XpertHR's in-house mindfulness teacher, Christopher Bryant, explains how to make it work for you. Related resources How a mindfulness group can help HR promote engagement and teamwork
25:51 12/12/23
Gender pay gap reporting - a global view
Gender pay gap reporting is now well established in the UK. But what approaches are being taken elsewhere in the world, and what difference might the new EU Pay Transparency Directive make? Elle Barreto and Ro Carracedo Lopez, international editors at XpertHR, answer these questions and more. Related resources Demystifying the EU Pay Transparency Directive for UK employers EU employment law developments Gender pay gap reporting How to measure and report a gender pay gap
28:25 11/27/23
Pay awards – what’s in store for 2024?
What financial challenges does the coming year have in store for organisations as they plan their reward strategy? Paula Flores and Hannah Mason, data insight analysts at XpertHR, make their predictions based on the findings from our autumn pay forecasts and priorities survey. Resources XpertHR surveys Reward planning 2024: priorities and key challenges Forecasts for pay awards in 2023/2024 Benchmarking - HR Metrics
15:58 11/6/23
Empowering HR - tactics and tools for building confidence
In this edition of the podcast we are joined by Fay Wallis to discuss growth mindsets, the power of small steps and other strategies to build your confidence as you develop your career. About Fay WallisFay specialises in career and executive coaching for HR professionals. She is the creator of The HR Planner, a resource for setting and achieving your work and career goals for the year. She is also the host of HR Coffee Time, a podcast that focuses on career development in HR. Her website is Resources Leading practice guide: Managing change successfully Podcast: Five steps to yourself from burning out - help for struggling HR professionals Webinar: Adapting to change - helping HR find balance and calm in uncertainty Podcast: Building HR resilience
18:58 10/26/23
Flexible working – current law and future reform
There’s been a lot of discussion around flexible working reforms in the media and elsewhere recently, sometimes generating confusion as well as providing insight. So what are employers’ current obligations, what changes have been agreed by Parliament and when are they due to be implemented? In this edition of the podcast, we are joined by XpertHR senior legal editor Laura Merrylees to answer these questions.
14:50 10/6/23
Discrimination law: key developments since the Equality Act 2010
We explore the key changes in discrimination law that have occurred since the Equality Act 2010 came into force and offer an overview of important case law. Resources related to this podcast Employment law guide: Equality and human rights Employment law cases
26:46 9/28/23
Making AI a success - the pivotal role of HR
In this edition of the podcast we are joined by Kate Redshaw to discuss the future role of AI in the workplace, and the pivotal role that HR professionals can play in terms of how their organisations can best unlock its potential.
23:54 9/13/23
Advancing gender equality in the workplace - eight key policy areas
Zeba Sayed and Stephen Simpson discuss the importance of having workplace policies that advance gender equality, diversity and inclusion, and highlight some of the innovative policies that progressive employers are now adopting. If you have questions or ideas for future editions of the show, you can email us at We would love to hear from you!
24:16 8/1/23
Unfair dismissal claims - recent tribunal cases
It is critical for employers to follow a fair procedure before dismissing an employee. Here, Fiona Cuming, senior employment law editor at XpertHR, discusses a series of recent employment tribunal decisions where unfair dismissal claims proved successful because of procedural mistakes made by the employer during the disciplinary process.
27:22 6/27/23
Sickness absence - trends and tips
Workplace sickness absence is a complicated area for employers. In this edition of the podcast, Paula Flores, an HR Data Insights Analyst at XpertHR, leads us on a tour of the findings of our annual survey of absence rates and costs. What are the trends and what measures can employers adopt? Resources referenced in this podcast How to manage an employee with a poor sickness absence record How to set absence triggers and targets Short-term sickness absence policy Long-term sickness absence policy Absence rates and costs: XpertHR survey 2023
14:47 6/13/23
Age discrimination - tips, traps and tribunal cases
Age discrimination can be a tricky area for employers. In this edition of the podcast, Susie Munro, Senior Legal Editor at XpertHR, leads us on a tour of recent cases that offer examples of how things can go wrong if they are mishandled and provides some tips on avoiding typical age-related traps. If you have questions or ideas for future editions of the show, you can email us at We would love to hear from you! The resources Susie refers to are:  Age discrimination: Case law round-up Age discrimination: Employment tribunal round-up Can direct age discrimination be justified? Workforce planning How to work without a compulsory retirement age Retirement Managing poor performance More episodes from The XpertHR Podcast
21:07 5/11/23
Five steps to save yourself from burning out – help for struggling HR professionals
According to a recent survey, 98 per cent of HR professionals said they had felt burned out in the past six months. In this episode we ask: What is burnout exactly? Why is it afflicting so many people working in HR? And - crucially - what can you do to keep burnout at bay? On hand to address these questions are Debbie Kleiner, from Wellbeing in Work, and Bar Huberman, XpertHR's HR Strategy & Practice Content Manager. We are also hoping to make a second episode in which we explore your experiences of burnout. You can email us at We would love to hear from you! If you would like to discover more about Debbie's work, you can visit her website,, or email her at For all the resources mentioned in this podcast, visit XpertHR.
20:12 4/27/23
Immigration challenges and opportunities 2023
We look at the challenges and opportunities arising in immigration in 2023 for HR and employers, including: the introduction of new visa types; an additional exemption to the immigration skills charge for senior or specialist workers; the importance of planning ahead to manage the impact of longer lead times; changes to right to work checks; benefits and issues arising from hybrid and remote working; managing sponsored workers when dealing with recruitment, restructures and redundancies; and trends and developments, including the anticipated Electronic Travel Authorisation system for EU nationals.
15:10 2/21/23
Key employment cases of 2022/2023
We reflect on the key decisions from last year and look forward to the case law trends likely to emerge in 2023. These include cases on: gender identity, holiday pay, coronavirus-related health and safety cases, industrial action, and dismissal and re-engagement.
30:25 1/17/23
Supporting neurodiversity in the workplace
We shares some practical tips on how HR and employers can improve the working experience for neurodiverse employees and make the wider workforce more cognisant of some of the issues they experience.
23:32 12/9/22
Gross misconduct and fairness - what part does the employment contract play?
If an employer dismisses for gross misconduct, what does this mean for an employee's contractual rights? Does a failure to pay notice pay, make an otherwise fair dismissal unfair? Max Winthrop, partner at Sintons LLP, joins us to answer these questions and more, drawing on his legal and practical expertise. Max also shares his thoughts on the potential for significant change to employment law under the Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill.
33:09 10/18/22
Inclusive workplaces - the human case for reasonable adjustments
Jen Rooney, disability inclusion specialist and founder of The Wellbeing tortoise, explores why employers need to understand and embrace the human case for reasonable adjustments to cultivate inclusive workplaces.
25:57 10/4/22
Dealing with industrial unrest
Nick Chronias, partner in DAC Beachcroft's employment and pensions group discusses the steps employers can take to avoid industrial action and what obligations employers have once a ballot for industrial action has been successful among employees who are members of a trade union.
25:02 9/21/22
TUPE transfers with multiple contractors
Adrian Martin, head of the employment team at law firm Burges Salmon, discusses the tricky issues that can crop up when there are multiple contractors in a TUPE transfer, and how both outgoing and incoming employers can navigate these issues. Adrian takes you through the legal and practical issues involved in service provision changes, including: when and why TUPE might apply; the "fragmentation" of services; recent case law; and how HR can help to structure and shape the services to achieve the commercial objective.
27:49 9/6/22
Hybrid working - progress and challenges
Gemma Dale, HR professional and lecturer at Liverpool's John Moores University and author of the book "How to work remotely" published in June 2022, joins us to talk about progress to date with hybrid working. We cover challenges as well as emerging benefits - including dealing with reluctant returners, cultivating the right culture, building trust, and what HR should be advising senior leaders in terms of the way forward.
25:09 7/26/22
Creating a menopause inclusive workplace
Bev Thorogood, menopause specialist trainer and coach, joins us to discuss how you can create and cultivate a workplace that is supportive of people experiencing the menopause transition. Bev discusses how managers can hold conversations with sensitivity and understanding, together with the steps and strategies they can use to support menopausal team members including: menopause-related initiatives; the role of policies; adjustments to working life; and tailored adjustment plans.
27:09 7/12/22
Creating psychological safety in the workplace
We outline the steps HR can take to embed authentic trust between people managers and employees and build psychological safety within workplaces.
24:55 6/28/22
Remote monitoring of homeworkers
Given that more staff now work from home, employers may be thinking about using surveillance software to help monitor staff conduct and productivity levels. But what are the legal implications of doing so and the best practice guidelines? And, just because you can monitor, does that mean you should?
26:34 6/13/22

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