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The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out WHY. This podcast is to help you find out "WHY." We interview every job and ask them WHY they started their profession so that you can find your dream job too! Hosted by Kojo Thompson. Follow us on all Social Media:@WhyiNetwork Contact:


Why I Became a Real Estate Developer with Dr. Michael Hatcher 31:35 08/14/2022
Why I Became a Therapist with Dr. David Pfaff 36:12 08/07/2022
Why I Became a Food Scientist with Anneline Padayachee 40:47 07/31/2022
Why I Became an Inspirational Speaker with Robert B Foster 28:29 07/24/2022
Why I Became an Auctioneer with Andy Reid 40:21 07/17/2022
Why I Became a Private Jet Broker with Elijah Buford 19:36 07/10/2022
Why I Became a Forensic Psychologist with Dr. Eamonn McCarthy 29:59 07/03/2022
Why I Became a Gigster with Sue Ellson 25:40 06/26/2022
Why I Became an Event Planner with Robyn Duda 26:48 06/19/2022
Why I Invented the Sparbar with Jazz Gill 21:42 06/12/2022
Why I Became a Life Coach with Karen Chaston 30:44 06/05/2022
Why I Became a Shopfitter with Colin Guest 19:35 05/29/2022
Why I Became a Pilates Master with Simona Di Tucci 27:51 05/22/2022
Why I Became a Web Designer with Eileen Mullin 15:44 05/15/2022
Why I Became a Reporter with Kyra Kyles 15:01 05/08/2022
Why I Went from Cop to Cannabis with Marlo Richardson 20:24 05/01/2022
Why I Became a Story Teller with Mellissa Tong 27:13 04/24/2022
Why I Became an Activist with Matthew Kincaid 35:53 04/17/2022
Why I Became a Software Engineering Manager with Manuel Rueda 22:17 04/10/2022
Why I Became a HR Specialist with Jared Pope 46:13 04/03/2022
3 Year Anniversary 00:59 03/26/2022
Why I Became a Guitarist with Neil Santos 21:42 03/20/2022
Why I Became a Health Curator with Denise Stegall 23:43 03/13/2022
Why I Became a Yoga Instructor with Lara Heimann 30:30 03/06/2022
Why I Became a Financial Advisor with Matthew Grishman 53:10 02/27/2022
Black History Month 2022 Pt 2 00:59 02/20/2022
Why I Sell Solar Panels with Alex Williams 15:22 02/13/2022
Black History Month 2022 00:59 02/06/2022
Why I Became an Innovator with Sally Dominguez 20:17 01/30/2022
Why I Became a Security Guard with Glen Bhimani 17:24 01/23/2022