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Be Great
Today's episode is a quote. That's right, it is a quote that I heard that I was excited, well, I heard it and I'm excited to share it with you and kind of jive on it a little bit. Dig in and hopefully it can help you live your life to the max.
09:30 6/14/24
Enjoy The Journey
Today's episode of The Daily Energizer is all focused on enjoying the journey.  Enjoying the journey. 
06:28 6/13/24
Be Present
Today's episode is what I talked a little bit about yesterday, but we're going, we're digging in a little bit deeper with it and that is being present, being present. So recently I was at a men's retreat and I'm enjoying the men's retreat, savoring it, having some amazing conversations, but I noticed not all conversations, but some of them that I wasn't being as present. 
06:39 6/12/24
Being Intentional
Today's episode is all about being intentional. Now we've talked about intentions before, setting our intentions for the week, you know, like your goals and intentions, but those aren't the kind of intentions I'm discussing today. 
06:38 6/11/24
Being Kind
Today's episode is about something I heard of relatively recently, and it pains me? I'm not sure it pains, it's disheartening. That's the word I was looking for, it's disheartening. And that is when people are just unkind to each other, they're just rude,
09:07 6/10/24
Be You
Today's episode is all about, is about being you. Be you. Don't try to be anybody else. And man, I can't tell you how many times I have tried to be like somebody else. Tried to copy the way they talk, the way they dress, the way they heck even walk at times. So, so many times. Now, imitation is the greatest form of flattery. 
09:11 6/7/24
Habit Check-In
Today's topic of the Daily Energize is habits. Habits, that's right, not the things you wear on your head as a nun or anything like that. I think that's different, it's a totally different kind of habit, but habits and the things that you do regularly. 
07:10 6/6/24
Living Joyfully
Today's episode is about Living Joyfully. So, joy and happiness are two different things. Let's be upfront and clear about that. Happiness for me is more short term, it's kind of fleeting, it's based on certain things. 
06:01 6/5/24
Mastermind Success
Today's episode is about some success I've had with Mastermind. And really, okay, success I've had, yay, but about what it can do for you and what kind of Mastermind am I talking about. 
10:01 6/4/24
What Energizes You?
In today's episode of The Daily Energize, we're going to talk about what excites you. That's right, what excites you? What gets you ramped up, pumped up, ready to go? What is that thing? 
09:27 6/3/24
Weekend Challenge
This weekend, I invite you to take 10 minutes. Pick one person, or you pick each person in your family or friends, whoever runs a group, but at least pick one person and intentionally spend 10 minutes with them doing something they want to do. 
08:25 5/31/24
Finding Inner Peace
Today's episode is all about finding that inner peace. To connect with that quiet within, to connect with your inner light, that light that shines bright, but to quiet the chaos and find that calm within. 
07:35 5/30/24
Pick a Focus
Today's episode is about picking a focus. That's right, pick a focus, pick a focus. Now this, it seems like this week I'm telling you where everything's been inspired from and all of this one was inspired from the business world, from entrepreneurial world where, okay, pick your niche, niche, whatever you wanna call it, pick the thing you're focusing on. 
07:17 5/29/24
To-Do List
Today's topic of today's focus is Inspired from one of our cohorts. So, in any case, one thing that has come up time and time and time again for helping people stay accountable and get things done on their list our to -do lists.
08:27 5/28/24
Today's episode, we're going to dive right in, is about discipline. That's right, discipline. Are you disciplined? Now, there's lots of different ways we could take it, right? There's some people and they hear the word, they cringe. Other people are like, yeah, that makes a huge difference. 
08:57 5/27/24
Happy Friday, Energizers. Are you ready to reflect today? 
08:07 5/24/24
Energy Vampires
Today's episode is about those daunting little jerks. Those jerks who seem to leave us for dead on the street side, at work, at home. They just suck us dry. You know what those are? Energy vampires. That's right, those little jerks who just try to, to suck away our energy. To belittle us. To force us to not step fully into our light and shine. Those energy vampires are like, they're building these walls, stopping our light from shining. 
07:54 5/23/24
Your Vision
In today's episode, I want to talk about our vision. Our visions for the future of the things we want to do, the goals and dreams that we have, especially as leaders. And well, I'd like to share a perspective on that. 
06:17 5/22/24
Today's focus is about expectations. Expectations and you know interesting thing about expectations. They can help us at times. 
06:59 5/21/24
First, Awareness
This episode is all about awareness. That's right, awareness. Awareness is the first step to everything. And I've mentioned it multiple times before in various episodes about different things, but I thought why not take a single episode, at least this episode, and really dive in into awareness. 
08:26 5/20/24
Where Are Your Cookies?
Hey, you! Where are your cookies? Yeah, that's right. You heard me correctly. Where are your cookies? Do you know where they are? Are you enjoying them? Okay, I'll be a little different analogy, right, for this, but I thought it'd be a fun way to start this episode. 
07:04 5/17/24
Being Dedicated
Today's episode is one about staying dedicated. Staying dedicated. Now it can be tricky sometimes to stay dedicated. Motivation sometimes, well a lot of times, can come easily, but motivation isn't long term.  It's not sustainable forever and ever and ever.
06:29 5/16/24
You Want Vs They Want
Are you ready? Are you locked in, ready to rock and roll and have some fun today? Own the day and make it amazing. Well, hopefully today's tip can help you do that. I mean, hopefully all the tips can help you do that. 
08:21 5/15/24
Losing Your Temper
This episode is about losing your temper. It might be a little different of an episode for us, but one that I think all of us have experienced at some point in our life, and maybe more times than others, some of us more times than others. 
07:54 5/14/24
Slow Down to Speed Up
So, today and this week, I encourage you to find those positives, savor them, and well today's podcast and topic is well focused on helping you get more of those, more of those beautiful and amazing moments by not being so, well, bull -headed, nose -to -the -grindstone type mentality. 
08:47 5/13/24
Layer On Success
Let's just hop into this episode and talk about layering on success, that's right, layering on success. Now for those of you that don't know, we lead an accountability cohort three to four times a year, they're two months long, we meet every week for about an hour, and we help people crush their goals. 
08:25 5/13/24
Embrace the Moment
I hope you're willing to take on this challenge.  And that is to embrace the moment this weekend. 
07:59 5/10/24
Walk the Walk
Today's topic is walk in the walk. Talk in the talk and walk in the walk. How many times have you noticed someone in your life who is just talk, they share like, I could do all these cool things or that they, that these things are healthy and helpful and whatever, yet they don't take those actions themselves. 
07:33 5/9/24
Dealing with Haters
This episode is not just about me and my haters, because, well, that's kind of boring. But it's about haters and people who don't like us. Because guess what, you probably have some haters. Yeah, you, you're amazing, you're awesome, but you probably have some haters. 
07:42 5/8/24
Extreme Ownership
Today's episode is all about extreme ownership. That's right, extreme ownership. We're going to talk about what that means and all that good stuff. 
06:52 5/7/24